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  1. You know it’s gonna be a long rehearsal when you see band members pick up their instruments from where they left them last time . “What are the chords again “
  2. Lightweight transformers that can make high power ‘lighter’ valve amps a feasible option.
  3. And in contract playing the same songs over and over is extremely demotivating. It’s been the cause of me walking away from bands .
  4. The moment you dread going to rehearsal is the day you walk away .
  5. I think there are 2 different types of rehearsals for me. One where you are getting ready for a specific gig where you have to run through everything, the other is more creative where you trying new individual songs to add to your repertoire. I find that anyway .
  6. Good to engage with audience but not to overkill it. I remember one singer, he was cringe 😩
  7. When the lead vocalist comes early to set up all the mikes, pa and monitors without any help !.🤣🤣🤣
  8. I find an impending gig really focuses the mind. What drives me nuts is when a guitarist start widdling a tune that’s not on the set list and other band members join in 10 minutes wasted before you know it.
  9. I think they forget the point of the review (i.e. what it is they're trying to show you) and start showing you their chops. Some are just adverts basically and don't give you any negatives about what they're trying to review, so its impossible to make an informed choice.
  10. Why do people play so many youtubers play so many harmonics when reviewing fretless basses?. Is it a law ow something?
  11. I really like my barefaced 2 x 10. Had a few quality niggles with it though. The staff there are great and it was sorted with no issues.
  12. Just pulled the trigger on a 1515l (LOL) 😬😀
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