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  1. I had one years ago ...prefer separate stomp boxes
  2. Anyone out there have any experience with the AH500-7. I put mine up for sale and then withdrew it when I discovered a slight 'blowing' sound from it , also the foot switch seems to have packed in (it lights up and everything but does nothing)
  3. I picked up the Spyder 550 there a few months ago so I’m good for spyders for the time being 😅
  4. Withdrawn due to foot switch fault
  5. If I wasn't already drowning in amps Id have your hand off, this is a bargain!
  6. Has the regular CTM30 been discontinued? They’re as rare as hens teeth , really like the look of them . I know everyone’s raving about the little stubby but I think I like the classic vibe of the old one.
  7. Quilly

    '51 Precision?

    Hi Folks I'm selling my Harley Benton '51 P Bass on the for sale section, just not getting enough use of of my bass. Its a great playing and sounding bass I'm just not crazy about the pick up position. The frets were dressed etc.
  8. Yeah I was really pleasantly surprised, the only “fault” I could find was the frets just weren’t finished at all. A local luthier sorted these and now it plays great. Big fat old school neck . I know people recarve the headstock to get the telebass head but I’m not into that . Again this was an impulse buy and Not really getting played .
  9. It is a monster and built like a tank I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t sell to be honest 😢.
  10. No offers below the asking price As new Harley Benton Precision bass. Mint. Set up and frets dressed , polished etc by Polmac luthier In Youghal, Cork. Plays like a dream , traditional big fat pbass neck , satin finish . Basswood body, maple neck . I realize they retail for £90 ish + shipping on Thomann, but this has had another £30 spent getting the frets decent (were a bit sharp out of the box) no horror stories under the scratch-plate either, finish is continuous. Pickup is decent and has powerful thumpy output . This bass is fantastic for the money and gig ready for any level of player. Surplus to requirement for me. Will include a padded Stagg. gigbag. Small blemish on pick guard
  11. The Bugera with the 3 valve preamp was one I would consider 🤔
  12. I bought that spyder from Merton a couple of months ago and I have the ctm100. What I really need is a gigbag class D backup like an elf or something similar
  13. Yeah , I think I’m mad? But it’s been sitting idle for too long. It’s needs loud gigs !
  14. As new but set up and frets dressed polished by Local luthier. Sounds amazing and generally unbelievable value for money. I realize I’m asking Thomann prices but I included shipping , the frets have been smoothed out (they were sharp out of the box) . I include a stagg reasonable quality padded gig-bag. There seems to be a small blemish on the pick guard but it’s barley noticeable . No horror stories under the pick guard either . Finish is continuous
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