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  1. I also have had this it limits string choice, so i drilled and fitted feral through body stringing just for the B well i actually did the E as well whilst at it, but this depends on your bridge, the other reason it is worth doing is i am also fed up of trying to wind over long strings round the post top end, so this adds enough flexibility for a happy life
  2. Yep - my main amp for over 10 years - great bit of kit and with gigging flexibility via footswitch
  3. Yes Dave you've got it there comes a point when you actually want to do what you want to do. I look in my wardrobe and realise I have been wearing black socks, black trousers and white shirts all my life, From school, in Brass bands , orchestras, Big bands and in our functions band wearing DJ's - I have been playing music that other people want to hear which is right and proper, but i never got to play in Rock bands and the music that moved me in my teens. No regrets on what i have done, but just the bits I didn't get to do because i was too busy pleasing everyone else.
  4. Never thought i would be feeling the same, but things change for better or worse and you have a whole new perspective on life. I have just packed in playing my main Big band after many years, due to musical direction and not enough time to rehearse properly. playing what individuals wanted and not what public want to hear. Bought a CS precision this time last year for a 60's band that never materialised, Its been to one jam. So that will probably have to go. This will probably be the last year our function band gigs, due to effort to do it properly and the expense - Website , insurance Pat testing and advertising. I feel a cull coming on, But its nice in the Garden, mustn't grumble.
  5. I always think of Mario Cipollina for Huey Lewis and the news he played wicked bass lines with his thumb nail. sadly no longer with us.
  6. As I have two of these broke and sat in my garage I fancy a repair job like yours - what glue did you use on the metal bracket. Cheers
  7. https://www.electricbass.ch/websites Have a look through these just been surfing these all night comes with a GAS warning happy browsing
  8. PED - are you sure you didn't just misread, easy mistake really - Stockholm or "stock - home"
  9. Basschat - is my favorite all things bass market place, apart from strings and batteries all my gear is from here. 😊 Bassgear was great in Wokingham, can still be contacted on line, or a trip to Warwick where you can park, or fight your way the the Gallery Camden, best go by skate board and a taxi back if you buy something 😁
  10. Just watched the movie on netflix each chapter was great, but thought Tyne Daly as the old lady in the coach was superb, a small part but that is acting at its best with just eyes and facial expression, 1st class
  11. I like that he is just honest to himself, he can look back and see an anthology of his life in music, I like the primitive feel of his use of the blues, the right medium to get his lyrics and story across, almost Blue note jazz feel to some, not commercial even when this was recorded but relevant to his experiences at the time.
  12. For those who will forget to look him up
  13. Thanks, will catch up with this during Christmas - bad tele period Our fav is "whats he building"
  14. bought my replacements through Thomann quite cheap so worth checking out.
  15. We have all done it after a late night - but I always now take as much stuff in the house as I can of value, Bass gear, PA and lights, with just four trips to the car there is 5K's worth of gear now safe. Good luck tracking it down - A good timely reminder to all to think the worse this time of year.
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