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  1. Made the cut!

    My intention was to get down to 3 - have 2 up for sale, but just bid on/bought another, doh. But at least it`s a bass that has been bought for practicality/use rather than my usual "I just want another Precison cos it`s a colour I don`t currently have". The new one, if I get it will be used as a lightweight/space-saving backup, to make gigging easier. Well that`s my excuse.
  2. Live bands compress bass - since when?!

    I`ve found that adding a compressor to my signal chain really messes it up, but then I use the Tech 21 Para Driver and have a good bit of gain/drive. The manual says that the pedal adds compression so separate compressors not required. Must admit, when I had my Ampeg PF500 it sounded much better with a touch of the on-board compressor.
  3. Does anyone have a Steinberger Spirit XT?

    Well I`ve decided to pull the plug, the convenience factor being the main thing here. I`ve never needed a backup to date, but am reluctant to gig without one, so this is the best way methinks.
  4. Original work

    And that makes sense too - when I was in a covers band the earnings from a years good fun gigging paid for a car, when I expected to take about 3 years to repay it.
  5. Does anyone have a Steinberger Spirit XT?

    I`ve toyed with the idea of getting one of these as an easy-carry/less-room-taking backup bass. Not to everyones taste lookswise, but to me the practicality is what it`s about.
  6. Pick Click

    I also find that the thinner the pick the less low-end and more mids/highs there are. I prefer the 1.14mm Dunlop Tortex Triangle ones, mainly cos that way you get 3 picks in one.
  7. Whilst I love The Sex Pistols, and probably would have been happy to be at any of their gigs, for me it would have had to have been The Old Firm Casuals, The Last Resort, and Booze & Glory all on the same bill at London Underworld, 29 July 2011. I wasn`t into any of those bands then, so missed out on this wonderful line-up. I`ve since been lucky enough to play gigs with them all, but to have been an audience member at that gig..........
  8. Grainy distortion

    I like the Sansamp Para Driver, it can be set to break-up only when the strings are hit very hard (which in my case is all the time). Back off and you`d never know there was any drive at all.
  9. Cabs for 2 ohm amp - a dilemma....

    Yeah I think a lot of sounding louder with more cabs is a lot to do with them simply being higher so nearer our ears. Must admit though, the difference in adding in the same cab again to an amp always makes me smile.
  10. 2nd Gig! Dolls House Abertillery

    Nice one, The Dolls House is a cracking venue, we played earlier this year, and are back next year. Just make sure you have good brakes on all of your vehicles, the parking is one one mutha of a hill.
  11. The importance of size

    If lookng for loud and small, the GK MB500 or MB Fusion 500 should be up there. I`d also throw in the TC Electronic BH250. I had one as a backup and was impressed at how loud it was for only 250 watts, plus having a built in tuner, well it`s reducing the need for other kit as well.
  12. The ABM600 puts the "quieter" aspect in a small locked cupboard. I know exactly what you mean, having had ABM500s and MAG600s, I could get the volume I wanted from them, but for 500 watt rated amps the volume was being pushed. Whereas the ABM600, well that`s a different beastie, as are the Rootmasters. Stacks of volume that, from my experience in rehearsal rooms, can really drown out anything - found that out by twiddling the wrong controls when just bought the amps.Significantly LOUD!
  13. Cabs for 2 ohm amp - a dilemma....

    Well looking at this, if you really want a 4ohm cab to pair with one of the 8ohm BB2s, why not get a Big Twin 2. You`ve then the option of a BB2 for rehearsals, BT2 for moderate gigs, and both for mahoosive gigs.
  14. Original work

    It`s still only for fun for us, Blue. We all fit it around our day jobs, luckily our employers are pretty good with us. All the money we make goes back into the band, so the hotels/festivals/flights etc are paid by the band, but we never take a penny from it for our own pockets. Still not enough to make a living from - and in reality I would doubt it ever would be.
  15. 'thick/fat tone?

    Yep, lower mids, and a touch of overdrive, not enough to make the notes distorted, but enough to make them not completely clean is a good way to start. But to be honest in a one guitar band, as soon as solos kick in it will thin out - it`s a reduction of at least 3 or 4 strings going, all in the higher register where the ears pick out sounds easier. Our guitarist adds volume but also a tiny amount of delay when he solos to minimise the reduction from the guitar, and it works quite nicely.