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  1. Great Gear - I've been advertising my SM500 for more than this. A bargain. No one is making gear this good anymore.
  2. Its OK I've made arrangements, just head for the coast, Don't worry you'll only have to row half way and you'll be picked up and brought back to Dover PED will be waiting 😊
  3. Just pop down the corner shop, save us all the trouble
  4. whatever another 5 months practice at home, wont need a strap. let johnny foreigner have them ~#+-* mumble mumble *#~+.
  5. I am due for my Jab in May according to the App If i make it through till then, can you keep a set for me. I need something to look forward to
  6. With Fozza on the Richie Havens version of Here comes the sun, ever since Woodstock and release of his Alarm clock album. next would be Reba's If I fell the version we used to do in our band
  7. Russian Black Walnut Burr MBass and Simon's (oldgit) Camphor Burr Series II Shuker
  8. depending on your budget - if tight the ole Peavey 15" BW cab was the best I have owned. Big old box but that is the Physics of it, a really good driver with large vented voice coil, front ported etc etc. Dirt cheap second hand. But If you have some more cash and a bad back i would go with the Barefaced suggestions above.
  9. This thread popped up again, and I realised i didn't post my build picks - so here are a few Shuker Build course bass = Ash slab body + contours - maple neck - Paduk board _ Vol + Treb for each Pup Note - I wanted to make a reverse P bass so decided to reverse the head stock as well and pup positions with bass pups nearer bridge to tighten bottom end and treble pups forward to mellow the bite a little. Very pleased with my first bass great neck. My vision was between a Dusty Hill meets Lee Sklar type of bass
  10. When we get out of Lock down and you all are back out gigging, you'll forget about wiping your bass down. Remember the days before James Last, who i hear you say. when it was still OK to stop after every number for a swig of your beer or for someone in the band to light up. you couldn't see anybody in the room for smoke, or know when it was time for Bingo until they put the lights on. The band would be first to the buffet table for the chicken in the basket or the fish n chips. well all that grease and fag smoke is why a 60's Precision is now forth £5000. Bring back Wem column speaker i say, you need somewhere to balance your fish n chips and pint. so you can continue to add value to your bass during the gig.
  11. Sounds a bit OCD Rob, in the nicest possible way I used to always wipe down my bass after a gig before going in the case, but now you mention it, i stopped at some point in the past. Maybe because there are so many idiots about that seem to knock things over on stage, so the sooner i can get it safely away in the case the better. but it is probably best to clean it first maybe even with those string wipes, that i also stopped using 😄
  12. I tend to agree, but it is down to age and experience and the sort of kit you have now acquired. I used to be in awe in such shops when I couldn't afford most of the gear in them, and you can go and have a twiddle and dream of the day .... But most music shops either do not stock what i want or use, or the gear is aimed at the starter kit market. Or Guitarists
  13. Hi Guys me again I now have the bass and it is strung with high C which i do intend to play like this The tension and sound is really nice so will be trying to identify the current strings and have asked the seller. so the next question to you guys who use Newtone strings on a 32" 5 string with high C, what gauge and type do you prefer This would be for Jazz and Big band work ( just in case you are into tapping and chords) so I would naturally be looking at their Nickel platinum but any experience you have on tension and tapper end and general differences Hex or round core Diamond v Platenum would be appreciated
  14. I know what you're thinking - what the hell is he doing in a Tux with waders on 😁 well it was a silly idea of someone in the band after a recent lockdown recording session where they wanted a comic pic of us all wearing our DJ's but with something funny on the bottom half so thought i would share this prize catch of a CS custom shop 62 P bass relic
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