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  1. Despite saying I'd never buy another Ashdown product I've just bought Burno70's Little Bastard 30 - it actually works and sounds like a bass amp !

    Stunning but needs gold strings ! GLWTS
  3. Someone on here did the same to me - he insisted I pay by paypal so I said I'll do it on my phone when I collect the bass. Travelled 30 miles to a venue he specified only for him not to show up. Definite scam tactics !
  4. Supro Basses

    Cheers guys all really useful info but now I want one and I have no money
  5. Supro Basses

    Anybody tried a Supro bass ? http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/SUPRO.html That Huntington 2 looks gorgeous.
  6. Sigh.....this is what we're up against

    I loved the first bass player I would have stopped for a while , given him some cash and tried to buy his squier off him ,but can completely appreciate why he was getting ignored. There was a magnificent string quartet playing in Liverpool city centre once with nobody watching whilst just round the corner guys dancing with jedward masks on had a crowd of hundreds. That was the market at the time.
  7. Sigh.....this is what we're up against

    I couldn't watch it - I found the red knob too upsetting.
  8. Complaining Neighbour

    Phil Jones BigHead - great quality sound.
  9. Hi - I do appreciate you taking the time to explain the history in detail and as a concept the B- Social is a magnificent thing and I do applaud you for trying to produce it .The b stock item I purchased was reduced in price, but as you have noted above, it was actually a second hand unit and would therefore never have commanded the full price irrespective of the subsequent issues encountered. The delivery of my item was delayed as your engineer was off work ill and you told me you needed to wait for his return as every B stock product is checked prior to dispatch. This check clearly never happened, presumably due to the backlog of work and the volume of orders to be processed before your Christmas closedown. So with the initial delay, a faulty product and the no show courier wasting my last day's holiday , you can understand my frustration - which you have apologised for and I have had a full refund with no quibbles. A previous Ashdown purchase was a CTM-15 head which hissed like crazy when the gain was turned up - a problem which seemed to be encountered by numerous users having googled the issue. Like BigRedx in the other B-Social post, my recollection was of poor customer service in relation to resolving this issue, but similarly this was a few years ago and I have no email trail relating to it. Maybe I have just been unlucky, as I can see there are many happy Ashdown customers out there, but in a competitive market it would seem to make no business sense for inconsistent quality control and customer service.
  10. I appreciate the apology for the courier debacle but would be extremely grateful if you could explain the B- Social quality issues as you said you would in your earlier post.
  11. I agree with BigRedX the only thing that matters is the experience received by the individual. Being busy over the least few weeks explains the bad customer service but does not excuse it. What reason can there possibly be for the sorry build quality that Maude uncovered having taken his amp apart ? I appreciate this is not an issue unique to Ashdown , but the important thing to me is how companies make things right . Having sold me a shoddy product the least they could have done was to have arranged the courier to collect it on the agreed date, then I wouldn't have wasted a days holiday and put my elderly parents to the trouble of having to take it to the post office to return it, especially when the initial delivery had been delayed supposedly for an engineer to check the amp before it was sent to me.
  12. I completely disagree with the change in title - the response from Ashdown tries to explain why their admin has been so poor over the last few weeks resulting in a horrible customer experience, but it does not address the main issue of the dreadful build quality and none existent quality control in relation to the B- Social as uncovered by Maude resulting in several of us returning the units for a refund. ( what response can possibly excuse this - hopefully we'll see tomorrow?) I'd never touch another Ashdown product.
  13. £230 from the Ashdown ebay store.
  14. Things you'll never have GAS for again

    Ashdown products
  15. At least I got my money back without issue.