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  1. I run my fuzz through the dirty loop of my Billy Sheehan deluxe pedal and mix in the clean tone.
  2. So I’ve recently had a problem with the input pot on my abm 500. Nothing major but spoke with Dave Green and ordered new pots (on their way). so rather than risk any problems, I took out my Crate BT350 head bought new back in 1992 as a 21st birthday present to myself. These were built in the same SLM factory as the Ampegs were. Real sleeper unit. Valve pre amp, built in chorus, Bi amp, etc. Used it so many times, sounds fantastic. Real (ahem) ‘Heft’. So much authority. Built like a tank but unfortunately weighs like one too. Would love to use it a lot more but not at that weight! 😂
  3. I think in these dark and difficult times it’s always good to have a bit of occasional light relief. If it’s not your thing, change the channel. I’ll be gigging but usually watch it with the wife an hour or so behind and zip through the truly awful acts.
  4. I use a Zoom B3N. Works really well for home practicing and also take it out on gigs too. Very useful piece of kit!
  5. Try not to let yourself get too down and depressed about the situation. Don’t take it personally. Hard not too but please don’t. Guitarists generally tend to be the control freaks within the band and see any dissension as an act of rebellion/threat to their leadership/authority. Some do it aggressively and others passive aggressively. Do yourself a favour and try to find some grown ups (attitude) to play with. You’ll be much happier in the long run.
  6. Some bands want full members and others just want staff to do what they are told and to keep their mouth shut. Sounds like you are in the second type. If I were you, try to find a local jam night (if you have any out your way, you could always set one up if you don’t) and try to play with as many different people as possible. Ultimately it comes down to this: 1. Are you a good enough musician (not great but good enough) 2. Does your image match the band? 3. Are you easy to get along with? (Most important) I really pushed my self a few years back to work on all three of these areas and am now the paid house bass player at a few jams, play in several different bands too. It’s good because I don’t get the time now to over think and be mildly obsessive about being in just one band. Good luck for the future!
  7. I have a lovely old ABM 500. Was thinking of upgrading to an ABM600 for the added compression, etc. Would have cost me at least another £250. Recently picked up a rather wonderful SD studio comp for next to nothing. More than happy to stick with what I’ve got now. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Just bought one of these. These are fantastic pedals and is now the heart of my pedalboard. Buy with confidence. You wont regret it!
  9. Occasionally I’ll strategically place the set list over the lower left hand side of his keys just to remind him where he should play 😂
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