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  1. Unfortunately I don’t have my scales here. It’s not a heavy ray at all. I’ve got a bad shoulder and can manage it ok. The serial number is B053327 thanks
  2. nord1

    Status S1 custom deluxe (with pics)

    Yeh it’s as fresh as the day it was made by Mr Green
  3. I’m in east anglia.. happy to post I have proper bass guitar shopping box available.
  4. A beautiful stingray in lipstick red. Looks like candy red to me. its in fantastic condition and plays really well. Theres a awesome gain the Birdseye maple neck. Just sounds huge!! Can’t get these anymore so don’t miss out (The white bits in the photos are just light reflections as pics were taken at night) pm for further info..
  5. A Stunning rare status, in mint condition. Carbon Neck, gold hardware, active preamp. Has a gorgeous compound radius arched maple top and a incredible low action. Sounds and plays amazing. Includes a genuine status hardcase. bass is as new!!! even still has the trus rod sticker on the back. Please pm for any further info £1175ono
  6. nord1

    Sire v7 sunburst

    Fantastic bass that’s highly regarded. This one plays fantastic and has a real punch to it. Only selling and funds are desperately needed else wear..
  7. nord1

    Sold...Squier P bass

    going of previous would think £15-20 depending on service..
  8. nord1

    Sold...Squier P bass

    Great example of this highly regarded bass..in amber clear coat with a lovely grain showing of through from the maple body. Even has a nice flame to it. Frets are great and everything works as it should. Shipping is possiable and location is east anglia Need gone so £200 for this very pretty lady
  9. nord1

    Ohms help..

    Thanks Bill that’s much appreciated.
  10. nord1

    Ohms help..

    Hi guys, would anyone know what the ohms would drop too, if one bass cab is at 6ohm and the other is at 4ohms running in parallel? Have a amp the runs to 2.7ohms so wanted to make sure it won’t cause any damage. Thanks kindly
  11. nord1

    Two notes labass bass preamp

    Hi jack, yep it’s in great condition and the original box and packaging is all ok included. Thanks
  12. Highly regarded preamp with Di, headphone output, midi, speaker sim, tube and clean channels £150
  13. Awesome little practice amp, and in great condition. Can ship £60