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  1. SICbass

    My European Tour Feb / March 2019

    Very cool picture Matey.
  2. SICbass

    Mourning the passing of GAS

    So no more GAS then, eh?...................................... .........…Mwah ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!
  3. SICbass

    Marcus Miller headstock

    What changes did they make to the neck profile?
  4. SICbass

    Marcus Miller headstock

    My one and only gripe about my V7 is the skinny frets. I even checked out prices to have mine refretted with jumbo frets, but it would cost almost as much as the price of the bass itself.
  5. SICbass

    anyone else had this e mail?

    Frankly, I don’t know why you’re all being so cynical about it. This is clearly a great opportunity to go out on tour, make a name for yourself and hit the big time. Opportunity may only knock once so grasp this chance with both hands 👍
  6. SICbass

    Louis Cole

    I missed them last year, sold out. I hope to catch them again. Skilled and funny
  7. SICbass

    What floats your boat?

    Naaa, you see I prefer his earlier stuff before he sold out and went all commercial.
  8. Come on now, don't hold back. Tell us what you really think.
  9. Excellent. Thanks for posting.
  10. SICbass

    What on earth...?

    From the first moment, I couldn’t decide whether I absolutely loved this or if it was total horlicks. I still can’t.
  11. SICbass

    What on earth...?

    I have no idea what to make of this.
  12. SICbass

    . . . . more Scary Pockets

    I love the use of pedal slide guitar. Reminiscent of some of Steely Dan’s early stuff.
  13. SICbass

    How was your gig last night?

    Excellent suggestion that. Finding a mutually positive solution to an awkward situation. Nice one 👍
  14. SICbass

    Thumbpick players?

    I saw him live in the early 90s with John Mcglaughlin and Trilok Gurtu. Utterly mind blowing. Up until now I thought he’d just been picking with his thumb and index finger. Thanks for that revelation.