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  1. The deluxe was a USA import with my Brother shipped it over when he was in Florida I did initially like the pick-ups. Did a few string changes to see which I preferred Currently using la Bella flats
  2. Fender Deluxe Jazz bass owner Here, agree on the pick-ups going to swap them out for N4s The Elite has way gone over price wise for me
  3. Just picked up a Fender p bass professional love the neck 63 profile As my other basses are Jazz
  4. But definitely it's time to go lightweight you can't keep hauling a rig like that around all the time
  5. The Ampeg pf50 is nice amp but never used it in a live setting but have paired it with a Amped pf2 X10 cab very nice
  6. It's paired with a HDN 2x12 I was going for a single cab but ended up importing from Germany The tone is very clear and articulate you have a excellent EQ section on the Bamp
  7. Got the Bamp , love it's features very easy to use despite looking complicated
  8. Lol in jest compared to my TC Electronic 2x10
  9. Not sure if Ampeg are bringing New ones out
  10. Excellent been ,busy so Sunday will try the P bass out with And fit the castors to it as well
  11. I have the Portaflex PF50T amazing amp brilliant warm tube sounds packs some thump too Glad I got this over the pf20t. More features that I do use Just got a Portaflex 2x10 to go with it
  12. Arrived today. From Bax Holland ,four days shipping due to delays at Calais Excellent construction. But very heavy side handles would have been better the flip top for amps is neat touch Bought this for a Amped PF50T valve head sounds amazing using it with horn set to one Well pleased with it. The amp eq certainly helps get good tones out of it Cranking a fender 74 reissue Jazz sounds really good with both pickups on ten. Single the same too Photos later
  13. I have fender jp hot rod and a fender 74 with the u profile neck both feel comfortable but they are a bit different If your used to the c profile necks I do like the flea and the stacked volume tone knobs But not the relic look I would rather have a new look
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