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  1. Small correction - I mixed up Superior Bass Works (US) strings with Slap-Strings.de/Duke Bass 'Gut-A-Likes'. They kinda do the same thing as far as I can see... both worth exploring for serious slapping.
  2. Yeh there are only two opinions that matter round here. 🤩
  3. PS you'll find the tension of the EPs a fraction higher than Silver Slaps, but really only a bit. Same ball park really. Slappity slap.
  4. Ah here we go! My favourite topic for like the last ten years. My current simple answer: Evah Pirazzi Slap (or Weich, if you want a gnat's more tension and growl). For years I loved Innovation SilverSlaps, but also disliked the twangy A (and E). I found the Solo jazz set were a great match with gut D and G though. Actually I still rate that combination - that'd work well for you. Then I went with Cordes Lambert GT47 for a long time, and still find the E and A are about the best substitute for plain gut. But, they're quite an acquired taste, very thick and thumpy. Perfect for roots slapping, but less good if you want the option of playing something more defined and articlated ... jazzy, in a word. And impossible to get hold of. (Superior Bass Works do various Gut-A-Likes which many people recommend - I tried a set once and wasn't wholly convinced - but they are definitely a very good choice for many slappers). More recently, I wanted to get a bit more articulation so I could cut through the mix better, without losing that gut thump. I really play much less slap these days, but I do play hard and thumpy. So I've moved onto Evah Pirazzi - and actually gone for EAD in the end, keeping just the gut G. But gut D would fit nice too. And I've realised the tone is really very similar to the bumped Innovation Solos I liked years ago - and which really never caught on ... don't think I've heard of ANYONE else who tried that combo. On my Kay and King basses, the tension and tone and slap sound is so consistent between EP EAD and gut G - its just perfect. But of course it doesnt disappear into mud like a plain gut E and A. Depending how much slap you play (if any), I'd recommend the slap set for slapping (who'd have thought), and the Weich set for more pizz ... slightly higher tension, but almost identical tone overall. There you go, many years experimenting wrapped up in a few sentences.
  5. Anyone know if he's in action at the moment? I mailed but got no reply....
  6. Actually, look carefully and you can all the cable i use... all of 6” from pickup to belt pack, which is tucked behind tailpiece, held by elastic velcro strap. Total freedom from cables is one of the main reasons i stick with this set up. I even use it in rehearsals. Acts as impedance buffer too, receiver straight into amp. At gigs, turn on amp, turn on transmitter, start playing.
  7. Ace pic Silvia! You caught my adoring family to left too. After 6 months in lockdown we all hate each other now.
  8. You rumbled me. Its all miming. I play to a backing track. Dont tell....
  9. Damn right they do. I've got 3 of the blighters too. Need to pass on one of them, the G50 I think.
  10. PS I think Mr Jack has a bridge?
  11. Just chipping in on strings. I've been having this very conversation (how to get best of both worlds, gut tone and slappability with articulation and definition) for about 15 years now, and I have a shoebox stuffed with more sets of trial strrings than my wife needs to know about. Whackers, slap happy or any other, do a grand job for slap and roots. But if you want to get a bit more definition and articulation in th eE and A for pizz and more modern roots sound - forget it. Premium brands like SBW and Cordes Lamberts (if you can find them) are streets ahead of most other whackers. I dont know the premium Slap Happy's. Rotosound4000 are a step up - possibly these are what was on that show bass you mention. Great strings much loved by rockailly slappers for decades ... but very rubber bandy so lack definition for pizz. I don't like them much, but they're easy to play.. I'd choose Cordes Lamberts any day. Innovation (Gold/Silver Slaps / Rockabillies / Super Silvers) are a MUCH better all rounder for a newbie who wants a gut like tone and easy tension, but still be able to jazz it up. A few tonal subtleties that'll annoy a perfectionist but when amplified they all disappear. Presto (= Eurosonic) Ultralight are pretty much the same. Also Innovation rope-core SOLO set, bumped down to orchestral, make a fabulous all round set with real punch and definition, but slap easily and have well-matched gut-like click. This set up never seems to have caught on but I seriously recommend it as a well hidden-secret that's very similar to the next step up... ... which is Pirastro's Evah Pirazzi, either Slap set with optional gut GD (£££) or Weich set. Great tone, damn good slapping, easy tension. Not quite Marshall Lyttle but sorry, you CAN'T have it all. All the above can be combined with gut G and/or D. Slappity thud. Other strings are available. .
  12. A beer at the next gig should do it (err ... which is Sunday afternoon actually ... at an infamous dogging layby / roadside cafe near Guildford!) Maybe I'll do a video for yas! Or you could swing by one afternoon while I'm dossing out of work..
  13. Aye - nice strings. Keeping EPSlap EAD with a gut G on my Kay for now ... EPweich EAD + gut G on the Mortone (slightly higher tension, punchier sound). Sounds like you need a lesson in changing strings ... two people? Effort? Faffing? What are you playing at man!!? EPs are a dream to string up...
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