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  1. Have accumulated too many filter pedals again! This has to go to raise funds for an octave pedal. This excellent filter is an as-new item with box and UK power supply, literally used a couple of times at home. Velcro on base. Collection welcome (near Daventry Northamptonshire) or can post (insured) in the UK for £5.50
  2. Recently purchased an Aguilar Filter Twin off Kevin. All good thanks.
  3. Yes, they are very very nice.
  4. Been working on this for quite a while, shaping up to be a playable passive jazz bass.
  5. Possibly, may be interested in some decent passive jazz bass pickups or certain envelope filters eg: WMD protostar, EHX qtron xo, earthquaker devices spatial delivery, Moog mf 101, Aguilar filter twin and xotic robotalk.
  6. Skinner

    bassfan's feedback

    Recently purchased a Funkulator pedal from Paul, great Comms, pleasure to deal with, thanks Paul.
  7. Purchased a Bergantino hd112 cab off Ian recently. Top bloke who looks after his gear, deal with total confidence.
  8. Skinner

    Show us your rig!

    Genz Benz shuttle Max 12.2 into Bergantino hd112 X 2, bit of a 3 dimensional sound to enjoy with this.
  9. Skinner

    Show us your rig!

    Also. . don't try this at ohm ! Ha ha
  10. Skinner

    Show us your rig!

    The cabinet or cabinets should never present a lower load than what is specified from them amp outlet/outlets or you run the risk of serious amp damage. If you have more than one amp you could just use the right configuration of amps to match cabs. Peavey used to have a bass amp that output down to two ohms which I used with a 4x12 cab (2 ohms). Krampera kvb 800 runs down to 2 ohms, also Genz Benz shuttle Max 12.2 has twin amps and outputs at 4 ohms so that's another potential fix?
  11. Skinner

    Show us your rig!

    Two 8 ohms cabs will present a 4 ohm load to the amplifier.
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