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  1. pbasspecial

    Anyone use a Clean boost pedal?

    I use a TC mini spark boost. They are very good. Also good to use when the guitarist takes a solo to help fill out the sound from the lack of rhythm guitar.
  2. pbasspecial

    Greta Van Fleet - Birmingham O2

    Led Zep meets Lord of the Rings
  3. pbasspecial

    Barefaced Super Compact cab and cover

    Regret selling my 'spare' one this year. Must resist.
  4. pbasspecial

    SOLD Rodenberg GAS 808B Drive SOLD

    PM incoming
  5. So glad I bought mine from Kennys when I did! (Boast Post)
  6. Yes. Maybe. YMMV, etc The past is the past and there is only the now. It all depends on what you want it to do. I love the look and feel of classic cars (especially a Mercedes 280SE) but I wouldn't have one as my everyday car. This will give you a close approximation of the look and sound of the old classic amps but with modern reliability. Plus at just over £400 new with warranty you can't go wrong. However, If you want to spend £2,000 on a 50 year old amp that will get easily damaged in transit and you will struggle to get parts for, knock yourself out. I would love an old B15 but it would never leave the house. Which would be a crime I'm not willing to commit.
  7. pbasspecial

    *SOLD* Ampeg PF500 & Case

    Even though I recently bought an Ampeg PF50t, I have no current plans to sell my PF500 as they are: 1. Great amps full stop. 2. Excellent for home practise with the aux input and headphone. 3. Great as a back up amp for gigging if I ever have a valve problem. GLWTS
  8. pbasspecial

    Prep for audition/first meet

    Canadians are just the friendliest people in the world, especially my aunt Barb (New Brunswick). They are lovely, like Americans on Prozac.
  9. pbasspecial

    Prep for audition/first meet

    Whereabooots Eh?
  10. pbasspecial

    David Essex

    Might I also suggest checking out his early 70's movies 'That'll be the day and Stardust'. An absolute who's who of stars in them.
  11. pbasspecial

    Classic & Cool

    Mark is a top fella. Have confidence in your dealings with him.
  12. I use mine with a Barefaced Super Compact (vintage model). Looks and sounds fantastic, super light too.
  13. pbasspecial

    Valve Amp Virgin

    If you're mostly looking for clean tones then a valve amp is probably not needed as the gold only really happens when you push it hard to get that lovely warm gritty tones. Just my opinion.
  14. pbasspecial


    Better latte than never
  15. pbasspecial


    From Barrister to Barrista?