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  1. Kelvin McKenzie in the doghouse again then. For saying the families of lost loved ones should sue the Chinese Government. Meanwhile a consortium of businesses in Las Vegas commence a class action against the Chinese Government.
    And right now on USA Today, this:
    As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe, one fact is increasingly clear: The Chinese Communist Party caused this crisis.
    At least the dogs are back in the doghouse in Shenzen. But no doubt they'll be back in the fryer once this sh*tstorm blows over.

  2. Hi, what an excellent call - Ps through Ampeg. We all have the same lockdown problems - i try to make playing useful but mostly end up noodling any old cliches. Post some pics of the Precisions on the Precision thread here - lots of fans and it's up to page 67
  3. Hi all, got my Mayones BE4 fretless out the other day, after many months of only playing the Fenders. I have a Jazz fretless with EB Cobalts on it, so the Mayones is there to do the more 'organic, woody, acoustic-ish'... how to describe a sound. Anyway, nylon flats. SO, had a set of LaBella white nylon (50-105) which I really like but they are really low tension and I might want the sound that comes from a bit more tension, not loads more. tbh, just fancy a change of sound/feel but definitely nylons given the Jazz is bearing metalwork anyway. Here's a pic of the thing, and I know Mayones get some mixed press (particularly in the area of customer relations) but these earlier basses are so very nicely built even down to a hand-carved solid ovangkol cover plate, and a sublime ebony board. Anyway. Strings?
  4. Soledad


    tell us more - the 'white' one looks to be slab-body?
  5. CBS at the peak of their love. Nineteen hundred quid too. 8ollock$.
  6. That demo sounds fabulous, lovely woody warm voice. If it wasn't for the lockdown and being a bit overstocked on the bass front, I'd be a bit keen.
  7. Shock admissions - 2 of 'em. Just caught The Motors 'Airport' on radio 2 (that's the 2 admissions).
    What an excellent bass track -well thought out, tasteful,  drives the song along - in fact it is the song. Bass is really forward in mix and take it away, the track would collapse.
    Well, there we go then :)

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    2. SpondonBassed


      Sorry if you thought I was trying to express an opinion as fact.  That's not my job.  That the responsibility of Dot Gov.  She's an opinionated lass.

      By way of compensation, here is an image of a cat that has just expressed an onion:


    3. Soledad


      all cool @SpondonBassed - we're all a bit on edge being locked up. Spotify for me today👍

    4. SpondonBassed


      I have to owe you a heart TLRT because I spent them all last night.

      ...and it's only Week Two starting today...

      What are we all going to be like after the twelve (we hope) weeks?

  8. Soledad


    I watched that bass come and go really quick here. You did a blinder with that - great colour, and I'm a real fan of the 90s USAs. Looks great with the tort too. I have a hunch the 90s USAs will be the next thing because the 60s are not affordable, the 70s are pricey (and IMHO the 90s are an easy match for the CBS basses) and what few 80s are around are not much loved. I have three 90s basses and every one is really excellent: a 97 P, a 98 Jazz fretless and a 99 P Special which is bloody marvellous. Fill yer boots while these very sensible prices last.
  9. Just been advised my `National Drivers Offender Retraining Scheme` is postponed for at least 12 weeks. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse.

    1. SpondonBassed


      I daren't laugh in case you are without a licence 'till you do the course...

      but hahahahahaha anyway.

    2. Soledad


      No, have licence, it's a bit pointy but still works :)

  10. Soledad


    Sorry, been locked up and no-one to talk to... so Let's talk about planes! They're a bit like basses, you always 'need' just one more. In recent years I've thinned mine a lot but still have around 10 or so (plus all the specialist variants like shoulder planes, rebates, router planes etc etc). Christine mentioned older Records - mighty fine they are (or can be). Pic below of a Record 'SS' No3 (SS means 'Stay-Set' and they have a 2-part cap iron which I rate highly, some others don't like 'em). Got this No3 on the Bay for around £30 a few years ago. Added a new Hock iron (the blade / cutter is called an iron or cutting iron) and spent time tuning - total strip down, seat the frog to body properly, flat the sole (when doing this load the plane up, I mean fit 2-part iron, tighten etc so the body is under working load, then flatten with the cutter safely withdrawn back from the sole). Stripped and painted my mucky green brand colour, but if you want to restore the Record blue, get Humbrol or similar 'roundel blue' - it's an amazing match to the original. This Record is now proper hot and will take 2- 3 thou shaving off cross grain, plus it handles difficult woods (reversing grain) really well. I do recommend the original 'Crucible Steel' irons on Records, but also the Quangsheng replacement irons - very fair price and excellent steels. The Hock is considerably more expensive but takes a really fine edge. The wood plane is interesting - again hotted up into a fine panel smoother (technically it's a jack plane). Note the double iron - very hefty forged cutter, supported by an equally hefty cap. Those Sheffield forged cutting irons are truly fabulous - high carbon super-hard and super-fine tool steel forged onto a malleable steel 'back'. You just can't buy planes with cutters like this now, but on the Bay you'll find one for under 20 quid. Seriously those forged irons of old are sublime. I did a box (boxwood) insert on this one to tighten the mouth a lot. Spent a good while flatting the back of iron back to a polish, and tuning the cap iron so it closes micro-tight onto the iron. If anyone's interested in planes like me, I'll get some pics of my Sparks handmade planes next - his plane adjusting hammer is visible in pic 1 best go make something now...
  11. Same, a start-up that was taking great shape, but dumped guitar player for being a t**t - vocals, bass, drums all set... Times like this I wish I played flute or 'cello
  12. Good call. Saw them at The Dome Tufnell Park wednesday 4th. Had seen them supporting First Aid Kit (Brixton) last autumn and they were really good - notably a killer version of 'Whole of the Moon' which is on YT and well worth a look/listen. The Staves may be dismissed by some as a folky-hippy thing - so WRONG. Brilliant voices of course, very strong songs and a tasty 4 piece backing (guitar doubling on horn; bass, keys/synths and drums). Live sound was absolutely top-notch, with an excellent drum/bass mix. Even though they were one sister down, they were powerful, confident and hugely musical. From folk roots they are moving into a much bigger musical space. Fast becoming a serious headliner IMHO.
  13. excellent as always, very clear, tidy and solid.
  14. Help! - anyone got experience of shipping a bass from UK to France - carriers, likely cost approx, who's good, who to avoid. Any help appreciated.

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    2. Hellzero


      Way more than 200 basses shipped over the years, always insured and trackable, and the only problems I ever had were with the post or ParcelForce if you prefer...

    3. Chownybass


      HA! Yes. Parcelforce are cheap. But they've lost more of my basses than any other courier. 

    4. Soledad


      Thanks all - but special mention to @Chownybass, who probably takes the biscuit on this one.
      Hardly dare tell you all, but the buyer's drifted off now. Still, very good to know for next time.

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