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  1. Donington 1988 Monsters of Rock Iron Maiden, Kiss, Dave Lee Roth, Megadeth, Guns n Roses, Helloween. First ever gig. Bit like popping your cherry to Salma Hayek.
  2. Nobody notices the bass player....

    9 years! I didn't know that Sting was a member on here.
  3. The formula for mega success in the music biz

    Talent x Hardwork = Success Style x Attitude = Star
  4. Hi,

    I'm actually in the market for a phase 90 if you are willing to sell.



  5. MarkBass TTE500 for sale

    Up for sale is my lovely MarkBass Randy Jackson TTE 500. It also comes with the padded case and is in great condition. I bought it 6 months ago to replace my Orange Terror Bass as it is more versatile for the covers/function band I joined but as the band has now folded, I have decided to sell it to someone who needs it more. It can do lovely warm valve tones but also modern clean ones. IMO it looks much better than the later Indonesian made TTE501. This is the original Italian made version. It also looks really great when switched on too! Pics to follow later (bit rubbish with computers)
  6. Interesting Video

    Definitely worth a watch but as a master luthier he clearly has an 'Axe to Grind'.
  7. Falling in love again

    Loving the Ashdown love on here. I'm very tempted by the CTM100 to go fully down the old school valve route.
  8. Falling in love again

    Over the last couple of years I have gone down the lightweight, class D route, firstly with an Orange Terror and then a Mark Bass Randy Jackson TTE500. They are great but always felt something was missing. So the other night I thought it would be interesting to take my old, heavy Crate BT-350 amp (Ampeg in disguise - made in the same factory, same parts, etc) that I've had from new for over 25 years. wow, what a tone. Real bottom end and a beautiful glassy mid range to boot. Really felt that the amp had massive authority in the rehearsal room. Felt like being the worlds greatest centre back! Weighs over 3 times as much as the others but I think it's worth it! Anybody else out there in BC world that maybe going backwards is the really the way forward?
  9. Bad shoulder - > light bass option

    What a bought getting a comfort strap? My old P Bass Special weighed a ton. Bought one of these and made it feel so much lighter.
  10. GLWTS. The gonna f*cking need it!
  11. Your Dream Bass.?

    I think most people's dream bass is the next one (n+1)
  12. Aguilar Tone Hammer 500****SOLD*****

    Congrats on selling it. Saved me from getting it in the neck for buying more bass gear!
  13. Later with Joolz last night

    Noel Gallagher - did he 'borrow heavily' from Plastic Bertrand's Ca Plane pour moi or was it just me?
  14. Billy Sheehan and his sound.......

    Can heartily recommend: Eat 'em and Smile - Dave Lee Roth First 2 Mr Big albums Both Winery Dogs albums