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  1. Well I received my latest Player Precision today. And it’s got to go back. There’s a slight bulge between frets 0 - 5 on the G string side. Blasted Fender quality control. I might not have noticed it had it not been that I already have one of these basses, the neck on the new one just felt more of a handful so I carefully examined/measured it - all seemed the same, so what was happening? I then found the bulge after closer examination. It makes the neck feel much chunkier so no way would I keep it, especially as my reasons for buying these basses is for a slimmer neck due to hand/wrist pain. Luckily I’ve kept the packaging etc. Bah!!
  2. Yeah I suppose as I’ve been playing them for years they just seem simple now.
  3. Oh yes, the only cover our band will do. Don’t play it often but it’s a treat for me when we do.
  4. Tube Station/Eton Rifles by The Jam - in fact many too many Jam songs to list imo.
  5. I’ve been in a similar position recently, and as much as it grieves me common sense has taken hold of the situation so have bought 2 basses that work better for me (and will offload my previous 2 gigging basses). I’d say fit the Jazz neck.
  6. I’d say two minimum, you never know what’s gonna happen at a gig so a backup is always helpful to have along.
  7. Depends on sound wanted but I’d look into the Tech21 gear. Fly-Rig, Dug have on board tuners so all in one easiness of use, VT/Bass Driver/Para Driver don’t but all can do some very good sounds. However If wanting to retain the sound of the instrument itself then MXR M80/81 worth looking at. Unlike the Tech21 gear there isn’t an inbaked sound
  8. It’s why I love the Rebellion Festival - 200+ punk/Oi bands over 4 days, INDOORS! All stages have decent loos and the drinks/food in there whilst not cheap is ok, and being smack in the middle of Blackpool town centre all your regular fast-food establishments are within easy walking distance. And they say us punks/skins are the stoopid ones!
  9. I can get by with 2. Just wondering whether that puts me in the genius camp or the pony camp.
  10. If running a clean sound I’d say it’s got to be worth a go.
  11. Yes, if you weren’t keen on the transparency/flat response of the BF Compact then providing you’re not looking for crisp modern highs the BF210 would fit the bill nicely.
  12. That is one cool looking set up, nice one!
  13. Tort all the way! And congrats on the bass, it’s great when you find an instrument that you just gel with instantly.
  14. The new Duff McKagan Sig? Jazz width neck (and Jazz bridge pickup) on a Precision body.
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