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  1. I found this interesting. I like both the song and his singing. Love him or hate him, he is certainly an interesting artist.
  2. Yep, I know exactly what you mean. Or waiting for as long as possible to catch the end of a tune but without recording the DJ blabbing at the end (over a cool guitar solo or bass fill(.
  3. The image it conjures immediately transported me back to teen years, waiting to hear something I liked on radio 1 and leaping for the play and record buttons on the cassette deck of our music centre.
  4. Beat me to it. Definitely doable as a trio and, imho, a bit more accessible for audiences.
  5. They featured on the track Big Time (also from the So album). On the album version, Tony Levin played the left hand and Jerry Marotta drummed the right. Needing a viable way to simulate this live, the funk fingers were invented. I seem to recall him even having a three string bass built for this purpose, when playing the song live, allowing more space between the strings.
  6. With a rocky, guitar based line-up, Thin Lizzy often works well. The Boys are Back in Town or even Sarah
  7. Obvs, innit? NBD - you either share it with that shower at BC or the shower at home.
  8. I ran across this story a couple of days ago. It seems the state of Bavaria are charging several firms (including Thomann) over price-fixing. In the interests of transparency, I am a frequent Thomann customer and enjoy their service, so I have no bias one way or another. I just found this interesting. "Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has fined three music brands and two dealers a total of €21m for price-fixing. They are Yamaha, Roland, Fender, Thomann and Music Store. READ MORE: Korg, Roland and GAK fined £5.75m for breaking retail competition law The companies were accused of “systematically” restricting price competition, colluding to set minimum prices on goods in 13 instances between April 2014 and December 2018, said the Cartel Office. This is in accordance with the EU’s competition rules which protects consumers against practices such as price fixing. A statement explained that when the retailers undercut minimum sales prices, staff at Yamaha, Roland and Fender would “on several occasions contact Thomann and Music Store and ask these retailers to adjust their sales prices, which they also did in many cases.” The whole article can be found here... https://www.musictech.net/news/industry/yamaha-roland-fender-thomann-music-store-fined-total-of-e21m-for-price-fixing/
  9. Stop! In the name of love - The Supremes
  10. I had a funny sort of in between experience when seeing Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. I’ve seen fabulous musicians whose virtuosity stood out of reach and left me feeling a little inadequate. B F and the Flecktones where just so extraterrestrial in their abilities that I simply enjoyed it unshackled from any sense of inadequacy. It was other worldly.
  11. Good luck and thanks for what you do in your day job. It’s been alluded to here already, but to reiterate.. Don’t sweat it over mistakes. My overwhelming memory of my first gig, some 35 years ago was the shock and relief at how much the audience (and even fellow band members) didn’t even notice my gaffs. Clearly that’s not your goal, but it might go some way to taking the pressure off, at least until you have your first few gigs under your belt. Have fun and be sure to tell us all how it went 👍
  12. You are an orangutan and I claim my 5 pounds
  13. Given the average age of our membership, I am not sure that that is so 😎
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