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  1. The band I’m in has been asked to headline a small charity festival and as the last band on we’ve been asked to let all other bands use our amps and drums. The core of the band has been together for 30+ years and our age has afforded us the privilege of owning some nice gear, but to be honest I’m not sure how I or the rest of the band feel about the idea. I know there’s nothing unusual about this format but I just wondered how other people feel about this sort of arrangement. Edit I suppose I should add that my son who plays bass in a much bigger band than me was in a similar situation where his 8 x 10 SVT rig was being used by everyone at a big festival, but when it came to his turn to use it, the amp went off after 2 songs and he had to play his set through a little backup amp! He had to pay for his SVT to be repaired, but he says it’s never been the same since.
  2. I’ve been playing (self taught) in a gigging band for well over 30 years and for the last 6 months whilst our drummer was dealing with a back injury I decided to get some one to one bass lessons to brush up on theory and technique. To be very honest it’s been a revolation, I’m enjoying playing and practicing more than ever before and everything just seems to make a bit more sense. Also songs we’ve been playing for decades are now so much easier to play. A side benefit has been that I’ve almost totally lost my “gas” for other equipment. I think that I’ve been chasing gear to make me sound better when I now believe it was me not getting the best out of the equipment i already have. On the back of this I’ve recently enrolled in to Scott’s 26 week technique accelerator programme, we’re only on week 3 but I’m really enjoying it.
  3. Oops! I must admit that I have never measured it. For some reason I thought it was 32”
  4. Here’s one of my 32’s An acg Tefano
  5. Did anyone else catch Level 42 on this mornings radio2 breakfast show? I thought they were brilliant.
  6. You can test pickup coil polarity using the old multi meter and a steel rule/screw driver trick. There’s plenty of videos on YouTube showing the method.
  7. Our band is currently on a forced hiatus, so to keep my musical momentum going I’m looking at taking some lessons to brush up on my bass specific music theory etc. Anybody know of, or is a good bass tutor in the Macclesfield or south Manchester area? Cheers
  8. I also have Pro17’s and they took a little getting used to but I wouldn’t play without them now. I agree with Leonard Smalls, I just turned my amp up a bit until I could hear everything perfectly and then consulted the band to get their view of the mix, everyone was happy so that’s how things have been ever since. It’s in your best interest to stick with them, good luck 👍
  9. I recently acquired a Jedson sg style twin pickup bass as a project. I was informed that only one pickup was working when I bought it. I’ve just fixed the pickup, but was wondering if the capacitor that’s on the selector switch is original or just put there to give a bit of tonal variation by the person who connected the one working pickup to the central switch position. Any ideas?
  10. They are labella black nylon tapes. I’ve owned this bass for around 5 years and it was strung with these when I bought it and to be honestly I changed them as soon as I got home for rounds as they were what I was used to. Around a year ago I realised that I’d kept them so decided to give them a go and boy was that a smart move, they are so much better than I ever imagined, nice feel and very articulate sound. I have them on a couple of my other basses now.
  11. Can’t say enough good things about Spector basses.
  12. My Bergantino B-amp has a built in variable hpf, it’s adjustable between 30hz & 80hz in 2db increments 👍
  13. Quite enjoyed that, I’m a big fan of Neil Finn and i love watching Mick drumming. I saw them at their Manchester arena show a couple of years ago and had mixed feelings but I think this injection of new members may just reinvigorate the band
  14. I think that their cables contain more conductium than cheaper brands...
  15. Thanks for the confirmation, I’ve had my eye them for a while. I think it’s time to take the plunge 😉
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