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  1. I am lucky enough to own a fretted and fretless ZON sonus & they really are outstanding basses and so very playable. Every time I listen to one of them recorded in my friends studio I remark on how good the sound and tone is. GLWTS
  2. I know we should never say the board is finished, but I have limited myself to this modest (A3) sized preamp and pedalboard so that's my rule. Now if I want to put another pedal on something else will have to be removed.
  3. Don't expect it to sound like your 360/361 rig, it's not in the same league, having said that I will be interested to hear what you think of it.
  4. This is still available as I haven't heard back from the first interested party and Mr Randall is sorted.
  5. So it's one louder. Thank you Spinal Tap. I'm starting this off with a recently acquired Beigel mu-fx Tru-Tron 3X Anyone else got a dial with 11 on it?
  6. That's the second one of these (this week) I have missed by a couple of hours, oh well I can console myself as I was actually enjoying a bit of a bass playing session at home.
  7. Awaiting payment before I change the status.
  8. I actually like the ability to be cleaner with the Tru-Tron 3x, I may well open her up and speed up with the trimmer just a little, still getting to know it at the moment. For me, this feels like the one.
  9. Yes but as in the starting title . . if you could only choose one filter pedal - which one?
  10. Many thanks, to Bo0tsy on this potentially unending quest for many of us funky bassists. The Tru-Tron 3x really is the business, it's the first filter that really can do it all, and importantly when set up right for me I don't feel a loss when I switch it off. Just superb sounding when engaged, oh my, great for fingerstyle and brilliant for slap and pop. Truly the king of envelope filters - well for me at least.
  11. Sold. Really nice envelope filter with lots of flexibility but has to go due to recent and very expensive pedal purchase. In perfect working order and lovely condition. I know I will miss this but I must be strong. Price includes UK insured postage. Lots of great features including loop, Clean blend, expression input, up and down sweeps, low pass, band pass, and a variable boost control.
  12. Still available and reduced to £65.00 in great condition and perfect working order. UK insured postage is included in the price. Classic volume pedal with a great action, sweep and curve. It takes up less space on a pedalboard than many volume pedals. It can also be used as an expression pedal by plugging an insert/Y cable into its input/output and the TRS end into whichever pedal you want to control. There are strong hook Velcro strips on the underside for attaching to a pedalboard. MORE INFO: VP JR 25K (FOR ACTIVE SIGNALS) The Ernie Ball VP Jr 25k provides all the same great features as our original volume pedal while reducing your footprint by 22%. The VP 25k pedal is perfectly voiced for active signals and features a compact, rugged design consisting of aircraft grade aluminum housing that is virtually indestructible. Tough, long lasting Vectran cable transmits pedal travel to the 25k potentiometer and is attached by a stainless steel spring.
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