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  1. I like the stack vol tone Flea jazz bass
  2. The sadowsky pre amp pedal is brilliant too
  3. Have you tried a pre amp pedal The 64 are rather good
  4. Try some lollars or Fender 62 63
  5. Lol😂😂😂 typos after a few beers It's a lovely pedal by the way SBP-1 Outboard Bass Preamp/DI Pedal
  6. The Fender hi mass bridge is good with good strings of your choice I concour that a good setup is first and foremost Is the thing to do
  7. Don't overlook Lollar jazz pickup's
  8. Would love a Sadosky but making do with the Sadosky pedal at the minute for my fenders
  9. The Valve Ampeg Pf50 is a wonderful sounding amp a good di too
  10. Lovely looking bass guitars guys
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