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  1. Very Tidy...a bargain for someone only 60p a Trace Elliot Watt !" . Rock solid amps.
  2. Any good modern guitar valve heads that can be used for bass ?
  3. Are those Basses gone ? They seemed to be a very good bass but had a horrible headstock from what I can remember
  4. I prefer the look of the Reverend
  5. I don’t like it’s derrière
  6. Anyone play one of these yet ? To my eye they look Mexico fender league ...but more expensive. the maple neck p bass sure looks good 🤔
  7. Unfortunately I’m tripping over unused amps at home, otherwise I’d have it in a heartbeat 😭
  8. That’s awesome, damn you for showing me this 😭😭
  9. Is there a power ‘threshold’ for valve heads when you start to need fans to keep the valves cool. It seems to be 200w or thereabouts. I find the Ashdown fans reasonably quiet (compared to other makes) . Sorry for going off topic
  10. I saw another 427 small block being put together on Marks FB feed 🤔
  11. Yeah - dunno if I’m making a big mistake 😬
  12. My amp tech was baiting me with his newly serviced SVT Ampeg yesterday . ....why oh why😫
  13. I’m actually in the process of clearing out dead weight and unused items . Haven’t bought anything if significance yet this year ...but it just takes one ad. It’s a more difficult to shift things I find . Trying to get out of that vicious cycle of losing money all the time
  14. The funny thing is it’s my bandmates favorite amp 🤷‍♂️. Its just the right kinda loud.
  15. I don’t think any amp is going to be 100% bulletproof but I can vouch for Ashdown. You could text Mark Godday in the middle of the night with a problem and he’d sort you no questions asked . I’m 1/2 thinking about keeping my trace if I get no respectable offers TBH . It’s a great sounding amp
  16. I’ve an older 215 cabs and it’s amazing. Especially with lower wattage amps like my CTM100. It’s so efficient.
  17. ‘ Be great for a 70s type rock band
  18. Do you have the specs of that component? actually found it 😂
  19. Mid 2000's Trace Elliott AH500-7 (Made in UK). 7-Band EQ, 500w (4ohm), 350w (8ohm). Pre-Shape, Compressor. Foot Switch. Amp is overall in great nick. Amp has now been fully serviced by AlphaSounds, Tramore Waterford. New speakon connection installed. Contact me for shipping details.
  20. This amp was returned to me from a fellow Bass chatter with a power up fault. It has been assessed by the main amp Tech at Alpha Sounds, Tramore Ireland. The amp needs a new power supply section, other than that the amp is fine. Sounds great and is super compact. A fixer upper for someone. Contact me for postal cost.
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