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  1. Looking forward to the show bass only though It will be a early start for me from Liverpool back the same day too sat only
  2. Lollars are nice too And really liking the Fender vmod on my pro precision
  3. Not to sure it should have been a March April date would have been Better
  4. https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/electric-basses/jazz-bass/vintera-70s-jazz-bass/0149643324.html?rl=en_US
  5. https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/electric-basses/jazz-bass/vintera-70s-jazz-bass/0149643324.html?rl=en_US
  6. They are nice guitars I think they are very underated
  7. I wX thinking of getting one when the price dropped and dealers had stock to clear but at the time I wanted a jazz bass and ended up with PJ hot rod Jazz bass with a hi mass bridge Love it
  8. Nice it's great to get something different enjoy
  9. I wouldn't pass up on Squire well setup they are excellent and upgrades can start with pickups they don't have to be stock Fenders
  10. Very nice always worthwhile to get a good luthier to check it over
  11. More Jazz and Fender should remake some of them
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