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  1. Very true, Bill, I’ve read a good few comments especially regarding Orange cabs where their 410s appear to be voiced lower than their 115s.
  2. Done this a couple of times, and then moved them on again. I’m pretty settled on what I need now for my set-up so can’t see it happening again.
  3. Just spent 6 days on tour in Europe, Ibis Budgets were a decent, clean and affordable option so that’s what we did, aside from last night when the promoters of the festival sorted the hotels for all the bands. Cost for 4 rooms at the Ibis Budgets was generally 200 Euros.
  4. Yes, that’s where to start, I’ve had similar issues with Jazzes - and indeed with my Precisions, the E side of the pickup a fair bit lower than under the other strings.
  5. I’d echo the posts above about not mixing speaker sizes, it can work but can also be hit & miss. I’d look for a 2.5XL (210) cab, yes this will get the same amount of power as the 410 but as long as you don’t push the lows you should be fine. Additionally as it’s more than likely that this cab would be on top you’d be able to hear it if it struggles - not so easy with a 115 at the bottom. The added bonus is that this cab in theory should be similar sounding to the 4.5, so for rehearsals and smaller gigs just take the 4.5, for the bigger stuff take both. This is what I do, though with Ashdown cabs not Hartke.
  6. Ridiculously good bargain, someone is going to luck out big time with this.
  7. Looking good Tim, and I’ll bet it sounds as good as it looks. The bassist for the main band we’ on tour with us using a Terror and it’s a great sound.
  8. Well halfway into a mini tour of Germany/Holland and my Boss WL20 has worked fine. All the blurb said it would but when overseas in a strange environment it’s when you use things that you find out if they’re ok or not and happy to say the WL20 is fine for use in Europe so far.
  9. The Mex Fenders from 2012 onwards are very good, they really upped their game imo at this point. Another to check out would be Vintage, their V4 (Precisions) are very good basses and come in a lot under budget. My Tony Butler Signature Precision is the nearest Ive found to my US Precisions in terms of neck dimensions which is a very important factor for me as I don’t like skinny necks.
  10. 15 songs in a 45 min set for us. Gives space for chat and tuning up.
  11. Not sure about afterwards but The Sex Pistols didn`t go down that well when they toured there - probably due to McLarens great idea of sending them into the Deep South.
  12. Sounds great, with the added bonus of meeting Eva Gardner (if she’s still playing bass for Pink).
  13. Ashdown RM combos are worth checking out, light, powerful, and reasonably priced, plus great customer service from a UK based company. Also worth checking out the separates in the RM range too - even the 410 is only about 50lbs, stick some castors on it and incredibly easy to move about and with the 500 watt head a rig capable for pretty much any venue that doesn`t need backline through FOH.
  14. Very good quality instruments.
  15. Yes I’ve got one, I think - and it’s going back a while - I tried this aspect out, I had to then have the bass control on the PD on full to get some low end back (I only use the eq on the PD) but it was a lot more controlled, so yes works much like the Thumpinator. If using the eq on the amp as well I reckon it would keep things nice and tight and focused.
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