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  1. Vovox leads

    I only became aware of this manufacturer after watching a Bobby Vega video where he talks about his guitar lead. I looked them up and boy they are expensive! Has anybody got any experience of Vovox stuff?
  2. Spector Bantam

  3. Sting new bass?

    Would he be playing this through an octaver?
  4. Babicz Bridge FCH 3

    Great bridge. I have one on my EB0, it just sits over the original bushes and then screws into the back two, easy.
  5. Plectrum Or Fingers

    Fingers for more than 30 years but the knuckle in my index finger is playing up so i'm trying to play with a pick, not easy to recreate some of the lines that I've played for years, hopefully practice will improve things. Picks crossed err i mean fingers crossed.
  6. Gibson Porn

    Here’s my Gibson SB-350
  7. Wilcock London

    Thanks for the info. I'm curious about how the short scale neck feels to play, some short scale basses I've played have really slim/thin necks which to me don't feel comfortable. The short scale Spector i have has a neck that feels like a standard bass just without the reach, which is perfect.
  8. Show us your rig!

    Interesting you mention the HD112/HD210 combo, I’m still toying with getting the 210 but am not sure if it will be better than what I have already?
  9. Show us your rig!

    B-amp with HD112 cabs & Spector Shorty strung with labella black tapes 👌
  10. Show us your rig!

    Nice setup, how do you find the 210 with the b-amp?
  11. Carpal tunnel/tendonitis help

    Most of my problems come from manual work so adjustments in my job were also required in this journey. I have to admit that I carried on playing the short scale bass for several years after my symptoms subsided which took about 6 months from memory. Even now I can only play certain fullscale basses without having issues, strap height and how the bass hangs seem critical to me. Whilst this may seem weird, throughout the day and when going to sleep I try to always keep my fingers straight as much as I can instead of having them curled, not sure if this helps but it seems that as you get older you can have problems straightened your fingers so in my mind this should help?
  12. Carpal tunnel/tendonitis help

    The way I reduced strain on my hands but carry on playing whilst suffering hand problems was to get a short scale bass with light strings and trying to rest them as much as I could to reduce inflammation.
  13. plectrum choice

    As a non pick player I’ve recently given these a try and find them really great to use as a different option. https://www.wedgie.com/rubbers.html
  14. Supro Basses

    I like the look of them. What did you think of the build quality? Also do you recall where they are made? Cheers
  15. Wilcock London

    They seem to be a clean and simple design which could be a good thing if everything has been tested and done properly. The only thing I could find out was that the sound is punchy and the neck feels nice.