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  1. Thanks for heads up. I'm really looking for a 12-15" speaker for a bit more old school low end rather than the tight midst of 210s.
  2. Hi Fellow BC'ers, I currently have an Ashdown ABM500 and a Barefaced Super Twin which I love but am looking to get a decent combo for practicing at home, rehearsals and small/medium gigs. Going to keep my big rig for the larger stage/better paid gigs (whenever that may be in the future!). Ideally looking for 250 watts, 12-15" speaker, headphone and aux input, relatively lightweight, etc. Happy to buy s/h as my budget will go further. Quite like the look of the Blackstar range, Fender Rumbles or the TC BG250 as the also have tone print capabilities. £100-300 range. Any experience or recommendations would be gratefully appreciated guys
  3. Ashdown CTM100 definitely worth a look. The Ampeg PF50t is a great amp too (had one) but you'd need to run it through the PA if it's a large room or a loud band. I believe Oli Foxen is the valve amp expert on here.
  4. I'm very interested in buying this (location dependent)
  5. Hi BC'ers, Up for sale is my lovely Ampeg PF500 with carry case. 500 watts of pure lightweight Ampeg loveliness. I bought it from OBMM of this parish a few years back. I only did a handful of gigs with it as I was so impressed with it I bought a PF50t and used this as a backup/headphone practice amp. It's very loud and never missed a beat. Always good feedback about the tone.It's in very good condition apart from the common minor paint chips. No dents or dings on the amp. The case was brand new when Dave sold it to me. Great Ampeg amp at a decent price.
  6. Always fancied one of these as I've owned both the DHA vt2 rack and pedal. Would have had this but recently bought a Sansamp programmable DI.
  7. Lovely looking bass Karl. Buy with confidence. Still have the black Fender/Status bass you sold me.
  8. Maybe what you're really after is a P bass through an Ampeg/Ashdown for a grittier tone. I had a Mark Bass Randy Jackson amp. Was a decent enough beast but there was no sizzle with the steak. Can you borrow another rig and A/B it side by side. Greyhounds aren't guard dogs and Rottweilers won't win races.
  9. Here is my first real bass. Bought a s/h Tokai Hardpuncher when I was 15 but sold it when I bought a heavily modded Fender Precision Special. I sold it a few years later as I wrongly assumed you only needed 1 bass (silly boy!). Last summer (30 years later) I bought another Tokai Hardpuncher. Turns out I actually bought my original one back!!! The serial number was quite destinctive and similar to my mums phone number.
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