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  1. I had 2 SCs before. They sounded great but I didn't like stacking them vertically as I found them a little unstable. Personally I think the ST looks great, not much larger than the SC and makes roughly the same sound as 2 SCs. Also a ST is a lot cheaper than buying 2 SCs!
  2. Unfortunately the Compacts not mine but I should bear the 2 ohm thing in mind when getting another amp but to be fair I can't imagine I'm ever going to use an ST and a compact or 2 STs. However, would be fun to try!!!
  3. Yep, I was being a little thick Haven't had the chance to use it in anger yet but not coloured at all. Very clear. Whatever you put in, you'll get out. If you're after bassy (your user name!) I reckon 2 compacts would be perfect and work out a little bit cheaper than 1 super twin.
  4. PB? Maybe I'm being a little thick but I don't know what you mean
  5. Thanks Gary. To be honest, the compact in the middle is on loan from a friend. I am also going to sell my Super Compact next week as the Super Twin is my one cab solution.
  6. Just bought this lovely Super Twin today from another BC'er also called Paul. Great guy, met half way in a harvester car park! Got it home and plugged it in. Superb! A/B'd it against the SC and compact individually and together. Sounds even better. Happy Bunny!
  7. I too have a really nice pedal board now: TU2, Rodenberg overdrive & distortion, MXR Fuzz Deluxe, MXR P90 phaser, Cog custom built Reverb & Chorus, Boss GE7B and a TC Boost. Lovely looking but barely use it. Nice to press some pretty lights occasionally when I get bored though
  8. The right thing to do is buy it as you made an 'offer/contract' with eBay/seller. Play it, if you like it keep it. If not, sell it. If you pay via your credit card, you have a month to sell it/settle your bill. I doubt the financial hit will be too great. Do the right thing, it will make you feel better.
  9. As you mentioned (OP) in your post you were interested in a 2x12 and a class D head, what about a s/h BF Supertwin and an Orange Terror. Should be able to get them for a grand s/h.
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