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  1. I've just ordered a GR800 top instead. Hope your sale goes well though.
  2. Yes its the td660,i simply described it wrong
  3. Are these still for sale? If so then can i have length and width dimensions please. Thank you
  4. For sale is this immaculate powerful bass head.I had this in a flightcase from new and added the rackmount tuner too. Irrespective of the size of bands ive played with,this has never been pushed over level 2 on the master.and has incredible clarity.I purchased this from bass direct 4yrs ago or less,and i paid £1000 for it,and i have receipts and manuals.This would have to be collected or halfway meet up,as its too heavy for courier.(leicester).Spec and pics below. Thanks Features •Switchable Tube/Solid State •Drive control •Unique tube suspension system •Compressor/Limiter •Extremely Powerful 4-band EQ •Serial and Parallel Effects loop •Floating balanced XLR output •Built-in speaker simulator •9 volt Phantom Power System? •Active Intelligent cooling system •Remote control connections to control Drive, Filters & Mute •Mix-in filter for effects loop •660 W pure MOSFET power Specifications •Input Impedance: 1 Mohms •Frequency Response: 35 - 20.000 Hz •Maximum Compression Ratio: (Compressor) 3:1 •Tone Controls: ◦Bass: +/- 15 dB @ 100 Hz ◦Middle: +/-12 dB @ 50 - 3000 Hz, Q=0.5 ◦Treble: +/- 15 dB @ 6 kHz ◦Bright: -0/+12 dB @ 10 kHz •Drive Control Gain: 0-34 dB •Drive Type: Solid State or Tube (Groove Tubes ®) •Other Features: Character filters, Phantom power, Effects loop and Balanced Output, Remote control connection for Drive, Character, Filter and Mute •Minimum speaker impedance: 2 ohms •Dynamic Output Power: 660 W RMS •Continuous Output Power: 540 W RMS •Dimensions: (W x D x H) 19" x 14" x 3U (48cm x 36cm x 13cm) •Weight: 12 kg / 27 lbs Nine months interest free credit on up to £5000 on Instrument purchases! For UK residents aged between 16 and 25. Home Special offers Contact us Testimonials ------------------ Bass Guitars ------------------ Amplification Aguilar Bassics Bergantino Darkglass EBS EICH EA Genzler Mark Bass Mesa Boogie PJB Trace Elliot Trickfish Vanderkley Used & Ex Demo ------------------ Effects Pedals ------------------ Accessories
  5. Since doing a lot of song learning via youtube etc,i'm finding it both damaging and annoying especially via headphones.with volume dips and spikes between tracks and adverts.Are there any gadgets out there that could rectify this? I'm not sure whether a compressor would do the job.Its just as bad playing videos on my tv too,so i doubt if that could be rectified. Thanks for any ideas folks
  6. Well watching that vid has made me late for visiting my girlfriend,but sometimes we have to prioritise . Thanks for that
  7. Very strange question,but has anyone seen a pickup without its casing? Its a man thing but i'm very curious as to whats in there.Any pics would be even more welcome.Sorry but its a wet sunday afternoon and i'm bored. Thanks
  8. Thanks folks,very helpful answers, as for relying on your drummer to set the tempo,i don't think that theory has reached Leicestershire just yet!
  9. Hi all. I'm doing a lot of new cover songs for.multiple bands atm. I get most of my tracks on youtube music. What do folk on here use to find the tempo of a track? And even better,to recall that tempo at a live gig. I have started using both 'setlist helper' and ultimate guitar apps.but both age and ability not going my way lately. Thanks
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