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  1. £900 should get you a good used Japanese made Fender. The quality of the MIJ (made in Japan) Fenders is very good and the necks being especially good. That said it would def be worth checking out the Player Series, this Mexican made range is similarly very good, and new is cheaper than the Japanese models.
  2. I’m similar on Point 4 - recently bought a fiver and although I have no problems with it, I know I’m a 4-stringer at heart, much like I’m a steel-rounds/Precision player.
  3. Finger style the ‘Ray gets it. Don’t like slap so I can’t be objective on that.
  4. Good choices. I’d like to hear the bass on any of the tracks on Never Mind The Bollocks by The Sex Pistols. Not to learn them of course, managed that 40 years ago, I’d just like to hear the bass tone as it fits so well with the other instruments.
  5. I had a similar experience with another retailer a few years back. Called them, told them what I wanted to purchase, and what I had to p-ex. Wouldn’t give me a price, told me I had to visit the shop. I countered with I knew what it was worth 2nd hand, and that as I was travelling a 100 miles to the shop if I was offered a derisory amount such as half what it was worth I would hit said offerer over the head with it, as such was it worth me making the journey. No was the response.
  6. I agree with all these, why would a seller not want an instrument to be set up at the cost of the buyer. As said even if the intended buyer pulls out it makes it a lot more attractive to future ones. Iffy methinks.
  7. I go through a guitar phase every now & then, deciding that I need a Gibson Les Paul as I just love the sound of them. Only to then remember once I have one that I just don’t play them all that well and am much more suited to Fender guitars. Luckily my Telecaster Deluxe has the same pickup configuration as a Les Paul so I can get fairly near with it. And it’s black/black/maple!
  8. Lozz196


    I’m a “one sound for the band” kind of guy, once it’s set it stays on that for the whole gig/rehearsal, so I don’t need changes for songs or solos. As such I’ve two, depending on sound needed: For my old punk sound I have the Sansamp Para Driver For my classic rock sound I have the Ashdown OriginAL I’d say for a more generic bass sound the Ashdown wins it. The Para Driver more screams “look at me, here I am” but the Ashdown is perfect for a supporting bass role.
  9. I had a bass like that a few years back, confused the hell out of me and elicited some very bad language until I sussed it out.
  10. I’ve stuck some of that on one of my cabs to stop amp-slippage
  11. I just couldn’t resist any longer, hence the PM
  12. Shows how spoiled we are in the bass world when 12.5kg can be considered heavy, but imo irrespective of weight these are one of the best amps around (and Mike is a great guy to deal with).
  13. Looks great, that colour scheme really suits it.
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