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  1. I don't listen to music on the way home from gigs prefering radio 5 or something. If i wake up thinking about stuff I need to do next day then I write it down on a pad I have next to the bed. Makes me feel like it's already partly sorted. Usually when I read it in the morning I laugh at how trivial and insignificant it is. It's crazy how important silly stuff seems at 3am.
  2. Herco flex 50s for me. I find really rigid picks harder to play with. Horses for courses tho so go try a few
  3. How are you cutting? 2 sheets will probably be enough for 4/5 1x10 cabs if they're full 8ft by 4t panels.
  4. This was my understanding too. I also think that reverse engineering a box to try and find driver specs could be a lot of work only to find that there is no readily available driver with those exact specs. That said, I'm more than happy to spend a few evenings trawling the Web to see if anything turns up.
  5. Thanks Phil that's really helpful advice. I think what I'll do first is get the measurements of the inside of the cab and the details of the port along with a picture of the driver and report back here. If anyone is able to help me work out which drivers work then I'll start looking. If not I might consider asking for help designing a lightweight 210 based around a pair of nice lightweight drivers (maybe faital pros) and see if I can maybe utilise the parts (grill, handles, crossover etc) because I also love the look of the powerhouse cabs. We'll see. Ots not mega urgent as I use in ears gigging but it would be nice to maybe do something that complements the 1x12 build thread. Essentially I want a cab wide enough for a valve head. I would have built a fearful 15/6 but am absolutely stumped for the crossover components in the UK.
  6. Yeah it's a tough one now. I paid £225 for the cab but only played it at low volume at the sellers house. I know he is a genuine guy and hasn't used the cab muxh so im certain he was unaware. Obviously I have no way to prove to him that it wasn't me that damaged it so I'm kinda stuck with it. I bought it because I have had one of these before and I love the sound. I'd love to be able to get hold of the specs of the driver to try and get a matched pair of new drivers but all I know is that they are 16ohm 300w units. I have the building chops (Im a trained cabinet maker and was a bfm builder for a while) but I've not designed a cab before. In reality I should probably just write it off. Whatever I do I'll have spent more than its worth.
  7. Thanks agedhorse. Oreste just came back to me but they want £216 + vat for a single 10 inch driver. Going to rip cab apart for parts and build my own cab based around specs of better drivers. That's crazy money for a fairly low quality single 10.
  8. No response from Oreste, the westside distribution main phone number / email or Mesa Boogie themselves. Is there any way I can find the driver specs?
  9. Absolute star - thank you Beedster, very much appreciated.
  10. Anyone know who to contact in the UK to get a replacement driver for a mesa boogie powerhouse 2x10. I picked up a fairly old used cab yesterday and on further inspection it turns out one of the drivers has seized. Is there a UK distributor? Cheers
  11. Man, if you were closer I'd have this off you in a heartbeat.
  12. Will await pics. Sounds like something I might like.
  13. This. The XR18 is a cracking little mixer only let down by the WiFi. A cheap dual band router not only solves connection issues it also allows you to secure your connection with a password.
  14. We've had to pull all of the R-Kelly and Rolf Harris songs from our set.
  15. I recently joined a fairly busy band doing weddings and private events. They're great guys and so far it's been a lot of fun. All the work is divided pretty fairly amongst the four members. We also run a little rehearsal studio in Rushden, Northamptonshire. As I live the furthest away I don't get asked to do much with day to day running of the studio and that suits me fine. I have however been given the job of producing a weekly vlog that shows what we do. My only qualification for the role is that I own a decent camera and a couple of gopros bit I'm definitely up for the learning process that will be involved. What I'm after is any advice and feedback. The aim more than anything is to share the interesting parts of what we do, allow people who have / might book us get to know us and how it works and really just make something interesting. We have agreed that we should try and find a different theme each week so we aren't making essentially the same thing over and over and we need to keep it simple enough that it doesn't affect performances. If you want to see what we've done so far then this is my latest effort. I already learnt I'm going to need to use a high pass filter when using footage taken whilst driving lol.
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