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  1. I actually like the ability to be cleaner with the Tru-Tron 3x, I may well open her up and speed up with the trimmer just a little, still getting to know it at the moment. For me, this feels like the one.
  2. Yes but as in the starting title . . if you could only choose one filter pedal - which one?
  3. Many thanks, to Bo0tsy on this potentially unending quest for many of us funky bassists. The Tru-Tron 3x really is the business, it's the first filter that really can do it all, and importantly when set up right for me I don't feel a loss when I switch it off. Just superb sounding when engaged, oh my, great for fingerstyle and brilliant for slap and pop. Truly the king of envelope filters - well for me at least.
  4. Really nice envelope filter with lots of flexibility but has to go due to recent and very expensive pedal purchase. In perfect working order and lovely condition. I know I will miss this but I must be strong. Price includes UK insured postage. Lots of great features including loop, Clean blend, expression input, up and down sweeps, low pass, band pass, and a variable boost control.
  5. In great condition and perfect working order. UK insured postage is included in the price. Classic volume pedal with a great action, sweep and curve. It takes up less space on a pedalboard than many volume pedals. It can also be used as an expression pedal by plugging an insert/Y cable into its input/output and the TRS end into whichever pedal you want to control. There are strong hook Velcro strips on the underside for attaching to a pedalboard. MORE INFO: VP JR 25K (FOR ACTIVE SIGNALS) The Ernie Ball VP Jr 25k provides all the same great features as our original volume pedal while reducing your footprint by 22%. The VP 25k pedal is perfectly voiced for active signals and features a compact, rugged design consisting of aircraft grade aluminum housing that is virtually indestructible. Tough, long lasting Vectran cable transmits pedal travel to the 25k potentiometer and is attached by a stainless steel spring.
  6. Now Sold. Subdecay Prometheus Resonant Filter in outstandingly good condition and perfect working order. Has velcro underneath but only been on a board for home use. These are rather good, can do the funk thing and so much more. High pass band pass or low pass, up and down envelope follower, step filtering based on 3 different waveforms. The depth knob can push the filter cutoff outside the audio range to create a slow attack effect. Only for sale as I still have a 3 leaf Wonderlove (for the moment) and am raising funds for a very expensive filter purchase. My loss could be your gain. Price includes UK insured postage.
  7. Reduced to £140.00 Neunaber WET stereo reverb pedal in excellent condition and perfect working order. This is a very high quality reverb in a compact pedal format with a wide range of control. Also connect the usb cable and easily swap the pedal between neunaber: wet reverb, shimmer, chorus, or reverb with modulation. They all sound great. Price includes box, usb cable and UK insured postage.
  8. It's more complex than that isn't it? Sound doesn't travel that quickly, I don't think BigZed would mis-quote on his own release sheet, also like everything else depends on how it's measured etc. Am I missing something? A short delay such as slapback is 35 to 60 ms (roughly) so a reverb is going to be considrebly shorter. Here's some excerpts copied from various online contributors: A digital reverb can be used to produce far more realistic simulations than springs or plates, with total user control over the pre delay time, the decay, the colour of the reverberations, and the diffusion. In fact, with digital technology, real rooms can be modelled using convolving reverbs that work with impulse responses that are generated by recording staccato broad band signals and the corresponding reflections, which can then be used to model the effects of the same room on other signals. The other and opposite advantage of digital reverb is its ability to create rooms that could not exist in real life. Rooms with virtually no pre delay or with infinitely long decay times can be generated with digital reverbs The predelay determines how far the sound source is from the walls of the room. This has the subjective effect of creating depth, and long predelays of fifty to sixty five milliseconds are often used to wash vocals and make them fit better in a mix. Sound travels at one thousand feet per second through air, so a fifty millisecond predelay gives the effect of placing a sound source fifty feet away from the opposite wall of a room. This sounds pretty huge, but it is not unusual for concerts to take place in large concert halls or auditoriums that are considerably larger than fifty feet in length.
  9. Not sure how playable or listenable these will be? Varying degrees of 'Manic Space pedal applied from quite a bit to a lot of effect with me noodling about. First one quite subtle delay and 'verb. Manic Space 4.wav Untitled_5.wav Untitled_6.wav
  10. I will try and sort something out in the next day or two, not sure how useful it will prove as I tend to use these effects as tone modifiers/enhancers.
  11. No power supply, but it is the standard 9v centre negative or battery.
  12. Price reduction 🎄£50.00 including p&p. Manic Space reverb with additional delay made by BigZed here in the UK. Very recently purchased directly from the maker so in as new condition, overview letter will be included in the sale. Lots of control over both effects: 0 to 2.5ms of reverb and 0 to 600ms of delay. Very usable on bass, selling to make room on pedalboard. Price includes UK insured postage.
  13. Now sold. Reduced to £95.00 EBS Octabass, in pristine condition as new, boxed with user manual. This is the newer version, a great pedal and my favourite octaver to date. Price includes insured UK postage.
  14. No probs, I will copy and paste the comments regarding 360 pedals I messaged to BassPod in a pm to you.
  15. Just sold a rack tray to Stew, very easy deal, great 'basschatter' deal with complete confidence. Cheers dude.
  16. Now sold. Madamp bass tube preamp 1u rack mountable, made by Grahame (Pentode) to a very high standard I may add. In perfect working order and outstandingly good condition, very minor scratches to the underside which won't be visible when in a case. Contains 2 tubes and uses fender style tone stack for a clean warm tone. Only reason it's for sale is I have two versions of the acoustic 360 preamp in pedal form, don't need any more pre's and currently bypass the ones in my integrated bass amps in favour of the 360's. Price includes UK insured postage.
  17. Yes, it's the very same one, I'm torn between needing funds and hanging on to it.
  18. Now sold. Boss BF-3 flanger for sale, it's in really nice condition with a few very minor superficial scratches. Box now found and included. Bass and guitar inputs, I really like the standard flanging on this plus the tap tempo is rather usable as is the 'hold' mode. Only parting with this as I am getting a delay with built in flanging. Price includes UK insured postage.
  19. Just sold a MarkBass 810 cab to Mark. Total gent, deal with complete confidence.
  20. Just purchased a couple of 'Bass' tankards off Mick for our little bar. Total gent and a complete pleasure to deal with.
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