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  1. https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/electric-basses/jazz-bass/vintera-70s-jazz-bass/0149643324.html?rl=en_US
  2. https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/electric-basses/jazz-bass/vintera-70s-jazz-bass/0149643324.html?rl=en_US
  3. They are nice guitars I think they are very underated
  4. I wX thinking of getting one when the price dropped and dealers had stock to clear but at the time I wanted a jazz bass and ended up with PJ hot rod Jazz bass with a hi mass bridge Love it
  5. Nice it's great to get something different enjoy
  6. I wouldn't pass up on Squire well setup they are excellent and upgrades can start with pickups they don't have to be stock Fenders
  7. Very nice always worthwhile to get a good luthier to check it over
  8. More Jazz and Fender should remake some of them
  9. The deluxe was a USA import with my Brother shipped it over when he was in Florida I did initially like the pick-ups. Did a few string changes to see which I preferred Currently using la Bella flats
  10. Fender Deluxe Jazz bass owner Here, agree on the pick-ups going to swap them out for N4s The Elite has way gone over price wise for me
  11. Just picked up a Fender p bass professional love the neck 63 profile As my other basses are Jazz
  12. But definitely it's time to go lightweight you can't keep hauling a rig like that around all the time
  13. The Ampeg pf50 is nice amp but never used it in a live setting but have paired it with a Amped pf2 X10 cab very nice
  14. It's paired with a HDN 2x12 I was going for a single cab but ended up importing from Germany The tone is very clear and articulate you have a excellent EQ section on the Bamp
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