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  1. Aye! He's a bit good though!
  2. Nice, and it will help soak up all that dribbling, Engle?
  3. Unbridled self promotion..... BTW Those Canadian Peeps are COOKIN!
  4. Just had a word with Guy @ Tricky Audio, he's still in business. contact can be made through his Facebook page. If anyone is interested. Tricky Audio. https://www.facebook.com/trickyaudio/
  5. Don't be put off by the cheap price, these pick-ups are really good. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/J-tone-Big-double-Bass-Pick-up/201498506263?hash=item2eea3f3417:g:jwYAAMXQn11RfS6F
  6. Greenboy F112 from Tricky audio. http://trickyaudio.com/wp/ You won't need any other cab. Not cheap but you won't need any other cab. Built with the highest components so you won't need any other another cab. Light and easily transportable, so you won't need any other cab. Loud and very clear, Did I mention you won't be needing any other cab?
  7. Help! So how do I change My Basschat name? its been a while... I was young... free?...regrets ...
  8. It looks kinda nice with just the sides stripped. 😁
  9. I can tell you that the weight isn't at all heavy and the box is (about) 10x7x3.5 cm. If you want to shift the shadow Piezos I would be interested. 😁😁
  10. The shadow Rockabilly pro would probably be your best and cheapest choice (Bass bags Β£175) you would have to make up some plugs to fit but that wouldn't be a bad thing. Oh and don't let the rockabilly moniker put you off you get a great pizz sound out of these units and you can blend both channels.
  11. J Tone is simply the best Upright Piezo you can buy for the price. Nothing comes close. All piezo pickups need just the right amount of pressure to work correctly. Opening up or shimming the gap in your bridge is crucial to getting a good tone. J Tone Pickups are built using quality components. I am running one on one of my basses. It sings!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  12. It’s a 1930s Pfretzschner, refurbished by myself.
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