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  1. Anyone happen to know who played bass on 'Ain't no stoppin' us now': McFadden & Whitehead ('79). Had a google around but no luck so far. A bit tasty!

    1. Acebassmusic


      Looks like it was James Williams who's played on quite a few known tracks 👍



    2. Soledad


      Thanks Ace - yes, looks right. Apparently he played on most O'Jays tracks and this song was maybe first penned for them but writers decided to keep it. Call me anorak 😂. Cracking soul player 

  2. Just got some patch leads from Mark - fast, well packed, brilliant price and pleasure to deal with. 5 stars from me.
  3. I find the Harley Benton chorus BCH-1 and the Behringer vintage delay VD400 both shockingly good, for silly money. I have and have used several Boss and TC - but I use the HB chorus by choice.
  4. Soledad


    I like the tort - it suits the period of bass very well, the original would have been tort... all looks very proper.
  5. Dave Wilson in Hexham is highly recommended, by me and quite a few others here. He did my P from original poly 3TSB to LPB nitro about 2 years ago - cost then around £320, maybe a bit more now. Find him on FB or someone here will have a number Here's the thread that got me sorted, I think some LPB Precision shots in there too - really perfect finish.
  6. Currently using the 'white' LaBellas, and have done some time - like 'em for what sound I want. But interested in the Galli - Bass Direct? I may give them a go. As for the rounds/flats / nylon debate, totally depends on the bass, the player and the sound wanted. If I was stringing a Jazz right now I'd probably put EB Cobalt flats on. On my Mayones playing with a more unplugged ensemble, I use the LaBellas. If I really wanted the rounds sound (on the ficticious Jazz) I'd probably need a pro finish on the fingerboard first because they do chew boards up over time.
  7. Totally agree. Puts me off. The 'signature' is normally some kind of mod that suits that player, his style, strings, live sound etc etc. I dallied recently with a Martin 000 acoustic, good used about 2.5k, Eric Clapton signature version a few hundred more plus it has a bloody signature on the actual fingerboard. Bunch of a*se.
  8. Seriously didn't recognise her, and didn't think to check line-up. I'll go investigate Crooked Still some more.
  9. Great find, excellent! D-bass and 'cello groove is quite something, and 'cello solo, then banjo... 👋 Vocal sounds quite like Aoife O'Donovan I thought. Dead good.
  10. Anyone know? Is the tone pot on a std P/J just a 250k? And is it log or linear? And which of those sounds more progressive, not a sudden gush of top in the last 5% kind of thing?? I could go and look I suppose 😃
  11. Good with soldering. This is an intermittent thing and it isn't the lead as I use several good alternatives. I can take jack plate out and it's all solid, nice contacts, no loose nut etc. I now suspect the tone pot. I'm going to swap that and see what I get then.Need to check what pot values for a std P/J tone pot.. Here we go, scratchplate off again.
  12. The output jack on my USA '98 Precision Special is still a bit troublesome. Had it looked at a while ago and I've been inside myself. The jack on these is very close to the tone pot and wiring is a bit crammed in that area. The problem is intermittent - part signal loss, earthy noise etc. It might not be the actual jack - the tone pot may be suspect. Hard to see but it sits at a very slight angle to scratchplate so I suspect the bass has stood on a stand for long periods, with tone knob under pressure (some stands don't fit P/Js). Can anyone recommend a permanent fix - alternative jack socket, different wiring routing, shielding somewhere, anything?? I'd like to keep it close to original but this needs sorting so I can rely on it. The pics are not really needed, but it's a mighty fine bass !
  13. Don't think mine has kicked in yet, (or it is very quiet). I've not run mine hard anyway, mainly balancing with an acoustic guitar or two. Noisy fans do annoy me - not forgivable I think as super-quiet induction motors can be got on eBay for peanuts, I mean manufacturers can surely source near-silent fans. I recall a noisy fan on a Trace head some years ago but at fan-level the rig was so LOUD it really didn't matter!
  14. One maker I think should be on this list: Eastman. Very highly rated for their semis and acoustics, made in China... very well indeed. They do an OM acoustic that Maks reckons will give a guitar twice the price a serious run. Have a big reputation in the U.S. for their semis. Just think they are worth a look - in the range around a grand new in UK. Agree the Taylor will be good, but I think all Taylors end up over-priced here. And the Fender seems well-rated. Let us know where you end up.
  15. Might be a bit out of fashion, maybe weighs a bit more than a GR 410 - but what an absolute cracker for the price of a pair of boots. The CD-in on front has a nice retro air! Bargain of the month👍
  16. I imagine that will sound very good. I tried plugging an electro-acoustic guitar into it, sounds very good indeed. I think the small speakers and clean amp make it a good solution for quite a few instruments.
  17. Your fault I got the 6b, so what goes around.
  18. Bought a minter from Munchies here about 4 weeks ago. I already use a 6B cab (with GB 900 head) and I am partial to the PJB approach. I'd felt these things were getting passed around a bit - see one for sale, few months it's up for sale again. So what's it all about? This isn't a proper review so not in reviews section - just a quick impressions thing. I seriously love this combo. Very small, quite a lump (about 13Kg I think) and sounds fabulous. The reputation is 'hi-fi' and I suppose that is a fair indication of what you get. I leave the EQ flat almost always - I may well use the L/F to correct for boomy rooms say, but apart from that either the Precision Special (PJ) straight in and all tone shaping on the bass, or the fretless through my board to use the Sansamp for mid shaping and a touch of drive, plus the chorus on subtle settings. I don't really bother with the compression, it's a fairly basic 3:1 limiter. So for me this is a swith on, set a level above the max I'll need (about 12 o'clock) and do everything at the bass (or pedalboard and bass for the fretless). How's it sound, I mean what's this 'hi-fi' thing? Well, I know exactly what my PJ sounds like straight into the desk and back through decent monitors. That is what it sounds like, I mean exactly that. It is not loud. It's seriously OTT for home practice. It's loud enough for acoustic/unplugged type stuff. Couldn't balance to most drummers so that's out. Fortunately I do get involved in a fair bit of acoustic so it has a purpose for me. Discontinued now and replaced with cheaper variants, but the Briefcase feels, looks and sounds every dollar. Do you need one? No. Do you want one? Depends. But I bloody love it - an absolute definite keeper.
  19. Is that the big one, I mean a size up from the Venus I have? Must say the Venus is big enough for me (grand auditorium they call it, almost a dreadnought but with tighter waste). Your 12 should sound amazing, the trebles on mine are really something, they seem very good at makling them good at that. Update anyway - it has responded very well to playing in. Lower frequencies were dull and quiet from new - but it keeps improving, mainly the bass harmonics that give the lower strings some warmth and ring. I've played some silly-money acoustics recently: Collings, Bourgois, Froggy Bottom (£8ks worth) Lowden etc. Not mine, just people I know. Must say they are variously a bit better - but not a lot better, and we're talking about the Faith price plus one nought!! Anyway, it's a better guitar than I am a player, so that'll do. Strings: anyone playing acoustics? Someone told me to try Newtones (handmade Yorkshire so that's OK), about £9 a set. Really like them, bright enough but fabulous full mids. Recommend. (Don't expect next day delivery - I think he makes them when it's raining or he's mislaid his hat. 3 weeks for mine).
  20. Welcome!! Intrigued by a 6er in a funk soul band, but then I grew up with Bootsie et al so I know little of these new things😃 Seems there's an overstock of bass players in Kent, never realised so many of us - something to do with keeping the bottom end of the country nailed down.
  21. From The Bass Centre in its proper Wapping home. Around '88 - 90 I think but someone here may know exactly.
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