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  1. Is it me?

    If someone said to you "I bet you're a bit of a c*nt.. No offence" you'd probably be offended
  2. Is it me?

    If I was just a paid gun this wouldn't be an issue but because I co-founded this group and I thought I was integral to the band's sound and style, it just makes me realise how little I have been valued by the singer/guitarist. It's all about his needs being met all the time. Everybody else's comes way down the list.
  3. Is it me?

    So here's the deal. The band that I am in (co-founded but since changed to singer/guitarists name!) have a gig next week. Unfortunately it was moved by the pub from last week when I could do it to next week when I am away on holiday (which they have known about for 6 months). The guitarist has decided to do it now as a 3 piece (drums, guitar and keys). I wasn't keen on them doing it as I felt it would cheapen the brand we are slowly building. I wasn't happy about them doing the gig without me for several reasons, namely, it would make the band sound not as good, weaken our reputation and I thought I was a key member of the group, not a session player. Ego slightly bruised and nose dislocated, etc They also want to use my PA system, and the singer/guitarist said my share could go in the band kitty. I was ok (ish) with this. Now things have changed, without speaking with me, the keys player is now going to play bass and 'my' share of the gig money will now go to pay towards a rehearsal for the keys player to learn the bass parts, etc I told him that I was not happy about this and would get back to him today. What would you guys suggest?
  4. MarkBass TTE500

    I agree. Brilliant sounding and looking amp.
  5. Shuker ‘Flea Bass’ Rockinfreakapotamus

    A thing of beauty
  6. MarkBass TTE500

    More photos of the lovely TTE 500
  7. TC RH450 £200

    I believe that the Staccato was the Rocco Prestia (Tower of Power) model.
  8. How Do You Define A Great Gig?

    Last Saturday we played at the Horley Tavern and one of the staff helped us carry our gear in and then got us a free beer! The pub was busy and everyone was dancing. Doesn't get a lot better than that. Not unless Salma Hayek is the barmaid and she has taken a shine to me.
  9. MarkBass TTE500

    I have recently started to downsize my gear and unfortunately this now has to go. It is 500w. As expected with all MarkBass amps, it has an amazing tone and is very loud. Priced to sell. There is one currently for sale at the Bass Gallery for £550. Save yourself £150 and grab yourself a bargain! In great condition and comes with the matching MarkBass carry case.
  10. obbm's feedback

    Just bought an Ampeg PF500 and matching carry case today from Dave. Top fella. Met me halfway at a lovely spot and even did me a little deal. Buy with confidence. He also makes excellent leads & cables too!
  11. Mods - Please could you close this thread as I have decided to keep the remaining pedals. Ta.
  12. Best strap for shoulder pain

    I've had a comfort strap for over 20 years. Used to play a 1980 fender precision special. Great tone but weighed a ton. Can't recommend the strap enough.
  13. And replied
  14. I thought she was fascinating. Very intelligent, super experienced yet very humble.
  15. Later with Joolz last night

    This and their new singer is just fantastic too!