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  1. Drums down and tidied up some timings... might do a bit more but sitting back for now. This is the B Side ‘Problem Child ’ by Claire Foxx & The Antisocial Justice Worriers. This is my Punk Rock.



  2. What I mean is being in Berlin I won’t be able to be present and listen and approve the master in person and there is a lot that can change to the sound at the mastering stage, not just for the purposes of getting the plates made for vinyl but all aspects of the sound. I will approve it remotely but it won’t sound as they hear it, here is an area for messing things up. But Dp&M have mastered some terrific records and their reputation is solid so I can forgo being there as a necessary safety net. As with graphic designers, sometimes you just have to leave them to do their work.
  3. We’re getting away from recommendations for pressing companies, but ok.. On the one hand as you say streaming makes chances bigger and self promotion easier but as you also say, using them makes those bands seem less genuine and authentic and less sincere. My instinct and response to that Is to keep it small and what I find is personally manageable; definitely don’t give away right-to-play your assets to corporations like Spotify that pay $0.0014 per complete song play, not because of the money (there is no money or promotion in any of this for me) but because the relationship with corporations seems unhealthy. I DIY recorded a few songs in my living room. Just bass/drums/vocals no guitar or synths or computers. I’ll press a few up because it’s nice. It’s manageable like this.
  4. It’s so very simple to avoid these online services. I think DIY publishing is a much better term than “vanity” — although it is (albeit a term that comes with assumptions about being unpublishable). I’m not interested in even engaging with that. The single is what it is. Anyway, just got the go ahead i’m using the mighty Dubplates and Mastering in Berlin to master and make the plates for this. €280 for two tracks incs plates. I won’t attend this one, but I trust them to not mess it up.
  5. No, this is way better than anything I would have produced. Plus I want a different perspective on visuals. Everything gets claustrophobic otherwise. Will do when it’s pressed.
  6. It is by its very definition vanity publishing n the practice of the author of a book paying all or most of the costs of its publication no one in their right mind would want to get involved with me.
  7. Definitely a random choice of a couple of badges. Friend of mine makes badges and sells them at conventions. It’s a trivial thing, but it feels right.
  8. I expect the ppl I hand my work to work they way they need to. I record without a computer not to be an analog luddite but because I don’t own one (I have an iPad for web browsing — which is plenty). The graphic artist I think uses a computer to print out art then uses tipp exx and spray mount and then rescans in — but that’s their process. Likewise the engineer and post production personnel tweaking this might use a computer, not my concern unless it’s harmful. I loved Desperate Bicycles and Television Personalities as a kid... lessee... £157 in 1977 appears to be just under a grand (Source). I reckon I could do it for £967. Maybe another time. Cumulative price change 516.17% Average inflation rate 4.42% Converted amount (£157 base) £967.38
  9. I oppose streaming services, despite their inevitability i’m content to be unknown and exist outside of Spotify/Tidal/Apple/Google and Amazon (and all the attention grab stuff most bands seem to require and want to indulge in). I’m happy being smol and in control. It’s about £1600-£1700 all in with everything except recording (which I do at home) for a single. But oh it’s a thing that didn’t even require a computer to record or make the cover art on. That purity may disappear once it hits the mastering ppl but that’s out of my reach. i might include a random badge, “I hate Claire Fox” (I added the extra x to differentiate myself from a more well-known pile of human sludge) and/or “Antisocial Justice Worrier”. Like I said I’m more interested in recreating the essence of the late 70s than considering this an “investment” or as a moneymaking venture — I’m pretty sure I’m going to lose money and I’m okay with that. I’m making a double a sided petulant scream into the void.
  10. This is true. I might think about going above £7.99. I’m not releasing on any of the digital or streaming services although there will be a download code and i’m hoping to just keep my music to physical copies as i’m not interested in gaining any more attention than what is personally manageable. Which is not much.
  11. I thought £10 but if you charge that, will they come?
  12. Cyclone are a bit more expensive than Duplion who seem ok but I haven’t seen any feedback for them. Duplion 250 = £722.22 white vinyl (VAT - £866.62) £3.46/unit 250 = £870.26 splatter white/red (£1,044.31) £4.17/unit Cyclone is: 300 x splatter white/red: £1095.00 +VAT (£1314.00 Inc.) £4.38/unit I might forgo splatter and just go with white. It also means I can keep unit costs down. The realities of vinyl production are as follows: leaving out the cost of recording. On top of pressing is mastering: around £300 for a good in person vinyl master on A/AA side and paying the Graphic Designer/Artist £200 (plus tip, slightly higher due to my ownership of all assets and perpetual use of art/logo and assets for possible merch and future releases) takes each single to £5.50 a unit. Plus £50 for 200 x 7” Cruciform mailers, stiffener, download code card and printing thereof, plus actual postage £1.50p (large letter up to 200g) each means a unit cost of around £7.20 so if I ask for let’s just pick a random £7.99 per unit in direct sales (Boomkat/Rough Trade and so on seem to charge ~£11+ per 7” so that means at £7.99 on a 250 run... I’ll make... £206. *if* I sell them all. That’s a big if. Not taking into account travel costs to mastering engineer (this can be substantial) plus time, vinyl handouts (artist/master/engineer/journos/radio/promo) plus material costs of printing postage labels, travel to post office (32 Miles for me round trip). There will be other outgoings — but as you can see this is not a money spinner but a labour of love. http://clairefoxx.bandcamp.com/track/rise-up http://clairefoxx.bandcamp.com/track/problem-child I’m trying to recreate the excited feeling I had every week in 1977-1980 era buying 7” singles. These things are expensive but magical talismans of sound.
  13. Balance and desk mix. next to import into DAW for cleanup and tweaks, de-gulping and de-easing, then off to mastering engineer. Some typos in the art and tweaks needed there too but i’m about to press. On white and red splatter vinyl 7” single.

    No computer was used in the recording.



    1. RichardH


      Sounds fantastic! Awesome bass sound.

    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      Great news - nice to have something out on vinyl :)
      Also I agree with Richard - nice bass sound

  14. Thanks for all the links folx..., if you have any experience of any of the ones linked to please let me know, a link is helpful but without context it doesn’t help me decide. But I appreciate the links, a few new ones I had not spotted here. And funnily enough i’ve been in touch with Human Punk regarding other matters, I did not know they did vinyl.
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