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  1. Tech21 Para Driver, preamp/DI with regular eq & gain but has sweepable adjustable mids making it very versatile.
  2. Dunno what model/version it was but I used one 810 at a gig and it was sooooo bassy, just a wamph of low end. Had to back lows off virtually all the way, and had to boost hi mids & highs virtually all the way. Only Ampeg cab I’ve ever used that sounded like that,
  3. Yep, Eminence drivers are used quite a bit, think Barefaced use them and their cabs aren’t particularly Ampeggy.
  4. I saw an online tutorial with Slash and he admitted when he got to one part he always ad-libbed it, so he had actually had difficulty in teaching his own guitar part.
  5. This reminds me a bit of when I tried out a bass at the London Bass Guitar Show. I played Warhead by The UK Subs (with a pick of course) and quite a few passers by looked at me in horror, as if that wasn’t what the instrument was meant for.
  6. If I can establish the exact line then I’ll learn it, but depending on the band line up I might simplify if required (1 guitar with widdly solo when original band had 2gtrs etc).
  7. I use a Wenger rucksack, plenty of compartments, including one that takes my Pedaltrain Nano (in its own carry pouch) quite easily. Very hardwearing too, used it pretty much weekly for a 3 year period and still looks virtually new. The good thing is having all the compartments I can keep amp/speaker leads in one, instrument leads in another so I’m not scrabbling through a mess of cables when setting up.
  8. Me too. On Mex Fenders & Squiers I usually change the baseplate to a Gotoh 203, retains the look but just that little bit more stability, plus you keep the original saddles/springs from the stock BBOT.
  9. Ears, if they like I like. I don’t care about genre, era, band, artist, if the ears approve that’s it. My only filters are I won’t listen to anything extremely political (both sides) or religious. At that point I don’t care how good the music is, the lyrical content tells me no.
  10. Lady Ga-Ga, without posting any of her music (as I’m not particularly keen on it) she is one hell of a singer.
  11. Same, I love Tech21 gear, it does sound good in that demo.
  12. I use the Sansamp Para Driver. It’s pretty similar to theit Bass Driver, but has sweepable adjustable mid-range, and a selectable filter that removes all the sub-bass frequencies. Also like the Bass Driver it has the blend control so it’s a very versatile pedal.
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