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  1. Recently purchased a Trace Elliot smx compressor off Mark, nice and straightforward, very well packed. Ebenezer is a top geezer, deal with total confidence. Thanks Mark.
  2. Recently purchased a Darkglass Hyper Luminal Compressor from Tiernan, great comms, an easy transaction. Deal with confidence, another top basschatter. Thanks.
  3. Recently sold a Cerwin Vega folded horn bass cab to Julian, despite distance and logistics obstacles we did the deal rather smoothly. Deal with confidence, another great basschatter. Thanks Julian.
  4. Just sold a Pigtronix Bass Station to Johna, fast payment, great Comms, top bloke, deal with total confidence.
  5. Sold. Price reduction to £130.00 For sale I have a Context (v.1) Reverb pedal from Red Panda, in as-new condition. Recently purchased from Volume here on basschat but decided to stick with analog delay for bass thickening and solo duties, this pedal is in pristine condition and is a top notch reverb. From Red Panda; "The Context combines world-class reverb algorithms with a clean signal path. All of the algorithms are adjustable so that you can get the right combination of pre-delay, reverb time, and tone. Reverb time is adjustable from very tight to nearly endless. The cathedral algorithm adds slight modulation to the trails, for vast ambient washes of sound. The plate algorithm gives you control over low- and high-frequency response for crisp, defined reverb even with bass instruments. Gated reverb gives you big booming drums from the 1980's, but is also great for adding power to guitar while maintaining transparency and space between notes. Finally, there is delay plus reverb for that versatile combination in one pedal. Context adds depth to your sound without unwanted coloration. The dry signal passes through Burr-Brown op amps and WIMA poly film caps in a 100% analog signal path. An internal switch selects between true bypass and trails. True bypass completely removes the Context from your signal path when not needed. Trails allows the reverb to decay naturally, and also works as a high-quality buffer. With trails on, the blend control is active in bypass to maintain a consistent volume." It's a fantastically unique boutique pedal... built like a tank... and capable of some really rich sounds - from the subtle to the sublime... fans of ambient washy soundscape nonsense - this is the pedal for you! Pedal is in great shape , works flawlessly, takes a standard 9v power supply, and can be posted (tracked) within the UK for £7.50
  6. Recently purchased a Warwick power pack from Rick. Nice easy transaction with good comms. Very happy, deal with confidence.
  7. Sold. Korg pitch black pro 1u rack mountable tuner. In perfect working order with a few very minor surface scratches and a small repair (with sugru) to one of the plastic rack ears as shown in photo- doesn't affect mounting and will be hidden by the screw when in a rack. The ears can also be used to clip underneath to form a tilt stand. UK power supply included. Collection welcome or add on a fiver for UK insured postage.
  8. Recently purchased a red Panda context Reverb pedal from Rich, all in all a very smooth transaction. Deal with confidence, another great basschatter.
  9. Just sold a boss SY-1 pedal to Stew - second time of dealing with this total gent' smooth and easy transaction. Thanks Stew.
  10. It is indeed a superb bit of bass loveliness, only moving it on as I currently have 3 large bass rigs (this is the middle one in terms of size and weight) and only need one.
  11. Thanks again all, yes Dave, that all makes perfect sense and seems like a good way to do things.
  12. Cab sold, amp no longer available using it in band pa. Fabulous sounding bass rig I put together as I am a big fan of folded horn cabs and use a preamp on my pedal board. I now have a Phil Jones bass folded horn cab so this is surplus to requirements.This is an original Cerwin Vega folded horn bass cab with a lovely 18" Cerwin Vega speaker. The specification is the same as Acoustic Control Corporation 301 cabs: the only difference being that the 301's housed a power amp as well. The Acoustic cabs housed the very same Cerwin Vega drivers as we have here. The cab is nicely matched with this Cerwin Vega cv900 power amplifier, again in excellent condition. I am using the amp bridged to the cab and it sounds great, weight is 12.6 kilos. Rack case shown in the photos is not included in the sale (although it is available to purchase separately as is another abs 2u case). Don't mind splitting these in order to sell, the cab would be £140 and the amplifier £130. Collection only following covid guidelines, any trial welcome, I have an integral garage to the house so can set up in the open door safely.
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