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  1. You may try this ? https://thegenerationofmusic.wordpress.com/2019/09/21/how-to-stop-the-rattling-tuners-of-a-yamaha-bb-series-bass-guitar/ [just doubled checked, and the new BB tuners are not the same - I'm leaving the comment though, as that might help sort out some old ones]
  2. To follow up and conclude with the item - small parcel worth about £50 - sent to France on 18th January and received on 25th January : I was asked nothing, no extra charge. to date
  3. Possibly. The 3 knobs rather than 2 and a switch are uncommon as well. When I saw it, it belonged to a French guy, it had had a Jazz pickup set up beforehand and still had the routing underneath the pickguard, but was back to PJ configuration. No idea where it is now. I may try and find our conversation from I can't remember which site, and ask who he sold it to.
  4. I have never played a BB2000 or BB2000A. They must be terrific as well. If I behave - 🤞 - I'll stick to the 1200s and the 2024 (I'd love a sunburst 2024x instead, but for the looks only). I enjoy trying various basses, and I generally prefer maple boards, but those BBs really are amazing instruments. I've let a white BB2024x with a maple board go to someone else a couple of years ago as I did not have the cash at the moment. It was this one. If it came up again, I'd sell my BB2024 and buy it. It would surely tick all the boxes for me.
  5. I have one for sale here :
  6. Not sure which switch at the moment. I'll try some spray and check the soldering, but electronics is not my thing.
  7. I may well have found the missing link between a Yamaha BB1200s and a BB2024 : the Yamaha BB1000s ! I've just bought it second hand, sent by post, as "in very good condition", but is is clearly roadworn, has been played a lot in the 80s and 90s, has a lot of dings, the fretboard after the nut has suffered from I do not know what, and I am not sure the tuners are original. The 3 way pickup selector seems to be dead. But these are extraordinarily solid : it plays really well, the frets are good. Through neck vs bolt-on : Same headstock design, different tuners Same jack socket 2 stripes 1 stripe Deeper cutaway on the G side on the 2024 The nut : still operatin, not sure how :
  8. Good choice, monsieur. Tomorrow maybe ? 😊
  9. Hello, PRICE DROP ! Now £480 / 550€ PLEASE be aware that as the bass is in France, there might be import charges or delay to the UK. No probs with the rest of Europe. For sale is this rather uncommon Yamaha SuperBass800, made in Japan in 1978 and still in very good condition. - Alder body - 1 piece quartersawn maple neck with natural white block inlays, gloss finish - 42mm nut : a Jazz bass with a Precision neck - "Progressive" headstock and back of neck design 😎 - 4 to 4.1kg : under 9lbs Following the Yamaha BB serial chart, the SB800 was made in 1978. It has the same sturdy bridge and general construction as the BroadBass series with 2 jazz pickups : Vol / Vol / Tone The neck pickup has a Precisionesque tone, it is overall quite woody. Absolutely no buzz. It is just back from the luthier for a general check-up and set up : the trussrod works fine but is almost to a maximum, set up with 45-105s. Here is for the neck : back of neck sb800.mp4 In the broad bass body category : Asking for £480 / 550€ Shipping is not a problem. Options to be discussed. I can include a brand new Gator GL lightweight case worth 55€ as I prefer not so ship with neck off. Any questions or further pics needed, please ask. Cheers
  10. -- Now on hold - Hello, PLEASE be aware that as the bass is in France, there might be import charges or delay to the UK. No probs with the rest of Europe. For sale is this beautiful Fender American Original 50s Precision in 2 tone sunburst from 2018 This is the updated version of the American Vintage 58 Precision bass, with a flatter 9.5 radius, and no pre-drilled holes in the body for the bridge and p-up covers It is a lovely bass, with endless sustain, probalby thanks to the nitro lacquer, wide neck and attention to detail in these series. Articulate low mids, and great warmth from the Pure Vintage 58 split-coil pickup with enamel-coated coil and raised pole pieces under the A string. Rather lightweight (I need new batteries in the scales...), 4-ish kg / under 9lb I would say, tbc later. 44mm / 1.73" at nut (bone) : wide and shallow profile (not sure why they call it "thick C"), reverse tuners Nitro lacquer finish In very good condition, in its orginal tweed case with all the paper bits and case candy. If you like a Precision, you immediately feel at home with this one, it is really responsive and feels natural. A well made short video grabbed from the net : Only selling as I have another maple Fender P incoming, and a few spares. Asking for 1450€ / £1260 These cost 2000€ new. Shipping with insurance would cost around 50 to 60€ to anywhere in Europe, taking from 2 to 5 days fully insured at buyer's cost. I have a feedback thread. Cheers.
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