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  1. Sorry sir, was collected by new owner this morning. I'll amend the post accordingly. Cheers
  2. Age is irrelevant. What you need to decide is whether you want to be in a band, if so what you want out of a band and what level of commitment you can give it. I'm 43, run my own company, have a wife and daughter and my wife is currently 8 months pregnant. This year I joined a really busy function band and have played over 100 weddings all over the uk including gigs in Cornwall and one in Aberdeen. I can make it work and I'm enjoying it. I had to accept that in joining such a band I had to commit 110% . I don't get to choose which gigs I want to do. Everything that comes in has to be honoured. I had to balance loss of family time, loss of sleep and juggling gigs plus a busy work life with the enjoyment of playing live and the significant additional income that will allow my wife to have a long maternity leave. Just think about what you want out of a band then decide if you can make it balance. Forget age.
  3. High beams on my precision. Love it to bits.
  4. Can you pan stuff in your in ear mix without it being panned in the foh mix? Current band has an Allen and Heath qu16. If I could pan stuff in my in ear mix on that it would be killer.
  5. Mark made a very long and wet drive down to mine to buy my Barefaced PA system today. He made the whole sale extremely easy and was a real pleasure to deal with. Top BCer.
  6. Looks like a single driver per ear. I'd definitely be far more inclined to go down the kz zs10 route.
  7. Any preamp, whether it be on a mixer or a pedal will run an FR800 nicely. I love using them with my helix, which is what I did for dep gigs before joining my current band.
  8. I'm not overly tall at 6ft1 but the two guitarists in my band are somewhat smaller at somewhere around 5ft 5 a piece.
  9. You absolutely wont regret it. I love my UE6's
  10. Actually the way in which he asked wasn't just a polite question. He was using terms like "thrown down stairs" and "mutilated " so it was clearly just poorly veiled criticism of other people personal choices.
  11. It is a one trick pony. That trick is to work bloody well in a massive array of scenarios.
  12. Fine when it's a post asking for advice. Not fine when it's a post that is essentially just criticising other people's choices..........again.
  13. This. Although the weakest link by far in a phone's audio recording capability is the internal mic, the sound card will also likely be pretty poor also. Pick a phone with a decent low light camera and find an alternative method for recording audio if you want anything more than 'poor' in the sound quality department.
  14. It's simple economics surely and a pointless debate. Like relic basses or not, if there wasn't demand then manufacturers wouldn't be making them. Clearly some people like them and some people don't. Life would be pretty dull if we all conformed to liking just one thing.
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