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  1. Thanks Risk101, this has been my go to bass as well. But I'm playing only jazz now and leaning toward my 4 string more. This bass does come with the Neotech padded strap as in picture 1, forgot to mention that.
  2. Think it was how I took the photo and angle, I like low action here is another shot
  3. Here Is my Shuker 5 string series II. last played new years eve 2019/20 so thought this may deserve a new home. For Sale only UK pick up / meet up will not post. This has been my main go to bass for the last 10 years yet still looks like new. Used extensively in our Function band and on jazz gigs. Great tone and It speaks really well against guitars and drums, only ever needs a little mid cut when music requires. Bought this on Here from Homer It is just as it came to me with Wizard soap bars and a John East pre-Amp. but originally commissioned by Simon (Old Git). with Shuker pre and different Pups Specifications Ash Body Camphor Burr top with matching headstock Maple neck and finger board 18 volt system John East Pre. Plus Kill switch Side dot landing lights includes Shuker case weight 9 lb 5 oz kitchen scales 34" scale with 19mm string spacing at bridge Condition 9+/10 cant find any marks on it to photo, only noticed a little dulling from fingers wear under G string Photos attached
  4. I'd want a Mercedes bolted to that 😁 but wouldn't want to raise expectations of the band rolling up at gigs with that, tough act to follow 👍 all the best
  5. Not bass related but great to chill to and watch nature pass by, reminds me of hot summer hols
  6. I loved this post from AxelF Just look at all those bass Apostles sat round the pit, taking it all in, beautiful.
  7. About as close as I can get ( widdling)
  8. Hey fellers Remember even the Flat earth society has members all round the world
  9. That was Rachel when i met her she was brunette, but i recognise the guitar she beat me with
  10. I tend to be very pessimistic about transactions like this. As Sarah? has many valuable guitars in her listings she may be willing to share photos of her with them and band web pictures of her maybe with contact phone numbers. also Linkedin business profiles etc to build confidence. I have tracked many a seller down to social and work events and location from photos posted on media platforms to give me confidence they are who they say they are. I often did this on taking gigs from people out of the blue, if long distance rather than turn up a postcode to find its an industrial estate and the bands out of pocket.
  11. A couple of questions Is that an Ebony board and what weight does this come in at ? cheers
  12. Apologies but why the "Laugh" response when putting photos of the electrical unit on here ??

    1. deepbass5


      Sorry probably insensitive, I try not to make any adverse comments on ads, but just made me laugh knowing how heavy these are. will try and edit it off sorry



    2. Rickytwo


      No problem... just thought I'd missed something...

    3. Kiwi


      Just to remind you both, there's a PM facility...you can send each other messages in private. 

  13. Depends on your line up. we were just Guitar, bass and drums and female singer. So often had to play an amalgam of what was on the original. Guitar would have to play the guitar parts and pick up on brass and string fills, I would cover Bass and maybe Keyboard part if guitar is playing important other fills, Sometimes I would find I am playing a completely different line to the original bass but it works as a whole. As above some songs work for your line up others not. Some we thought would never work amazed us. Just agree on what exact version you are doing and ensure everyone has a copy of that.
  14. Yah - you get what you pay for 🙂 great keys from her wow thanks.
  15. Padauk a favorite of mine - I have to say, but thats it
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