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  1. @TheGreek, this bass is fantastic indeed, and I've had a great time playing with it for a few years. It is far more than a J, does a lot of things and responds to your playing really well. You can feel the care that was involved in the making of the instrument. If I hadn't had a second child in between and a luthier built P, and no more serious porject, and a few spare quids, I'd have had it back.
  2. This amp is brilliant. I have one in black and love it as a practice amp in the house : you can get a wide array of tones, and it sounds warm and precise even at low volume. You can clearly hear the difference between the instruments you plug in, and their tonal typicity, which is cool when you like to try out various basses. Can't justify having two, though.
  3. Happy birthday Mick ! I would get this one back if I had not just got my first luthier built P and a 4 month old son
  4. I forgot to mention the super fast, smooth, glossy, silky finish on the back of the neck. Yum.
  5. I confirm this is a fantastic instrument. The figured wood of the fretboard is a genuine hypnotist, and the colour over the slightly darkened grain of the ash is gorgeous. The neck is just right, not too thin, unlike on most jazz basses (i.m.o.), and the electronics provide a VERY wide array of tones. Set the EQ to noon and you get the passive tone. I would definitely buy it again back from you if I had not had a luthier project delivered (same woods, same tuners, same bridge... wonder why...)
  6. Absolutely gorgeous, and no doubt this must be a joy to play !
  7. I bought a cab from Jamie, in excellent condition as described, shipped quickly and safely packed. Good communications, good price, nice man ! Cheers
  8. Sorry not to update the thread. Loads going on these days. I've been back to the builder with the bass and we have lowered the pickups, this has fixed the issue indeed. As the output was originally quite high, I am even more happy with the sound now. I would think that if only the biggest of the four strings was affected, that might come from the fact that it has more mass to be attracted by the magnets. Regarding the neck pickup, the single coil and humbucking positions sound definitely different. The double coils have more volume and a more modern sound. I prefer the single coil with less compression. I will try and find a possibility to make some decent sound clips when possible.
  9. Thanks @TheGreek. 2013 it was (I thought 2012...) You might fancy a trade with the Overwater again ? I sold it to fund this very P-Bass. I've read that there were some crappy Fenders from the 70s, and this one is not one of them. I've had a 2010 Fender Deluxe P that was crappy and can tell the difference.
  10. The Precision has now sold as a year of birth bass to someone the same age as me Due to this newly built clone : And in view of that : I am selling my Fender Precision made in 1978 - Nut 41mm - Maple neck and fretboard - Trans wine red ash body (lacquer check on the sides, but very stable and does not fall apart. A layer of some sort can be scratched off from part of the back and the finish looks fine underneath, I did not bother scratch it off, it looks far better in real life than on the pics) Frets are in very good condition. It was well taken care of throughout its career. Black pickguard All original apart from the bridge cover and 2 screws, all new Fender parts. Pics of the guts available on request 4,5 / 4,6kg It sounds really good, as one should expect from a fine example of a 70s P bass with added sustain and overtones. Great dynamics and sensitivity to the way you play. Asking for £1300 / 1450€ (and oh la la, it is worth every penny) The bass can be securely shipped in a good Tobago hardshell case. Options and cost to be discussed. I also happen to be in London once in a while. Buy with confidence. My feedback can be checked here : Cheers,
  11. The bass has arrived, I’ll take better photos when possible. First impressions: Well built for sure. The splittable neck pickup is a great addition to the P. and sounds great on its own. I do not have any recording equipment to make decent sound files though. One issue : The two coils at the neck tend to (not sure this is the right way to put this) pull the E string and notes have a slight vibrato. I have lowered the pickup quickly and the tremolo is lighter, but still can be heard. The thinner A, D & G strings don’t seem to be affected. No time to get into more details now.
  12. Quick update. No visit this week as the bass was being lacquered when I was available, there would have been nothing i could see, or touch. The body is 40mm thick. The regular size for Fenders is 45mm. That should be roughly 10% lighter with no serious alteration to the sound and resonance. Nut : bone Electronics : Nickel shielding Cloth wire
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