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  1. Both amp and cab were bought with sound quality in mind. I'm only in my mid forties so weight isn't really a concern.
  2. Does a job very nicely.
  3. Haha, that's very kind but if you get close you discover approx 70% clover, 20% dandelions and only about 10% actual grass.
  4. 29 gigs and counting since mid june. All weddings with the exception of one charity fundraiser. Never felt like I wanted to give up gigging more than I do right now. All distancing and boundaries go out the window as soon as people start drinking. We're being really strict with our clients but their guests just don't give a crap.
  5. Unless you are a vat registered business, you're technically selling this for more than the shop does. I am vat registered and could buy the same amp new and claim the vat back meaning I could buy a new one for £979.17. If I had an issue with it, I could then take it back to the shop I bought it from and let them arrange sorting it out. Warranties generally aren't transferrable. Also, as mentioned before, it's second hand. Just like buying a new car, you lose a heap of value as soon as you roll it out of the dealership. I don't doubt it's a wonderful amp, I really don't but if I were looking at spending £1k on an amp I'd have no issue paying the £180 extra to have one that is brand new, fully covered by warranty and the backup of the shop it came from plus I'd know it's entire life history. Personally I think £800 is a more realistic price. This isn't a criticism btw (you are entirely free to offer it at whatever price you want and that is entirely your perrogative) just my thoughts on why it's not selling.
  6. Just remember, if using helix, you have lots of options with signal chain and also output signal. If going into the front end of an amp make sure your output is set to instrument level but if going direct into effects return make sure it's set to line level. For me, the best thing about the helix (and the LT is a really capable bit of kit) is the ability to split signal, apply fx to certain frequencies and then merge the signal again. For example, when I use overdrive, I split the signal at 250hz, compress the low signal and apply drive to the high signal before merging it back together. This maintains lows and low mids without making them mushy / boomy but still gives the benefits of nice overdrive. If I was using a helix with both amp and pa support I would have two signal chains running. The one to pa could have amp and cab sims (I personally never use cab sims) the one to the amp wouldn't have any amp or cab sims if I was running into the front of the amp head but could have a preamp sim if i was going into fx return on the back of the amp. The trick with a helix (or any other similar preamp) is to take your time and build your sound at gig volume. What sounds good at low volume at home usually sounds pretty bad at gig volume.
  7. Yes, it's a very capable little mixer. My only issue would be not enough outputs to run stereo IEM mixes for each band member. The X32 rack can give you a whole lot more ins and outs.
  8. Couldn't agree more. Feel the Steel was ace. I liked a lot of Balls Out too but struggled to get into later stuff.
  9. 17 gigs into this "new normal" gig season. We play weddings and have approx 12-15 a month booked from here until late 2022. We are all double jabbed but the events are pretty much all just a free for all. We do everything we can but, despite having signs everywhere, a dj request sheet away from the stage area, masks etc etc we regularly get drunk idiots trying to get close and demand requests in our faces. On Tuesday our guitarist has tested positive. We all immediately booked PCR tests and only the guitarist tested positive but the rest of us are lateral flow testing daily. This weekend's 3 gigs have all been cancelled because we are all isolating (3 non infected members were contacted by test and trace) and will be back out gigging next Saturday again either with dep guitarist or regular if he's recovered. It'll potentially be a repeating cycle for the forseeable future. We will take every possible precaution but there's very little protection for bands on the function scene.
  10. I recently bought a trace elliot head from Paul. Delighted with my purchase, comms were excellent and Paul was an absolute gent and bought it to a service station right next to a venue I was playing at. Great seller - Thanks Paul.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. No longer on hold so available for sale again.
  13. The crest CA9 is an absolutely brilliant bass power amp. Been looking for a nice one for a while.
  14. Just for the record. I would definitely accept that as a trade for my 1024x.
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