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  1. Manic Space reverb with additional delay made by BigZed here in the UK. Very recently purchased directly from the maker so in as new condition, overview letter will be included in the sale. Lots of control over both effects: 0 to 2.5ms of reverb and 0 to 600ms of delay. Very usable on bass, selling to make room on pedalboard. Price includes UK insured postage.
  2. EBS Octabass, in pristine condition as new, boxed with user manual. This is the newer version, a great pedal and my favourite octaver to date. Price includes insured UK postage.
  3. No probs, I will copy and paste the comments regarding 360 pedals I messaged to BassPod in a pm to you.
  4. Just sold a rack tray to Stew, very easy deal, great 'basschatter' deal with complete confidence. Cheers dude.
  5. Now sold. Madamp bass tube preamp 1u rack mountable, made by Grahame (Pentode) to a very high standard I may add. In perfect working order and outstandingly good condition, very minor scratches to the underside which won't be visible when in a case. Contains 2 tubes and uses fender style tone stack for a clean warm tone. Only reason it's for sale is I have two versions of the acoustic 360 preamp in pedal form, don't need any more pre's and currently bypass the ones in my integrated bass amps in favour of the 360's. Price includes UK insured postage.
  6. Yes, it's the very same one, I'm torn between needing funds and hanging on to it.
  7. Now sold. Boss BF-3 flanger for sale, it's in really nice condition with a few very minor superficial scratches. Box now found and included. Bass and guitar inputs, I really like the standard flanging on this plus the tap tempo is rather usable as is the 'hold' mode. Only parting with this as I am getting a delay with built in flanging. Price includes UK insured postage.
  8. Just sold a MarkBass 810 cab to Mark. Total gent, deal with complete confidence.
  9. Just purchased a couple of 'Bass' tankards off Mick for our little bar. Total gent and a complete pleasure to deal with.
  10. Thanks for the offer but got filters and wah well covered, might be interested in a mxr bass chorus deluxe or similar. Now Sold.
  11. Now Sold. Earthquake Bass Wah - top notch great sounding bass wah, very robust construction. Enjoyed a good few bass Wah's over the years including Morley, Dunlop and EBS- this one is hands down the best. I like auto Wah's/envelope filters also and the latest one I've acquired has an expression input, hence the sale of this MSD. Collection welcome or insured UK postage cost of £12.00 Our Quake Machine is now 20 years old. From the first version to today, the details have been continuously revised. Our philosophy was and is to build the best possible wah wah on this planet. There is nothing comparable in terms of smooth mechanics or be it the variety of sounds. To date, the Silvermachine is the only wah wah where touch-sensitive footrests work smoothly and without delay. The trade press has awarded us “from the most luxurious wah to the“ king wah ”. QuakeMachine Manual Our Automagic version for electric bass and synthies: The first wah wah effect device for bass, in which the sound is processed in all its depth. Frequency modulation from 41 Hertz offers optimally coordinated sound variants. The result is gigantic, bad bass. The features Earth, Quake and fine adjustment are of course also available here. Modern fashion is pure gold here. A powerful bass foundation is preserved through the simultaneous use of the original and effect signal. The Classic Mode opens up completely new sound dimensions to the bass. Suddenly, sound effects can be elicited from him that were previously only known from synthesizer filters. Earth and Quake switches allow a total of twelve different sound settings. Earth offers three different frequency bands and Quake four different filter grades (Q factor = bandwidth of the filter). Two sound variants can be called up via Mini Switch. Classic stands for the classic WahWah sound, while modern fashion creates completely new subtle sound variations by mixing the wah and original signal. The foot switch generally turns the filter on, the wah can now be used as a fixed filter ... Mid Booster. There are fold-out angles on the back so the Silvermachine can be attached directly to an effect board. A service opening "Clean Fader" for cleaning the fader and an external battery compartment complete the overall equipment . Features include: Stainless steel housing Electronic True Bypass Switch 9 V DC socket 2 output sockets in parallel external battery compartment. Technical parameters: Power supply: 6-18V DC nominal 9V DC. Power consumption: 2.7 mA. Weight 1.8 KG Dimensions: W 13.0 x D 24.5 x H 5.7cm
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