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  1. It was actually a pretty good fit, I didn't have to shave or sand the neck pocket at all. The only minor issue was as the neck was second hand and had existing drill holes (2 of them matched up) I decided to make it nice and solid as there was enough room for 6.
  2. Thanks, wear a dust mask, protective eye wear and gloves, use either machine tools or fine toothed hacksaw files etc. It's an unforgiving material to work with so I usually make card template(s) until I'm happy then go for it with the carbon fibre.
  3. Custom made by me! I had purchased a few sheets of genuine carbon fibre to use for pedal boards and little jobs such as this. I nearly made one for the bell control plate, I may yet but would need to buy another sheet.
  4. Pretty much finished with a lovely set of split coil bartolini's (totally noise free) I have installed recently.
  5. It's all inescapable! Five or six weeks ago I said to my wife and best friend, "I'm sorted now don't need any more basses and love what I have". A couple of days later I saw a (unique) bass advertised which I had coveted for many years and actually tried five years ago in a music shop. I couldn't afford it then but I can now! So much for good intention, deposit put down, coincidentally the asking price Was £600.
  6. In the late 80's I was a student in Stoke on Trent, still very new to bass and enjoying learning. Route 66 had 2 or 3 Egypt basses in stock, I looked at them a lot! Couldn't afford anything even half the price at the time. Aah.
  7. Thanks Brian, it is indeed very capable.
  8. Ernie Ball volume pedal VP JR model: 6180 high quality pedal in outstanding condition has velcro and little rubber feet on the bottom. Nice smooth action stays where you leave it. Collection welcome or can post in the UK for £8.00
  9. Reluctant sale, something has to go for bass purchase - difficult choice.
  10. Genz Benz Shuttlemax 12.2 for sale, in pristine condition and perfect working order. Loads of power available and plenty of flexibility for various cabinets/configurations. Also included is the 5 button footswitch and a genzbenz gig bag plus manual/user guide and it's original box.I will also include a separate footswitch to enable the mute function. Priced to sell as I am raising funds for a bass I have coveted for a few years and would like to make it mine. Trial welcome at mine (near Daventry) or will consider UK insured postage for £18.00 Genz Benz Introduces Shuttle Max 12.2 Bass Amp. Genz Benz has expanded their Shuttle Max series of bass amps with the Shuttle Max 12.2 bass. The new amp features the company’s proprietary “3 Dimensional Power Management” circuitry (3DPM), which adds heft and girth to each note while increasing responsiveness and headroom. Weighing in at 6.75 pounds, the Shuttle Max 12.2 pumps out up to 1200 watts with a dual power amp design. It also features dual preamps – one FET and one tube. The preamps are switchable or blendable for tonal variety, and both have their own effects loop in addition to the master effects loop. Other features include a 4-band EQ with parametric mids, three Global Signal Shape controls, and an XLR Direct Output. The Genz Benz Shuttle Max 12.2 is available now with a street price of around $1,049. For more, check out the Genz Benz website. Genz Benz Shuttle Max 12.2 Bass Amp Specs: Dual Channels—FET and 12AX7 Tube Preamps Switchable or Blendable Preamps 3DPM Power Management Circuitry Speakon Speaker Outputs Internal Fan Cooling Full XLR Direct Output Interface High and Low Gain Switch per Channel Active 4 Band EQ with Dual Parametric Mids Three Effects Loops (FET Ch; Tube Ch; Master) High Current Class D Amplifier Design Adjustable 3 Band Signal Shape Circuits 5 Position Footswitch Included
  11. I'm fairly sure the late great Jaco Pastorius was a Rotosound endorser. He certainly used them and subsequently there was a set with different colour wraps dedicated to him. Why Jaco? Where to begin? Roto roundwounds on a fretless helped define his sound, flawless timing, great melodic awareness and masterful execution.
  12. Vigier make amazingly playable instruments
  13. Just fitted a passive wiring loom for my jazz build - so much better than the stock item. Thanks John.
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