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  1. I saw one in Italy on reverb
  2. Played my Ashdown ctm100 through a 2x15 at rehearsal on Sunday. It was VERY loud with just a smattering of tube breakup when chords were played , very nice . I don’t think the VU meter ever hit the red but the needle was busy.
  3. I made my amp more disgruntled Yorkshireman
  4. I don’t think so , there has been a plethora of innovations over the years and what to a lot of bassists play today ? - Passive 4 string fender type basses, designed in the 50s. I would actually say more people are going back to basics than ever, myself included. You’re trying to fix something that’s not broken.
  5. I’ve often wondered this , apart from the folks on this site the average person isn’t into guitars, basses or guitar music that much. Who’s buying all these new guitars exactly? Where do all the old ones go? As you say the don’t have built in obsolescence like cars or washing machines do
  6. I guarantee if you made a fender exactly per the 60s specifications people today wouldn’t like it.
  7. Check out the Harley Benton fackenbacker , it’s got great reviews
  8. Rickenbackers might be pretty to look at and sound great but they’re a pain in the bum to set up (terrible bridge design and nonsensical double truss rod) and they hum like hell. Unless you’re going for the 4004 ones .
  9. I was hugely impressed with the mex player p bass I bought this year . I think the price point is about right and the quality is great for the money. A great sounding no nonsense p bass. If I’m going to play the £1k + I’d be looking elsewhere, like a used sandberg, Mayones, sadowsky, MM etc. I just couldn’t pay that for a fender.
  10. I read this thread last week and I was considering this modification or selling the amp as I always had to use an eq pedal to counteract the sometimes muddy sound from this amp . However the lack of a local amp tech made me relook at the amp as-is. I think I found a good workaround (well it worked a charm today). All the buttons switched on . The biggest impact was using the high input (intended for active basses). I think it gave me a very clean sound and I had much more control over the gain. I was playing a precision bass, fender player , stock everything and using a Schroeder 2x15 cab. I had the amp up for sale but I’m glad I took the time to get to grips with the settings , sounds great now.
  11. A terror bass and a barefaced cab would tear the paint off the ceiling .
  12. I got rid of mine because it was stupid heavy, I was afraid things might go wrong and an amp tech wouldn’t go near it. I’ve heard some issues with them regarding the self bias thing , but in general I think most people were happy with them.
  13. Like an impedance mismatch (too low an impedance?
  14. Hi Steve if you play metal and punk you won’t do much better than your orange terror bass, I had one of the early models and it died on me a few times , I think there was a design flaw with the first model. I’d go for the mk2 for that money I think they ironed out all the potential issue. To get an all tube head as loud as an orange terror bass you’re looking at an SVT . I don’t think a 100w valve head will get you there . That’s just my tuppence worth
  15. A good few years ago I had a Bugera BVV3000, basically a 300w SVT clone, it sounded great and was thunderously loud, was very cheap as I recall . I’m not sure what happened to these in the wild and whether they’re still around, But I couldn’t fault the amp at all …apart from being an obviously cheesy knock-off
  16. If you see a Carlsbro 100 top around grab one. They’re usually cheap and sound great with bass.
  17. They are loud but it’s still just 100w. the eq is practically non existent, so if don’t like the tone you’re kinda stuck. There are mods that can be done but I’m happy enough with it as is.
  18. https://www.essemusic.it/en/used/bass-heads/peavey-tour-vb-2-head-made-in-usa-/ supposed to be decent heads .
  19. Hi Steve there’s a Peavey 225w head on reverb for €650, in fact I saw the same one for €590 on the actual shop site
  20. The last gig I played I traveled in guitarists Nissan note, a compact hatchback with 2 basses , 2 electric guitars an Ashdown Head, a 210, a guitar combo , an acoustic, a power amp , 2 effects racks and various leads , guitar stands etc, with no issue at all and the front seats as normal . Just don’t bring flight cases . A decent gigbag should do ,just be careful, put the guitars in last.
  21. It’s a thing to consider when buying a cab. I really do think 2x10 is the best all round cab in a squeeze where “fitability” in an average car boot is definitely a factor. Not every 1x15 will fit in a boot.
  22. I had a moment of madness and put one of my valve amps up for sale over the weekend, luckily I had a change of heart 🥵
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