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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Have one, gigged it often, bloody love it. Push the input gain til the valvy sound comes in - best head I've had in years, maybe ever. Well, actually there was that time in....
  3. There's something charmingly pre industrial revolution about this thread.
  4. Don't you just slightly miss the all-over breeze of a nice 8x10 though?
  5. Is this a thing with banjo's, that they go out of tune a lot? Anyways, my pedal tuner (TC Polytune) mutes when tuning so if the acoustic level of banjo is acceptable for tuning that would maybe sort it. Even quieter - get him to tune from the harmonics - I mean just off the first harmonic (12 fret I assume) - that is quiet, deadly accurate and a foot pedal tuner will see the pitch fine.
  6. This is a very lot of PJB excellence, OK I'm a fan... but what a stunning rig. So pay attention bump !
  7. I'll just mention Bela Flek, then stop. With the Flektones: 'Big Country'... Victor Wooten on bass. And we're back👍
  8. Can't help on banjo tech, but I do like banjos quite a lot. Recently found banjo Ben on YT (brilliant character and player), and it's about now I get to post a link to Sheila Kay Adams (never thought I'd get to say that, certainly not here !):
  9. +1 - fabulous. Love the old reverse tuners too.
  10. G7th P3 is about the best I found for my acoustic, but note it's optimised for acoustic guitar board radius, board width and string diameters. I have never seen a bass player using a capo and never seen one available. As Frank says try a G7th... if you must!!
  11. Very interested to hear views once you've had it a while and worked it good n proper. Seems to me that Barefaced have dominated the loud and light corner (esp. here on BC!) - I've avoided BF so far as I haven't liked the sound (personal I know) so it would be good to have a serious alternative out there. Could quite fancy a 208 or 210.
  12. Don't get me wrong, but we've passed through Jungleland and found ourselves on the edge of town.
  13. Wow, I had one of Martin's very early ones, exactly like yours - a 5 headless, amboyna facing (think yours is that?) - had mine built back when he was working out of his flat in NW London (may have been Willesden, was a long time ago!). IIRC, I discovered the early Sei basses through a player I knew who was a part of the early '90s north London acid jazz scene. They were a seriously hot ticket for a while. I had Bartolinis fitted to mine but otherwise really looked ther same, sadly don't have any pics to hand. Was a truly epic bass, beautifully built and very nice to play - as you say a very clean musical and balanced B, I mean transition across B to E sounded seemless. Sold it on a whim... like we all do. As a side note Martin also took my '64 Precision in for a refret at that time (around '91 I think). I know he took very detailed measurements of the neck which I think he referred to later when he made some P style basses. Enjoy it... and try and keep it!!
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