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  1. Thank you that is massively helpful. and please never ever feel you need to apologise for orientation
  2. I’m having artwork for a relic (aka bashed up) 51 pink bass being made for me, I need to send the ppls doing the cosmetic relic work a decal but I could do with a size at the widest point for my artwork... can anyone tell me what size i’d Need to fill this space? please? Widest point at the tips of both arrows ideal...
  3. To be honest I’m mostly a punk rock bassist and playing punk on a £3K bass guitar is an enormous form of bogus... I’ve got my instruments all sorted out now; DIY assembled, DIY upgraded, some posh pickups for good sound but nothing obscenely foo foo. If I want to go nuts, I can go nuts on a chop shop bitsa. If I want to sling the thing on the floor and stomp offstage... yeah... not gonna happen with a £3K foo foo Bass.
  4. I’ve played 5 stringed and headless (NS/Steinberger) before but never in the same combination with fan frets — an easy adjustment. I felt the price was not reflected in the sound or build quality of the instrument and that I could do better by buying better hardware for what I already own. Strandberg’s woodworking was presentable but so so, the finish was inferior to my £180 Korean Ash PJ Bass and the neck — an interesting piece of machining technology — was not enough to counter my other misgivings. I felt like I wasn’t getting my money’s worth. It was lightweight and comfy to hold but that alone did not justify its price. For £3K I’d rather commission a luthier or do what I eventually did: self-assemble/upgrade with better quality parts and pocket the difference.
  5. I bought one on the proviso I could return it... I returned it. I was looking for a lightweight bass. The Boden was a comfy but not a great sounding instrument, I spent a few hundred quid upgrading my Korean chop shop bitsas PJ basses Instead with EMGs and Seymour Duncan quarterpounders, bolt mods, Hipshot bridges, Schaller and Fender machine heads, and spent some time on a good setup. £2.4k better off. Frankly, for the build quality I could do better elsewhere. Itch scratched, I don’t miss it. I also came to realise I don’t like headless or five string basses.
  6. Just fitted two of these to replace the bent metal ones on my Fender PJs. Bolt Modded, Pup upgrades, Kickass Bridges. Really surprising what you can get out of a Korean chop shop Bitsa stuffed with crappy parts...
  7. Last week playing “No Cops @ Pride”... at Edinburgh Pride
  8. Nice bit of maple without a skunk stripe... tension at headstock end, came with a Chinese copy I bought to upgrade with EMG actives and so the rosewood is something probably Chinese ebony on this neck. Just converted my P Bass to a fretted bolt on maple neck so am not needing this as I have a similar fretless anyway. It’s 33” from heel to head and dimensions are added to the pictures. Ideal as a precision fretless bitsa. The decal is professionally fitted and although it’s not a fender jazz bass profile it would look pretty cool on a JB body. comes with its set screws and a set of machine heads To match with the holes. NB Dots are between the frets not on them.
  9. In 77-78 ricks were never £3k they are today and they were rarely seen them or now.
  10. In the past, the higher up the instrument chain I go the more guilty I feel about owning such a bass. I just returned a Strandberg 5 string fan fretted boden to the guitar shop: a gorgeous instrument, plays like a dream but way too good for me: too pretty, and definitely too frou frou. My partner (who is totally behind me in my bass playing) said: “In a punk band a £3K Bass guitar is prettying frickin bogus thing”... and she is right... My pedalboard is almost frou-frou territory but I accept I need it to do gonzo-punk riff guitar parts for the 3 piece. I love to look at all the figured woods and beautiful craftsmanship that aspect appeals to me as technology and machinery and luthiership does get me wet, but In reality a proper bass guitar for me is a bashed-up Fender Precision about 1977-78 with manky chrome and in a state where no one has a heart attack when the bass falls off the thing it is propped up against. Fortunately I was able to return the strandberg for a full refund, but the most I will go on anything bass wise is a Precision/jazz bass with the shite kicked out of it...
  11. Another song! i’m on a roll this month, that makes three. I’ve learned to just grab the riff and the hook and the usual accompanying vocal line and extend it to a song there and then. If I wait, it’s gone.... presumably to somebody more deserving.

    1. TheGreek


      Elton John and Andrew LW must be quaking in their boots...go get 'em girl.


  12. Okay thanks, this has been very useful thanks a lot. I feel spoiled for choice.
  13. I rehearse in leith as well, damn that’s fortuitous. unsure about Mr ACG, i’d feel a bit crap coming with my agricultural tools in the vicinity of his glorious weapons.
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