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  1. I saw what you did there Ped...
  2. Much as I hate The Voice, this performance is just so cool I wanted to share it...
  3. Here Comes the Judge - Pigmeat Markham
  4. Jake Thackray used to do some cracking stuff as well.
  5. Me too. Not one of his comic songs, but I always loved this one…
  6. Thanks, I will check him out. Sam Wilkes, probably best known for his appearances with Knower, also shows up on a bunch of stuff.
  7. Ethan Farmer (Lionel Richie, Babyface, Backstreet Boys etc.) isn’t exactly a youngster but definitely a monster. Robert “Bubby” Lewis (Snoop Dogg) is also worth checking out.
  8. Slightly off topic, but have you listened to this? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p093gdhc part of the BBC‘s 5 years content. This episode is made entirely of interviews with him.
  9. It feels like running into an old friend. Thanks for that...
  10. Come on over to my house - Julia Lee
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