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  1. Some amps are recommended to be used like that, Ampeg SVT 3-PRO for example, whereas my Ashdown ABM600 is the input gain to clipping/meter in the red method.
  2. Have to say I’m more than a bit interested in this, pretty much as the bass I’d actually want to make doesn’t seem to be in general production, many near it (and it’s nothing special btw) but there’s always something wrong on the ones available which has stopped me from buying them. This might be a very fun way of getting the exact spec wanted.
  3. There is a thread on that somewhere on here, whoever it was who did it said it really opened the amp up.
  4. I started playing in 1980. Up until joining Basschat in 2010 I’d probably had less than 10 basses. I couldn’t even begin to count how many I’ve had since. Should be the Basschat Motto!
  5. And Parcelforce. I always think that this is fraud, selling you insurance that doesn’t cover, though they’ll say it’s in the T&Cs so the customers responsibility to read them.
  6. Thing is, I wonder how many sales Pearl Jam have made due to Pearl Jamm? As in, stray punters who see said Pearl Jamm, realise they like the music so go and buy Pearl Jams CDs & tee shirts etc. Not enough to make them significantly richer of course, but I can’t see people who truly like the real band only buying the tribute stuff.
  7. I think the letter from them to Pearl Jam was a very classy act, no moaning whinging or insults at all.
  8. I was very impressed when I played through an Ashdown Little Bastard, had a great Motown vibe with a Precision, think it was through some form of Ashdown 1x15 cab.
  9. Sounds like a nice set-up, I`m sure you`ll be really pleased with it.
  10. I had my amp set flat and got my eq/drive from my preamp pedal, in my case a Tech21 Para Driver. I did this as on the originals circuit it was either gear shares or provided rigs, this way I knew what was going to FOH was the right sound. For on stage whatever amp/cab I was using I’d either boost or lower the low-end. Made life so much easier, especially on gigs where we flew.
  11. Uber bargain, these are seriously great amps, I gigged one in a heavy rock band and it just worked perfectly.
  12. As per @la bams post, the ABM600 is def the best amp I’ve ever had, incredibly flexible and powerful, and at 13kg still easy enough to cart about. I can get the same sound that I want from my RM500, and in rehearsals or small venues there’s not that much difference between them, however get on a very big stage and the ABM has a greater weight & presence to the sound. I’ll never tire of recommending Ashdown gear, especially the ABM600, unless looking for modern crystal clear highs it’s capable of virtually anything a bassist would want and also capable of a commanding presence on those big stages.
  13. Def, I have home-use basses and band-use basses. I’ll still play the band-use ones at home but the home-use ones are strictly that (well recording as well maybe but no situations where they could get stolen). I could easily cut back on numbers but it’s my hobby and I don’t really spend money on anything else.
  14. The Ashdown will be fine with a Precision, that’s what I have as my home set up and no issues at all.
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