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  1. They say money doesn't buy happiness. What about money spent on a bass?
  2. I have the passive version and the neck is the nicest I've ever played.
  3. A lot of love and care goes into these basses. I couldn't part with mine. Shame it doesn't give me the ability of Laurence Cottle.
  4. For god's sake, someone buy this before I add another unneeded Fender to the collection!
  5. Nik, did you go back to nursery and learn how to play a four string?
  6. Sent some strings to this chap. Good comms and instant payment. Trustworthy fellow.
  7. Yeah, it's well fit. Lush grain on that rosewood board and the reverse P pickup makes sense. I wonder why Leo didn't do it that way?
  8. What part of the world are you?
  9. I wish I could erase the word ishibashi from my conscious!
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