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  1. Bass player exclusion

    This is common here too (Northamptonshire) and imo is actually a sign of more sensible landlords. Too many pubs either just can't afford a full band or they're not big enough to cope with the volume. Some pub bands are great at getting the volume right but most are really way too loud with people still insistent on loud guitar amps and bass amps to get their sound. If you want to play these places as a bass player then either get involved with a band who are happy to work with electric drums and no backline or alternatively work on your bvs and sing a few lead parts so you become an indispensable member of the team. Of course there are exceptions. Two pubs round our way have stopped having full bands because they and their punters are sick of hearing the same old classic rock songs every week lol.
  2. Xmas songs

    Shakin Stevens - Happy Christmas Everyone Breda Lee - Rocking Around The Christmas Tree The Pogues - Fairytale Of New York The Slade one. Dropkick Murphys - The Season's upon us.
  3. Bass in the PA - tips?

    I'm a big fan of aux fed subs and find it particularly useful for bass. Too much sub on a bass guitar can leave it sounding too big and undefined. Just a touch gives it great authority and you can tighten the sound just by rolling it off a touch. I'm another one who uses a helix but I find that a slightly middy sounding setting on the helix eq translates to a nice thick tone out front. I have light compression at the start of my signal chain and a slightly more comprehensive one in the mixer (another XR18 user here). 40-50hz HPF filter and 5K LPF.
  4. Played an Oxford Uni graduation ball with an old Steel Panther tribute band I was with called Iron P##sy. Everyone was in ball gowns and tuxedos and had paid £140 a ticket. We rocked up and opened with "17 Girls In A Row". There was a fairly strong feminist vibe in the room and with the exception of the rugby team, who loved us, we got plenty of verbal abuse and a few drinks thrown at us. At the end a rather militant looking group of short haired girls got up in our faces and we're expressing their feelings. Didn't help that our singer genuinely thought they were messing around and was hitting on a couple of them.
  5. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Generally OK but the neck pocket isn't as snug as I'd expect it to be and after having to send the neck back for them to retro-fit the luminlays that they forgot to do fist time round it has come back looking like a five year old has fitted them. That said the neck itself is lovely and it plays well.
  6. Hard-To-Please Bandmates

    Any ideas where to buy in the UK? They're $149 from woojer but they're not giving an option to ship to the UK.
  7. Depping advice please

    As someone who deps a lot and uses deps quite often I'd advise that having structure and basics nailed is your first priority. If you know that and don't get lost anywhere then you're not going to throw the rest of the band. Once you have that sorted you can look more closely at finer details. Personally I chart songs and then "jazz it" a bit so I don't carbon copy another players bass lines but it is definitely worth listening to what the original player does on original songs and at least try to capture the same feel he or she goes for.
  8. Have you ever looked the part of a rock star etc?

    Yes And no IP1.jpg 70 kb · Done
  9. Garden Music room advice?

    And don't forget, a decent garden room can add value and improve saleability.
  10. Garden Music room advice?

    There's actually three in each window (they were reclaimed from my parents old upvc windows and I had 6 identical panes) and the external door is a heavy solid unit with a memory foam mattress on the back of it. Not perfect but surprisingly effective. There's a double internal door leading through to the garage side and that's two oak doors (again reclaimed) back to back with a 4 inch void between them. It could be a lot better but it doesn't really need to be. I have an old isolation box from when I was cabinet making that I can put a guitar cab in if a guitarist wants to crank it and 9 times out of 10 were all using in ears and the electronic kit.
  11. Garden Music room advice?

    The foam panels were donated to me from a friends rehearsal room that closed. I don't really need acoustic treatment as we use modelling units for guitars and bass and an electronic kit with everyone on in ears. If we record anything you're not hearing the room at all except for with vocals. Same applies when we rehearse. Its very rare for me to record other bands in there now so I can't really justify the outlay. If i was recording acoustically more often then definitely I would.
  12. Garden Music room advice?

    The basic building was a touch over £5k including the cost of concrete for the base and electricians fees to run a dedicated power supply and to install all the sockets etc. I salvaged the double glazed window panes from my parents place when they had new windows put in. The insulation and membrane totalled about £300. The plaster board was about £250 (i went for the more dense sound reducing stuff) and then probably another £100 to plaster and paint it including tools. Total spend was just under £6k. I spend probably £80 every year to re paint the exterior. In terms of soundproofing its surprisingly good. We have recorded acoustic drums in there many times and you have to be standing within about 5 m of the building before you can really hear the kick with a loud drummer. It could be better if I'd opted to use isolation rubber plasterboard fittings and a floating floor to essentially isolate the inner room from the outer shell.
  13. This. All day long.
  14. Garden Music room advice?

    I built mine myself. The main building was supplied as a rough kit from the timber merchants in a neighbouring village. It is on a full concrete base, a wooden frame made from 2x4 timbers, felt roof slates, lapped outer wall with a breathable waterproof membrane then a 3 inch layer of polystyrene insulation followed by ply inner walls which have been fully battened to allow 4 inch acoustic insulation in the walls and 12 inches above the ceiling. The whole thing is then dry lined and plastered. I have a really low output conservatory storage heater which ticks over all winter at pretty much no cost. The insulation is so good that its warm in winter and during the recent hot weather was absolutely beautifully cool. The inner space is divided into two so there's still a functioning garage / mower store in the non music room side. I have an acoustic drum kit that has been converted to electric running through superior drummer and we have full band rehearsals in there with everyone on in ears. We also have video cameras permanently mounted on walls so we can shoot videos at rehearsals if we think it will make interesting media for our potential clients. As we use a digital mixer its a cinch to It's a work in progress but is an amazing space. My advice is that you need to start with a solid base and be prepared to insulate really well and install a breathable membrane. If its built well and you look after it there should be absolutely no reason to have any damp issues. Invest in decent security. The alarm we have is linked to our house alarm and I have so many locks and door bars etc that it takes me 3 mins to get in when I first unlock it.
  15. Flea sig jazz or roadworn 60’s jazz?

    I've not owned one but I recorded a band in my studio a couple weeks ago. The bass player had the flea jazz and it sounded absolutely brilliant. He was playing rock with a pick and it had growl for days. I had a play on it briefly and couldn't fault it.