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  1. Leyland Sklar I think it’s an anagram
  2. One small green box can literally replace this whole pedal board!
  3. Aye Nate is the kind of player who has the technique and vocabulary as a musician to make the bass say whatever he wants it to. It’s an enviable talent!
  4. Naw! He saw there was a thread of 314 pages on BC and took the hump. He was overheard saying “Everybody has one!” In a bar in Paisley
  5. I’m sure many pedals have been bought simply because of their availability whereas ordinarily they’d not have been sought out. A lot of folk hit the for sale thread to see what’s new as much as having a specific pedal in mind.
  6. And just for those who are interested I was getting a big, produced Max Martin style clean bass sound happening last night. Think that big bass forward tone which stands up with a synth like you’d hear on any modern pop so anything from The Weekend to Dua Lipa. I’d say that the ADAM would be a modern pop players one stop box! I think its that big multi band clean side. Very foundational tone for that eq to build upon.
  7. I’d been looking at that too. Classy in the sliver finish.
  8. I was using an ADAM at rehearsal last night and the clean sound on it is huge!
  9. Some of my favourite tunes have a completely different section during the solo so while thats not much use if you already have a bunch of songs or are playing covers it’s worth it thinking about when writing new material. As most folk will have said working on the basic tone and figuring out how the guitar can compliment the bass (if we’re providing a solid low/low mid the guitarist should really be adding to our foundation…if it’s something the band feels is a worthwhile endeavour) can be a really useful way to spend a practice session. If you and the guitarist have eq pedals it’s a great way to try and compliment or cover a wider spectrum between you both so if the solo kicks in you already have a solid foundation. It might be that you don’t need to do too much and having an alternative guitar ‘solo sound’ might make more sense than the bass always having to ‘fill in’ for the missing rhythm guitar. Some mild overdrive or dirtying the tone up a bit can do wonders for the overall weight of the bass with the band in general and while the bass may sound more aggressive than you’re all familiar with it might come a bit more alive when playing together - I’ve found this as I’ve recently joined a new band and I’m playing with more drive than I ever have as my basically always sound. I used the phrase elsewhere on BC recently but the dirt ‘dissolves’ into the mix (like a tasty tonal stock pot) and does it’s job without being noticeable ‘heavy’ or indeed “salty” Using a clean blend can help achieve the ’weight’ too and adds an extra layer or dimension to add information across the spectrum. Might be worth looking at EQ, drive and clean blend as a first step and working with the band to think how solo sections can be filled out between you, (some tonal changes) locking in with the drummer on a slightly different section, pattern or groove or just good old fashions screaming filth and power😀
  10. A compressor doesn’t have to kill all dynamics and ultimately it will depend of how you want the bass to sound. Will the Spark be providing an always on sound and you want the comp to work a certain way with it for example push the amp a bit more with the compressors output gain or do you want to get a very even and consistent tone playing with a pick for example. Using the comp and Spark for gain staging could be fun too. Luckily you already have the pedals and it’s a simple cable swap to try it out. The Spark is a great wee pedal and while not all compression pedals are made equal you should be able to get a range of results between swapping them about and messing with the gain levels etc. I have a Spark and a comp on my pedal board but I’m trying out a different unit at rehearsal tonight otherwise I might have had a play with their order form my normal set up. Lets us know how you get on.
  11. Bought this as I had an idea it could replace my separates pedal board but a deal fell through selling my Cali76TX leaving me with the Adam and my full pedal board including the Cali76TX and I can’t keep both😩 The blurb…from Darkglass https://www.darkglass.com/creations/aggressively-distorting-advanced-machine/ The blurb from me… The ADAM is a very complete and comprehensive unit offering a host of useful features both on a gig and I rhe studio. From a big foundational clean sound to a whole spectrum of drive tones and dozens of free cab sim/IR’s and two separate EQ curves based on the DG EQ and a more traditional EQ. The latest firmware update really expands the flexibility of the unit as you can assign various tweaks from cab sim on certain output i.e. cab sim on the DI out but not the outputs to your amp, assigning different eqs to different patch which are able to be saved to individual patches, move the cab sim etc (watch the Hondo video attached for a more complete overview). There’s a tuner, you can run a clean and dirty out from the L and R independently for bi amp options or going m to your DAW/desk etc. Theres more scope on the drive from nice and clean to synthy fuzz. Great video by Hondo Fleder showcasing the FW updates and I’ll attach the Amos Heller demo too as it’s a wonderfully complete picture of how the ADAM can be used in a range of genres not just Face melt metal. It serves as a great “how-to” as well. I’m looking forward to getting this to rehearsal this week in my 80’s band as I know it’ll sit wonderfully with the synth but alas I think the ADAM will sell more easily than my Cali76TX which is why it’s for sale. This unit will come boxed an include a 9v 500ma psu and a midi cable (neither of which were provided by Darkglass) and has been updated with the latest firmware update. The price includes next day delivery in the U.K.
  12. The 201 and the 404 are both good choice. I have both on two different basses. The 201 will be similar to your 734 bridge from memory.
  13. Such a great piece of kit. I’ve had mine for ages maybe 8-9yrs and I still use it on just about every gig. Solid dependable and flexible enough to integrate with any set up!
  14. That rig is a warm clean delight!
  15. In clean mode the spark can be an effective 2 band EQ option as it’s voiced a bit higher in the bass frequency than most bass specific pedals (I think it’s in and around 80Hz-100Hz instead of the more usual 40Hz) which in turn likely places it high than most folks amp Bass control. The treble can get bright but that can be set to taste/style. The mid setting in conjunction with the gain and level is a great place to push the very usable mid frequencies and begin to dirty things up especially in a mix with other instruments. Fat setting is at quite as pleasing to my ear but that will again depend on the bass/style etc. As ever it’s easier to try these things yourself depending on your bass, amp and how dirty you want things to sound. It might be a bit of a balancing act between your amps input and and how much you want to push it or how much you want coming from the Spark. The bass control does a good job off adding back some lows (without being too low so as to get flubby). My settings are similar to Supernaut’s above but I mix it up.
  16. Oh yeah I understand but if the tone you heard was bang on the sound you were after the easiest way to get that sound would be with the same gear. I just sold a Red Witch Zeus which is a octave/fuzz and it can do a great synth like tones. If I were buying a fuzz for that synthy thing the Doom2 would be top of my list.
  17. Or just get a Fuzzistor if they’re still being made?
  18. Sorry I had another unit for sale on this thread. I’ll amend that now. Mods if you can amend the original post?
  19. had a look but only saw the Model for ipad and iphone Thanks for that. I think I might need a Lightning-usb3
  20. Is it available to run on mac or just ipad/iphone If i could add it to Logic as a plug in that could be really handy - I don't mind the ipad version but I like to have physical keys as I'm still a little clumsy without a real target... plus I have the notes written on my keyboard which helps me a lot **Actually if there was a way to hook the keyboard to my ipad that would be even better. Are any such interfaces available which would allow me to use my little Novation keyboard to my ipad? I should really google myself but I'm out and about just now. I'll do a proper search later!
  21. Cali76TX and I think there’s one for sale on here 😉😉
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