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  1. I offered £175 - I wouldn't risk any more with it being a copy but was rejected. It does look nice though.
  2. I've got the red Jazz version and its a cracking bass. The artists definitely have the fancy tops. My Lodestone has outlasted every other bass in my collection including many customs, so testament to how good they are. GLWTS Jay.
  3. Ha Ha, - yes I've got one and know how light it is - copied the weight of the PMT site and that'll include the bag and packaging etc. Schoolboy error !😁
  4. https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/gibson-2019-eb-bass-4-string-natural-satin#product-details 6 Kg's -cracking bass .
  5. Shifted my V7 V2 after a few months - sounded nice, had horrible neck dive which I've not heard anybody complain about before.
  6. Yes still really liking it - I think the pace of the lessons is spot on and even the backing tracks used in the warmups are really good. Post registration you do get an email a day from Nigel, but I guess that is to be expected from a commercial site. I've raised a couple of questions through their chat and I have received a response within 24 hours so nothing not to like so far. Definitely going tro sign up after the trial.
  7. I registered for the 14 free days on the Mcgill site and think it's absolutely brilliant, quality lessons, good songs and really well structured. Last night's Masterclass with Roxy Coss was awesome. Think I will definitely subscribe at the end of the trial. Wondering if I leave it a litle bit whether he would offer a discount as an incentive as some other sites I've been on in the past have done.
  8. Does anybody know their contact details ? I wanted to ask why my bullet has no body decal. All the hardware is Sandberg - it's in a Sandberg gigbag etc. so I have no reason to doubt it's authenticity but unusual not to have the decal.
  9. I want one even more now ! Thanks for the post.
  10. Yup - exactly my approach the bass and guitar playing. Be a shame to change now ! 😁
  11. Let me know how you are getting on or if you find any good resources .
  12. I've just ordered a Roland AE10 . I had an Alto about 20 years ago but it was just too loud to play in the house - the AE10 is the perfect compromise for me and I can use effects ! I'm dying to get started but I'm a bit unsure of how all the tutorials will translate into digital sax. Of the youtube vids I've been watching while I wait for it to arrive, I've liked the McGill ones the best although it looks like its £179 a year for a membership. I'll try the free 14 days and see how I get on.
  13. Hi Dave - welcome on board. Ed.
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