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  1. A week or so back with my band at a wedding. Stingray / Helix / Ashdown ABM600 / Barefaced Retro 210s.
  2. That's a really useable mixer for in ears and the app is very straightforward so you will have lots of control over your mix.
  3. Our live stream starts in 5 mins https://www.facebook.com/Fraudio/
  4. It's a drum show. You'll have to shout all things IEM.
  5. I use rechargeable batteries in mine. Change them after every set regardless of how much the indicator says is left. If usually says 5hrs or more but I just like to feel confident.
  6. A very good place to start is the brilliant thread in the accessories and misc section of this very site.
  7. Depends on the pa and who's mixing. A good modern digital mixer will have far better tone shaping than your amp and quality pa speakers are streets ahead of most bass cabs so as long as whoever does the foh mix knows what they're doing then your bass will sound great. Like Dood, I use a helix. Its extreme overkill but I do like to use a lot of different overdrive settings for different songs so I find it to give me endless control. If you're unsure about the band then just use your new in ears and a behringer p2. Sounds like they're experienced at working with in ears so get someone to spend some time helping you get a good mix and teaching you how to make adjustments. Good luck. In ears are absolutely brilliant when you get it right. I do over 100 gigs a year and never get home with ringing in my ears. I can always hear everything in my mix and when it's a terrible venue with hideous acoustics I just pop my in ears in and it's the same sweet sound as every other gig.
  8. South East wedding fair today in Farnborough. Wedding gig tonight then back to the wedding fair again tomorrow.
  9. You can't go too far wrong with the Fender Rumble gear. Its light, loud and fat sounding. I just picked up a second hand Ashdown ABM 600 head to go with a barefaced retro 410. That rig is astonishingly loud and deep. Ultimately there's a mountain of stuff out there. If you like the Fender Rumble sound then the 500 is excellent value for money.
  10. Yeah, my pest control business is plenty profitable enough to support us but the gigs mean we have a nice little extra income for a decent family car, good holidays and a buffer for maternity leave.
  11. I have a 5yr old daughter, we're expecting another arrival in December and I also run a busy pest control business. I'll do about 100 gigs a year and with the exception of blocking out two weeks around my wife's due date I won't miss any other gigs in 2019 / 2020. That said, all my gigs are well paid and will allow my wife to have 18months off work when baby comes.
  12. I met Mark today to buy his Ashdown ABM head. He made everything really easy for me and very kindly met half way which meant a good 2hr round trip for him. Amp was absolutely perfect and Mark was a really nice guy to buy from. Recommend 100% Thanks Mark.
  13. Yeah our adverts seem to help but funnily enough it was a "we'll be live in 10 mins" type post that Jamie put on his fb that most people saw. Bloody fb algorithms at play. I used a fairly cheap wide angle lens on my camera for the second stream and that really helped to bring us all a bit closer to the camera. We're using a Canon Legria HF-G40 and it seems to be ok. The limiting factor in terms of image quality is of course the broadband speed (I live in a village with no fibre and we stream from my shed) rather than the camera.
  14. All well and good if band is earning reasonable cash and it's fairly standard stuff. Might be tricky if the fee is £50 per man and you need someone to learn 30 originals or obscure songs.
  15. Always loved Sonny T when he was with The New Power Generation. Still got it too.
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