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  1. Silver slaps are plastic wrapped strings. one little nick and they will unravel into a spaghetti. I like them to play but have had issues in the past with this problem. Could you not loose some length by double wrapping around the tailpiece so the wraps clear the bridge?

  2. My first upright was a Ply Boosey Hawks Excelsior 1/2 size, a great little bass. If you’re going to play through amplification a 1/2 size works well, a bit more feedback resistant in fact. Acoustically you’re going to loose a bit bottom end but that’s offset by easier playing scale length. For solo stuff it would probably be advantageous IMO.
  3. I have used the doubler in the past but I ended up chopping one Piezo, The big single works just fine, the double seemed to thin out the sound on my ply bass. These pickups are as good as any on the market selling for three times the price. If you bought a double and didn't like it you could easily chop it and solder a Female Jack socket on then keep as a spare. Its the best value wing Pup IMO.
  4. I've played bigger Fender jazz necks, Lol. Kay basses are known for thin necks.
  5. Nicholas Dubouchet, what a sense of rhythm. The man has some great chops.
  6. Wayne, I posted a "How to" a little while ago on here, Foam plugs worked best for me, a second sound-post was a pain as I sometimes record or gig acoustically. Have a look back here....
  7. Nancy, If you want a decent EUB go for the Stagg, it won't sound anything like a D/B but then the Wav or NXT won't.... but, its cheap and cheerful and will give you an idea of how different D/B is to slab bass. Non of the basses mentioned here sound anywhere near a real D/B (even an el cheapo D/B) I have played all of these and to my way of thinking the Stagg is the best EUB for the money. If you want D/B sound you need a D/B....Simples!
  8. Crikey! get a bit of 2x1 cut it to the right length (it will take a few goes) and stick it in the Bass side F hole next to the bass bar, It should be tight enough to stop vibrations of the top and slack enough so as it doesn't fall over (or vice verse) A luthier will charge you an arm and a leg for making your bass sound quieter and less feedback prone when everyone else is trying to make their bass louder. Other than that, try making some F hole covers. A quick scroll down the EUB D\Bass page will give you some idea. I don't want to put any luthiers out of work but this is real basic stuff.
  9. Get a Greenboy F112, keep the Tonehammer and yes an Fdec. In front. Just my take on it 😀
  10. What Paul said^^^^ People will tell you its your pre-amp, soundpost, EQ, Set up...Bla! Bla!.. but playing with a loud drummer and guitarist on small stages will always become a problem for Upright Bass, F-hole covers help a lot. Make your own. I used a masking tape template over F-holes, pencil rub the outline, cut the outline and stick it to some gardeners Foam Kneeling Pads. then using a scroll saw cut out the outline. Cheap and it works.
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