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  1. MINI SALE running until the end of my financial year 31.3.19.
    All stock basses and guitars are reduced some guitars up to 50%.
    Details in the Affiliates Forum.
  2. Recurve 5. Two pre-amp options avilable. ACG DFM 4K or East Uni-Pre 4K Full details can be found here: http://www.acguitars.co.uk/for-sale/
  3. MINI SALE starts on Friday morning ends when the show closes doors on Sunday night.
    Discounts available on all stock instruments during The Guitar Show in person at the show or via mail/messenger/phone.
    1. owen


      Is the show open to the public on Friday? If I knew it was I would have had a jolly and bought a bunch of students down.

    2. skelf


      No it is the setup day. I included it in the sale because from my perspective it starts on the Friday.

  4. Just about every thing has been sold the two last items are now bundled for £125.00 inc UK delivery.
  5. Polytune mini, Enabler and Phil Jones Headphones now sold.
  6. Hi A small clear out of gear because I have streamlined my show demo gear down to a Helix. Pretty much everything has now been sold. Just the Pedal-Train with Gig-Rig power supply is left so I will throw in the patch leads with it. £125 inc UK delivery. Pedal-Train Nano with gigbag and Gig Rig Generator plus 1 Distributor. All as new with velcro on the Nano. £125.00 inc UK SD. Would prefer not to split. 5 x Patch leads Nuetrik Jacks Klotz cable £30 inc UK Delivery. Any questions fire away. Cheers Alan
  7. Hi If I put the J Type and the RetroB together you would see that they are quite different. The RetroB has effectively replaced the J Type (it is still available) The RetroB is much more in keeping with the Jazz bass type vibe much closer than the J Type. A joint effort with Colin to improve a few aspects of the Jazz bass while keeping the essential feel and general look.
  8. Yes I am more drawn to modern designs as a builder but accept that does not suit everyone. It is the reason I worked with Colin Cunningham on the RetroB which is the most traditional bass I do. It was based on his Jazz bass but still had to look like something I would do since I don’t want to build copies. The remit from Colin with that bass was for it to be not noticed. Basically to get by as Fender enough not be commented on but different enough to be an ACG. From that perspective it has worked well. Cheers Alan
  9. Hi All the shapes I have ever done are still available. The Recurve and Finn still front and centre have been about from pretty much the start. However I don’t get asked to build most of them very often. What you currently see as the main models Recurve,Finn,Krell, Salace and RetroB are the models people actually order. ACG has now been about for 14 years so I am no longer in anyway a new upstart. Cheers Alan.
  10. To a degree but I went out of my way to make sure there is pretty much not a single line the same as the Strandberg.
  11. New ACG now posted up in the Affiliates form. Please drop by and check it out.

  12. Currently in the clearance section so big discount available on this last Reiver model. Details at: http://reiverguitars.co.uk/project/030reiver6/
  13. Currently reduced please contact me for details. Full details at: http://reiverguitars.co.uk/project/024-kompakt-6art/
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