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  1. I had the Bassbase 400 for years, loved it but it could have done with a little more power sometimes (not that often). High quality gear, and you can experiment new tones with an easy swap of the the 12AX7 preamp tube. I have sold it to buy a good class D, that I have eventually just traded for a big transformer amp. Same old story... Otherwise I would have bought this in a wink. This is a real bargain !
  2. Thanks again for the tip @Matt P, I have just replaced the overdrive tube with the preamp tube and it now works perfectly fine ! The covers simply needed a small push down and rotation indeed I have swapped the preamp tube with a new old stock RCA grey plate 12AX7, and the sound is much clearer when the gain is pushed up, you have to push it really high to get a little overdrive. Some would say it is more hifi. @Salt on your Bass?, everything is sorted now and I'm happy with the amp ! I did not have the time to test the former overdrive channel tube, I might do some day.
  3. Thanks a lot for this Matt ! Really usefull, I'll have a go asap. Cheers
  4. Hello, This is a bit of an old topic, I know. How did the story finish ? I have just received a Fender TB1200 and the tube overdrive channel does not work, it produces no sound at all when fully balanced to the overdrive channel. (the other channel is a killer, apart from that) This must be the tube that is either dead or has moved during the shipment. I have already changed 12AX7 tubes in other amps without any problem, but I have to say that there are some metal protections screwed above the tubes and in view of the masssive transformer I do not dare touch the metal pieces in there : I am not even sure what screwdriver I shoud use And there is one side without a screw, but some resistor underneath : Any advice would be welcome !
  5. No doubt it does feel like a good japanese made bass
  6. Hello, This is a lovely bass and a very good price as well. Unfortunately, the SR necks are too thin for me. I'm afraid this was not made in Japan, but in Korea, as printed on the back of the headstock if you zoom in. Nothing negative here, I have an Epiphone Ripper, made in Korea and all maple as well, and the quality is really astonishing, especially in view of the price.
  7. I am in love with this bass. I owned one, same natural finish, and only sold it because I found a BB1200s in excellent condition. I should have kept it with the flatwounds on for a change. These are superb instruments.
  8. @TheGreek, this bass is fantastic indeed, and I've had a great time playing with it for a few years. It is far more than a J, does a lot of things and responds to your playing really well. You can feel the care that was involved in the making of the instrument. If I hadn't had a second child in between and a luthier built P, and no more serious porject, and a few spare quids, I'd have had it back.
  9. This amp is brilliant. I have one in black and love it as a practice amp in the house : you can get a wide array of tones, and it sounds warm and precise even at low volume. You can clearly hear the difference between the instruments you plug in, and their tonal typicity, which is cool when you like to try out various basses. Can't justify having two, though.
  10. Happy birthday Mick ! I would get this one back if I had not just got my first luthier built P and a 4 month old son
  11. I forgot to mention the super fast, smooth, glossy, silky finish on the back of the neck. Yum.
  12. I confirm this is a fantastic instrument. The figured wood of the fretboard is a genuine hypnotist, and the colour over the slightly darkened grain of the ash is gorgeous. The neck is just right, not too thin, unlike on most jazz basses (i.m.o.), and the electronics provide a VERY wide array of tones. Set the EQ to noon and you get the passive tone. I would definitely buy it again back from you if I had not had a luthier project delivered (same woods, same tuners, same bridge... wonder why...)
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