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  1. There’s lots of jam nights mid week where the same pub will have gigs there on a Friday and Saturday. Get the whole band to turn up, play your best three songs and then talk with the manager afterwards. Make sure someone videos your performances in case the manager didn’t catch it. You’ll also build up a big video portfolio pretty quickly. You can also put these up online/website/FB/whatever social media platforms you use. Also try and get recommendations from the other bands on the local circuit. Goes along way.
  2. Or use an 18ft lead. That’s what I do to check the band mix.
  3. These are very hard to get hold of. I have the 200w version. The 100w version gets lots of love on talkbass. Took me ages to find one.
  4. You could also roll off the tone control and/or use your thumb too. Cheaper than getting a new cab.
  5. Get yourself a s/h Barefaced Compact.
  6. I had this dilemma last year. Used to own a PF50 and was considering either getting another one and pairing it with a bf compact or getting a Ceriatone Aunt Peg or a trinity flip top. I also looked at the Ampeg B100r combos. In the end I snagged myself an Ampeg B200r which was a much cheaper and more useable alternative. Might well be worth considering if you can find one.
  7. I believe he was also married to the very pretty one in All Saints. Talented and Lucky too!
  8. To give you an idea of how good they sound, here IMG_1976.MP4 is a video of me playing at the last jam night with a couple of regulars doing a Gary Clark jr style version of Come Together.
  9. I would put a request on items wanted here. I replaced a couple of super compacts with a super twin. Bought an Ampeg B200r earlier in the year. Just because. Love it. Used it for months then took my Supertwin and ABM500 out as part of the house band for jam nights (worried that the b200r might get damaged). Sounds so much better than the Ampeg. Lovely tone, excellent dispersion throughout the pub. Buy one, you won’t regret it!
  10. I love my sunburst P bass. However, when I got a little bored of the look I just do a little bit of redecorating. I swap the pickguards from black to tortoiseshell and the hardware from chrome to gold and the strings from rounds to flats to black tape wounds.
  11. Thank god for that!!! I was so close to pushing the button on buying the amp but not really the right time yet.
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