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  1. [quote name='uke' timestamp='1357776728' post='1928442'] ...Ewan and Owain becoming dads! [/quote] For the [i]third[/i] time, in my case. Glutton for punishment. Sleep? Pah. Who needs it? Have a splendid time, all. Hopefully I'll be back next year!
  2. [quote name='cd_david' timestamp='1340271295' post='1701918'] Cracking video. Read the info about the timings too, is that A below low B on the bottom? Sounds very rich and woody. [/quote] It's really thick and woody even unplugged. Love it. The lowest string is the A a fourth above the normal low E (i.e. the same A that the A-string would usually be tuned to). It's got piccolo strings on it (20-52), so any attempt at something as low as a 5-string's low B would result in major flappage. Wet noodle territory. They're flappy enough tuned down as far as they are in that video.
  3. [quote name='cd_david' timestamp='1340230097' post='1701609'] That's very sexy Owain. What have you got the hipshots set to? Is this an extra addition to the Bennett collection or have you moved something else on? [/quote] Ta, Dave. It's an extra. The collection just expands and expands. I keep changing the Hipshots around depending on what I want to do with them. Here's a quick thingy I did the weekend I picked it up: [url="http://youtu.be/bieskA5R7hY?hd=1"]http://youtu.be/bieskA5R7hY?hd=1[/url] EDIT: I don't know how to embed videos since the forum update. Ho hum.
  4. My latest from the ACG stable: Skelf R-Type. Fingerboard porn:
  5. [quote name='AttitudeCastle' timestamp='1328562413' post='1529240'] Opions of the 7 string HK? [/quote] It being a lefty, I think only Andrew (the owner) would be able to pass valid comment. Nice looking bass though.
  6. I've toyed with fifths many times, and I currently have my OLP 5-string tuned Bb-F-C-G-D (low to high). Good fun for chords, comping accompaniments and disjointed bass parts. I made up the set from D'Addario singles, with gauges 130-95-65-45-28. It's nice and even across the strings. Works for me, anyway.
  7. [quote name='allighatt0r' timestamp='1321102131' post='1435376'] Hondo 2 that's been stripped and stained... [/quote] Sh*te-stained by the look of it. Poor thing.
  8. [quote name='Scoop' timestamp='1321096409' post='1435311'] Huh. No love for my ACG it seems. Humbly apologise for it not being a Jazz bass... [/quote] I've already loved it elsewhere (and loved it in the flesh... oo-errr), but I'll reiterate the love here: LOVE IT.
  9. [quote name='wateroftyne' timestamp='1321042802' post='1434887'] ...but there's always quite a lot going on with 'real' musicians [b]down[/b] here. [/quote] Edited for Ou7shined's perspective.
  10. [quote name='daz' timestamp='1320690125' post='1430089'] ...I am embaressed to say that when I got there I didnt have any idea who was a punter or trader, for ACG so couldnt actually ask anyone. [/quote] "Excuse me... do you know who I can talk to about these basses?" Not too difficult to say, surely? In fact, I heard it said many times yesterday (occasionally to me), and people were always directed to Alan.
  11. [quote name='Dread Bass' timestamp='1320528851' post='1428136'] ...FOUR COIL PICKUP!!!!! f***ing BOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!! [/quote] I'll be quizzing Alan about that at Bass Day tomorrow, I'm sure, but... what are the switching options on that then? Is it like two humbuckers in one housing or something?
  12. [quote name='Dread Bass' timestamp='1320513937' post='1427837'] Here are some pictures... [/quote] Sweet god, man. That's quite, quite lovely. Love that massive pickup/ramp. Congratulations to you!
  13. [quote name='RichF' timestamp='1319269905' post='1411976'] oooh, I like the look of that VT2! [/quote] I used to have one of those. Sounded great (lovely crunchy drive sound), and really tweakable, but it was physically [size=6]HUGE[/size]. Including the valves and protective handle thing, it must be about 5 inches tall.
  14. [quote name='skankdelvar' timestamp='1317779394' post='1394536'] Back again [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1967-Fender-Bass-V-5-Rarest-Fender-Guitar-Led-Zeppelin-/130583048267?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item1e675b304b"]http://www.ebay.co.u...=item1e675b304b[/url] [/quote] For about the fifth time now, with a different starting price each time.
  15. [quote name='Ou7shined' timestamp='1316687258' post='1381350'] I guess I'm just going to have to tune down for that song.... and any other that start creeping into the set list. [/quote] Slippery slope, mate.
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