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  1. NOW SOLD Thank you I went up a size, but not by much! These things are tiny and pack a punch!
  2. I made a similar one a year or two ago but with rosewood/ebonite neck. Your fretless is very tastefully done. You showed restraint and made a nice looking instrument for it. A classic. have a free bmp.
  3. Very happy with a recent purchase from Krispn. Well packaged, good comms and an easy fair priced deal. Thank you.
  4. I hung them on the wall together yesterday and thought to myself, “they belong together” So, withdrawn. sorry for the tease folks.
  5. To answer a few queries, yes, this comes with the original ACG-supplied padded case and a QuickLok stand. No I am not looking to trade, sadly.
  6. I thought about it (and also possibly a de-fret) but I’d really like a mouse bass.
  7. Used. Bought for singles mix and mastering in a home project studio. Comes boxed and complete with USB lead and paperwork and the following plugins: SSL SL4000 E (standard) British Class A (worth EU225) Softube FET Compressor (worth EU199) Price includes all iLok licence transfer fees ($25 per item) and transfer to your iLok will be upon delivery of the Console 1 hardware. You must have an iLok in order for this to work. Its easy to set up if you don’t have one and the Softube installers will walk you through it. https://www.softube.com/console-1-mixing-system Only reason for sale is jumping to a SSL UC1/UF8 combo before I get too invested in the Softube way of workflow — otherwise really happy with this amazing device, The Neve emulations of the British Class A is very good.
  8. I bought these from a seller in the USA a couple of years ago for a project to make a MIDI Bass Pedal set for my solo rig but never got round to it. Many instructions out there on how to covert to Midi and USB with Arduinos and Raspberry Pis and so on are on the web. All footpedal contacts work and its a clean unit even after all these years the contacts are clean and shiny — with the cabling loom still intact. Its a bulky heavy item and is in the way in my studio so time to pass it to someone who will make better use of it than I. Price incs UK P&P.
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