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  1. Seen something else I want to price drop until it goes .
  2. The Cort headstock is at least to scale and is quite tasteful. This Bite one looks like this with tuners IMHO.
  3. The bass itself looks o.k, the headstock shape and logo look really cheap and nasty. Why would you do that ????
  4. just putting another lottery ticket on ......... That bass is so cool !
  5. Hi Mark, Completely open minded - guitars or basses, any number of strings ! Whatever it is it needs to be in mint condition that's my only prerequisite. Hit me up if you've got something in mind. Ed
  6. Lovely bass - if you decide to do trades........
  7. I had a CTM15 and the B- Social which were both terrible and I've got an LB30 which is sublime. Just need to sort out quality control issues.
  8. That's gorgeous ! You're selling off some lovely gear this year Jay !
  9. What do bandmates know ! (Bet they play Fenders - zzzzzzzz!) Sickener about the boiler - you sir have my commiserations !
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