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  1. pbasspecial

    MarkBass TTE500

    Now Sold. Please could you now lock the thread.
  2. pbasspecial

    MarkBass TTE500

    Weekend bump.
  3. pbasspecial

    Loaded Precision body

    Nice. Reminds me of a 1980 Walnut Precision Special. Just out of curiosity, if it's an active EMG, whereabouts do you house the 9v battery?
  4. pbasspecial

    *** SOLD ***DHA VT2 TWIN-EQ-STD with PSU

    I have one of these in red. Great pedals. The valves alone are probably worth over £40!
  5. pbasspecial

    MarkBass TTE500

    Still a fantastic amp. Great looking, amazing tone, super light. What's not to love? Now only £390!
  6. Looks a lot like the Mark Bass Casa. Nice!
  7. pbasspecial

    MarkBass TTE500

    Weekend Price drop to £390 (collected). This is a bargain for such a great amp. I paid £450 last year. The case is worth £80!
  8. These are fantastic, old school strings. Heavy but what a tone.
  9. pbasspecial

    MarkBass TTE500

    Bumpity bump
  10. pbasspecial


    I played through the 75w version supplied by the rehearsal studio yesterday. It was loud and had a really nice tone. Nice looking too.
  11. pbasspecial

    MarkBass TTE500

    This is a really superb amp. Sunday bump
  12. I really want this Karl but I'm too far away. If you change your mind about couriers (they annoy me too) I'll be all over this like a fat lad at a free buffet!
  13. pbasspecial

    MarkBass TTE500

    Took this to rehearsal on Monday and it sounded fantastic. Might put for sale the Ampeg PF500 I recently bought too and see which one sells first!
  14. pbasspecial

    MarkBass TTE500

    It's a 2012 model - the preferred Italian made ones.
  15. pbasspecial

    Barefaced Super Twin

    Hi, I currently use a lovely vintage cloth BF Super Compact (used to have 2) and have decided that I probably need/want a Super Twin as I have been asked to join a very loud metal band. If you have one that you are willing to sell, please get in touch. Thanks.