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  1. No Minefield really. This is all just my opinion but a 500W solid state head is really max you need, probably lower wattage for Valve heads. As long as your cab is rated to about 1.5 times the power of your amp or more and the impedance is matched you should be flying. I know people crib about the weight of them but I prefer a good bit of weight in a head, hence I tend to prefer ones with AB MOSFET over Class D. I just think they're less prone to problems from vibrations etc. Oh and if you get one with a valve preamp, these are nice. My personal favourite is Ashdown hybrid into Barefaced.
  2. I don't feel too bad about it. I think the important thing is to have what you need to get the sound you're after, plus I cleared out some stuff I wasn't using...which was nice. To go off the point a little, I still think buying spanking new items on a whim is really a waste of money and resources and I wont be doing it anymore. You'd want to be mad to go out buying, say, a brand new Fender bass or SVT for example when they appear almost everyday for sale on this site and others, unused and at worst case in need of light servicing (which is part of the fun IMO). And you know....Mother earth is heating and all that stuff.
  3. After all my pontificating, I’m out . Bought a reverb pedal last night but in my defense it was something I was looking for for a while and it’s a used item. I definitely think I’ll only buy used items from now on as far as possible. Thanks to this site and countless buy and sell Facebook pages I’ve come to realize the world is awash with impulse purchases. So I might be out of this group but at least I’m putting an unused item to good use .
  4. UJust sold 2 pedals and a Roland keyboard stand . Thinking shout selling off a bass or 2 that have been sitting idle . This is it for me . Minimalism . Feels liberating however I will probably buy some sort of reverb pedal in the near future 🤷‍♂️
  5. Postage extra , mint condition
  6. Pigtronix bass envelope filter and 18v power supply. Mint . very funky pedal, postage extra
  7. I’m actually thinking of unloading some gear this year . I’ve pedals that haven’t seen the light of day in years.
  8. They’re actually crazy heavy . I mean ridiculously heavy . If they were being used in a building site the HSA would insist you use a hoist to move it...I’m not exaggerating
  9. Maybe a bag of sugar or 2 less...still a hernia generator
  10. Weighed a ton mind , 36kg or something used a ton of valves. Sounded great, really warm , clean sounding amp. Tons of bottom end. It had 6x6550s as I recall and a self bias function. I didn’t have it long .
  11. I had a Bugera BVV3000 (SVT clone) a long time ago and I couldn’t fault it . Sounded massive, rock solid and as cheap as chips
  12. DId you try the little bastard with the four10?
  13. Shiny Shiny...I’m worse than a magpie 🙄
  14. A bit unrelated but when a guitarist buddy of mine moved out of home his father put his 1965 fender bandmaster amp out onto a garden shed and left it there for years. I tried to rescue it but virtuously everything inside it was destroyed with dampness 😥
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