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  1. Note the excited and very pleased crowd.
  2. Ha, 'tis me Mr 'Mandrel'! Not so much rockabilly these days, but definitely still a lot of this...
  3. Such fun to play. You nailed it. its quite a work out on upright....
  4. Gaz's Rockin Blues this Thursday, late. Though I might take the Kay instead. Bit of a lull til Feb then. Ooh, got a night with Oli Darling on 8 Feb in St Johns Wood. Jump 66 Gig list .... http://www.jump66blues.com/gigs/4573404851 THU 30 JAN Gaz's Rockin' Blues, St Moritz Club, Wardour St, Soho FRI 28 FEB Old Station House, Chiswick SAT 14 MAR Ram Jam Records @ The Grey Horse, Kingston FRI 27 MAR Old Station House, Chiswick FRI 1 MAY Old Station House, Chiswick SAT 2 MAY Ram Jam Records @ The Grey Horse, Kingston FRI 29 MAY Old Station House, Chiswick SAT 30 MAY The Bull at Barnes FRI 5 JUN Green Banana Blues Club, Worcester Park SAT 18 JUL Ram Jam Records @ The Grey Horse, Kingston SAT 17 OCT Ram Jam Records @ The Grey Horse, Kingston
  5. Heh, almost certainly not. It was a labour of love, over a couple of weeks. Can’t afford to take that time off work!! Would love to though, if I could afford the time. I can see why luthiers charge a couple of grand to do one... probly
  6. Oh go on then, just one more wafer thin picture ...
  7. It’s silent ... gotta leave the lacquer to harden a few weeks before tuning up. No tension on those strings yet. im sure it'll sound exactly the same as before!
  8. Comparing the ‘37 factory version with my diy: 1937 2020: 1937: 2920:
  9. Ta, and as it were, da: Looks even better with some sunshine on. I’m pleased with the result. Followed the pattern of Keeponehandloose’s ex-bass from same year, roughly:
  10. Ha, I’m risking living on my own! actually it’s not bad ... I just disappear for 5mins now and then. Tiny spray, shut the door ... leave for an hour. It’s fitted really easy around slobby family Christmas.!
  11. Ready for top coat clear lacquer
  12. Latest ... bursting the back in stages ... masks prevent excessive overspray into natural areas, but gotta avoid hard lines! (Note curled edges..). Cheating really but it works. And suddenly there’s flaming...
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