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  1. Try some new pickups Fender vmods
  2. The reality is now poor exchange rates making the pro way too expensive I would look for discounted one Or second user
  3. There are lots of good valves to buy for the Ampeg buy from those who test them
  4. Enjoy find the one that you want 😉
  5. the previous Deluxe bass might be an option if they are for sale. You can easily change pups For pillars or any other pickups the Sandberg's I saw a the bass guitar show were outstanding in build quality I think the ultras are way over priced
  6. afterimage


  7. Welcome sounds like you got a excellent guitar
  8. When I used to to the Liverpool Cavern club as 15 yr old most bands used sound city Hiwatt Marshall Some H and H WEM PAs they were a pain to carry in too
  9. Not for me thanks too much money and why would you want to go They whizzed over Steve Hackett
  10. I have one too as Dood says the firmware updates are excellent Very intuitive controls a certain Walter Becker had one these Play around with all the settings lots to enjoy
  11. Congratulations that's a looker it's really nice
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