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  1. I’ve just bit the bullet and ordered a Gator GC-ELEC-XL Guitar ABS Case from Amazon for my CIJ Mustang bass. I’ve been comparing lengths and I know I’ll be cutting into the padding a little maybe just for the strap button.
  2. It’s not that important to clarify the colour but it is Blizzard Pearl Cheers
  3. In absolute stunning condition. The colour is Blizzard Pearl. It’s a creamy translucent pearl finish on alder that can look white under certain lighting. Maple neck/rosewood board. Has the pickup parallel/series S1 PB/volume pot. Good action 45-105. Strings through body/high mass vintage bridge. As well as the good looks, it sounds brilliant. No mods. Includes moulded Fender case, truss rod wrench, saddle key. Welcome to trial here in Coseley through amp. Can negotiate shipping if necessary. Cheers Geoff
  4. 450 Watts into 4 ohms (about 300 into 😎 Effects loop, tuner out, and balance DI out with ground lift. Front panel has the classic Markbass 4 band parametric EQ, unbalanced and balanced inputs and the VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) filter. Has a superb bass tone and really moves some serious air. I use this with a pair of Vanderkley 112EXTs and really cuts through the mix. Note, this is an earlier model to the LMII and is slightly larger, possibly due to the toroidal transformer similar to early Ashdown. Whether it’s psychological, it’s seems to have more body than the LMII. Comes with a padded gig bag. Welcome to trial/test here. Can negotiate sending. Cheers Geoff
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Free but for the cost of envelope postage (e.g 1st class UK Mainland) 07757296948 Geoff
  7. I have two of these but one has to go now since I bought a Mark 1. IMO the later Class D designs lack feel when playing. I don’t know what it is as it’s difficult to explain - a different topic) obviously there’s other guys to the contrary. Anyway, full working order, loud and clear, nice condition and guaranteed to get applause from the audience out there - as long as you play the rIght notes
  8. 280w power amp rounded up to 300 for the numbers game. Made by the original Trace Elliot team in England around mid 90’s during the Trace golden era. The amp is in very good condition and all controls fully functional. The fan has possibly been replaced sometime during its life. The amp delivers a great sound and is super loud. Some players are coming back to the A/B design and this is not too heavy. Features: - Hybrid solid state / valve preamp blend control - 12 band graphic EQ with controllable level - Two Trace Elliot Pre-Shape EQ settings - On-board high and low compression controls - DI out There’s a faint whir from the fan which is not uncommon but cannot be heard whilst playing, after all the amp was not made for the bedroom. There is also a few minor marks on the carpet covering central to the top view. Welcome to trial here in WV14 West Midlands, or I’ll meet within a reasonable distance as I prefer not to ship as I’ve had experience with the loss of an amp during shipping in the past. Although I’d reluctantly send.
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