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  1. Best, probably my white/maple US Precision, don`t think I`ve had a worst.
  2. Lozz196

    Picking a new hybrid amp

    Ashdown ABM600 EVO IV - there`s a chrome faced one up on evilbay at present for £400.
  3. Lozz196

    Graphtech Tusq Nuts

    I’m just having one - the XL - installed on a Precision to match another which already has one. I find that the tuning is smoother with the XL than with the stock Fender nut, no experience of the non-XL Graph Tech tho.
  4. Lozz196

    Ashdown RM 500 & RM 115 Cabinets

    Nice one, the RM range as a whole is great imo - I have the earlier edition RM500 and it`s a great amp, If I`m correct I think Ashdown were ceasing the RM800 as given the frightening amount of power available from the 500 there`s not much need for an 800. Still debating whether to get a newer RM500 for the lighter weight.
  5. Now Sold One Protection Racket Deluxe Utility Case in very good - make that virtually new - condition. Plenty of sections/compartments for small Class D amp heads/leads/pedals etc. Nice sheepskin type lining to keep it all padded and safe, and as per the pics, you can see how clean it all is. Great case, we all know how good Protection Racket gear is. £45 gets this to your door within the UK.
  6. NOW SOLD One set of Tonerider Precision Plus Pickups. These sound very similar to the Fender Custom Shop Pickups that came in the 2012 - 2016 US Standards. Still in original box, have plenty of wire on them, as shown in the pic. £25 to your door within the UK.
  7. Lozz196

    NCD! Ampeg 810 fridge to complete the SVT

    What a great rig.
  8. Lozz196

    Fender Precision US 2015 - NOW SOLD

    Sorry for late response, no not looking at trades thanks
  9. Lozz196

    Gear stolen from Nottingham

    This annoyingly seems to be happening ore and more recently.
  10. I think that`s it - I`ve had a good few of the Barefaced cabs and realised that whilst what they do they do brilliantly, I just prefer the more traditional coloured sounding cabs, rather than the transparency of the BF ones. It often seemed to me that although they could go super loud, fra more volume than I`d ever need in fact, that there was something that was just not there. I can`t describe it properly, other than to say put the same gear through an old Ampeg/Ashdown/Peavey 410 and what I want suddenly appears.
  11. Lozz196

    Pete Shelley

    A great shame, never got to meet him despite playing on the same bill a few times, The Buzzcocks were part of my youth, seems all to real when your childhood faves pass away.
  12. Lozz196

    Incoming NAD - bit of an old 'un

    You`re not going to be disappointed @Bridgehouse (well your back might be with the cab) they are fine amps, bags of power, really effective eq options, I had one for a while and it was awesome.
  13. Lozz196

    What a difference a good rig makes

    I went with lightweight amps & cabs and was perfectly satisfied with them til I started using Ampeg and Ashdown gear as provided rigs. From then on the lightweight gear sounded just that, lightweight. At some point I’m going to have to, out of sense and age, go lightweight on the cabs again. Luckily Ashdowns RM range of cabs sound great and are a good bit lighter than their ABMs.
  14. Lozz196

    Eden WT-550 Replacement Suggestions

    Ashdown RM-500-EVO would fit the bill, and you’d have plenty of change leftover too.
  15. Oh man, one of my all time fave cabs, had one about 8 years ago and used one last night and it was awesome. Sadly I am also too old for carting one of these about, but whoever takes this, you won`t be disappointed.