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  1. John Deacon Queen

    Look at a pre 2008 Mex Precision - although the nut width is regular Precision size the necks aren`t as "full" in the hand. Even the post 2012s aren`t as chunky in the hand as the US equivalent.
  2. Old vs New Barefaced cabs

    The Gen3 are pretty much the flattest/most uncoloured sounding cabs I`ve used. When I recorded the sound I heard from the desk was virtually exactly what I got from my Gen 3 Big Twin. So really, choose the Gen 3 cab that fits best for size and practicality. for what it`s worth I was really impressed with the Super Midget - an amazing amount of sound from those little cabs.
  3. MIM fender pickups any good?

    They`re pretty good - I find them more twangy & aggressive sounding than the ones in the US models but a factor in that might be down to the use of better woods & materials in the US models.
  4. Nick Fyfe and not digging in!

    That`s about it for me too. If I turn up louder and play lighter the sound just isn`t the same.
  5. We were doing it for a while, but dropped it, Warhead by The UK Subs.
  6. Wow, that`s rotten, as in Nov last year I bought a Fender pickup from the US and including shipping/import etc it still worked out about £30 cheaper than buying the item here or in Europe.
  7. Anyone feeling flush?

    That does rate highly on the Hideous Scale
  8. P Bass Scratchplate question

    Shouldn`t be a problem. If it doesn`t fit that`s unlikely to be the cause.
  9. Quick neck relief question

    Yep, can def depend on the player - the luthier I take my basses to can get the action ridiculously low, and for someone who plays unlike a cave-man it must be great, but for my style both action has to be raised, neck relief put in and pickups lowered in order for me to play the way I do.
  10. JV jazz basses. Thoughts

    Yep, not sure how the trend is going to go, if they keep gaining value then spending even £900 is worth it as an investment. I`ve played a couple of JVs, they are great basses to play, not sure I`d want to gig one if I`d bought it as an increasing-value investment though, however as a home player would be a nice bass to have.
  11. The MBC115 is a decent enough cab, but is fairly heavy, and is much more low-end focused than a TE 410 - when I used mine as a standalone you could feel the notes but not necessarily hear them that well in the mix, even with highs and mids upped considerably on my amp.
  12. Releasing a cover as a single?

    When we looked at having a cover on one of our albums we contacted the writer, who advised that permission from them isn`t required - Guns N Roses didn`t ask his permission for a cover of his they released . However I think it needs to be registered with PRS so that the writers get their share.
  13. Outboard Preamps Vs. Eq Pedals

    Yep, that sounds about right, plus many preamp pedals also have inbuilt tones to them - though from recall the MXR M81 is apparently clear of this, but a good shaping pedal.
  14. Outboard Preamps Vs. Eq Pedals

    On-board = less gear to carry around, plus with the East one I believe it doesn`t require any permanent mods to the bass. I had a Villex Mid control in a Precision and the scooped part was great for a slapping sound - made it almost Jazz-like. Only downside was as you brought the mids back in the volume went up, but then that`s the same as on an amp anyway.
  15. Music shop fails

    Whilst we`re on this subject, let`s not forget some of the really good shops, with great staff in them, Coda Music in Stevenage, PMT Northampton, Andertons, Gig-Gear in Harlow to name a few. I`ve had great help & service from these, especially from Coda.