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  1. They sound like total idiots. I'd be off on a heartbeat to find some grown ups to work with. I really really don't get this "we need more volume" mentality. THAT'S WHAT THE PA SYSTEM IS FOR!!!!!!! As long as a guitar amp sounds like a guitar amp, the bass amp sounds like a bass amp, the drums sound like drums and you can either mic or DI the relevant parts then the PA can make it all sound huge and the control is in the hands of the person mixing the FOH sound. If you don't do it this way you'll almost always just sound like a mess and people won't want to hear you play.
  2. I've got two FR800 and an LF1400 (essentially 2 powered BB2 and 1 powered Dubster 2) to all intents and purposes that's just like having a PA system just for bass. I only ever use them together as PA for the whole band. That much bass on stage would be a pain. Even if I was playing reggae I'd want to leave that sort of low end to the foh system.
  3. Exactly this. Using backline to generate high volume levels is such an outdated way of thinking. Guitarists are by and large pretty rubbish at moving with the times. We don't have any amps on stage at all and our foh sound is huge, full, balanced and comfortable to listen to. PA and monitoring are the future. Huge loud amps are just a sign of not moving with the times.
  4. Backline is for monitoring. Put your bass into the pa if volume is an issue. If your pa isn't up to it then that's where I'd be looking to invest.
  5. Sorry, only just saw your post. It's 61cm wide.
  6. I picked this up on this very forum earlier this year. Its a total beast and everything you'd expect from a 300w valve amp. I'm now 100% a helix player so no need for me to keep this. All works perfectly and I've only added a couple of hours of playing on the valves since I bought it. I am now including a brand new Ashdown footswitch. The info from the original post: After speaking to Dan and Mark at Ashdown, here we have one of the early prototype BTA200's - so much so, that it's actually a 300w amp! They reckon that they only made and shipped around 20 amps labelled as BTA200s. It has 6x6550s just like an SVT, all are pretty much brand new, having recently been re-tubed and having fewer than 30 hours' use. Super versatile, incredibly punchy, and as gnarly as you want - if you want! Collection only but I gig all over the uk so may be able to meet somewhere local to you. You're very welcome to give it a full volume test here at my home studio. I'd consider trades for a decent power amp (Crest CA9, Carvin, Crown, QSC etc) but nothing class D please.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. I'm possibly on my own a bit here but neither would have got the job for me. Forget B. Waste of time. A sounds like a really nice guy but if it's a side project then you have a bit more time to find someone who can be the best of both A & B. The two members of a band that have to be absolutely right are singers and drummers. A singer is the face of the band so he or she needs to be excellent and confident but they also need to be a team member and someone you want to work with.
  9. +1 for tuffcab. Doesn't require any priming and is very easy to apply. It's what Barefaced use and there's a huge range of colour options.
  10. Its a Jim Root so it sounds a bit fatter than your average tele.
  11. One of my guitarists and me couldn't agree more. Just need to convince our singer lol
  12. My only gripe with SR5s. The pickguard isn't to my taste at all. Stingrays are still my favourite bass though and I'll absolutely never be without one. I have had both maple and rosewood necks and personally preferred the rosewood but it's so subjective that only you can tell which will suit you best.
  13. Agree with this. Any gig where you go without backline is dependent on decent monitoring. If there's no monitoring then it's not the right gig to ditch backline. By all means have your backline in the van / car if you're going to an unknown venue / pa setup but you shouldn't write off the idea of working without an amp based on that one gig.
  14. Love this. Those roasted necks look awesome.
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