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  1. I find that doing the "p-bass bit of foam under the strings at the bridge" trick can help with this sometimes. Not always practical live (putting the foam in and taking it out) , although if you mess around a bit with thicknesses of foam it is possible to find a happy medium that you can leave in all the time. Also, if anyone has had issues with double triggering which I did get with some basses and not others, I found this excerpt from the manual very helpful NOTE ON LEVEL (global): Sets the volume threshold of the input signal above which the synth begins sounding. If low-volume notes do not trigger the synth then decrease the value. If multiple triggering occurs then increase the value. Also this, NOTE OFF LEVEL (global): Sets the volume threshold of the input signal below which the synth stops sounding. A lower value allows you to sustain notes longer. A higher value allows better articulation of staccato notes.
  2. I used to have a practice amp that would pick up taxi radio.
  3. Did you find your playing rushing a bit towards the end? Am I going too far with this line of questioning? ....yes, yes I probably am.
  4. Some people will really go to any lengths to make it stop, eh?
  5. I guessed that #2 was the V7 ‘cos I own one so know the sound, and that #4 was the HB.
  6. OK, fair enough if you were warned. Your solution sounds very similar to what I would have come up with under those circumstances, which reminds me of a gig we did in 2018. I live in Germany where there's a large Turkish community. We did a lookey-likey show Gala for a Turkish owned firm and we were doing a quiet dinner music set before the show-proper kicked off. As the doors opened one of the organisers turned to us and said, "Can you do a couple of Turkish tunes just to get things started?" We're always willing to be flexible and oblige where possible, but there we had to pass. I simply couldn't name you one traditional Turkish tune.
  7. How many reworkings of La Bamba can one come up with at short notice...? OK there’s always La Cucaracha, but that’s just about it...
  8. There were numerous aberrations. Two in particular spring to mind. 1.) While rehearsing in a complex of rehearsal rooms he insisted on sitting in the doorway with the door open and wanted everything really loud. When we suggested that this wouldn‘t be cool for other bands rehearsing there, his response was. “F*ck ‘em!” 2.) Our sax player was a German guy of mixed race who spoke good English but wasn’t familiar with all forms of colloquial English. Mr. Proby asked him to play some yackety sax. Our sax player didn’t immediately understand what he meant. His response? “Ya know, play me some of that n*gger sh*t.” Fortunately for Mr. Proby, our Sax player, who’s about 6” taller than him, is a very calm person. I would have snotted the tw*t on the spot.
  9. I did a couple of gigs backing PJ Proby some years ago. An utter and irredeemable cockwomble of the highest order.
  10. Einstein can’t be classed as witless, he claimed atoms were the littlest, but when he did a little split-l-little-iss frightened everybody shitless
  11. Now THERE’S a statement you don’t often hear 😏
  12. That looks well nice. I googled around and here’s what Ed Friedland had to say about it: https://www.google.de/amp/s/www.bassplayer.com/.amp/gear/review-yamaha-trbx50-5-string
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