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  1. It’s probably never made any difference to my playing but I know that I enjoy the gig more if I’ve got an amp delivering a hefty on stage sound.
  2. Good call, and any advice from Dave Green is always on the money
  3. I think they`re great, wasn`t aware that they`re viewed as naff/uncool. but then as I probably am as well I`m in good company.
  4. There aren’t any specific bands that I dislike, but I intensely dislike rap, hip-hop and music like that. One of the younglings at work likes drill & grime & who knows what else, all I know is whatever he’s played I can’t stand.
  5. Probably the same for me too, I think they’re really good.
  6. Red silks on non-floppy flats says Rotosound Jazz 77s to me.
  7. In my old punk covers band we often used to swap instruments at rehearsals. One day they said Lozz, you go on drums, you`ll be used to keeping time as you`re a bassist. What song did we do, Ace of Spades by Motorhead. I was hyperventilating by the second verse!
  8. Some good sounds there, does real justice to the P-Bass
  9. The 600 is a whole new ball-game, it’s so flexible eq-wise, aside from modern hi-fi sounds it has pretty much everything covered. Def the best amp I’ve ever had, and one I’ll never tire of recommending.
  10. I think you’re headed towards that ABM at warp factor ten, Nick. It fits the bill exactly, from sound to after-care/support.
  11. Like him or loathe him Noel Gallagher said something about this, along the lines of anywhere else in the world a musician in advancing years shall we say is respected as they will most likely have been playing for a long time. Whereas in GB (and probably England more) it’s a case of “well he ain’t gonna be able to play is he, look at how old he is”.
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