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  1. Or sack off the combo altogether and get yourself a HX Stomp or a Zoom B3N
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Just noticed in the pic how low his left hand is. Gonna have to have a word with him to ‘keep out of my garden!’ 😀
  4. Got to use it a local pub gig last weekend. Looks great, sounds even better. Lots of lovely comments about the tone and my bass playing. 😀 IMG_1539.MP4
  5. I had 2 Super Compacts and now a Super Twin which for me is the ultimate one cab solution. Now using an Ampeg Rocket B200r combo for a bluesy/funky/Soul project so may very reluctantly move on the BFST on as it’s not getting the love it needs right now. Would buy another again on a heart beat if I did.
  6. Thanks for that. To be honest I have it but haven’t got round to setting it up yet. Thanks for letting me know how it works
  7. Sorry to hear you keep getting your basses nicked. Might be worth getting those mini tracking devices in the gig bag or under the pick guard.
  8. Last night I got to use my recently purchased Ampeg B200r at rehearsal last night with my 81 Tokai P Bass with black nylons. Sounded fantastic. Lovely fat, gritty old school tone. Just as a bass should be 😀😀😀 I can see me letting the Barefaced Supertwin and Ashdown ABM500 go (will get another if I ever join a super loud rock band again). Will gig with it in a few weeks time and make the final decision then. Nice when a purchase exceeds your expectations!
  9. I have one. Really useful piece of kit for practicing, rehearsals and gigs. I have a decent pedal board but often just take this instead.
  10. This a fantastic modular rehearsal (1 cab) and gig rig (2 cab). GLWTS
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