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  1. I love my Blackstar Artist ! I had a Rat modded Epiphone Valve Jr but the Blackstar is so much nicer. I have it doubled up with a Yamaha THR10 and an AB switch and between them they can do everything and together are sublime. Good price here :` https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/blackstar-artist-10th-anniversary-edition?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIyIjluYTM5QIVg7TtCh3V_wnJEAQYASABEgIrRvD_BwE
  2. Should I up the price on that basis ?
  3. Sorry I didn't mean the Wal sound was mythical - it is obviously unique like a Ric or a Stingray etc. I was just questioning whether you were paying a premium for something which was just different rather than being better , the inflated prices creating the impression that you were getting something more for your money than a bass of the same build quality, which could cost a quarter of the price.( Mayones, Marleaux, Shuker, ACG, Alpher etc) The bassists in your examples above are genius level and would sound great on a Harley Benton and it is difficult to attribute how much of the sound comes from their talent and how much is from the bass, other than the bass is providing an appropriate tone for the music they are playing. Would Nathan East sound better on a Wal or his Yamaha or would he be amazing on both ? The worst thing about this thread is that I've now got GAS for a Wal just to find out what I'm missing !
  4. I completely agree and I have got some other higher end basses listed for sale on here, but nothing is moving even having experimented with dropping prices into the realms of stupidity. The successful deals on here have been an absolute joy and I have met some fantastic people, but the 3 deals which have gone wrong the worst for me(in any marketplace) have also been on here, so I am a bit more open minded now about where I list or buy from.
  5. If you can get in the ballpark for £2.5k for example is it worth the £4k more to nail it ? Obviously if funds aren't an issue why wouldn't you, but do you think you are paying a premium for something real or mythical ? Obviously demand is driving the prices up so there is a lot of love out there , further evidenced by not many coming up for sale used - I guess they are worth what people are willing to pay, but are they just different rather than being better ?
  6. Yes the bass is listed at a budget price so there was no attempt to make it seem like anything other than the bass it is. The potential buyer wanted to come and see it before purchase( which is now stupidly against ebay's rules - I'm not going to bypass them as it might compromise me getting the £1final value deal which I get quite often and which can be a massive saving on fees on the dear items ) so could just have been for clarification having seen the TRC as something unusual or maybe it was a prelude to attempting to leverage the price down. It's a cracking bass for the money - I'm now wondering should I just keep it.- I had another buyer asking me if the truss rod had been damaged due to the TRC change - I must confess I always now ask about the truss rod and ask sellers to confirm that its working having been ripped off on here, so didn't really mind checking and confirming it was o.k. Maybe I'm just cynical but I've got quite a lot of stuff on ebay at the moment and the questions do seem more related to price negotiation tactics than genuine requests for information.
  7. Many thanks for all of your responses. The Ebayer sent the following in his message : I am interested in this but not sure that it is an Epiphone as the ones I have seen have a metal backplate stamped and numbered, if it is a Japanese copy such as Tokai for instance which I think it may be.... It bothered me as I didn't want it to end up as an item not as described claim having already had a none paying bidder and someone from Italy bidding on a collection only bass this week. I explicitly said in the listing it was an Epiphone not a Gibson so as to avoid that confusion. Buying is so much better than selling !
  8. Puzzled by the appeal of Wal's as said above. To me they are a bit like the Akai Deep Impact - very collectible but nowhere near worth the price they go for. This one looks nicer than usual admittedly - they normally look like they've been faced with wood from your nan's 1970's wardrobes IMHO but I guess equally that's what floats some people's boats.
  9. Really nice - just checked out the maker's Facebook site and there are more pics of some beautiful basses - GAS !
  10. I enjoyed that - despite getting them all wrong ! I had the dearest as the cheapest but it only goes to show how subjective opinions are. Bass A did it for me completely ! Loved your playing too Oliver - Thanks .
  11. I'm currently selling an Epiphone Thunderbird on Ebay and have just been messaged by somebody saying he doesn't think it is an Epiphone. The guitar has a Gibson truss rod cover, an Epiphone neckplate and a serial number that checks out as a 2012 model. Pictures attached as below : I bought the bass used from an LGS of which I'm a good customer so don't believe they would have tried to mislead me. Any experts out there have any thoughts ?
  12. Such lovely necks on the Ibby Sr's and with the Nordy Big Singles it's the perfect package ! A classy, timeless finish too !
  13. https://www.gak.co.uk/en/epiphone-allen-woody-signature-bass/1920?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgqSv6_eW5QIVCUPTCh2chAd0EAQYAyABEgL_mvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Love mine.
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