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  1. well I wouldn’t pay that much for one, I got one of the old ones second hand for €250 from a Dutch version of gumtree . I replaced all the valves and boom it sounded fantastic. As for volume I’ve played one outdoor jazz gig and one indoor gig with guitarists using small amps and it was able to hold its own, though you need a good sensitive cab , I use a 4ohm barefaced two10.
  2. I didn’t want to say it but my god .
  3. Hi all, just noticed that Ashdown have updated my favorite small all tube amp, this time with some smart features like cabinet simulation software for studio use. Anyone out there took the plunge on it ?
  4. I picked up a Trace Elliott Elf a few weeks ago and while I still prefer the sound from my valve head and hybrid AB class amp, there's a huge amount to be said for the convenience of the amp and the sound is still pretty good from this amp.
  5. Still though , I don't think the UK government are exactly making life easy for British manufacturers what with all their shenanigans
  6. I can’t understand this obsession with sustain with some folks and neck throughs . Like how long are you going to let a note ring out in a typical song, realistically
  7. I like saxophones but the 1980s killed the instrument.
  8. I actually think they’re ok , cool in a retro style
  9. Fixing a hole has a lovely bass line , I really like the woody sound he got from his hofner bass especially when he plucked up on the high frets . He really uses his scales cleverly
  10. Yes and the fact that the LPs and CDs at the time were £15-20ea (which is really expensive in 1990s prices) meant that you probably told yourself that these were great albums...because the "musos" in NME told you that they were. Many a mediocre band was made on the whims of fickle journalists and many great bands were too often overlooked.
  11. I'm approaching 50 and I still think that some of the indie bands from the 80s and 90s are overrated sacred cows and that there's great alternative music around now, if people just got off their butts to try and find it, and there's no excuse now with Spotify and what not.
  12. Valve amps , although gorgeous sounding give me the heebie jeebies, I’m always convinced a valve will die or the some other catastrophic failure will happen , ridiculous I know . As I’ve had 3 full valve heads that never went wrong .
  13. I recently purchased a TE elf as a backup so it’s not exactly a huge lug around and a great amp in its own right. My main amp is an Ashdown Spyder and honestly I can’t imagine it ever going wrong , built like a tank
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