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  1. London bass guitar show 2018

    Very true on both counts.
  2. London bass guitar show 2018

    Would that be a left handed pat.
  3. London bass guitar show 2018

    That is the case with most builders as it is.
  4. London bass guitar show 2018

    With regard to a hand built budget line. I have tried this twice the Graft Series and the Standard Series. My thinking was that it would open up the possibility of a hand built instrument at a price point that would allow players to have this option and dip a toe in the hand built world. They were dropped because no one was interested in them. On top of that I think I damaged my brand by doing them in that there is a section of the market that assumes a lower priced hand built bass has something wrong with it or is cheap because it is crap. This I feel has done me no good in trying to get where I want to be.
  5. London bass guitar show 2018

    Hi If anyone going to the show is in need of a room I have one available in the Travelodge on the Fulham Road. It is avilable for 3 nights. Normally this would be £156 but available for £100. Contact me if you are interested.
  6. Bass Bash.?

    We had a good run for 10 years but the last one was hard work trying to get people to buy the tickets in advance.We had a good solid core of people but they were not enough to keep it going. We need the casual attenders to make up the numbers and support from within Scotland was pretty poor most years which did not help. With the hotels and venue booked it was not going to work for me having people only book a ticket two days before the event. I had to give everyone enough notice that I was cancelling so they would be able to book rooms if they could. I live here so I don't want to fall out with various people because I left them in the lurch.
  7. Bass Bash.?

    We had Dave Swift just to break with the Steve theme. However the Moffat Bash is no more it died last year when we could not sell enough tickets to cover the costs. So there wont be anymore.
  8. Wal specs

    Hi You can buy the EQ01 directly from me or John East. The preamp amp I use in my own basses is the DFM the EQ02 was discontinued a while back. This along with the MC Series pickups are not available outside of the basses. The DFM is the fourth version of the pre-amp and will probably be the last having got it where I want it. The EQ01 was the first version made but has had the spec updated as we have moved through the different versions.
  9. Many thanks. Look forward to meeting in what I hope will be sunny LA.
  10. Thanks Peter. Thanks to everyone else who posted much appreciated.
  11. ACG 6 string Finn SC Classic

    It is flat sawn which is why you get the pattern like that.
  12. Interesting Video

    To be honest I posted it in relation to why instruments cost what they cost not as an argument for or against globalisation which seems to be the only thing the majority seem to take from it.
  13. Interesting Video

    In various countries like Austria and Germany you have to pass certain levels of competence in order to be called a luthier they then get the title Master not sure if that is the case in Finland but having seen Juhas work I would say he certainly qualifies.
  14. Interesting Video

    I certainly want happy customers so to a degree I suppose that is the goal.
  15. Interesting Video

    Just out of curiosity did you all watch it to the end. The later half of the video is why I posted it on a bass forum not so much the globalisation aspect at the beginning.