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  1. Not much more can be said about these heads that hasn’t been said already . 100w of velvet valve warmth. Lightly used , 2013 head. Valves are still fresh and it’s recently been serviced (in March, no repairs just general check up ). Reason for sale is because it’s just not getting used, but it’s a very reluctant sale indeed 😥. It has a few minor marks around the vinyl and corner protectors, but hey that’s what they’re for right ?. I can ship to UK/EU, just let me get a price (current price excludes shipping). Any further questions just ask !
  2. Any interest in an All-valve Ashdown ctm100 100w head. Perhaps not the power you’re looking for but an excellent studio amp. One other thing ... Might be just the angle of the photo but is the handle coming lose ?
  3. I’m using a 4 ohm bass cab with an 8 ohm guitar head and it sounds sublime with bass . Just for home use mind. Is that because I’m driving the tubes a bit harder ?
  4. this video did nothing to relieve my gas 😩😩
  5. I once saw in some weird website an Ashdown ctm-30 for €39.99? . It looked like a fraudulent website . Didn’t even have a recognized suffix .com etc. . I was always curious about it.
  6. Well I complained anyway to the BBC like an old busybody 👨‍🦳 anyway. You never know. Put on the guilt trip 🤣🤣
  7. Saw an elderly couple part ways with a pre-cbs 1964 fender jaguar for £1050 quid. It was their sons and the auctioneer told them to put a reserve of £400 on it. Naturally they were thrilled but then were completely robbed. I though it was really bad form of the Beeb.
  8. Hi i traded my combo for a nifty 250w TC head with Tubster. A pleasure to deal with, great comms and accurate description of amp. Item arrived very quickly and I’m thrilled with it. Exceeded my expectations. Deal with Tubster in confidence. 5star service ! 👍👍👍🤘🤘
  9. Ive had both the TB 500 and the SP212. Here are my thoughts. As per Cat Burros message, you can simply replace the 12AX7 with 12AT7 tubes with no modifications. this reduces the gain stage by about 40% giving a much cleaner tone. The SP212 cab I didnt like at all, found it to be very muddy (and heavy). I regret selling the TB-500 and would get one again in a heart beat. My advice would be to get the TB-500 and a decent 2x10...if you can afford it a Barefaced two10.
  10. I'm finding that 'up to 10 or 0' seems to be the best way with this amp. My inner 'solid state' instinct screams 'you're gonna break something' 🤣
  11. Funny , my amp seems a bit dark. I tried using an eq pedal at the effects loop stage and this is a workaround. But I’d prefer to be able to get it from the valves themselves. My valves maybe getting a tad old
  12. Any ctm users out there that could offer some tips in getting a fairly clean punchy tone from this amp with a smidgen of highs? The passive controls are strange, for example if you turn up the treble you lose the lows? Been struggling a little while to get a consistent tone from this amp. When it’s good it’s sweet
  13. Early 00s Carlsbro 50 Top Evo head. (Made in England) Recently serviced and in great nick. Can be used in 50w / 25w modes. A tone monster for bass also I might add. Surprisingly loud and deep . All valve. A bit of a heavy lump so please contact me for shipment costs.
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