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  1. skelf

    Shuker Uberhorn Fretless 4 Revisited

    The filter pre-amp does use what you give it since it does not really add its self. It can boost to a degree what is present in the filter but if the pickups/bass does not provide the basic raw material then the pre-amp wont add it. It is one of the fundamental difference between the two preamps.
  2. skelf

    Shuker Uberhorn Fretless 4 Revisited

    I find John's Uni-Pre the same it sounds fantastic and has real weight and presence. However I am personally still a filter guy to such an extent I find 3 bands harder to use than the filters. Mind you I have been using them a long time way before I developed my own circuit with John.
  3. skelf

    Best strings for tuned-down 30" scale?

    What can I say, let you down there.
  4. skelf

    Best strings for tuned-down 30" scale?

    It is not just about tension it is also about compliance. How much force is required to move the string. A stiffer string requires more energy to start it moving which in turns makes the string feel it has a higher tension. So while a higher gauge does help it is not the only consideration string construction has a noticeable effect on how the string/bass feels. Tension is fixed by the scale string gauge and pitch but how it all feels can be manipulated to an extent. The construction of the bass also effects how the string feels. Ideally you want a stiff construction which is less prone to flexing along with the string.
  5. skelf

    Birthday Bass - ACG Build

    I have been using the ART tops for many years the first to use these type of tops as far as I am aware . I have a deal with Larry the guy that does them. There are now several others doing something along the same lines.
  6. skelf

    ACG Finn Uber 4. Holly and ART lacewood

    Maybe but I would need the bass in hand to be 100% sure.
  7. skelf

    New Stanley Clarke bass... by Fender????

    Those two were for SC and had the electronics we supplied. They were supposed to be for him to use which he did briefly before going back to Alembic. There was then going to be a production run with two versions a passive one and an ACG equipped one. They then tried to sell the two customs and we were to get part of the sale price to cover our costs. Nothing ever appeared. A hard lesson on dealing with famous people. Actually meet SC and he was very pleasant.
  8. skelf

    New Stanley Clarke bass... by Fender????

    He was supposed to be using my EQ01 in a new line of his Spellbinder basses which he was resurrecting. Of which two custom models were made which we supplied custom electronics in the form of modified 01s but it came to nothing other than a lot of work mostly for John East and costs for both of us.
  9. skelf

    Strandberg - somethings cooking - boden bass

    My ACG EQ01 was in the prototype when it first came out a few years back.
  10. skelf

    New ACG build (FINISHED!!!)

    I have pretty much only built multi laminate necks the main reason being I can manipulte the grain direction in persuit of making the most stable necks. So I have never tried a one piece Ash neck so not sure if there is specific reason for it not working. Heavy White Ash is pretty stiff and hard so it should make a decent neck and having built several basses with Ash necks all laminated I have to say I really like it as a neck wood.
  11. skelf

    5 String Short Scales. Do they work?

    Just completed a 5 string 30.5" scale bass and it seems to work pretty well. I have another on the books which will be done in a few weeks.
  12. skelf

    New ACG build (FINISHED!!!)

    Just the way I route for the trussrod and spoke wheel. It does not need to carry on past the spoke wheel and in some with part of the top on the neck it does not.
  13. skelf

    SOLD ACG Krell 5 string bass SOLD

    It is 18mm but there is a degree of adjustment.