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  1. Well that can’t be right because it would imply that.... Oh, wait...
  2. Playing bass in a band will get you girls.
  3. And then, of course, there’ll be the whole patenting debacle with those good ol’boys over at ZZ Top. Nightmare!
  4. It really is worth a bit of time and effort - @Quatschmacher is super helpful. Give it a go 👍
  5. I hadn’t heard of them before this thread. They were that cheap? I thought 79 quid sounded reasonable.
  6. https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/sue-ryder-precision-bass-guitar-£99-shipped-mainland-uk/1300990108 If you‘re still curious...
  7. From all accounts a very nice bloke. He did indeed have top-class musicians, not least of all because he paid very well indeed. If reports are to be believed, he even, on one occasion, funded the complete mortgage up front of a band member and allowed them to pay it back to him at a super fair rate.
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