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  1. mrtcat

    Line 6 Helix.

    Finally got mine flight cased up. After recently adding a wireless I wanted a plug in and go set up. Had the helix 6 months now and absolutely love it. I don't use many fx but do use the built in darkglass od pedal lots and love how easy it is to switch basses between songs and just step on a setting ready for each one. Both me and guitarist have ditched backline completely now. Helix and IEMs all the way baby!
  2. mrtcat

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Great to hear that the UE6s were impressive. I've been weighing up options and think these are now strong contenders.
  3. mrtcat

    Venue v Practice Room

    There are some really good universal in ear monitors for around the £40 mark but it really needs the full cooperation of the whole band and a mixer with enough aux outs. It's a beautiful thing when you start to hear everything in balance and clarity.
  4. mrtcat

    Headset Mic

    Our drummer used to use a sennheiser Freeport but had to change to a regular mic because he tends to hum whilst playing. Took us ages to work out what it was lol.
  5. mrtcat

    Venue v Practice Room

    I just can't deal with loud rehearsal. It seems like such an antiquated way of working. We use a decent electronic kit, amp modelling and in ears to rehearse. The clarity is awesome and by plugging a laptop into the mixer we can record the whole session. At gigs the only difference is an acoustic kit instead of electronic and a pa speakers so no boomy wall of sound there either.
  6. My local shop is PMT in Northampton. They're perfectly good and always friendly. Sadly I rarely use them because I hardly ever buy basses new because of depreciation (and my recent new custom build had to be returned lol so there's another reason I'm likely to stick to 2nd hand in future) and anything that's tech like my helix, wireless stuff, pa gear etc I just buy from whoever gives the best deal online. I know what I'm looking to buy and find this very forum far more reliable when it comes to advice on what to buy than any shop I've ever used (the In Ear Monitors thread is a glowing example of what this forum can give in terms of advice and shared knowledge). I don't blame PMT for not being my go to shop because, like I said, they're perfectly fine but I just don't really need the advice and of course if you look hard enough you can always find stuff for a better price online.
  7. mrtcat

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Yes, I remember when my first was built it was one of the very last before they moved to a new factory.
  8. mrtcat

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Do you think this might just be an upscaling issue then? Seems a real shame tho cos my first Maruszczyk was sublime.
  9. mrtcat

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    This is really sad to see. My personal feeling is that the move to the new production facility in Poland has caused a real decline in quality. Possibly (and this is mere guesswork) new staff being trained on the job coupled with the pressures of settling into new facilities alongside rising numbers of orders. The pressures are causing the cracks to show. I really hope El_JimBob gets his bass sorted. That's not right at all.
  10. Best drummer I ever gigged regularly with was an absolutely brilliant player but a complete tool. He once turned up at a wedding reception in a room that we knew was going to be tricky (high ceilings, marble floor, nothing to break up sound at all) with two kick drums and a China ride on either side of him and totally leathered the kit all night. The day we sacked him it was the biggest relief ever. Impossible to work with idiots like that.
  11. mrtcat

    LED Stage Lights

    We have 2 equinox megabars which are great but no longer available. Guitarist has a set of the stairville ones but although the light output is equally as good they're definitely more flimsy. We had one equinox bar damaged once but a local guy did a great repair job for not much money so might be worth considering repairing before replacing.
  12. mrtcat

    Hipshot Ultralites

    I'm pretty sure that the price is set around £25 a piece wherever you get them in the UK so have a quick search and see who'll do free delivery.
  13. mrtcat

    We Love Playing There

    We play the Freddie G drum academy at Sparsholt college in Winchester. The venue is just the campus bar but we get to play with the celebrity drummers. So far we've played with the likes of Gregg Bissonette, Steve White, Ian Matthews (kasabian), Craig Blundell and Woody from Bastille amongst others. Always great fun.
  14. mrtcat

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    I think yes to a point the business has become a bit stretched but Adrian still seems fully committed to putting his money where his mouth is and getting involved. I think that with my issue he actually learnt something about his own business. They have opened a new production facility which isn't close to where Adrian is based and I think maybe he's realised he needs to keep a closer eye on what leaves the factory. I will continue to watch with interest and, if it looks like he is back on top of things, I'll definitely consider buying another Maruszyczyk.
  15. mrtcat

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    So i've pulled the trigger on wireless. I really had to consider budget as much as anything. We've never had signal drop out issues with 2.4ghz but have sorted our wifi so it can run solely at 5ghz (it's always on stage so not having to battle through walls, over long distances or round corners). I've retired the smoothound in favour of a Line 6 relay g50 which did eat into my budget considerably but have found (and this was where I had to compromise) a Shure PSM 300 with the premium pack on CH70 for £615. I'll always have a cable as a backup so although it may not be 100% guaranteed interference free at every venue, it should at least be good at the majority. Would have spent more but have recently had to buy a couple of new kitesurfing kites to replace my old kit that's getting a bit past it and they are silly money these days. Massive thanks to EBS_freak for all the valuable advice tho. Excited to see how it all goes.