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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Yep great amp, sold mine this year, was my main PA amp for over 15 years, great value for a great amp.
  3. I thought Mr Otway and Barrett would be playing bridge in an old folks home somewhere in their slippers Good on um, still doing the buizz
  4. Yep - all of the above for me - 40+ years of gigging takes its toll The only thing to add having gone light weight for some time. It is not just lifting heavy things and awkward size boxes, but discipline in the preparation to pick it up and then walk with it. We all know this, most of us pull muscles when not thinking and with small objects. The times i have lifted 15" PA cabs off the stands at the end of the night on my own. I don't now but wait and ask for help. Great video - Take care guys
  5. Blow Monkeys - this week Very good too - Great vocals and guitar work by Dr Robert and some very good bass playing, all very tight and pro as you would hope so worth checking them out *****
  6. I can't think of any better reason to visit Italy 😃 Owen led me down this path, I now have two of these with Tweeters and never want for anything else. good luck with the sale
  7. I have a downer around the small jazz jam scene, at the moment. But If you are serious about being a competent all round bass player you can't ignore Jazz. In fact i go one step further and say it is the most important skill you will learn. So it should be studied, you will find every other form of music you get involved in, will benefit, all the jazz tools will come in handy. Country R&B Rock. I much prefer big band standards and reading arrangements in the larger band situation but many parts that you will be presented with will contain white space ( chord passages where you will be expected to improvise) which is why i put myself through the agony of Jazz jams - keep the tools sharp +1 for Kind of Blue is the best jazz album I have.
  8. Hi Nik

    I have two old ones sat in garage was to throw out. Hercules replaced them for me half price

    If you have been followed issues thread with these the plastic goes sticky also on mine the roll pin holding the grip adjuster is broken on one and breaking on the other. But if you are mechanically minded and can sort another method of adjusting and holding up the top section , the rest of these are mechanically sound. I was keeping in case i later made a wall hang out of the tops.  so free to a good home



    1. silverfoxnik


      Hi Paul, 

      Thanks for your message and for the thought.. Really good of you! 

      I'm not very mechanically minded to be honest, but would be willing to have a go.. 😁

      I'll PM you to discuss further.. 


  9. I'm having a downer on jazz jams at present If you are a sax player, trumpet, trombone even a guitarist or Harp player you will at least have a good chance of being welcomed with open arms. But if they they have some form of house band however fluid, is it actually just too much trouble to go along with gear for one pint of beer and play two number if asked. I find it more enjoyable to select a well organised one, with good pro guests players and just listen. anyone else coming to the same conclusion
  10. I also have had this it limits string choice, so i drilled and fitted feral through body stringing just for the B well i actually did the E as well whilst at it, but this depends on your bridge, the other reason it is worth doing is i am also fed up of trying to wind over long strings round the post top end, so this adds enough flexibility for a happy life
  11. Yep - my main amp for over 10 years - great bit of kit and with gigging flexibility via footswitch
  12. Yes Dave you've got it there comes a point when you actually want to do what you want to do. I look in my wardrobe and realise I have been wearing black socks, black trousers and white shirts all my life, From school, in Brass bands , orchestras, Big bands and in our functions band wearing DJ's - I have been playing music that other people want to hear which is right and proper, but i never got to play in Rock bands and the music that moved me in my teens. No regrets on what i have done, but just the bits I didn't get to do because i was too busy pleasing everyone else.
  13. Never thought i would be feeling the same, but things change for better or worse and you have a whole new perspective on life. I have just packed in playing my main Big band after many years, due to musical direction and not enough time to rehearse properly. playing what individuals wanted and not what public want to hear. Bought a CS precision this time last year for a 60's band that never materialised, Its been to one jam. So that will probably have to go. This will probably be the last year our function band gigs, due to effort to do it properly and the expense - Website , insurance Pat testing and advertising. I feel a cull coming on, But its nice in the Garden, mustn't grumble.
  14. I always think of Mario Cipollina for Huey Lewis and the news he played wicked bass lines with his thumb nail. sadly no longer with us.
  15. As I have two of these broke and sat in my garage I fancy a repair job like yours - what glue did you use on the metal bracket. Cheers
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