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  1. Having seen the Police on a few occasions,for me the tone that Sting conjured up during the early days was music to my ears,and was one of the reasons why i first picked up a Bass back in 81 after seeing them at the Spa Hall Bridlington ,classic it was.
  2. Back in the eighties we used to do this number and i had the slap thing of to a tee with this number,but i used to alternate between playing a slap version all the way through at some gigs to just playing portions of slap at another gig,and we found that the latter went down the best,so imo its horses for courses.
  3. They lifted the main riff from The Jam's -In the City.And the "Bogie till i'm sick " lyric all smacks of Punk for me, but you could be right.
  4. Always enjoyed playing this.not to be taken seriously i stress,as it was a Mickey take of Punk. Great song though.
  5. Hi Darryl, I was just wondering what strings you were using on the Yamaha during that great gig in the video.
  6. I've had this Amp now for just over a year,and it has started to make a vibrating kind of buzzing noise but only on the A string around the 2nd and 3rd frets .I will stress that it is not my set up or strings buzzing its coming from the AMP it's self,?Anyone got any ideas.
  7. ?Did you get this sorted,as i might be going down the same road as you regarding the Nordstrand pups.
  8. From my Wigan Casino days from the mid 70s,absoluteLly nothing could ever compare to those early Northern Soul Stompers,The best of which has to be this classic,never ever tire of listening to this,but i could no longer do it justice on the dance floor.age stiffness sees to that.😂.
  9. Your answer to your problem is this..https://www.travisperkins.co.uk/thermal-insulated-plasterboard/british-gypsum-gyproc-thermaline-basic-insulated-wallboard-plasterboard-tapered-edge-2400mm-x-1200mm-x-30mm/p/752767. Simply line the party wall with this insulated plaster board. Dont know what you're like at DIY,but it is relatively an easy job. Use 20 mm batons and screw them to the wall,you dont even have to strip the wall paper just baton over existing,stick the plaster board onto the batons using this stuff..https://www.screwfix.com/p/soudal-fix-all-high-tack-adhesive-sealant-white-290ml/64585?tc=YA4&ds_kid=92700. Get hold of some ready mixed polyfiller and fill the joint lightly sand and then seal the joints. Paint with emulsion,then cross line .and then wallpaper . I did this with my party wall and believe me it works,i never hear a peep out of my neighbours now,apart from when he's peering over the garden fence ogling the wife
  10. Id never part with mine,sounds great played through my zoom B14,(Glam)setting,with Dadario chrome Flats.
  11. New Boots and Panties 1977, Ian Dury and the Blockheads. I had a love affair with Nina In the back of my Cortina A seasoned up hyena could not have been more obscener. To day it would be like , uhh whats a Cortina
  12. I need to make up some specific length guitar cables ,?anyone know any sites where i can purchase Jacks and cables separately.
  13. Vat cannot be charged twice ,take the example when buying a commercial vehicle,a lot of second hand vans have VAT payable at purchase,because it has a been a hire vehicle,but if VAT has been levied on the initial purchase from new,then that VAT is not payable again.
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