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  1. One of my mates has some Bose array stuff and some other kits too. He’s willing to loan us the Bose and see if we can get away with that for vocals initially. We’ve not fully had the pa discussion yet but if this project takes off it’ll be something we’ll need to chat about!
  2. We all use them but I still take the bass amp for the feel and the iems help keep the ears protected in their own way. I think the biggest drawback is the ‘feel’ but those KZ’s have 5 drivers per side and cover the lows very well. It could be a matter of quality of ear buds rather than it being worse for bass but we all have differing expectations or needs. As ever it’s balancing the need of the many with the wants of the few. Same goes for pa choices etc
  3. I was thinking more about for the bass minimising the need for an amp, one less box to carry so a bit more room for pa boxes in car boots. To be fair I wasn’t very clear 😝 A pair of KZ10’s for about £40 sound decent and reduce the need for a backline bass rig but I’m off topic. As you were gents.
  4. Jamie Lewis has been using one in his videos and has done a video about it. Sounds great considering it’s size etc
  5. Not tempted by the IEM route? I was gonna suggest the fender rumble 500 combo as it’s a great lightweight combo.
  6. Good to know as we might be looking at some pa kit down the line
  7. Wouldn’t one typically encounter feedback or be more likely to if the speakers are behind the mic’s? From experience once the mic is aimed in the general direction of a speaker is when I’ve always encountered issues in the past be it rehearsals or gigs. I recall going to play a gig (local bands as a teenager) and the guys had set the speakers up at the back of the stage so “everyone in the band could hear the singer” and our first job was to move them. The other band said it would be fine, plugged in the mic’s and it howled like a a Hammer Horror!
  8. Sorry it’s arrived at a bad time as this is such a killer unit. I was using it as my main interface for playing into the computer and it sounded big and phat. Live it’s a belter too and expandable with the amp to have 6 different sounds available. If you go direct to desk or IEM this has to be on your radar. GLWTS
  9. One of the guys I play with populated his board with three or four Joyo pedals. They all sound great at what they do.
  10. Røde iXY -£55 posted U.K. Shure Motive MV88 £100 posted U.K. I have a couple of iPhone/iPad compatible condenser mic’s for sale. One of the band has bought some fancy schmancy hand held recorder thing so we’re gonna be going with that for future recordings so I’m happy to let one or both of these go. These vastly improve the audio quality of your i device and can really help for recording rehearsals. With the Shure MV88 you can angle the mic for enhancing video recording audio quality too. The free Shure Motive app really brings out all the features of the MV88 and doubles as a recording tool/library. You can select polar patterns, eq, compression, mic gain and there are presets for different recording scenarios. The Røde is another fantastic condenser and I have used both together for recording guitars and vocals. While there are some Røde apps I’ve been using the MOTIV app for everything but they’ll work with any recording app such as “Voice Memo” and other popular video recording apps. These are especially handy if you have an old phone or iPad kicking about which isn’t getting much use. I kept mine in the gig bag and always had it handy for nabbing some quality recordings especially for new songs etc. Prices include postage on the U.K.
  11. krispn


    I used to use one of these in conjunction with an aguilar db924 great wee pedal which can give that instant slap sound or add just the right poke/push and cut through with a dirt pedal in a mix
  12. Could be a while yet but there’s some practice room audio coming my way early next week!
  13. Another spin on the merry go round! Trying to go for an 80’s sound/synth sound to cover some keyboard sounding parts now our keys player has left. Standards include octave chorus and dirt all patched into my trusty old Basswitch IQ DI. The compressor and VMT are in an always on loop whereas the chorus and Basswitch OD are in a switchable loop with 50/50 blend. The Basswitch OD pedal has been a great addition as the tone control actually plays about with the mid frequency and shifts the eq curve from a scooped sound to a more mid forward sound down in the lower mids. Really helps with the octave sound to push it forward. I kinda use it like the mid switch function on the MXR BOD and feel it’s doing a great job! Also as the OD is the same style pedal as the IQDI I can easily switch the loop on or off while activating or deactivating the drive too which is handy! Oh and I have a cheeky wee Thumpinator hiding underneath the board as you do!
  14. Currently using an octave, chorus and dirt but at rehearsal last night I had an iPad running a Moog Model D app and some sounds from GarageBand played via a USB keyboard. Hope to get some audio to hear what things sounded like over the weekend. I’d prefer to stick to playing bass but the iPad was handy for some pads and intro stuff.
  15. Jukebox taking a back seat or you dividing up gigs between both? Our keyboard player has just left the 80’s thing so tonight’s rehearsal is the guitarist and me ‘synthing’ things up. Some live footage from us soon I hope!
  16. I’ve a BB424x I may be selling I mean it doesn’t tick any of those boxes you’ve listed... Just saying 😀
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  18. krispn

    Compressor pedal

    I use the hyper luminal too and the additional tweaking you can do via the Darkglass suite means you can tailor the low end with the HPF the set and forget and then have some very high quality compression available plus you can dial these tweaks in for each of the three compression types so you have three on the fly options all the time. Means you can simply and easily try them out with a simple tap. There’s other great compressors out there too but the DG is a really well thought out unit. Good luck
  19. krispn

    Compressor pedal

    There’s an Aguilar DB599 for £99 and a spectracomp for less on the for sale ad’s right now which are both decent options. The 599 maybe a little more intuitive as a play and play pedal. You’ll find most folk on bc take a pint on pedals here knowing they can reload and take a chance on an unknown purchase as they can easily flip it. For many of us it’s one of the best features - access to used gear which is decent quality and good resale opportunities. And the banter of course.
  20. Look forward to some audio.
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