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  1. Shoot, just seen on Thomann its £48. Reduced to £38- Includes the little USB lead
  2. (Trades wide I am looking for a small expression pedal — along the lines of a Dunlop DVP4/Mini X — to control DSP so expression or USB is fine) I’m selling my Mimiq Mini Doubler. A very very effective signal doubler and audio “thicknesser” Place after, say, an overdrive unit before a noise gate and it has a really nice beefing up effect. Place it before an overdrive and it has a deeper more complex harmonic quality to the distortion. Its just one of those really useful pedals that you might want to drop in to add extra audio depth to a guitar chug or bass slap. It also works really well after or before a flanger/phase type effect, it also adds some nice complex shimmer/swell/phase variations and qualities to reverb tails in a subtle way that many reverbs don’t offer. One of the nice things to use it with is before/after a CE1 Chorus Ensemble copy and it adds that slight softer swell the clones don’t quite pull off. I’m clearing out my pedalboard for 2021. I bought it just before christmas but decided to implement my pedalboard in DSP signal chains (hence I’m on the lookout for small expression pedals) rather than constantly swapping over physical pedals and changing their order. But if you’re old school and like a physical object that does a single job well, and thats what it does, then this is the pedal for you. Thanks for coming to my sales pitch.
  3. Sold, Many thanks to contributing to my mainly empty pedalboard drive.
  4. (Apologies for the £25 typo. I cannot edit that once posted). This pedal isn’t getting used as much as I had hoped it would. Its my second unit (the other one sold earlier rather quickly) This is in better condition and in mint. Comes Boxed. Stellar performer and in prettyo good shape I’ve shown where there is a slight mark on the case on the back and at the left hand side but nothing that you’ll notice when in use. As always dark glass products never fail to deliver although in my case I don’t need this Fuzzbox. Lovely rage of fuzz though. Price includes special delivery shipping.
  5. Fully working and versatile Guitar Rig Kontrol 2 Controller. Been used with my Old Black MacBook but both are being pensioned off. Having a clear out. This is a nice little control pedal I bought, it still works and powers up over USB and will even work with older versions of Guitar Rig, the Kontrol 2 will work with Guitar Rig 5, you will need an older OS (Win 8.1/MacOS 10.9) although I have seen hacks and workarounds to get it working with Operating Systems much higher than specced by using legacy drivers on newer OSes. One for the hackers. I initially bought it to make a Expression and on/off Midi CC switching station, using a Raspberry Pi/Ardino (see the inside phots which reveal a whole load of space to add hacks, mods and even completely replace with something else) but its not happening for me (and won’t for several months). So someone else can buy it either as intended as a Guitar Rig 5 controller or as a starting point for a control station. I'd be personally inclined to get it working with a Modern OS as its fully working on older OSes. Beatufully made, in great condition too. Price incs UK shipping. manuals available here: https://idoc.pub/documents/guitar-rig-kontrol-2-operation-manual-pon2p2yovm40 Let’s see what we have inside... lots of space for hacks and mods! Expression pedal is clean and well built with a standard 5-pin encoder type (which makes interfacing to things like Arduino and GPIO super easy). Nice Clean extrusion, well looked after and not gigged.
  6. Just bought a Midi Pickup Interface from Ratman after I put out the feelers for one. Dead easy. Nice price and a simple transaction. Expertly packaged and it has been very well looked after. You’re the best, thanks.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. A couple of quotes are coming in at £450 — £550 (finished minus the cost of an ICEPower Amp) plus extra wiring and safety/compliance test and so on — so I’ve decided to back out, cut my losses and get a real deal cabinet. I can get a new PJB C8 for about £650 and used for less. The economies do not stack up for me so I’m selling the drivers (while possibly keeping a few for spares). False alarm, sorry all. I used to be a lot more DIY but less so as time goes on.
  10. I bought a job lot of these to make a couple of super light bass cabinets but in all honesty its easier for me to just buy a Barefaced or a PJB C8 as I dont have tools or building space. 4 were sold off pretty quickly. I have 6 of these left to sell though I might be keeping a couple for spares for my cub and possibly any extension cab I will eventually buy. I paid £266 for all ten (added the sales receipt) so £26.60 plus shipping each. Buy a few for spares or buy the lot for £159 free shipping.,
  11. Sold. Great Amp, but the CUB II is just that little bit more useful/extendable.
  12. I bought this and the very next day a keenly priced CUB II appeared on my Radar so I have two amps and a need for only one. Its Bigthumb’s amp listed here. Its a great little amp but the CUB II closer to what I need. This is a great little practice and recording amp. Only asking what I paid for it. Its on eBay for a little more (because fees) but £160 inc shipping anywhere represents an amazing bargain.
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