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  1. Looks really good and the word out there is very positive about the BC basses. Personally I'm delighted that the old Bass Centre heritage is alive and well. It was a legend in its lifetime and deserves to be a prominent feature in the bass world. Anyone know, is Barry the man behind this? (I know he's big mates with Colin Hodgkinson who gets mentioned quite often in Bass Collection/Centre circles).
  2. Very tasty! Shame about the scratch
  3. So, got bored with the Jazzes, Precision, Mayones... Called London Guitar Studio and got my Esteve 8F flamenco back - had been up for sale on commission but no takers. It's back for good now. Meanwhile had a weird hankering for a tenor Uke - so got a Kala maple from Southern Ukulele Store (very good, recommended... if you like this kind of thing) Must say enjoying re-learning a load of chords for the uke - working on an unplugged style 'Times like these' - gets the fun back. (Got a low G on it and plan some fingerstyle). And that Esteve... good grief! It weighs nothing and has a phenominal voice - crystal, forward, balanced and just all-round lovely. I've had some expensive classical guitars before but I'd far rather have a good flamenco. (Esteve pronounced Est-e-vay btw, if it matters, prob not!)
  4. If you need a lockdown lift, this really is ace. Rich Hall doing his song 'Working Dog'. Found it on the BBC documentary he did about country - he ends up hawking this song around various name players and bands. Ends up with Asleep at the Wheel - and he tells them "Don't think like a musician, think like a border collie."
  5. I think it took me a long time to get this and understand what matters from my own perspective (I stress, my own). My view is spend good time getting to really know intervals - hear them in your head and play them without thinking. A scale is a sequence of intervals and what its chord is called refers to those intervals anyway. Also as bass players we don't generally play chords. We play around with the scale notes the chord was built from but often we then get boxed in, playing within one octave (the fingerboard 'box') and repeating oft-used patterns on the board. Years ago I got into studying modes (I was a Miles Davis nut at the time) only to find I was using most of them without realising. If you mess around with ascending/descending 3rds (say, or 6ths, whatever) you'll be well on the way to going modal. Another thing I use all the time is the number system: say root is Dmaj -'the bridge goes 2-3-2-5 repeat and resolve to 1'. The band can drop the whole thing a tone in a flash if they need to (OK, maybe not the sax player...). But hearing and playing all and any intervals (including the obvious ones outside the octave, 9th, 13th etc) will start to really make sense of the chords anyway, and help you know what you can do, which notes (intervals) give the chord its particular colour/character etc. Over years (on various instruments) I've spend huge time with scales, but looking back now if I wanted to get to here, I wouldn't start there. But that may just be me.
  6. Great lockdown project, and I do love the mandolin anyway (Tim O'Brien is a favourite). This lockdown has me scouring eBay and the like for odd stuff - banjoleles, whatever. Probably buy a tenor Uke on Monday... getting desperate for notes! Let us know how the mandotar gets along👍
  7. Fab colour, with the maple neck as well, tasty. Stickers off, grease on
  8. Lockdown symptoms: really weird haircut, and swapping out my EB Cobalt flats for a set of D'Addario steel rounds. Sound like stilettos through plate glass. This'll keep me amused for another day.

    1. ezbass


      Wow, that's a big change! I'm wondering about replacing my Cobalts with LaBella nylon wrapped flats on my Maruszczyk fretless (I already have them on my Rob Allen) but £40+ is a lot to spend on a lockdown induced whimsy. 

    2. Soledad


      @ezbass - Agree about the 40 quid, the D'Addarios were about 22 so not too crazy. I do have LaBella white nylon flats on my Mayones fretless, they are radically different to the EB Cobalts (on my Jazz fretless) but they do have a really excellent voice of their own.

  9. Keeping this going👍 So, just noticed @4000 posted the YT vid of the truly fab Staves doing 'Blood I bled' - ukuleles are just so COOL.
  10. As new, in original packaging. Fitted briefly to a Jazz which was then sold, so kept p'ups. Absolutely unmarked and complete with CS stickers on covers. Happy to post UK at cost, if outside UK please chck with me first so I can check shipping cost. Pic is off Fender site, I'll get actual shots tomorrow. Also got a new KIogon Jazz loom (series/parallel) separate listing coming soon
  11. Someone needed to tell that to Miles Davis. I'm wondering about a tenor (not tenner) Uke... for years played classical then flamenco so have an affinity of sorts with nylon strings and the like> I know very little of Ukes but it does seem to me that it's a family of instruments with a lot of options in there (including low 4ths, different open tunings etc). Remember really liking The Ukelele Orchestra doing Wuthering Heights, years ago. And The Staves use one sometimes. And I like weird folky sh*t and The Lost Words: Spell Songs album is truly wonderful... (must be one uke on there somewhere surely?) Doubt it's the instrument, could very well be the player.
  12. Exactly correct, and in so few words too👍 My fave flats are EB Cobalts. They come in a kind of lilac/purple colour... If there is a tech reason for silks on flats, then FFS use silver grey, or maybe black.
  13. Big shout for DPD👏. Collected a bass Sevenoaks 13.30 yesterday, arrived Stockport today around 12.30. Smooth as really smooth stuff.

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    2. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      I assumed you used the Basschat affiliate Eurosender through which you get a discount.

    3. Soledad


      No, just straight online. Only 22 quid anyway... who cares, if I run out of cash I'll just print some more :)

    4. skej21


      For some people who are self-employed and can't get any help, selling the tools of their trade to put food on the table IS essential unfortunately.

  14. Love this bass. Had a 60s original Jazz (CAR) recently but sold it (underpriced I suspect) - weird thing it was too shiny and immaculate so it needed playing in, but it was too shiny and immaculate so I was scared to play it in.... For many years I owned and played a '64 P (sold to the bloke in Quo) and I reckon they have really nailed it with these Originals.
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