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  1. Glad the initial impression is good! I’ve got the Embee112 and I find having the additional flexibility of my ‘modern’ amp with 3 bands of semi para eq really allows me to dial in a great sound with the 112. You may find the additional eq on your Stomp really lets you fine tune it. Looks like you have some amp/cab based fun ahead. Hope it all works out 👍🏽
  2. Yeah it has stereo and Di. I think they’re available for about £30 online. Still not a bad price!
  3. The isolated track can sound off until its married to the drums and gaps or timing issues might make more sense in context. It's not a bad performance and I'd be happy with it - sounds great! I've done a little bit of recording and on the last album I did we got the bass and drums down pretty quickly. I think it was two takes each just to have them (a little extra for another song where I forgot what I was playing in a momentary blank when the rec button was hit). Money and time were tight so we went in did it then got out but we were well rehearsed before the recording and knew what we were laying down. The whole band were there to just hang out and be there for the few hours (we needed a scratch vocal and guitar so that did also explain their presence but they wanted to hang out and experience the whole vibe). I recall it being a fine afternoon recording in our rehearsal room!
  4. I know placement has been a much discussed on the MM position and how some bridge MM style pick ups further back never nail the MM tone due to being nowhere near the sweet spot. I was just wondering if the KA pick ups shared any of the characteristics (along with needing to be wired in parallel). I have a bass with a route which can pretty much take any pick up shape and I think my next experiment might be with a MM or a soapbar. I guess KA could wind me one to KS spec for not too much cost.
  5. So do the current Kent Armstrong soap bars (Claymores) have any of the Smith flavour about them?
  6. Aye Faital Pro's - looks like the old style 1210's are all sold.
  7. I’d be tempted myself for that price. Let us know what you think.
  8. This! If you want to think of the root notes on the B string as your starting position the patterns can remain quite similar (well for all fretted notes). I played a 5'er exclusively for a number of years as a gig I had required me to play covers but often with key changes to suit the choir. The ability to transpose bass lines incorporating the lower notes rather than having to creep up the neck and also the ability to remain in one position (which admittedly some players can find a little boring after a while) scored bonus points for the 5 string. Don't fall into the trap like Happy Jack says of adding 'low notes' just because you can. It's not always the best choice but the lower notes can really support a good ballad or a key change when the bass goes low when the guitars etc go up! Really adds some power to a tune I think! Oh anad a final tip if you do want to embrace the 5'er put your 4 string bass away for a month and don't be tempted to switch back and forth. Get comfortable/confident on the 5. It'll speed up your learning/confidence!
  9. I have a db Bass Embee 112 which I like. I got the db112 for smaller gigs/smaller stages where I needed to have a good sounding cab without the size. I used it more on C&W gigs with a P bass or Mustang - P tones- and the cab basically put out what went in. It handled the lows well (I'm only playing 4 string basses at minute) and I wasn't after a super crispy/airy top end which it can do (rated up to 30kHz). I don't really push much above 4kHz on my amp. I have used it with a Jazz bass and both my amps and it responds as you'd expect. P bass and vintage sounding amp, tweeter off is a great giging sound, J bass with modern amp and tweeter wide open sounds crisp and modern but not harsh. About amps... I have two amps, one of which has a parametric eq and is a super clean, more modern sounding and I find with that head I can dial the amp in to really suit the db112 cab very easily - the beauty of that style of EQ. I think because my other cab (Tecamp 212) just sounds bigger/fuller by default the 112 can seem to lack something if played side by side in comparison. It doesn't but in a side by side a 212 is always gonna sound like it has more of everything. The db112 is by no means lacking and works equally as well with my more vintage sounding head which has a Fender style vintage tone stack and handles the modern stuff with ease too. The db probably weights more than the BF stuff but has a good form factor, well designed handles and more of an upward firing speaker position with bass port when in a tight space. I dig it, it's a cool cab design and has thoughtful touches - you can tell it was designed for a gigging player. There might still be some available on thr DB Bass reverb page at discount...their 1210 for £295 delivered is a ridiculous deal and just under 15kg https://reverb.com/brand/db-bass?product_type=amps&category=bass-cabinets
  10. The whole clapping thing is a bit mad. Wonder how long it’ll last after the tax hike 😀
  11. It appears I said both. You’ll have to forgive me but the back to back 13hr shifts do take their toll.
  12. Totally agree some good points well made. I agree with him on two handed tapping and feel the same way about slap. Great technique and sound but many of us would be pained to endure a whole set of it on guitar or bass (we do count as they audience’ too). Fans of Plini, any of the go to guitar gods form the 80’s and many modern shred bands probably dig it in moderation etc I was simply defending myself in that I said many audiences don’t care for slap. I didn’t say they dislike it and seeing how I was quoted in that reply I felt a bit misrepresented. Maybe it is a bold assertion but I stand by it. Let’s face it if we all checked back through our post on BC there’s be many a contradiction, revelation and 180 flip on opinions we held not so long ago. I don’t think my opinion has change on this matter too much over the years. I use slap on one tune in the covers gig where I feel it really drives the section of the song along. Only person to notice so far is my drummer but she also acknowledged the variation I play to the bass during the solo section directly after it which takes on a more melodic theme and changes the feel. To be fair she’s a very accomplished musician and has a great ear and hears everything.!
  13. As a test could someone post a video on you tube saying Dua Lipa bass cover and play no slap and see how many hits it gets in four weeks. I’d be really interested to see the out comes and think it could really start a good debate on click bait verses technique. I’m sure it would generate some fine opinions and theories.
  14. For clarity I simply said most audiences don’t care for slap bass. Fans of particular genres or specific bands can obviously go all in especially when it’s such an intrinsic part of the bands style - early Chilli Peppers, Level 42, Marcus et al. There’s defo some confirmation bias going on here (well it is a bass forum, right!). I’d much rather listen to a player play in time, play the right notes and if they can season it with some style and technique fair play. Likes on YT can be attributed to fans of the artist rather than fans of a technique or simply appreciation of a musician playing well. **Cue some slap video with a million hits 😀
  15. I don’t think that many audiences care for slap bass to be fair. Of course you’ll get the odd goof doing the Alan Partridge air slap bass thing but unless it’s a track known for slap (playing much Level 42 or Stanley Clarke). I find slap can work in songs as an accent or if tastefully done - Hit Me Baby One More Time is a fine example and Dumpstaphunk Standin’ In Your Stuff are personal favourites (look out for the 6 string bass too). It’s not that I dislike slap but like many who are proficient at a skill like that it can become over used and technique for techniques sake. I once dropped a bass down some stairs and it was the best sounding slap bass sound/solo I ever got but to be fair it wouldn’t have grooved with the band but as a solo piece! Fuggedaboutit!
  16. Ha! I was just gonna bump this after seeing it in a box post-house move. I think it’s a cracking wee unit and as you say just sweetens up the signal chain especially when using Dirt
  17. Just from the band name I knew you were from N.Ireland. Class!
  18. Howdy! I think things are slowing down what with the lockdown but send me a private message and I’ll forward your details on to the guys.
  19. It does look like a cracking bass with a high build quality. The neck looks great!
  20. If sims would do a refin on this it'd likely shift in no time.
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