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  1. If you like the sound of an old Trace 2x10 but a chore to lift it, this is the replacement. Similar in sound, handling more power and clarity, but LESS weight. It’s virtually the cost of the speakers.
  2. Easily manageable for transportation. Solid cab with ceramic speakers. Excellent sound. Subtle tweeter control. The original 10” speakers were 2 x 150W made by Eminence. I replaced the speakers just for a bit more headroom with 2 x 200W for my Ashdown ABM500 head. The new Eminence Legend BP102 speakers, recommended by ‘Lean Business’ are 4 ohm wired in series as an 8 ohm cab. They have added just a tad to the overall weight. Welcome to trial here in WV149PU, you won’t be disappointed. Link to model - and note the weight! http://www.genzbenz.com/?fa=detail&mid=2859&sid=704&cid=96 Cheers, Geoff Tele 01902 833173
  3. Very good condition, all original, right weight around 4-4.1kg. It’s a warm balanced typical JV sound throughout. The action is not low enough for me having small hands and it may need a professional guitar tech to sort it. On the other hand, the action may be perfectly ok for some players. I’ve priced this to reflect potential rectification. Includes case. Welcome to try out here in Coseley, West Midlands before purchase obviously. Can post.
  4. Very good condition and perfect working order (no knob issue) 450W. (800W inst.Peak) You’re welcome to test/try out here in Coseley, West Midlands. Cheers Geoff 01902 833173
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