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  1. Lozz196

    Amp gain.

    As well as a clever science theory which is probably more accurate, I think it could be that the majority of bassists/bass lines that we seem to like, in isolation are clanky, buzzy, driven and not very well defined. So if that’s what many like, advise to set the amp accordingly.
  2. Not keen on matching headstock, other than that I like it (tho would remove the covers, never got on with them).
  3. The majority of the places we played that were dedicated music venues were separate rooms attached to pubs so I wonder how this will work. Strictly speaking they’re part of the pub, even though unless you had paid for a ticket you couldn’t go into the venue part. Confusing methinks, can’t see said band in this room of the building for free but can in that room if bought a ticket?
  4. No fretboard markers Gold hardware Pointy or upside down headstocks Only the first has any actual reasoning to it, I need all the help I can get when playing so markers are essential.
  5. I used to use the 100Hz slider on my ABM600 for the low end so that I was adjusting the same frequencies as on my RM500.
  6. It sounds great, full of the Ashdown tone & warmth, a job well done there @Merton
  7. I’m sorted bass-wise, so it would be an Ashdown ABM 1200 EVO-IV with matching 810, a Volkswagen Transporter Van to cart it around, and the salary of the two roadies required to get it into the venues for me.
  8. They could do fogging, you spray a fine liquid into the area and it provides a micro-thin layer that destroys many pathogens including COVID-19. It lasts for 30 days, and the areas are safe to enter/use 15 minutes after it’s done.
  9. Agree, and given that pro bands will require the same fees as before how will the venues promoters manage this, only outcome I can see is a rise in ticket prices. Re bands who aren’t professional, well again if the capacity in a pub is reduced then so are the number of pints being sold, so landlords would probably look to reducing fees paid to bands as well.
  10. Sansamp Para Driver is worth checking out, more versatile than the Bass Driver as it has sweepable adjustable mids.
  11. Well we did it on Weds, I ad-libbed a lot of the fills but it was passable given I only started learning it last Sat (and didn’t know the song at all until then). I’ll get it, an just glad the guys suggested it, it’s a great song and really good to play, although there are a lot of fills to me they’re supportive and really add to the feel.
  12. Great price, I have two of these and they are seriously good instruments.
  13. Ply her with fine wines and Belgian chocolates, as per Swiss Toni of The Fast Show.
  14. That was pretty much what I did, I’d bought some pretty decent hi end gear and was completely satisfied with it. And then I played through a years old Ashdown ABM stack at a festival and it hit me like the proverbial, old, cheaper heavyweight gear was better for the sound I wanted.
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