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  1. BTW: I don’t ship in cardboard and bubble wrap but I make custom packing crates for each and every bass i sell which you can reuse, repurpose or dismantle or sell *your* bass to make room for this one in. You may want to get a screwdriver (even screws can be saved and reused).
  2. That was the primary reason why I bought it. Gotta look the part.
  3. *that* black one... Gosh... Here’s my bitsa pink horror (albeit a MJT custom build with some fantastic parts) I take when I’m sure I’m gonna need to go nuts... i.e. anytime doing punk.
  4. Price includes EU shipping. Weight is 5.2kg - too heavy for me now. Partial to offers/trades but not Basses. I’m downsizing. This isn’t one of my builds but a bass I impulse bought in Seattle in 2015 and lugged back to Scotland. Its a copy of a G&L ASAT but with a proper G&L heavy bridge. Its pretty in all black, vintage thick gloss finish and Pearl binding. I was going to fit a Kickass 4 bridge, rehape the headstock (to a Telecaster), remove the decal, make it more like a Fender/ASAT/Schecter Baron Tele Bass — hybrid but I never bothered & left it untouched. It plays great with a really gnarly punk tone. I would keep it but I really dont need the number of basses I own. I simply want to get back to two. Pots are vol/vol/tone: Neck is long-scale Maple Truss adjustment at headstock 21 x jumbo frets. (Feels like a C profile, quite agile). 42mm at nut The Fingerboard is a hard rosewood or ebonite Neck is bolted on with stainless steel bolts Wilkinson Tuners The neck has pearlite bindings and the body has a matching pearlite binding. The Body has a Fender neck pocket, looks like mahogany with ash top and back. Ibanez Bass Pickups (look like Ibanez PFR N4/B4s unlike Alnico — but possible, it has quite a high output) It has no dents but it has small paint scratches between the rear pickup and the middle control pot and on the back top, easy to fix..(highlighted in pix.) Its a live playing bass. One to go nuts with. Nothing too fancy or foo foo. This is not a G&L ASAT but that bridge is a proper G&L Bridge. It’ll come custom-crated with a fresh set of rotosound roundwounds. I think it would make a good basis for a modding bass or a gift or a standby or as an all rounder. If no one buys it I will donate it, but I have a few bitsas in progress already while i empty my bits box. Here’s a shot of me with it live.
  5. A great buyer. Nice and clear and easy comms. Everything good. Trusted and recommended. Thanks.
  6. This pedal isn’t getting used as much as I had hoped it would. Stellar performer and in prettyo good shape I’ve shown where there is a slight mark on the case on the back and at the left hand side but nothing that you’ll notice when in use. As always dark glass products never fail to deliver although in my case I don’t need this Fuzzbox. Lovely rage of fuzz though. Price includes special delivery shipping.
  7. A solid seller, but y’all know that. Great pedal, great price, bullet proof packaging and good comms. Everything is good..
  8. £250 OBO a pair, shipped anyone? Been using these for my Music Project in a home practice studio and I feel the urge to go up-league. These are indeed the latest Mk2 models and not the Mk1s Being studio monitors they are often sold individually to suit surround sound and non stereo configurations, but I have a pair for sale. You are buying both, a pair. two. https://jblpro.com/en-US/product_families/3-series-mkii-products Model Name LSR308P MkII Speakers Max Output Power 112 Watts Woofer 8 Inches Item Weight 18.9 Pounds Colour Black The JBL LSR308 2-way Active Studio Monitor with 8" Low Frequency Driver and 1" Tweeter is designed for near-field reference monitoring applications. Delivering 112 W of power this JBL studio monitor offers a frequency range of 37 Hz - 24 kHz and a Max SPL of 112 db. Balanced XLR and 6.3 mm TRS inputs are available for connecting this active monitor to any audio source. Boxed, in original boxes and packaging, complete with new power lead. Pretty much mint condition. Stay have sat on their stands and thats it. They play music in a home studio. Non smoker. Non drinker. Vegan. I’m quite boring really.
  9. yes I'd like that I tried emailing but you don't accept messages?
  10. I'll do free UK/EU shipping on this one. I think thats a lot of bass for the money.
  11. Just so annoyed at the ding in the horn. Its a classic punk/metal bass really, fast and crunchy. I get so attached to all of them though... [sigh]
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