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  1. Skinner


    Just sold a BackBeat to Gary, second time of dealing and an absolute pleasure. Thanks Gary Sean
  2. Thanks Grahame, wasn't intending to move this on- but can't keep it all, I have to move my other decent size rig out of our dining room- and I'd like to stay married!
  3. Cash as always is king, may be open to temptation, depends what it would be.
  4. Mark Bass 8X10 bass cab Classic Series in outstanding condition. Nicest sounding loudest cab I have had the pleasure to play through. Not gigging enough to warrant keeping this beauty otherwise I would be holding on to it. Weight is an impressively light less than 41 kilos. Supplied with a very nice fitting Roqsolid cover, has a kickplate fitted and really is a doddle to tilt and move. Collection would be preferable, could possibly meet up within a reasonable distance from Daventry. RISTBAN WORLD RISING CLASSIC 108 CASA CLASSIC 108 CA The CLASSIC 108 CASA Michael League signature cabinet is the perfect choice to satisfy the needs and desires of bassists who like the look and sound of old standards, with the benefits of modern standards. The power and lightness of this cabinet put it in a new league compared to the 8x10" cabinets from the past, which tended to be very heavy and lacked power. The CLASSIC 108 closed cabinet (with no bass ports) features 10" Markbass custom neodymium speakers with 1600W of power handling from only 89 lbs! The CLASSIC 108 looks vintage but it offers a wide range of tone from classic '70s to the high-end modern sounds, thanks to the 1" compression driver with custom horn controlled by the tweeter level control, allowing to extend the high-end frequency responce from 6 kHz to 20kHz! > key points > old-style sealed cabinet, wide range of tone The closed cabinet design of the CLASSIC 108 CASA makes it a great choice if you want a vintage 70s sound; if you want to add a modern high-end sizzle to your sound, turn on the tweeter level control of the 1" compression driver and extend the cab frequency responce from 6 kHz to 20kHz! > vintage design with the benefit of new modern standard The CLASSIC 108 CASA has a very cool vintage design but with the benefit of new modern standard, with a long termreliability thanks to our advanced production procedures, state-of the-art testing, quality control facilities and top quality components. > great tone and amazing power handling in a lightweight package In addition to the great tone and 1600W of power handling the CLASSIC 108 CASA has an incredible lightweight package for a 8x10" cabinet: only 89.95 lbs / 40.8 kg IMPEDANCE 4 ohms SPEAKER SIZE 8x10 in. BASS PORTS sealed /none TWEETER 1" compression driver with custom horn POWER HANDLING 1600W RMS (AES Standard) CROSSOVER FREQUENCY 3.5 kHz FREQUENCY RESPONSE 54 Hz to 20 kHz SENSITIVITY 103 dB SPL WEIGHT 89.95 lbs / 40.8 kg WIDTH 23.03" / 58.5 cm HEIGHT 45.63" / 115.9 cm DEPTH 18.78" / 47.7 cm
  5. SOLD BackBeat personal sub and headphone amp- some people choosing to use this in addition to iem's. This one is in as new condition, completely unmarked, boxed with instructions, charger, carry pouch and cable. I purchased it new from Mark at Bass Direct and only used it a few times at home. Once charged the battery lasts for ages, UK insured postage will be £10.00 collection may be possible (taking the required precautions in these strange times). Published on April 8, 2019 The BackBeat is a truly masterful innovation for all bassists! So what exactly is the BackBeat? Well, imagine you are playing a gig and you can’t hear the bass very well, let alone feel the pulse of the bass coming from your rig. BackBeat takes care of that. Now, imagine you can hear the bass, but you have that extra punch of adrenaline from the excitement of doing the gig, BackBeat can add to that excitement! BackBeat is a device that attaches to your strap and as you play your bass, it produces a vibration that you can feel, and you can adjust the amount of vibration. I was lucky enough to see the BackBeat from its infancy, through the changes to what the final product is today. It has gone through rigorous changes and been used by some of the top bassists in the industry The BackBeat is powered by a rechargeable 11.1V 3-cell Lithium Ion battery. The charge takes about an hour and 20 minutes and will last anywhere from 3 1/2 hours to 5 hours on a single charge. I used it on a few gigs, including a 4 hour gig and it held its charge throughout the entire time. The BackBeat has quite a few features including what I call the ‘thump’ factor. A 1/8” TRS headphone output, which has adjustable volume, is included along with an 1/8” TRS aux input, so while you are practicing or jamming along with tunes, you can still get wowed with the thump factor. In addition to that, the 1/4” input, which is red to help identify the input and black to identify the output, can accept either 1/4” TS or TRS inputs. The TR is mono and the TRS is stereo. The output is a 1/4” TS mono output. Should you be using the BackBeat for a long period of time, the unit is true bypass, so even if it runs out of juice, it will not affect the signal running through the device. The BackBeat comes with an AC Adapter for recharging the unit and the LED is green when charging, and blue when the device is activated. BackBeat fits on any strap and the spring tension is tight enough that the BackBeat will not slip off of your strap. You really can’t go wrong with the BackBeat, it is an essential tool for all bassists that once you start using it, you won’t want to be without it. BackBeat is available through their website at getbackbeat.com Follow on Facebook @getbackbeat and Instagram @getbackbeat
  6. Even Midi Pitchy midi controller - superb little device primarily for use with Eventide H9 - this will provide all the effects from the Digitech whammy by using one algorithm! Boxed as new condition with instructions and a nice short midi cable thrown in. £7.00 UK insured postage.
  7. Now withdrawn. Soundblox Tri Mod Filter, great filter pedal - very flexible with lots of options, can't justify keeping all my envelope filters need to thin the herd. (Compatable with the hot hand). Boxed and in excellent condition includes UK delivery. Knock £5 off if collected.
  8. Purchased a Madamp Bass pre (incidentally way better than a standard build)off Grahame today- total gent- we talked amps, basses and motorbikes. Very enjoyable. Deal with total confidence.
  9. Low end enhancement-one control is a sub octave/harmonic boost and the other is designed to make speakers sound larger. Poorly described but it's more detailed in the manual (see PDF above)
  10. Now Sold. Peavey Mini MEGA bass head, in great condition, perfect working order (1 or two small superficial scratches). Boxed with manual, carry bag and the not so easy to get hold of 5 button footswitch. 1000 watts at 4 ohms, 700 watts at 8 ohms. Tailor the lighting colour to your preference, lots of control plus the rather nice kosmos which I will miss. Usual Peavey build quality and reliability. Only selling as I will now be using my pa power amp (Peavey) dpc1400) for big rig bass duties with a recently acquired 1u bass preamp. Trial or collection welcome from near Daventry. UK only insured postage and packaging is going to be £20.00 118729_34229 (5).pdf
  11. Skinner


    Starting this thread for Greg after recently purchasing a MarkBass 8x10 cab from him. He wasn't there for the sale in person but went to great lengths to ensure his family could accommodate me trying the cab. Also spoke with him to seal the deal. Great basschatter, deal with total confidence.
  12. Skinner

    Feedback for Seg

    Mark recently purchased a couple of Bergantino cabs off me, very smooth transaction no probs,. Deal with confidence. Thanks Mark.
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