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  1. Bass Station pedal, great as a pedalboard hub in superb condition and perfect working order. This includes the rather excellent Pigtronix compressor along with a switchable effects loop and boost control with level. Also an XLR/DI output, there is Velcro on the base. Will be supplied with the 18 volt mains adapter in photo: will run off 9 to 18 volts centre negative power source. Price includes UK insured postage.
  2. Sold. Carl Martin bass chorus in excellent condition and perfect working order. Very nice lush bass specific chorus with the ability to switch between 2 independent settings. Mains powered with integrated UK plug, just a bit too large for my current board otherwise I would be hanging on to this one. Price includes UK insured postage.
  3. Recently sold a power supply to John in record time. An absolute pleasure to deal with and a credit to basschat. Thanks, John.
  4. Sold, in not much more time than it took to prepare and set up the advert! Truetone 1 Spot pro CS 6 isolated power supply. Very good condition and in perfect working order. Has a few minor scratches to the paintwork on one or two edges and corners, will be supplied with a mains cable, owners manual and original box: but no cables to power the pedals. Great quality power supply, price includes UK insured postage. Only selling as I have a couple of pedals with odd power requirements and had to get the only supply which would do the job (trex chameleon).
  5. Sold. Sine effects upara single band parametric EQ with a lot of control. Purchased new a few months back and barely used, price includes UK insured postage. Knobs for: frequency, gain, bandwidth and volume. Switches for frequency range, input gain boost and eq mode (band pass, low or high shelf EQ). All in a compact housing, standard 9v power requirements (no battery option) a high quality little unit.
  6. Recently sold my Mike Lull V4 Jazz Bass to Brian. He paid up front and made the whole process painless- although I'm still smarting at the thought of not being able to play this one anymore. Deal with total confidence.
  7. Thanks both, just to note I checked the specs with the manufacturer and the Aguiler pick ups have always been on this instrument I haven't changed them.
  8. Now sold. Newer motorbike purchase means owing money to the Mrs plus a bass has to go on sale. This is the best sounding most playable jazz bass I have owned by a country mile. Weight is under 8 lbs, Ash body, custom ordered Aguilar 60's pickups (AG4J60), maple one piece graphite reinforced neck, rosewood fingerboard (12" radius). Tortoiseshell pickguard, 2 tone sunburst, 34" scale, 21 frets, full electrostatic shielding, vol' vol' tone, Hipshot A style bridge (19mm string spacing) and Hipshot ultralight tuners. Instrument fully 'plecked' Protect case/gig bag. Bass and case in excellent condition, one very tiny scratch/dent on upper edge of body, barely visible - (tried to show in photo). Certificate of ownership also included. Strung with a set of DR Pure Blues with plenty of life left in them. Can set up to try bass safely with an amp at edge of my integral garage with door fully open, or can meet up socially distanced within about 20 mile radius of Daventry, I have a battery powered bass amp to use). I will not be posting this I would like the potential purchaser to play the bass and inspect beforehand.
  9. Sold a BigZed delay and reverb pedal to Dunc' recently, all very smooth great Comms , deal with confidence, another excellent basschater. Thanks.
  10. I am lucky enough to own a fretted and fretless ZON sonus & they really are outstanding basses and so very playable. Every time I listen to one of them recorded in my friends studio I remark on how good the sound and tone is. GLWTS
  11. I know we should never say the board is finished, but I have limited myself to this modest (A3) sized preamp and pedalboard so that's my rule. Now if I want to put another pedal on something else will have to be removed.
  12. Don't expect it to sound like your 360/361 rig, it's not in the same league, having said that I will be interested to hear what you think of it.
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