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  1. afterimage

    New TC Electronic heads

  2. Dhttps://www.watfordvalves.com/product_detail.asp?id=1393
  3. I was going for the pf20 but liked the extras on the 50 I find the filters really good On the subject of valves definitely lots of really good tubes to try out Watford valves have a wonderful selection
  4. afterimage

    Canadian Eh!

    Welcome superb looking bass guitars you have
  5. Me too# to good to pass up on
  6. Love my PF 50 well pleased with tones from it
  7. afterimage

    Cort Jeff Berlin Rithimic low output ?

    Or a trilogix pre amp pedal
  8. afterimage

    Sire Mk11 bass guitars

  9. https://www.bonedo.de/artikel/einzelansicht/ampeg-portaflex-pf-20t-ampeg-pf-112hlf-test.html Use Google Chrome for translation
  10. The PF-50T's tubes are all from Ruby Tubes. There's a a pair of 6L6GC-MSTR power tubes and three nine-pin preamp tubes - two 12AX7s, with one for preamp and gain in V1, and the other handling EQ and amp drive in V2, and a 12AU7 in V3 that functions as a phase splitter for the power amp section. The PF-20T uses a similar all-tube setup, but with two 12AX7's and a pair of 6V6 power amp tubes. All the tube sockets are ceramic, and tube retainers are provided for the power tubes, with shields for the preamp bottles.
  11. https://www.guitarinteractivemagazine.com/issues/issue-39/reviews/ampeg-pf-50t-head/
  12. https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/23464-ampeg-pf-50t-review
  13. Lots of good 12ax7 tubes to try out