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  1. mrtcat

    Greta Van Fleet - Birmingham O2

    Like many others here, the singer get's on my moobs. I'd take Rival Sons over these guys every day of the week.
  2. I can't comment on the soundcraft gear but I do think you'd be hard pressed to beat the X32 rack as it's currently £634 (over £100 less than the UI24R) and is far more feature packed and configurable than the XR18 and can be expanded in future if you need more ins and outs.
  3. Really fabulous bit of kit for anyone doing live work and ridiculously cheap at the moment. I only stopped using mine to upgrade to an x32 rack which is incredible and seems to have hotter outputs than the XR18 we had.
  4. mrtcat

    Yamaha BB1024 Tobacco burst - mint

    Its 4.3kg or 9.48lbs in old money They are assembled in indonesia. The parts and woods are the exact same as those used in the 2024 with the only difference being that they're not given yamaha's vibration ageing treatment.
  5. The crossover on the 745 is set low (650Hz) so it is the compression driver that handles a large chunk of the vocals and this makes the 745 probably the best pa cab for vocal reproduction there is at this price point.
  6. Not quite. The 4 inch voice coil they refer to is in the high end compression driver not the 15 inch driver. The 15 inch driver is identical on both but the 4 inch compression driver allows the 745 to crossover at a lower frequency. The 3 inch voice coil on the compression driver in the 735 is still a great driver but it's not quite as good as the exceptional one in the 745.
  7. Yes it's a big difference because the 745s are voiced completely differently. The crossover to the horn is way lower on the 745s so it frees the 15 to really do some heavy lifting of the low end and the high end is very smooth so much more comfortable to listen to at high volume. It's not just the size of the driver but the quality of driver where the 745 (same in 735) totally outclasses the 712. I think you'd be very happy with a pair of 735s.
  8. mrtcat

    Small wireless guitar system

    For me latency is the killer with these things. I had a smoothound and as much as it was brilliantly made i used to hate roaming out front because i could hear and feel the latency. It was really offputting. Line 6 G50 these days but the whole 50 yards thing is just spiel. Probably 20 yards is the max I'd trust it to.
  9. I have had a pair of Art 722a and a pair of 745a and they are like night and day. The 745s are absolutely immense. From what I gather the 735s are much closer to the 745s than the 722s so you should notice a big step up. That said I really liked the 722s and can't really imagine how loud the rest would have to be to make it difficult to get the vocals to the front of the mix. Are you using backline or is everything through FOH?
  10. mrtcat

    Yamaha BB1024 Tobacco burst - mint

    Edited to include postage option.
  11. mrtcat

    Best place to find new band members?

    Thanks v much, massively appreciated.
  12. mrtcat

    Best place to find new band members?

    All our ads have my email address on as I'm the main point of contact. Obviously people responding to fb ads can message me direct and if anyone on here wants me or knows anyone who might be interested they can get me at [email protected] 🙂 Thanks for this, I will defo give StarNow a try today. Yeah this is definitely a sensible shout. It's exactly how we lost our current guitarist and I'm sure there's a fair chance we'll find his replacement in a similar way.
  13. mrtcat

    Best place to find new band members?

    Awesome thanks Mark. We are based loosely around south Northamptonshire (Silverstone) but cover a large area. Our band profile is here: https://www.alivenetwork.com/bandpage.asp?bandname=Hypersonix Gigs are usually 4 a month but we will happily do several a week if incomes in. We have only recently joined with Alive Network and they're starting to fill our diary for 2019. Min fee is £150 each but the agreement is that once they have put lots in the diary it will go up to around the £200 mark. Many thanks Tom
  14. Where do you find your band members when someone leaves and you need to replace them? We need a new guitarist and are going to use Gumtree, Facebook, Bandmix, JMB and word of mouth. Is there anywhere else we should be looking? We are an established function band with good agency representation so want to find someone with decent chops. Any suggestions?
  15. Only selling as I now have three of these - which even I can see is a little bit silly. Absolutely smashing bass in really great condition. The best "P" sound I've heard when the p pickup is solo'd and like a fatter version of a jazz bass when both pups are blended. Lovely action, fully working truss rod and a medium/slim neck with satin finish. All in all an absolutely top drawer bass for really very little money. Comes with a tatty case which is fully functional. Pickup from NN12 (south northants) or delivered / meet up within a 25 mile radius. Postage possible at buyers expense (£30 ish) within mainland UK