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  1. I’m not currently in a gigging band, have 2 Precisions and a Jazz. One of the Precisions I won’t take out of the house, not an old valuable bass, just sentimental value. So for my current non-gigging band I can use the other Precision or the Jazz, and in reality I’m a Precision player through and through so if I get in a gigging band I’ll get a Squier Precision as a backup. Just got to offload 3 surplus basses now.
  2. For the budget light is unlikely, so I’d look for a 1x15 Trace combo, plenty powerful enough and space saving too.
  3. Our first rehearsal post Lockdown the Third is on 29 April, really looking forward to it.
  4. I’ve been to loads of gigs where the over-bearing kick drum that was louder than everything else including the vocals simply made the whole gig worthwhile.... NOT!!!!
  5. From experience of using both brands I’d expect the TE to have better definition, plus being a 410 there being a lot more presence on the overall sound.
  6. Airbourne? Loved them when they emerged, a higher intensity type AC/DC.
  7. Lozz196


    I know I’m gonna regret selling that one, enjoy it Neil, it’s a lovely instrument
  8. Keeping it sort of in the family, why not look at Ashdown cabs to match with the head? They do an ABM PRO NEO range which are light and sound great.
  9. Yeah it was a real shame, my sound was only driven when hit hard, and quite clear & defined. By adding in pre-eq he essentially Motowned the bass for that gig, making it much warmer and more traditional Precision like, whereas Duff McKagan would be a better area to think of for what I did.
  10. I remember playing a gig where the sound engineer wanted to mix a clean pre-eq signal with my Sansamp (usually just Sansamp DI’d), explaining he wanted to keep the lows clean and only the highs driven. Many people who followed the band came up to me afterwards and asked me what was wrong with the bass that night, I didn’t have to say anything, I just pointed. With that one decision he ruined the sound of the band that night - as our fans pointed out. Fans who had paid £18 I should add.
  11. Love that, when you have so much history with an instrument it’s that which makes it irreplaceable, not the cash value, name on the headstock of year of manufacture.
  12. I found that the core tone of TC & Markbass to be quite similar, so as she liked the TC amp but there aren’t enough funds to cover a new one then I’d check the Marcus 500. My personal recommendation would be the Ashdown RM500 though.
  13. Def, when we did it it was Johnny Rod’s version I tried to get near. Not sure I managed it all that well, much more a case of bluff & hope.
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