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  1. only4

    Tool not a build.

    Ok, on closer inspection this is an Elliott Progress bench drill and this model has a threaded ring that you use to remove the chuck and it needs a tommy bar to remove. I have one of these drills at work but have never seen another chuck to fit it so the modification to yours means that you can use morse taper drills etc so actually it’s not a bad thing.
  2. only4

    Tool not a build.

    If you wind the chuck down a bit you should normally see another drift slot to allow the removal of the extension piece.
  3. only4

    Beneath the Bassline dvd

    I bought the download version and enjoyed every minute of it 👍
  4. only4

    Music stand for singer

    Good job I’m an engineer and not a newspaper editor 😉
  5. only4

    Music stand for singer

    We’re a pub rock covers band (with a few originals thrown in for good measure) but the stand appearing in every live photo/video may be an issue, as I think it sends a message out to perspective venues.
  6. only4

    Amplifier Isolation platform DIY?

    I made mine from 3/4” mdf with a carpet tile on the top and dense packing foam on the bottom. It does make quite a difference when we play anywhere that has a stage or wooden floor.
  7. Our singer of 3 years now still insists on having his lyric book on a music stand when ever we perform. I'm not sure if it's just a comfort thing because he seems to have nailed the delivery of all the material, but i'm never sure how muso audiences feel about this plus it's always visible on any photos we have which is a bit of a shame. Hes got a great voice so we don't want to rock the boat as it took quite a while to find him after we parted company with our last frontman. Whats the general consensus of opinion to this and is an ipad attached to the mic stand any more acceptable?
  8. only4

    New Wingbass

    Lovely 👌 Did you get it direct from the manufacturer or do they have other outlets?
  9. I have 2 acg Krells and can’t say enough good things about them.
  10. only4

    Vovox leads

    Interesting that they say “not for live use” what do you guys think?
  11. only4

    Vovox leads

    Great, what actual model do you have? They look like the sort of lead that doesn't tangle up easily, is that the case?
  12. only4

    Vovox leads

    I only became aware of this manufacturer after watching a Bobby Vega video where he talks about his guitar lead. I looked them up and boy they are expensive! Has anybody got any experience of Vovox stuff?
  13. only4

    Spector Bantam

  14. only4

    Sting new bass?

    Would he be playing this through an octaver?
  15. only4

    Babicz Bridge FCH 3

    Great bridge. I have one on my EB0, it just sits over the original bushes and then screws into the back two, easy.