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  1. Old vs New Barefaced cabs

    I bought a super compact. Loved it so much I bought a second. Like dating Salma Hayek and finding out she has a twin sister.
  2. What are your bass care tips?

    Don't drop 'em or let the guitarist hold it (same thing)
  3. Well done. Enjoy every second of it!
  4. Great rig. Loved my OTB
  5. Input needed

    Be the best you. Not somebody else. Making comparisons is poison. Be good enough, look the part and fun to be around and you'll never be short of work.
  6. Best online bass tutors?

    Met Scott at the London Bass Show last year. I asked him if I could take a photo of him playing my bass, he obliged willingly. Seemed exactly the same person as his online persona. #topfella
  7. Bass players still poor relations in a band...?

    I think the OP is right. At jam nights, guitarists tend think it is all about them due to their over inflated egos and the slightly weird sub/Dom relationship some bass players and geetardists have. Stay out for 12 bars and see just how weak guitar and drums sound on their own. Then come back in, the audience will then know what the bass player really does! I am fortunate that in the 3-4 piece band (soul/blues) I play in I play a prominent musical role and always get lots of compliments about note choice, groove, etc. I now try not to jam with guitarists I don't know because of their undeserved ego but on the rare occasions I get dragged up, if the guitarists is being a bit of a Richard, I am more than happy to show him up a bit. It's not mature but it's bloody fun!
  8. Road worn jazz bass? Sounds too thin!!

    Sell the Jazz for a profit and use that to get a decent P Bass. Problem solved.
  9. Audition last night

    Sounds like it might be a great project. I have done a few auditions for different things over the last couple of years. You will either know straight away or anytime within the next week. Musicians are notoriously bad are getting back and being professional about it. If they did, they would probably be more successful generally. Don't keep checking your phone/email. Keep yourself busy and what will be, will be. Remember bass player are in short supply, good ones even more so. Best of luck.
  10. Get well soon Dave Swift!!

    Our keys player Ollie plays in another band with him. Says he's a top bloke. Hope he makes a speedy recovery.
  11. These a great amps. I put my TTE500 for sale but withdrew the sale once I came to my senses. It has a great warm valve type tonesand a clean modern ones as well. Very flexible and looks great too!
  12. Mine just arrived. It's not perfect but for £2 you can't go wrong. The battery is worth that alone! #win
  13. Kicked Out !!!

    Maybe you should withdraw 'privileges' until she changes her mind. Oh wait, it doesn't seem to work that way round!
  14. Looking for band advice.

    Keep your 'intelligent and reliable guitarist'. As rare as the proverbial Hen's teeth.
  15. New amp: Tech21 VT Bass 200 Combo

    Looks great. Good weight too.