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  1. I tend not to get to specific with that particular line of thought. There is a lot of variation in the wood within the same species. So the way I look it is as an overall structure which you can manipulate to a degree in order to get into a general ballpark. So I have an idea of what a combination of woods as a structure will produce but again it is a general idea.
  2. You know what one Wal sounds like in your hands. There is a lot of variation in instruments even if the appear to have the same spec.
  3. I came to the conclusion that the player is one of the most important aspects of how a bass sounds a long time ago. I play all my basses when I set them up and they to a degree sound like me playing a bass. I have had my own personal basses played by a fair number of people and they sound very different and mostly better played by other people. So trying to sound like another player is more than getting the same gear. The recording chain also plays a big part in that as well.
  4. First Mule video up on YouTube. 


  5. https://www.theguitarshow.co.uk/ New Bingley Hall in Birmingham. 7/8th of May. An excellent show well worth a visit.
  6. New model is finally done. See affiliates section. Demos to follow shortly.
  7. New model just launched. ACG Mule which you can see in the affiliates section or on my website.
  8. Running a 25% Plus sale on guitars for the next two weeks. Details in affiliates section or my website.

  9. Really enjoyed it. Didn't take itself at all seriously, self moderating and meet several guys through it that I am friends with to this day.
  10. skelf

    ACG beauty

    This bass is back up in the IN Progress section of my website. I was not happy with the finish so re did it. Not far from finished so limited time to claim the 10% in progress discount. https://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/salaceetype5/
  11. They are not all £3k if that helps at all. Cheers Alan
  12. More pics in the Affiliates section.
  13. So I have a Stomp and the floor unit. Having used both for a while I find that the Stomp covers everything I need. So the floor unit will be in the sale section just shortly if anyone is interested.
  14. It is a prototype to try out the various aspects of the design and the hardware combinations. Alan
  15. This pretty much covers the basic idea.
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