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  1. I had a burgera knock off SVT once , a BBV3000 I think it was . Great amp for peanuts, I only had it for a couple of months .
  2. I remember that matamp he had Drooled over it for ages ☹️
  3. Well it’s the best sounding bass amp I’ve ever had, I had one old guitar amp that also sounded amazing. It was a Carlsbro 50 top and the the transformers in it were massive . It sounded great with bass , especially the dirty channel. It was 50w through 2xEL34s . I bought and sold it for peanuts . I wish I’d never sold it ☹️
  4. Even fiesta red ? Even the Pino P bass ?!?
  5. I’d like to try some NOS sometime . Some RCAs or Telefunkens. Just to see if the hype around old stock is real or if new valves are just as good.
  6. The JJs work perfectly for me , I used TAD STR ones before and they were also good but a bit more expensive. I doubt there’s THAT much difference between them . I might try them again , they’re supposed to be a bit more kick in them .
  7. I’ve both those amps, they’re just great . ! I think the tone for the little bastard is just wonderful
  8. I wish I hadn’t known about these amps 😭
  9. I failed bigly this year (again ) with this little bastard but I don’t care. I’m in that in between GAS phase where I’m contemplating what to obsess over next. As sure as night follows day it’ll be cabinets next 😭😭😭
  10. I reckon it’s some people saw Victor Wooten or Pino do it once and figured “oh this is what you have to do to be taken seriously “
  11. You beat me to it, like WHAT is that about?
  12. Today I managed to get 95dB out of my Ashdown Little Bastard and a Barefaced Two 10. OK it wasn't the most trouser flapping bass sound ever heard but it was pretty damn loud. I reckon I can get it to 100dB with my 2 * 15 Schroeder. That would be an amazing feat for a 30W head.
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