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  1. Had a 4 fretless for a while and it was really good - this is a really serious bargain, unlined too which is tops👍
  2. Absolutely agree - the loads going into compressible woods by a very slight turn are enormous. Had a Yamaha a while back and the manual spoke of 'just half a turn'... good grief!! So, tension off, sharp tweak to release the embedded lock-up that often occurs (especially on new basses) and then very small adjustments, max 1/8th at a time. IMHO.
  3. Bought March '19 and never ever left the house. Absolutely as new. Used occasionally at low home volumes with Aguilar TH350 (also now passed on). Pic is a file shot for now, will add actual pics later but it looks exactly like shown and is totally unmarked just as it came out of the box. Reason for sale, shortly after this 212 I got a GB 210 combo and used that with PA support for live, and then got a GK410, plan a GB 900 for the 410. Can't keep everything can we I was really impressed with the RH212 - it's neutral (not coloured at all to my ears) and lets the chosen head shine. Really articulate and responsive, very efficient and the dial-adjusting HF is great for subtle adjustments from gentle presence to super-bright. Emminence drivers plus HF. Rear-ported. Plenty of good reviews around, and the reputation is very good. SIZE: 66 X 50 X 35cm WEIGHT: 24KG iIMPEDANCE: 8 OHM RATING: 400 W These are currently at Andertons for £599. I got mine when a deal was on, hence what I consider a low price for a 'NEW' TC 212. Collection (plus trial) here at Sevenoaks. May meet somewhere up to say 40 miles. Will pack for own courier if necessary. NOTE: no cover, exactly as shipped. I promise you are buying a 'new' 212, OK it's not technically new, but it is really.
  4. That's definitely right. It's just that he was the first ever great electric bass player so he gets (and deserves) special treatment. By accident yesterday I found Ed Friedland playing the opening lines to 'Can't Hurry Love' on a GB demo video - utterly brilliant use of relatively few notes working so well with the vocal topline and forging a super-groove in just a few bars. Wizeardry for me. (His placing of those 4ths is actually beautiful.) But re flats, sound etc (the OP after all) worth remembering rounds didn't even exist in Jamerson's day. And the amps/cabs available were incredibly limiting tonally. Then some foam under the strings to lose sustain - altogether not a sound we all look for these days, but what he did with it was special. I still have D'Addario rounds on my Jazz, (EB cobalts on the P) but I'm so impressed with the EBs that I can see a switch coming on the Jazz. Call me old school but those 2 founding Fender basses are just so stupidly good, all these years later. btw, anyone interested in the Ed Friedland Jamerson lines, they're here, 9' 05" in, near end where he cuts to a mint green P with foam under...
  5. I've been very slow on this, sorry Mick. But if you ever get an invite to visit, grab it. Like walking into a timewarp bass store full of rare and unusual gems. Had a good try-out on the GK110 combo which is very impressive, but also a Spectorcore fretless (much praised by many) and a large handful of rare custom basses... all in a room stacked with Trace, Quilter and loads more besides. Top man, gatherer of some amazing bass gear, above all a Trace fan (Bass Collection too). Many thanks for the invite, your time and a grand day out.👍
  6. Thanks @Hellzero - I need to get inside my std USA Jazz to see differences, I'm not very up on the wiry bits😉 This thread does make me wonder about doing the series parallel mod on my std fretted one.
  7. That's it, nailed. I've played through a Barefaced 110 and it is very impressive, BUT it's still a very small box with one small driver in it. To get to drummer level it has to be driven to the max and that deletes all possibility of tone shaping. IMO this pursuit of small and light has gone too far. We check the frequency response taken on axis at low input levels and it's impressive. Drive it hard and that's nowhere near what you get. As a guide I reckon if the guitar can run a 110 combo, you probably need a 210 or even 212 to have real tonal shaping and the transient dynamics of a bass. Probably at least 4 times the watts too. The good thing is start with one, then add...
  8. TOP bloke - what a fine place this is 👍
  9. Lot of good info gathering here I think, particularly for Jazz owners. @Hellzero - wasn't particularly trying to get Jaco exactly so emulating the legendary 360/61 is not aprt of my mission here, I just wondered what the Fender CS did on that one. Re single coils, my CS '64 p'ups on the fretted Jazz are single coil I believe? My aim was really just to explore getting more mid-range from a Jazz to give me more signal to shape in the head pre-amp, but broadly I reckon the mids are really important on a fretless. I choose the Jazz as the basis because it fits me and I know my way around them (relative to other basses let's say).I also expect a certain firmness to its acoustic sound that is a thing I want. My Mayo fretless has La Bella nylons on and is a softer woodier sound not suited to drums and 2 guitars 'at it'. @Andyjr1515 - very important point re pup sizing. I've been lucky so far, my one swap was to CS '64s and they did drop straight in, but I'll know to check carefully. Still looking for the bass, it must be un-lined, would consider a decent bitsa.
  10. Ask your drummer. If he says no, that means you have a drummer and that means he was right.
  11. Been having a browse the usual places (Bay, FB, Gumtree) and every one at the mo seems 3EQ. Are the 2 band quite rare or is this just sod's law. I'm in no rush but plenty of 3s around, no 2s that I've found.
  12. I love the sound off decent 610s and 810s, just can't really cart one around or justify the levels or stage space. The big cabs are amazing bargains now - fancy an Ampeg just for old times sake
  13. Bongo's a Nissan I think? Can't see that happening. Just the one for starters - maple neck, old-school burst finish, and 2EQ if I have a choice... just because more knobs confuse me. Keep you posted.
  14. thanks @wrinkleygit - i'll have a listen on a decent sound source. I too had a Sei headless 5 for a while, one of the first he built (No6 I recall). If I do come across a W'mans 10 (not the Working Pro) I'd probably get it if it was sensibly priced. I've seen 12s occasionally and as noted above there is one at the moment asking £300 - but I don't really want a 12. The U.S. fans (and there are quite a few) rate the 10 higher for sound. I envy you your mini-rig, very rare I expect.
  15. OK then Ray-men. There's 50 pages of Ray porn here so tell me - do I want a 2EQ or a 3EQ? Both is not an acceptable response.
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