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  1. I’m using my ctm100 as a practice amp which is absolutely nuts, again while I get 5 minutes peace. It’s barely breathing at the volumes I play it at .
  2. I’m standing away from the gun. 😭. Just can’t justify a third Ashdown in the house. (I already have a ctm100) Great amp for the price tho.
  3. Ahhhhhh now I don’t know what to do 😬😬😬
  4. I Had been using very light gauge nickel wounds usually Dunlop or XL i.e. 40-100s or even 35-95s (I even went as low as 30-90 rotosounds funk masters ...but they were terrible and felt weird). Recently I decided to go 45-105 DB nickel wounds. took me a while to set up my truss rod and action and they still feel a bit heavy. What I'm really noticing though is the tone...much 'beefier' and thumpier than before. I'm playing a Sandberg California VS (P bass). Thisnk I'll up-gauge my mayones jabba, Mad up!, and just get used to playing heavier gauge strings...they sound better to my ears anyway.
  5. I experimented with the 5 string thing a few years ago, so I hid away all my 4 strings and played the 5 strings exclusively for 6 weeks. I eventually came to the conclusion that I much prefer 4 string basses and that I didn't really need the increased lower register for the type of music I play. Sold it on and chalked it down to experience. The main problem for me was inadvertently hitting the low b with muscle memory when you really needed to be playing the 4th string.
  6. I think you buy more stuff when you’re not gigging, probably out of boredom. When you’re gigging a bit, getting the songs right is a distraction from buying gear
  7. Yeah I think I'm good for Amps and Cabs TBH. I think I "need" an MM-powerbucker type bass to complement my P and J. I miss my stingray that I stupidly let go for peanuts to Mark at bass direct for a pittance
  8. Your sold them!?! . I've a sale agreed on my CTM100. Was thinking of getting a CTM-30 with the proceeds by now I've got bass guitar gas. 😭
  9. I think the best I can manage is gear in , gear out. Keep the overall hoard the same
  10. I don’t think I’ll last to the end of the year, seriously gassing at the moment for a new bass. But I’ll sell something first
  11. Cool , excellent 😎
  12. Pending sale of some gear I’ll be in the market for an MM type bass. The sandberg basic and human base roxy B4 also contenders . I just want that “stingray” sound from a more budget instrument.
  13. Looking for a mid range bass with an MM style humbucker. Just wondering if anyone has tried one of these Electra basses. I’ve a German California...just curious what’s lost in the price difference 🤷‍♂️
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