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  1. I believe Albert King did the original version. IMO neither of these covers come close 😁
  2. Many many moons ago this was mine. Came my way as a passive bass, and I did have a jretro fitted at the Gallery, but don't think they drilled any extra holes in there at the time. Also it had a different model of Bart pickups fitted. It was (and no doubt still is) a great sounding bass, with a lovely woody/natural tone. I sold it on, but can't think of why exactly, I'd be very happy to still be playing it. And, still one of the best looking exotic top basses I've seen. GLWTS
  3. sold pending, for £300, which I what I intended to list it for in the first place. ;0)
  4. Bought on BC a few months ago, see the original sale thread: http://basschat.co.uk/topic/230282-sold-phil-jones-bass-cub-bg-100/ It's very nice, but I have some other priorities at the moment which mean I'm selling a lot of gear. Looking to get what I put in which is £350. I have a box so I can probably ship it. P&P will be extra. It's exactly what I hoped it would be, and I may very well get another when circumstances changes, or will be happy to keep it also. Pictures up in the next couple of days.
  5. still available at the moment.
  6. Nik just bought a pedal from me and, as always, dealing with Nik is a very pleasant experience! Thanks again Nik, Cheers!
  7. Just bought a pedal from Bob and it was a smooth hassle free deal. Bob, many thanks! Cheers G.
  8. Ted just bought a pedal from me - hassle free and easy deal. Many thanks Ted, hope you enjoy the Bit Commander!! Cheers Gwilym
  9. A feeler.... Tecamp Puma 1000 with branded Tecamp soft case and original rack ears. 2 x 500 watts into 4ohms per side, or bridgeable as 1000w into 8ohms. [url="http://www.tecamp.de/en/products/amlification/5-puma-1000.html#overview"]http://www.tecamp.de...0.html#overview[/url] I bought this used on BC a few years ago now, and has been lightly used by me in that time. Features a nice compressor too. Ideally I'm after something lighter and smaller, otherwise this is a great amp. It's light and small, but I'm after something the size of a F500 that used to own, and overall the F500 had tone more suited to my ears. It came supplied to me with the original rack ears (that appear to have been used). Since I bought the amp, it has lived in the Tecamp soft case that I bought brand new, and is also in very good condition. [b]£700 ono (including shipping in the UK)[/b] Could potentially trade for a Mark Bass F500 or a Tecamp Puma 900 [attachment=161296:2014-04-26 15.30.15.jpg][attachment=161297:2014-04-26 15.30.44.jpg][attachment=161298:2014-04-26 15.30.54.jpg][attachment=161299:2014-04-26 15.31.00.jpg][attachment=161300:2014-04-26 15.31.12.jpg][attachment=161301:2014-04-26 15.31.34.jpg][attachment=161302:2014-04-26 15.31.39.jpg][attachment=161303:2014-04-26 15.31.52.jpg][attachment=161304:2014-04-26 15.32.00.jpg][attachment=161305:2014-04-26 15.32.04.jpg][attachment=161306:2014-04-26 15.32.16.jpg][attachment=161307:2014-04-26 15.32.28.jpg][attachment=161308:2014-04-26 15.35.32.jpg]
  10. [quote name='andrewswj' timestamp='1398120390' post='2430756'] Great bass, great guy! Cheers Gwilym [/quote] thanks Andrew, nice to meet you last weekend. F still here bump, but depending on what other gear I sell first, it might be withdrawn... still up at the moment, and I'm still quite motivated to sell
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