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  1. In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    If your carful.. maybe a blunt needle and a syringe could be used to suck the small debris from the ports.
  2. EBS Microbass

    Hi Guys, anyone have any live experience with this pedal, Just wondered how close it sounds to a actual ebs amp? My band have gone down the iem route and just need something I can use without plugging in a cab. Loved my old EBS TD tone. Thanks
  3. EBS preamp valve

    Cheers Ebs freak 👍🏻
  4. EBS preamp valve

    Hi, any recommendations on a replacement preamp valve for a fafner? Thanks
  5. Musicman Stingray 5HH USA - SOLD!!!

    Bargain for this stunner ray.. have a bump
  6. looking for the above, must be in good condition:) Thanks
  7. EBS Tech needed

    I’m in east anglia between Ipswich and Norwich. Bernie was on my list, so will stop him a email next. Thanks
  8. EBS Tech needed

    Hi would someone be able to point me in the direction of a amp tech who could fix my ebs fafner? All my local techs have never heard of ebs 🙈 Thanks
  9. Price dropped £25!!! Seymour Duncan SCPB-3 Quarter Pound For Single Coil P-Bass. Application High output true single-coil. Recommended for blues, classic rock, garage, heavy rock, classic metal and nu-metal. The quarter-inch diameter pole pieces add more string sensitivity than the Hot model. Aggressive tonal response with strong bottom end and lots of mids. Adds tremendous tonal versatility to a single pickup instrument. Includes Basslines logo £30
  10. Line 6 Helix.

    Haven't used the plug in version, but recently used the rack version and was blown away by it, so much so I have one on order
  11. Line 6 Helix.

    Don't suppose anyone has had a chance to compare the helix with a markbass multiamp?
  12. Looking to sell these two pickguards as no longer have my ray. Brought direct from the USA.. One is a brown tort and the other it's a orange, black and white swirl. Both as new.