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  1. I take 2 basses and a spare amp head to every gig. Most of the time I just leave them in the car. You just never know
  2. I’ve left the basschat marketplace . Probably was the best place to buy and sell gear but as I’m in Ireland it’s all gone very complicated dealing with UK folks . It’ll probably sort itself out , on the plus side it stops me buying stuff 🤷‍♂️
  3. I watched a couple of videos and superglue seems to be the answer. I might use this ding to get the neck refinished altogether. It originally had a satin finish but from years of playing it now feels like lacquer. I’d like to get that finish back .
  4. Any tips on repairing this ? small and insignificant I know but I’m a bit OCD about these kind of imperfections on a neck .
  5. I’m just making this rule up but I think the only things allowed are consumables like leads and strings . If you don’t “need” a new pickup or bridge you should try and do without 😭😆
  6. I’m going to save that and try is with my CTM100, cheers
  7. True and the mellow button scoops the sound out too much. I've run an eq pedal through the DI loop with great results. I find overall the best set up is: Mellow = off, Bass at 12 with Low button on, Mid at 3 O Clock, (doesnt really matter what mid shift you use) and Treble at 12 with high freq. 'on'. Crank up volume to almost max and use the gain to control the loudness.
  8. Don't forget they do a line of full valve (preamp and power section) amps ranging from 30 - 300W. They sometime do once off builds of the now discontinued BTA400W and 427w small block.
  9. I've ordered some vinyl from UK stores and they arrived here in Ireland with no customs issues (albeit a tad late). But the whole situation is having me look further afield to other EU outlets. Which is a pity because the UK stores are fantastic and I know them. My default Amazon is now Amazon.de.
  10. I'm definitely in this year. Last year I bought a Little Bastard and an Acoustic Aria Fretless. I honestly have all he gear I could possibly need and then some. Over the lockdown I've take up vinyl so that's a good outlet for my GAS.
  11. I sent my old CTM100 over to Ashdown as its wasn't sounding great, they charges me a pittance in service cost and parts and were nearly apologetic. gents.
  12. What are those Trace Cabinets like?
  13. What are those Trace Cabinets like?
  14. Agree,I recently purchased Rumours and St peppers and they sound great .
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