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  1. I’m going to save that and try is with my CTM100, cheers
  2. True and the mellow button scoops the sound out too much. I've run an eq pedal through the DI loop with great results. I find overall the best set up is: Mellow = off, Bass at 12 with Low button on, Mid at 3 O Clock, (doesnt really matter what mid shift you use) and Treble at 12 with high freq. 'on'. Crank up volume to almost max and use the gain to control the loudness.
  3. Don't forget they do a line of full valve (preamp and power section) amps ranging from 30 - 300W. They sometime do once off builds of the now discontinued BTA400W and 427w small block.
  4. I've ordered some vinyl from UK stores and they arrived here in Ireland with no customs issues (albeit a tad late). But the whole situation is having me look further afield to other EU outlets. Which is a pity because the UK stores are fantastic and I know them. My default Amazon is now Amazon.de.
  5. I'm definitely in this year. Last year I bought a Little Bastard and an Acoustic Aria Fretless. I honestly have all he gear I could possibly need and then some. Over the lockdown I've take up vinyl so that's a good outlet for my GAS.
  6. I sent my old CTM100 over to Ashdown as its wasn't sounding great, they charges me a pittance in service cost and parts and were nearly apologetic. gents.
  7. What are those Trace Cabinets like?
  8. What are those Trace Cabinets like?
  9. Agree,I recently purchased Rumours and St peppers and they sound great .
  10. I had long ditched physical music formats in the mid 2000s and had been streaming music exclusively for the past number of years, however, the lack of gigs, boredom and curiosity prompted me to dig out my 20 something year old Tecnics HiFi system, buy a basic Denon turntable and go get some vinyl. I have to say I'm really enjoying the experience and does seem to sound a lot more engaging that Spotify. There's something comforting and nostalgic about placing the needle on the groove and watching the record do it thing. I find I'm actually listening to the music and not just phone surfing while its playing. I'm not convinced however that if I was blindfolded Id be able to tell the difference between Vinyl and a CD. I still think CDs sound excellent and are pretty resilient so long as you keep them in a case and they can be picked up for small money these days. The shipping costs also make records very expensive.
  11. If you're in the UK id definitelyly go with Ashdown, their aftermarket service is second to none, even with out-of-warranty gear. I had a markbass once and really like the warm tone form them, I thin Ashdown wont dissapoint. I had an Ampeg 350pf and I found it really underpowered.
  12. I had one and in general I found it handy, I just wish it had a bluetooth function to allow for cordless headphones, the lead trailing form the 3.5mm socket to the headphons sometimes gets in the way when you're playing. Also the headphone socket is flimsy and starts to give trouble eventually. The aux input is really handy to plug in an MP3 player or whatever to play along with, again, this will give trouble. in short...wireless please.
  13. Exactly, I wouldn’t be proficient enough on fretless to justify anything more expensive tbh.
  14. While it really like the sound and look of the 51 p bass. My thumb can’t get used to that pickup position. I tried that Harley Benton p bass. Great bass but I couldn’t get on with it . I just find the traditional p bass a more comfortable bass.
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