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  1. I think a one and only, a few UK dates, me and mates heard about it in MM (I suspect) - 'Alone Again Or' live was amazing.
  2. Here's a weird one and showing my age. Leeds University, around '68... Love with Arthur Lee. They ended the set with a very long improv and I had to get a last train home. I still think Love were even cooler than the Doors back then. Still are.👍
  3. Shipping to Europe - had a nightmare with DPD January - collected from me then returned TO ME a week later. No explanation or credit from DPD. SO - anyone shipping basses into Europe at the mo' - successfully I mean. Me and @Maleco would like some help.

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    2. Clarky


      Mine was fully insured for £2k (an Alembic) so it cost me an eye watering £120. Looking forward to your legal updates

    3. Soledad


      Dead easy Clarky - go to gov.uk small claims, you fill a form out and pay £25 which they add to the collect amount. Can't see any poss defence from DPD. But I'll let you know how it goes, a few weeks I expect. 

    4. TheGreek


      Hmmm...I had a similar experience a few weeks ago - courier (MyHermes) repeatedly failed to collect a bass. Interparcel appoint an alternative who also failed to collect. They did however get the bass to me bright and early the following day. BS response from Interparcel who didn't accept any responsibility for the poor service.

      I'm looking to get something off to Oz in the next few days - hope that goes better.

  4. These earlier Mayones are so seriously underrated or overlooked. The quality of woods and craftsmanship are impeccable. Just sold a BE4 fretless on to a fan in France - I'll regret that!!
  5. I've had generally good service from DPD. French-owned with  significant presence in major EU countries.

    Not the cheapest, but ........

    1. Soledad


      Didn't know that. Have used DPD for UK and they are excellent. I'll check. Thanks

  6. Urgent help - recommended shipper for a bass in case from UK to France please.
    Thanks all and season's greetings👍

  7. I'm sure it can be done - i'd need to find out who handles stuff this size. Someone here will know.
  8. I know we're all locked down and that, but this is a really fabulous one-cab solution. I need the space now and am committed to the PJB 6B I got - so friendly non-upsettive offers invited, in the true spirit of democracy.
  9. Sounds absolutely tops. And unlined too. Is it 34"?
  10. Nice straight US P - and sane pricing in these unsane times ! GLWS
  11. What's the scale length please, and approx build year?
  12. Immaculate condition and light use only. New Roqsolid cover, unmarked. I gigged this about 4 times before lockdown, and since then have been moving more acoustic, lower levels so my PJB cab is ideal for that. The 1288 features Emminence Neos: one 12" with front porting, 2 x 8" in a dedicated sub-enclosure so the back pressure of the 12 doesn't affect the 8s. Plus an HF horn with attenuation (continuous rotary). Four hefty castors. Weight 24Kg, 600W / 8 Ohm. Specs taken from Bass Direct below. Note weight on spec below is shipping weight - gigging weight is 24Kg. I'm a GB fan, fabulous build and a really great sound right across the range. I'd describe the sound as precise, transparent, accurate, true, dynamic... words like that. Ran this with my GB 900 Streamliner - a sublime rig. see the Bass Direct copy below for the original GB spiel on this fab cab👍 (taken from BD:) GB 1288T UQ - List £1150 "The UBER QUAD"- named after it's unique, four speaker design. This compact, "multi-driver" cabinet features 4 separate drivers of varying sizes, which produce an incredible 3 dimensional tone. This multi-driver cabinet is excellent for bassists using "extended range" 6 and 7 string instruments. It has a signature tone however, that is ideal for any bassist looking to add a new element of depth, warmth and clarity to their tone. The all important mid range is handled by the dual 8" Neodymium speakers in separate, sealed internal enclosures providing thick, tight, warm mids without "honk" or harshness. These separate chambers are extremely compact which enhances the response and tight suspension of the driver's mechanical performance. This 600 watt 8 ohm cabinet sounds great on its own but can be an impressive stack when using 2 UBER QUADS or when stacked with our new GB 115T-UB. As part of the UBER BASS series the cabinet features our distinctive "nubby" vinyl along with our classic grille and silver piping, Edge-Lift handles, Speakon® and 1/4" inputs, 100 Watt Tweeter Level control and crossover design based on a combination of electronic and electro-acoustic principals. This yields a combination of crossover slopes that result in smooth multi- dimensional composite acoustic response. FEATURES Power Handling RMS 600 W Frequency +/- 3db 45-18K Hz Sensitivity 1W/1M 97.5 db Nominal Impedance 8 ohm versions Crossover Point per component: Lows: 45-500Hz, Mids:150-5KHz, Highs:4K-18KHz Weight Lbs. 58 Dimensions HxWxD 23" x 24 1/4" x 18 1/4 "
  13. Looks really good and the word out there is very positive about the BC basses. Personally I'm delighted that the old Bass Centre heritage is alive and well. It was a legend in its lifetime and deserves to be a prominent feature in the bass world. Anyone know, is Barry the man behind this? (I know he's big mates with Colin Hodgkinson who gets mentioned quite often in Bass Collection/Centre circles).
  14. Very tasty! Shame about the scratch
  15. So, got bored with the Jazzes, Precision, Mayones... Called London Guitar Studio and got my Esteve 8F flamenco back - had been up for sale on commission but no takers. It's back for good now. Meanwhile had a weird hankering for a tenor Uke - so got a Kala maple from Southern Ukulele Store (very good, recommended... if you like this kind of thing) Must say enjoying re-learning a load of chords for the uke - working on an unplugged style 'Times like these' - gets the fun back. (Got a low G on it and plan some fingerstyle). And that Esteve... good grief! It weighs nothing and has a phenominal voice - crystal, forward, balanced and just all-round lovely. I've had some expensive classical guitars before but I'd far rather have a good flamenco. (Esteve pronounced Est-e-vay btw, if it matters, prob not!)
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