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  1. It’s a good thought, Earbrass, I’ve spoken with my old band about events like this, get a good promoter involved and go from there. Get a venue on board that can safely accommodate a band, couple of camera people and sound/lighting engineers and get a live gig in your own home. I think people in the live music scenes are going to really need to rethink, much the same way as when giving music away on YouTube etc became par for the course. This is the next development, those that embrace it should see the rewards.
  2. And now having a buyer I`ve put it through its paces this afternoon as you do, and I`ve been reminded why I think this is such a good amp.
  3. Now that I’m no longer in a band I’m offloading mine. I have a buyer so plugged it all in today to give it a workout and was reminded just how good the ABM600 is. I’ll miss it, but hey, that’s life.
  4. I’ve got US and Player basses (Precisions). I’ve upgraded a few things on the Player, such as nut, pots/capacitor and added a 3-way string tree. I had expected to want to swap out the tuners and the pickups but I found both to be more than up to the job. For some reason I can’t get away from needing to own US made Fenders but the reality is that the Players more than fit my needs. Sure the US ones are better, but not as much as the difference in price tag would suggest - all imho of course.
  5. Dang they’re good. If I get to their age I might be that good too.....,
  6. I think that’s a very good point, sure there are aspects that we all like/prefer but I’m willing to bet we could all play a fairly decent gig on an unfamiliar bass.
  7. Exactly what I was going to say, the Player range is very good indeed.
  8. Lozz196


    Yeah, I can only imagine how good that all sounds.
  9. I actually love both of these versions, but Hanoi Rocks edge it for me:
  10. Cheers for the prompt. Yes, I’d say it’s def worth it, having had both. The 600 has more eq options, has more power, and just has a better overall sound to me. Re the power, although it’s only a difference of 100 watts it feels like much more to me, and the weight/heft to the sound just has a better feel to it. I’m no longer in a gigging band (and no intention on being in one anytime soon) so am selling mine, but if I were still gigging it would be going nowhere.
  11. Yeah, if Nancy and drugs hadn’t got to him he’d probably have got there.
  12. From image alone I`m sure Sid Vicious had an impact on many of us, he sure did on me. In the video for Pretty Vacant I though he looked great. He probably inspired many to pick up the bass, without ever really getting to grips with it himself. Also Duff McKagan of Guns N Roses always had that cool aura about him, as did Sami Yaffa of Hanoi Rocks.
  13. Was fortunate enough to see The Sweet at Rebellion in 2015. Not sure which version it was (Steve Priests or Andy Scotts) but they were great, and very surreal to see punks & skins line-dancing to stuff like Wig Wam Bam.
  14. Yes, that's the one. I`ve loved that bassline since I first heard it back then, but for some reason never even got to thinking about learning til now.
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