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  1. Anyone out there ever use an Ashdown CTM-300?
  2. Cheers for the ideals I need some sort of shared calendar
  3. Me and the lead guitarist generally do the gig booking and it seems like we need the planets to align to get all members and gig available on the same night and then there are last minute cancellations that are an annoyance I’m sure to pub landlords. We’ve missed so many gigs it’s not funny. Is this normal ?
  4. A gig a month would suit me but even if we had them (and we could get them) a band member would bail at the 11th hours forcing me to embarrassingly cancel the gig.
  5. I was seriously out of practice but these guys asked me to join after an acoustic session . I didn’t have much gear at the time so it suited me. It was intricate music so it kept me on my toes. Kinda American folky type music. When their band got more serious I bowed out .
  6. After a long hiatus playing bass I eventually got involved with a great bunch of musicians playing original music. It was a great experience and I eventually got involved in other bands . The only reason why I left is because I wasn’t into the genre at all. I knew it, they knew it. They found a replacement bassist who is actually a better fit as he’s a fretless player. So all very cordial. Probably a rare occurrence
  7. Some people should never be in bands . Bands are a team sport
  8. About to pull the trigger myself. Joined up because my old band just fell apart . Just not feeling it with this new band . We’re on our 4th singer . Each one left because of personality clashes with BL, founder. I find when 2 alpha males are in a band it’s doomed .
  9. Cheers - Paul has sorted me for one of these 😀 Although I appreciate the bare bobbin look, its not very ergonomic and makes me nervous.
  10. Hi , I’ve been looking for one of these for my Harley Benton 51 bass. Do you think I might acquire one ?
  11. Quilly

    '51 Precision?

    Just instinctively resting my thump on the edge of that bobbin. I might just reposition the pull bar over it
  12. Quilly

    '51 Precision?

    Can you get a plastic casing for 51 type pickups ?
  13. Quilly

    '51 Precision?

    They’re a great “project” bass . Being so cheap but decent enough to lend itself well to modification ,
  14. Quilly

    '51 Precision?

    Cheers , that worked 👍
  15. Quilly

    '51 Precision?

    Yes it’s a great bass for the price but the neck feels a bit ‘raw’ like it needs a polish with some really fine sand paper or something. The ends of the frets just need to be filed a bit also . That’s all I’ll do I reckon
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