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  1. The Bunny is every bit as good as the Fender CS boys, can I book my bass in for a nibble.
  2. As we are all about to climb out of lock down and back into gigging, Up for sale is my PA system. Our band called it a day Just before Covid struck, so quite good timing. But not for selling gear. I have today got the lot out and wired it up. All working as expected and now Pat tested as well ready for you to use. Consists of 2 x Peavey UL- 15 speakers 4 ohm each / 1000Watt Program each. model is the UK one. Includes covers A Peavey Amp PV- 2600 In rack case with Behringer 32 dual band Graphic. All manuals included Mixer - Spirit Folio FX8 This is a great mixer and as you can sub divide your mix. comes with custom build flight case. I will include speaker stands and speaker cables and all patch cables. Note . No mic stands, or mics are included with this sale. Collect only please but happy to meet within 30 Miles.
  3. For some reason Alexa played Every Kind of People straight after Boz Scaggs ??? So will share this version also what a great record and Bass line , I also only just realised from this Andy Fraser wrote it - now that puts a whole new light on it and explains the bass line being so prominent. But just maybe Bob Babbitts creation on the original recording?
  4. I always come back to Bob, great in the pocket bass lines nothing fancy but a nice change in the sax solo to a semi motown feel. The non video studio version shows the bass line better so worth checking out. David Hungate played with Boz and worth checking his discography quite outstanding.
  5. I was wondering why I had not seen or heard of a bolt on Mbass, but guess that makes sense to try it on a fretless and see the difference. good luck . Great basses
  6. Two waiting on this now so on Hold pending meet up Thanks Guys
  7. If you are looking for a Nice Rug for your studio I have just posted this in the Recycle thread - Thanks for looking. Its free Pm if interested
  8. Hi Guys An unusual one this but thought someone may just be looking for a nice Rug for the studio or gigging - Pino style It has faded in places due to sun through window but other than that is in good nick. collect only please from West Berks J13 M4 ish
  9. Played this to my 35 year old son today, not the best reaction, I loved this when i were a lad
  10. Great Bass tone does not fit in a family size hatchback with two child seats
  11. I once made a 2 x 12 Cab into a Budgerigar nest box, minus the cones of course. I had taken the grill off and then lifted the cabinet up, putting both knees through each speaker. "who's a stupid boy then"
  12. Glad you guys are not having any issues. I was hoping they would maybe pick up on this post and run a scan just in case. Hope all is well. I have now amended access through my defenses and can now browse their site again, which is probably more dangerous as some of you have indicated 😊
  13. Mine is Malwarebytes usually pretty good at these things 🙁
  14. Warned of Trojan on their site, my Browser protection suggest strongly not to proceed to the Bass Direct web pages ??? not had this before as I'm a regular browser on their site. anyone else had this. last two days.
  15. Never had one but always wanted one. But this is 30 years too late for me. good luck Its all anyone ever needs
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