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  1. Yes the swb is also a joy to play - perfect balance and the EMG's sound great.
  2. Here's my three - got flats on the SWB pro and rounds on the ACG which is just an absolute masterpiece. The baby in the middle is an RMI Boomslang nano which is strung piccolo and great fun to play.
  3. Don't think I'd pay £1.20 with that action !
  4. Completely agree with all of the comments above. I bought Claire's Mod Duo pedal and everything was perfect. Thanks Claire.
  5. Bought Luke's ACG Krell and it's truly one of the best basses I've ever owned.Luke wanted to ensure that the bass was packaged appropriately for delivery which meant I had to wait a bit longer than usual , but it was definitely worth it. Recommended BC'er !
  6. This is worth a watch - it's pretty funny https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p087qvkf/the-kemps-all-true
  7. Hi, could you post a picture of the ding or any other blemishes please. This is truly stunning !
  8. I'm dying to see what pups it has . Is it a flea bass or possibly a Rickenbarker ?
  9. The nicest bass for sale on BC at the moment !
  10. I've just sold an EHX C9 pedal on ebay and was pleased till I saw the buyer has no feedback at all. I've been paid through Paypal and will send the parcel fully insured with tracking and have posted the tracking number on the ebay listing. Everything might work out fine, but I just wondered if there is a creative way of 'invisibly' marking the pedal so I can clearly identify it as the one I sent should there be any issues later ?Any method would obviously need to stand up to ebay scrutiny. I don't think EHX have serial numbers unfortunately.
  11. Ik Multimedia Iloud micros - tiny but with a decent sound and bluetooth.
  12. Bought a Digitech Trio off Brian. Exactly as described, well packaged and fast delivery. Couldn't ask for more. Many Thanks.
  13. Just bought an Italia Maranello off Nick and I couldn't be happier. The bass was exactly as described, packaged really well and Nick accommodated my payment and delivery requests ensuring I got the bass next day. One of the easiest and most pleasant transactions I've had on here. Many Thanks.
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