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  1. Are we meant to list bass players we think could objectively be considered to be influential? Or is this just another exercise in listing our personal influences or favourites (again) ? 😁
  2. Not really assuming too much, just my opinion, and opinions are not facts 😁 great that you have found that rare unicorn ☺️
  3. And there's nothing wrong with that of course, been there and done it myself. It didn't make me a better bass player either. Even if you find a bass that fits you perfectly, and that bass is your dream bass, even then the joy of ownership will diminish eventually, and all that's left is you as a player, warts and all, or maybe no warts at all. How many times have I seen threads about "I've found my dream awesome bass, keeper for life etc" only for it to show up for sale not long after because some new shiny thing caught their attention. Nothing wrong with that either, by the way, but perhaps the elusive dream bass is just a dream after all. πŸ™‚
  4. Thanks πŸ‘ The internet is a dangerous thing, I was just Googling Dragonfly basses to learn a bit more about them as I'd seen @thebassgallery had a few in stock recently. I definitely wasn't looking to buy another bass (said all the members of bass chat, not πŸ˜‚), but this popped up. I love the look of koa on a bass. If this is indicative of their basses as a whole, then you can't go wrong. As nicely put together as Atelier and they are good. I think the newer basses have a proprietary Dragonfly preamp, but it's a Aguilar obp-3 in this one, which seems pretty good actually.
  5. No idea why you would think it's a snarky comment, it wasn't intended that way, but the truth hurts sometimes maybe? I didn't say you shouldn't buy what you like if you can afford it, and I have done myself, but my point is don't get hung up about it, the initial shine will fade pretty quickly no matter how good it is. To continue with the bike analogy, as it's something close to my heart: enjoy riding the bike you have, riding more will make you a better, fitter and stronger cyclist, and when you do splash out on your dream carbon bike you will get even more out of it.😁
  6. New to me anyway... it's over 20 years old. Brought from Danny at @bass_japan_direct I've use his pictures here as they do the bass justice. This is my first fretless bass in a while, and it's a beauty. I'd forgotten how much more tactile it is to play than a fretted instrument. Koa on Alder, with an epoxied rosewood fingerboard, with fret inlays, so I can get my Jaco on. No idea if it was originally fretless or not, but who cares. Edit: here's a demo of it:
  7. ...did the seller ever really have the cab in the first place?
  8. Easier to dream about the next bass than to knuckle down and practice and improve as a musician/player. As others have noted, you always end up sounding like you. IME the instrument is rarely the limiting factor 😁
  9. The logo is WAY TOO BIG.
  10. I believe Albert King did the original version. IMO neither of these covers come close 😁
  11. Many many moons ago this was mine. Came my way as a passive bass, and I did have a jretro fitted at the Gallery, but don't think they drilled any extra holes in there at the time. Also it had a different model of Bart pickups fitted. It was (and no doubt still is) a great sounding bass, with a lovely woody/natural tone. I sold it on, but can't think of why exactly, I'd be very happy to still be playing it. And, still one of the best looking exotic top basses I've seen. GLWTS
  12. sold pending, for Β£300, which I what I intended to list it for in the first place. ;0)
  13. Bought on BC a few months ago, see the original sale thread: http://basschat.co.uk/topic/230282-sold-phil-jones-bass-cub-bg-100/ It's very nice, but I have some other priorities at the moment which mean I'm selling a lot of gear. Looking to get what I put in which is Β£350. I have a box so I can probably ship it. P&P will be extra. It's exactly what I hoped it would be, and I may very well get another when circumstances changes, or will be happy to keep it also. Pictures up in the next couple of days.
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