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  1. Condition as new. Brilliant warm punchy balanced tone. Passive pickups, active preamp (PP3) so you can pump up the volume if need be - without losing tone. Beautiful action. Full sound. Great action. Comes with £52 canvas case which is reinforced and is softer on the car. Welcome to test/try out here in Coseley, West Midlands. Please message for more pics if req’d. Cheers, Geoff
  2. Lads, I’ve had a few but don’t want to ruin the Trace ads
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  4. Thanks for nice words all. It’s just been sold to a young punk lad.
  5. At the age of 70? Na, I’ve been going round in circles for the past xx .years. I love Trace. 1x15 and 2x10 but I can hardly lift them now so I’ve gone Genz Benz cabs. I like to sell stuff at a good price to others, what I’d like to pay. Always been the same, not greedy. I think Ive lost about £1k over the last couple of years. Daft innit but I follow my mom, she can never make her mind up. I’ve had the best many times and sold it. My 77 Stingray went for £1k several years ago. It took me 25 years on lead guitar to get MY sound. Swapped many a pre CBS Strat when they were £350. Ended up with 62 Strat and a Musicman RD50 better than 65, 1x12 with e/v speaker. Fat sounding guitar through toppy amp, perfect. ..no nothing to do with Cash Converters, just me!
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