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  1. New amp. Tc electronic?. Help guys :)

    yes. quite a large head sits nicely on tbe two ten
  2. NBD - Fender Deluxe Active Jazz

    got one too usa vesion excellent nice neck too n3 pickups ok
  3. New amp. Tc electronic?. Help guys :)

    i have the older bh500 lots of bells and whistles on it
  4. Bergantino BAmp or Forte

    its a truly outstanding Amp still working my way around various settings definitely a berg cab to partner it in 2018
  5. Ashdown CTM100 - PMT Music

    good luck they sound great
  6. Bergantino BAmp or Forte

    yes it is certainly feature rich.
  7. Bergantino BAmp or Forte

    the commercial rate was TorFx. google it excellent service. phone calls a account manager txt when funds transferred well better than bank rates Paul
  8. Bergantino BAmp or Forte

    yes i got a excellent exchange rate well pleased what cabs are you using with yours still blown away how good it is
  9. Bergantino BAmp or Forte

    total was £1030 but used a commercial tor fx for dollar tranfer. not tourist rates outstanding amp very feature rich
  10. Bergantino BAmp or Forte

    Dan its a truly outstanding piece of kit the clarity using a JP bass hot rod fender is amazing the Amplifier is very intuitive manual is very well written. cant wait to get a Berg cab to pair up with it the customs charge came in at £126.00 total all Afternoon i have been trying various basses one active too i even got a Bergantino T shirt shipped with it one great feature is you can pick a lo or hi input via menu its a great weight too i am well pleased jim sent a email informing me a firmware update
  11. Bergantino BAmp or Forte

    finally arrived Wow its amazing very easy to dial in a range of sounds and sounds superb
  12. Bergantino BAmp or Forte

    its arrived. i have collected it from parcel force will update later everything jim has does has been fine Nightshift 12 hours catch up later cheers
  13. Bergantino BAmp or Forte

    excellent news i have collected it from parcel force depot. will chat later Nightshift time 12hours
  14. Bergantino BAmp or Forte

    Hi Dan ,its been in customs four days now its saying revised custom charges after being released no letter yet i dont expect it to be sent this side of Christmas its a lot of hassle to import stuff never again