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  1. https://www.stringsdirect.co.uk/strings-c1/sets-c865/bass-guitar-c34/la-bella-deep-talkin-bass-1954-stainless-steel-flat-wound-52-110-extra-long-scale-p11577 I bought them from strings direct a couple of weeks ago for my PJ bass — after reading glowing recommendations from other bass chat players and I think I made an error I’ve used them for about a week and I don’t like them at all. I’m going back to my usuals. As I also play eub I’ve got a fairly thick gauge, Which is the kind of string that I’m more used to but I just don’t like the feel of them — too slinky smooth
  2. Been meaning to try the zen bass but I just can’t seem to pick it up
  3. Times I do use fretted bass is when I am asked to play bass and gonzo punk guitar (via a pedal that needs a bit of unused string muting) at the same time as singing main lyrics — that’s a little bit much for me right now.
  4. I always pack a spare pair of clean knickers before heading out. (Plus all kinds of other shite boys probably don’t want to know about.)
  5. no, it was a replacement for a model that developed a problem that was older than the return period, they were happy to replace but not refund. In the meantime i got the standard vped and now have a replacement Vped pro — not a lot in it for my use — but the Pro is possibly easier to sell on account of it not being used at all. My only real use is for Moog Taurus Bass synth plug in and a very nice bass adapted Boss Chorus Ensemble CE1 simulation. Overkill for both.
  6. I’d trade for trace elliot stuff Hi I’m selling my VPed Pro, its brand new and sealed and unused. screen still has its protective peel on. Pictures are of the identical VPed Lite which I have< the Pro is sealed and in its box new. https://www.modemachines.com/vped-vped-pro It takes your VSTs that you might use in DAW or in a studio setting and places them in a pedal that you can use in a studio or live setting. The vPed Pro is an upgrade on the standard VPeD with faster CPU processor, more memory, more storage more of everything, you can load very complex and demanding VSTs that you might only use in a studio such as convolution and use them live... it’s a ruggedised PC for professional stage usage and comes in a padded carry case.This is compatible to a wide range of VST/VSTi plugins, you can load up to 12 of them to your pedal board and switch between them on the go. With the 4 USB ports for MIDI interfaces or a Bluetooth or the like...  You could run an entire effects board from this one unit for a simple and streamlined live setup, or use classic old VST sims of old pedals in situations you would not want to bring an antique. Amazing bit of kit but am needing to pool my money for a DAW, this is a ruggedised PC that has pedal switches and three inputs (Microphone, Guitar and XLR inputs along with multiple outputs and expression and switch pedal inputs - sound quality is very good indeed) it runs all the usual VST hosts like softsynths and pedal effects and studio plugins that you would not normally consider bringing on stage — conveniently housed inside the form factor of a pedalboard. It has many supplied guitar and bass effects, vocal processing, softsynths, mastering processing, tape echo and delay effects already supplied and many many more if you choose to download. If it’s a 32bit VST, then it ought to run easily as the CPU is plenty powerful for this. Cheapest Retail (no longer in stock) is about €799 (depending on where you look), UK dealers are Juno and GearForMusic. I got this direct from mode machines new and it arrived yesterday, it is new , a sales receipt is enclosed. Everything it arrived with is included along with a 16GB stick of free VSTs I have downloaded and will include for you. Retail is €799 for the pro (the basic one is €400) so my asking price of £399 for a new unit that includes P&P seems very fair. Processor: Intel G1610 2,6GHz RAM: 4GB Internal storage: 32GB SSD Audio input: guitar/bass: 6,35mm jack with Hi/Low input sensitivity switch Mic: balanced XLR socket with gain regulation Audio output: stereo audio output through 2 XLR pseudo-balanced (L/R) stereo audio output through 2 mono 6,35mm unbalanced jack (L/R) Other available connections: 4x USB 2.0 , 4 connectors for assignable external expression padels, 2 connectors for 2/4 foot switches,RJ-45 LAN port, 1 HDMI for screen replication and digital audio output (24bit 192kHz) 19V DC input jack for external power supply (included)  Dimensions: 22x35x7cm (WxDxH) Weight: 3kg
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Only kidding... but in all seriousness I would leave you in bath with a bucket of ice...
  9. I might be able to add one of @TheGreek‘s as well if that helps. It’s an offal offer I know.
  10. I have @Pea Turgh‘s other kidney to sell for mine. Thanks.
  11. [i can just hear the scrabbling of those bassists expressing an interest forming what they consider is an orderly queue]...
  12. You need someone to buy your old tinybasses to make room for new ideas. Or people to commish you for new basses to make it worthwhile for your time to explore new ideas. This is a big, fat, unsubtle hint...
  13. Yeah, I have had 12 years of violin training [twitch, twitch] and it has taught me never to assume with an new (to me) format. It looks like a grown up uke. I see loads of potential in this. I ask about fretless because I decided to play fretted bass as little as possible. Do any commercial luthiers out there even tackle this kind of weird and wonderful?
  14. Want one of those basses i prefer headless personally just to keep it as short as possible. Would these work as fretless? There is nothing intrinsically limiting about that is there?
  15. It just sold! Not on Basschat or EBay but thank you
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