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  1. Please check out the latest video featuring Abigail Zachko and Colin Cunningham.


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    2. owen


      Some lovely  honest guitar playing there. Very tasteful.

    3. skelf


      She is a talented player.


    4. geoham


      Very nice!

  2. No problem they have only just gone on sale again so no reason you would know that. Cheers Alan
  3. It is used to set the filter peak best left alone. It is possible to damage attached equipment if you start playing around with it.
  4. Hi The EQ01 is currently available if interested drop me a line. Alan
  5. Hi I was talking to him at the time and the discussion was to sell or he had sold the current bass to fund a new build I can't remember if it was sold at that point it may well have been. At that time he mentioned he was going into hospital and would get back to me once that was out of the way. So events over took the intention to get a new bass. He was a really nice guy I had a lot of time for him. Came to several of the Moffat Bass Bashes. Alan
  6. Some lockdown offers in the ACG Affiliates section.

  7. Hi Thanks for the kind words Using just the lowpass filters on the DFM/MC combination covers pretty much the same range as the Wal. The sweepable Mid/Treble goes beyond the range of the filters up to 5.5k/Hz so does not go up quite as high as the Alembic but does add control above the range of the Wal.
  8. Hi The Lowpass Filter on the EQ01 Goes up to 3.5kHz it is the Highpass filter that goes up to around 8k/Hz. There maybe a limited run of the 02 preamp but exactly when I don’t know with the current situation making get what I actually need pretty difficult.
  9. Hi I have sent John a link to this thread so hopefully he will drop by and let you know what the story is. Cheers Alan
  10. Thought it was just me but probably the poorest aspect of an otherwise excellent system.
  11. Hi They generally don’t change in relation to scale length. Some I would not be able to make smaller than they currently are. Franks Recurve would be difficult to make smaller same with a Finn. Making some body shapes smaller wrecks the proportions in relation to the neck and hardware and ends up just looking weird.
  12. I actually don’t have any at the moment. I am not sure where John gets them from or if they are made for him. Maybe drop him a line and ask.
  13. The springs are there to ground the upper knob to the pot lower ring. It was previously not needed because the knobs were brass but with the move to aluminium John found that they needed the spring to be fully grounded so were added. Should be a spring in all of the knobs. It also depends on the type of preamp the EQ01 is less prone to this issue. John explained why but there is a reason he does the preamps and I don’t.
  14. Hi Totally understand and don’t fundamentally disagree just pointing out it can be a pretty simple process if you want/need it to be. Trust you are well and getting through the current situation with minimum trouble. Cheers Alan
  15. At that price point there are a limited number of choices available so sorting out the spec is relatively simple and pain free. Cheers Alan
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