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  1. My iMac is probably bit big and fragile for the stage (I thought mainstage was an iOS app by now), I have an iPad though I don’t mind using. Drum tracks are now stereo files but so far no one has replied to my band member searches for guitar and drums, so I’ve gone it alone with the EP and gotten gigs from it, I may have to be one of those solo people, which is lonely... this whole process is lonely... I have friends, but I don’t have any friends that play instruments... I left the band I was in because it was slowing me down and not working out. I found an app called stage traxx for iPad, that might work well.
  2. in Song, ok will check that. I use Logic X on a Mac and wondering if Mainstage has anything... I don’t like the idea of using different drums/rhythm track to the record. I can do the guitar/bass and vocals myself to a drum backing track playing... I’ve been practicing it and that’s ok, I just forget lyrics from time to time... the drum track i was hoping to lift from my EP and just play along to it, with an onscreen lyric or prompter track (”Middle 8 coming up’ etc) just in case I have a brain fart. Which I do have.
  3. I have a support slot for a Gig coming up in December in London, it’s just me, Bass/Guitar and possibly a backing vocalist, it’s a lot to drop on me as I had hoped to get a drummer playing my parts by now, but no such luck (I do all my own drums on my record). So I’m putting my recorded drum tracks onto an iPad or something and playing along to that... Are there any apps people can recommend that they use that I can strap to my microphone stand that I can hit play that both plays the drum track and shows the lyrics like a karaoke type system? I occasionally have a brain fart live and lose my place or forget lyrics because I am playing bass and guitar simultaneously (via my pedalboard) and I have a lot on so anything that eases the process is welcome. It also helps new and possibly unfamiliar backing vocals to look across and know where they are too.
  4. Unprofessional is good,, it stands out in a sea of po-faced wannabe professionals taking everything too damn seriously. I put my fursona/basschat icon on a download card and people say she’s cute and looks a little bit like me.
  5. Bandcamp provided me with 200 unique codes off the bat. I bought another 100 for just $3 total to make the first pressing of 250 inserted when the pressings are sleeved and bagged... the remaining 50 are given away to reviewers, radio play, gifts, buddies and so on. Laser labels are £2.50 for 20 sheets containing 189 labels a sheet. Codes are an interesting idea, print off download cards for ppl to buy at gigs or QR code at the merch desk, Is that even a done thing?
  6. One of the great joys of making a vinyl record is the download code card insert art because you discover it costs literally nothing to say ‘thank you’ and put your own fursona on the back…
  7. Jean Jaques Brunel. Dunno why. He stood out at the time.
  8. And a thing made manifest. nearly there. Preorders available and downloads are happening. It’s actually selling! https://clairefoxx.bandcamp.com/releases
  9. EP Vinyl preorders begin. Strictly limited to 250 copies. Extras included are colour liner sleeve with lyrics.

    This is an early bird price.





  10. Dubplates and mastering have done their magic as usual. Amazing black magic voodoo stuff these people achieve.

    You can hear the mastered edition here, pressing next.







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    2. operative451


      I love that title: "Oh my god the cis are at it again ".. :D

    3. PunkPonyPrincess


      ...every day I get to say it...

    4. operative451


      Every day it happens...!

  11. Mastering files sent off to Dubplates and mastering- it begins.

  12. My 51 Prec copy coming on nicely. MJT is doing this one. Reverse long stem tuners too - woo.

    More ageing happening Then a nitro.


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    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      Looking really good @PunkPonyPrincess 
      Great colour, nice level of relicing too. Looking forward to seeing this one complete :)

    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      Any more progress on this project @PunkPonyPrincess ?

    4. PunkPonyPrincess


      Only that they’ve nearly finished it and want to get my address to ship it to me

  13. All the time, I play crappy punk pop so I'm comfy with not misadvertising..
  14. That’s it, track 4/4 of my  Pop Punk EP done. “No Ordinary Life”: my message to Trans kids, it gets better.



    1. Kevsy71


      Bass, drums and vocals - impressive! Congrats :)

  15. Oh my god the cis are at it again... y'all welcome.


    1. D.A. Smalls

      D.A. Smalls

      I think the "Rise Up" tune is attached to the "Cis" tune on your bandcamp page. Either that or my computer's too slow....

    2. PunkPonyPrincess


      Bandcamp was having library problems last night, apparently. Seems to be sorted now.

    3. mcnach


      good stuff!

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