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  1. @Bluewine Blue needs to hear this.
  2. Joyful. Thanks for posting 👍
  3. Me too. I‘ve been playing for a living since I was a teenager. I’m now in my early 50s and have only managed to force myself to crack a smile when a camera is pointing at me in the last couple of years. I still can’t do it while playing.
  4. Dear Blue, we‘re bass players and maybe not the big showmakers, I get it but FFS smile! 😉
  5. Prince‘s quote about Sonny T. (I think it was on the cover of the Diamonds and Pearls album) prince on sonny t........cool quote ! "my childhood idol on the bass-sonny t.he can play a french girl's measurements on the bass and make u see' em"
  6. Lovely. Once again confirming the impression that he really is a thoroughly nice person.
  7. Did you manage to keep your cool or did you melt and go all fan boy? I suspect I might have done the latter.
  8. So essentially the whole thing is driven by the ego battle between the guitarist and the singer. Who knew? 😘
  9. @Jimothey don’t be so hard on yourself. The main defining factor is simply if the listener is familiar with the track in question.
  10. Sorry, no bells ringing here.
  11. Theme from Shaft “Can you dig it?”
  12. Kissed by a Rose 🌹 by Seal?
  13. That surprises me. Johnny W. and I seem to generally know a lot of the same stuff. Here it is, if you’re interested. One of my top 5 songs. One of those ones that makes me tearful and I’ve no idea why.
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