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  1. Lozz196

    Recommend a combo pls

    Ashdown RM, Fender Rumble, TC Electronic BG, all should be plenty for pub gigs unless you have a shed-builder on the drums.
  2. Lozz196

    To Cull or Not to Cull...

    Years ago I had a bigger collection of both basses and guitars, nowadays it`s only basses, currently 6, of which 5 are US 2012-16 Series Fender Precisions, and a backup Vintage V4 Tony Butler Precision. I`m offloading one of the US ones simply as 5 is too many. I know that 4 is too really, but 2 of them are for gigs then 2 are home use - 1 maple fretboard, 1 rosewood. I`d like a Jazz as I always feel the need for one when I don`t have one, but in real terms it`s something I don`t need but would like. The only bass I have that I don`t use is my Vintage V4 as it`s a backup. Once however it`s been given a new coat of paint it`s going to be my flight-bass, so I don`t have to take an expensive Fender with me on those darn planes.
  3. Lozz196

    New cab day/night

    They`re good cabs, the Retro 210s, need a tad more high-end on the amp due to one of the speakers only doing the lows but they really have a good warm sound to them - and if warm is desired then the pairing with the Ashdown RM (well any Ashdown imo) is really gonna make sense & smiles.
  4. Lozz196

    Fender CS - No magic?

    I must admit having had a few 70s Fenders that I`m amazed at how people really look down on them. Maybe I lucked out but mine were fine, one was rather heavy, one was very light, and another had simply the most aggressive tone I`ve ever had in a bass. But all played well enough to make me think that either I picked the only three good ones or that someone else was unfortunate enough to pick the only three bad ones.
  5. Lozz196


    It did indeed, and in the Precision challenge the winner was RW as well.
  6. I love my set-up, it`s pretty simple but I don`t really play smart music so that fits fine, it be: US Fender Precision with Custom Shop 60s Pickups, Warwick 45 - 105 Red Label steel rounds, Tech21 Para Driver, Ashdown ABM 600 EVO-IV, Ashdown ABM 410 EVO-IV. I`ve even chosen Dunlop triangle tortex picks of 1mm to match the blue on the Ashdowns. The above gives me all the power I need, and a solidity to the tone on larger stages that I`ve found missing with smaller Class D amps. As all my gigs go FOH, and this from the eq on my Para Driver , having a solid sound on stage isn`t really that necessary but it`s nice to have it and the combination of the clinical Para Driver and the warmth of the ABM is just right for on-stage sounds. And I simply wouldn`t be without a Precision, I`ve had many, MIM, US, CIJ/MIJ, Korean Squiers, bucket-loads but the 2012-16 US Series are the ones for me, they`re simply the best ones for my needs
  7. Lozz196

    Ashdown RM Evo Cabs

    No, they are after all a lesser priced cab, but they do sound good, and the sound isn`t that much different to the ABMs, certainly at rehearsal/pub gig volumes. It`s on the bigger stages where I suspect that the ABMs will then come into their own.
  8. Lozz196

    Best bass in the world?

    Best bass in the world for me is a 2012-15 Series US Standard Fender Precision. I have 5 of them (tho one is for sale as think 5 is a tad excessive). I`ve played/owned many basses, many being Precisions, and the ones that work for me best are these ones.
  9. Lozz196

    Am I just in a rut .

    We started out 5 years ago as an originals punk band made up of three late forties/early 50s guys, no idea where it would take us, but pretty much convinced it would be Tuesday night gigs to other bands and the occasional mate or two. Since then we`ve literally only played Fri/Sat gigs, played festivals, released three albums, played on the bill with some great well-known bands, toured overseas in Europe, and done gigs where we fly in to a city, do the gig, then fly home - was in Munich at the weekend doing this. Am not bigging myself up in any way here, what I`m saying is, go out and do it, I`m not sure what the metal scene is like any more but the punk scene is thriving, people still want to hear live noisy guitar music. You just need someone within your band that is focused and dedicated to get the gigs etc, that person is the one that will take your band as far as you`re capable. We all thought it would be a laugh to play some noisy original music whilst we still had a bit of life left in us, it`s been a blast, still going strong, wouldn`t change it for the world (touring Germany next week). Originals bands rock!!
  10. Lozz196

    To keep, or not to keep?

    You like the EBS tone so why not sort a more powerful EBS amp head (like the Reidmar) and another BB2 with the sale of the current EBS rig (and maybe the Genz too) - you`d then have the tone you love with two incredibly efficient, hi-fi cabs that would handle pretty much any stage known to man. Use one BB2 for rehearsals/smaller gigs, bring out the 2nd when you need a bit more presence.
  11. Lozz196

    Live music venues close to London Waterloo?

    Yep, 100 Club in Oxford St, Underworld in Camden, Garage and O2 Academy in Islington, all within a short tube ride. Not sure of anything within walking distance.
  12. Lozz196

    Fender CS - No magic?

    That`s the only CS bass I`ve ever played as well, Chris, and it was a cracker, easily the best Precision I`ve ever played. Quite why Clarky let that one go......
  13. Lozz196

    Ashdown RM Evo Cabs

    I used two of the RM 210s together and the sound wasn`t that different to my ABM410. It was a pub-sized venue so wasn`t pushing them, but my eq and volume on the amp/DI pedal stayed pretty much the same.
  14. Lozz196

    Ashdown RM Evo Cabs

    They`re very good. I`ve had the 210/115/112/410/610. Sold (or selling) them all. So if I rate them that highly why offload, well simply I bought loads of various cabs/amps etc to get the right set-up for me, and now that I`ve established that have moved on anything not needed. My main reason for moving the RMs on and keeping my ABMs is the metal grills on the ABMs, more hard-wearing for being in the back of a van on tour. Plus OCD - dreadful I know but it is a factor, I like my cabs to match my amp. So onto the RMs themselves, well they sound great which is the main thing, and handle some serious volume. And they`re light/easy to cart about which is another plus-point. If I were in a covers band with my cab(s) only ever going into my car I`d have a full RM set-up, but the size of stages we sometimes play and the back-of-van tours have sent me down the ABM route. But once I`m out of this type of band it will be RM all the way for me, you really have to get on a huge stage to tell the difference in the sound between the RMs and ABMs and that to me is probably the best compliment I can make about the RM range.
  15. Lozz196

    Bad Days...

    Yep, we`re now in process of writing our next album and some days when I sit down to try and get some ideas going I simply have to put the bass down as nothing seems to go right.