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  1. I was a BFM authorised builder for a few years. This is an absolute steal for a cab that will outperform so many top end boxes. Discreet did a brilliant job on his build and it's worth £160 for the build thread alone - not to mention the driver that's in it. If you're looking for a compact one cab solution at a frankly silly price then look no further.
  2. SOLD Maruszczyk Elwood L 5a Blueburst

    Sorry, got distracted by life. Sorted now.
  3. Yes, I'd say that this one is priced to sell but it's not a silly price. Generally £1000 is about right for a new Limelight P these days.
  4. Nope. Limelight (aka Mark) build basses from non fender parts to the specs requested by the purchaser. I've had many fenders from USA / Mexico / Japan and the limelight I have has (to me) been the best of them all. That's not saying the Fenders weren't great it's just that my Limelight P just feels and sounds right to me (not entirely surprising as it was built to my preferred specs). The build quality is excellent and the relicing is nicely done. They are not definitely not Fender basses tho and a Fender logo is only applied at the request of the purchaser - they are also available with a limelight logo. Some love them but as with all reliced basses some will hate them but I've never come across another limelight owner or ex owner that didn't rate them very highly.
  5. Backdrops - worth it?

    I'm not anti roller banners but they aren't great unless the lighting on them is absolutely right. They can tend to reflect light and at that point it can be really difficult to read what's on them. For that reason I agree with Charic about going black and white. The more contrast you have the easier they'll be to read. I'm also with BRX in thinking they can look a bit cheap and they are definitely built to a price. Cheap ones are cheap for a reason and don't stand up to any kind of abuse. 2m is also not very high when you're all standing on stage in front of them.
  6. Sorry Stewblack, totally forgot to mark these as sold. Thanks Happy Jack!
  7. Line 6 Helix.

    Working from home tomorrow so that will be the first job on my agenda.
  8. New Bass Day....

    Really like the look of that. Looks like a decent case too. Great choice.
  9. Backdrops - worth it?

    The lights also reflect off the drummer's bald patch back onto the backdrop for added effect ;-)
  10. Backdrops - worth it?

    3m x 2m Backdrop from printlitt. Two wind up speaker stands and a little bit of scaffold pole that can be disassembled in seconds to 2 x 2m lengths. Very useful for some nice led lighting too. Total outlay of under £200 (excluding lights) and easily fits in the van (transit connect).
  11. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    I'm just coming up to 12 weeks now and really looking forward to the day when the sofa shot email arrives. I sold my Elwood L this week and it was a real wrench but I'm happy that it's incoming replacement will be every bit as good as my old one.
  12. Pretty sure I own this one now.
  13. Line 6 Helix.

    I have a 3sigma IR for the aguilar 8x10 cab. I like it a lot and it's my go to cab sim. That's the only one I have tho.
  14. I'm pretty sure I had a very quick play of this one when I went to pick up my Limelight P from Mark in 2016. If it's the same one it's a cracker. It was really loud without being plugged in and the neck was lovely. GLWTS