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  1. SICbass

    Anyone been to Prague....

    Sounds like something of a niche-market to me 🤫
  2. SICbass

    Excellent Joe Walsh

    Aaaah, oversight on my part. Sorry if I got your hopes up there HappyJack. I just googled Joe Walsh Tour, landed on that website and neglected to read the small print. As you were......
  3. SICbass

    Excellent Joe Walsh

    Thanks for all those tips guys. Loads to dive into. I’ve just looked at his website and he’s on tour in the UK in June and July of next year. https://www.joewalsh.com/news/297841
  4. SICbass

    Excellent Joe Walsh

    I have always been aware of Joe Walsh and known that he'd done some great music, but have never really listened to any of it. I just stumbled over this excerpt of him from "Live at Daryl's House" and it kept me listening. All that is great about some of the music made in the sixties and seventies. I hope you enjoy it too.
  5. SICbass

    The greatest bass lines to learn ?

    Isn‘t that originally with a pick? Which, if it is, would make it even trickier (for me at least).
  6. SICbass

    I'm never gonna do a gig ... but

    I’ve still got one of these (although I never use it) and to be honest they sound a bit thin and twangy. The effects aren’t exactly thrilling either.
  7. SICbass

    Vester Clipper II new pickups

    Good advice there from Shaggy. Just to re-emphasize his mention of the active circuit, John East stuff is highly recommendable.
  8. SICbass

    I'm never gonna do a gig ... but

    Ohhhhh! And these undies were just fresh on ‘n all.
  9. SICbass

    best iPhone app for recording a rehearsal?

    I’ve used GarageBand as a practice/play along, so not quite as you’re intending to it, and find the small phone-format a bit faffy. For your purposes i.e. a quick rehearsal recording VoiceMemo should be adequate.
  10. SICbass

    George Duke, Christian McBride Funk.

    I think I was at that gig. Did Philip Bailey do his hit at the time “Walking on the Chinese Wall”? And was James Earl “playing bass” for Stanley Clarke?
  11. SICbass

    Best Heckle

    I saw a disco/funk band in the 80s in Liverpool. The dance floor was empty so the singer shouts out, “Come on folks let’s see you all up on the dance floor!”. So, one guy gets up and starts dancing in the middle of the dance floor, at which point the singer goes back to the mic and says, “Not like that mate, you look a c**t!” Harsh, I know, but flawless timing.
  12. SICbass

    Bog Standard Bass

    Still, he is selling it at dumping price.
  13. SICbass

    Caffeine and hearing loss

    I wasn‘t aware of that. Thanks for posting.
  14. Given the Lakland content and the high quality parts, if the overall “ensemble“ jives well together, that‘s one heck of a lot of bass for the money. I‘m not on the market myself, but if you were to put up some soundbytes of this baby you may significantly increase your chances of a sale.
  15. SICbass


    Yeah, it's sometimes surprising how that is. I don't know whether it's the andrenaline or what, but after 10-15 mins of playing, injuries that have us wondering if we can make it through the gig, miraculously stop hurting. I've had monster huge blisters that I got from playing upright bass (which I don't do often) burst mid gig and within minutes become painless. Glad to hear you had a good gig.