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  1. Thanks Jack but I'm afraid I've literally just accepted an offer on this. Cheers Tom
  2. I went the other way. Sold tons of gear and haven't bought anything. Can't get excited about new kit without gigs to use it at.
  3. I don't need this but want it to go with my current F112 so I can remodel my neighbourhood. Sadly need to shift my up for sale stuff first before i can consider it seriously.
  4. Hi Steve, Thanks for the offer. I have a QSC 2450 already but need something lighter. The Crown is less than half the weight and has the dsp built in too. Appreciate you getting in touch though. Cheers Tom
  5. £295 including mainland uk postage. Absolutely pristine and unmarked as it has only been used for about three songs at 1 corporate function gig while my Helix was annoyingly locked in a studio. Absolutely my favourite overdrive pedal because you have the ability to split and blend signal at a crossover point of your choosing and then boost / cut / compress the lows so that it never loses the body or definition of your tone. It basically does the exact same thing that I love about my helix. Check out the Andertons review video These are £395 new and this is as new with the original box, stickers, free plectrum, manual, usb cable and little rubber feet that have never even been put on. There is not a mark on it so you essentially have a brand new pedal at £85 less than new. Insured postage included inside UK mainland. I won't post outside of the UK. I'll knock £10 off if you collect yourself.
  6. Wonderful HandBox R400 amp head. Purchased here about a year ago and gigged regularly in a wedding band until Covid-19 hit. Selling as I am purely going to be a Helix / in ears guy from here on in. Fantastic full, rich sounding amp head that has all the benefits of Class A/B power section in a solid compact and comfortable to carry built in case. Everything works as it should and it is pretty much completely unmarked and clean as a whistle. Collection only from South Northants (nr Towcester). Welcome to try in a covid safe office studio at the end of my garden. Not looking for trades unless you have a Crown XTi 2002 power amp.
  7. Pretty much forgotten I still had this up for sale.
  8. Haha, that was such a cool bass.
  9. This was mentioned quite early on in the original discussion. The replacement is going to have to be pretty special if this is to be avoided.
  10. This is so true. Even the big boys are going to struggle when covid starts to hit 2021 peak season bookings.
  11. Agree. My bandmates have suffered significantly. The reason I'm not an LLP partner is that I own my own business and thankfully that has grown significantly this year.
  12. The 15 most popular bands on our agents books played a total of 1941 gigs between them in 2019. Only one of those bands isn't an all male lineup. 6 of them would fall into the scruffy indie category. It may not be selling in your area but across the uk as a whole it's still a pretty popular choice.
  13. I should make it clear that the agency don't have any problems whatsoever selling female fronted bands. What they say they struggle more with is mixed gender bands. It's also the same with age groups. They can sell young bands, old bands and everything in between but they struggle with bands that dont sit in one age group or another.
  14. This is really the only reason the band are happy to stick to a male front man. The agents have been able to sell the band well for years so why make a significant change.
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