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  1. I wonder if she’d make it through the month if he only managed $52,000?
  2. The ABM600 is a great amp, enjoy.
  3. Lozz196

    Rig advice

    Nowt wrong with the whole set-up imo, a very nice selection of gear there.
  4. Another vote for the Fender Custom Shop 62 here, amazing pickups,
  5. The sensible side of me wants to say no, go and do the gig and be the better man, but the realistic side of me says I agree with your decision and it’s more than a bit cheeky of them for asking.
  6. I left one band a few years back literally overnight. I realised that I’d simply stopped enjoying it and rather than hang around and both drag the mood down, plus sour the memories of a great couple of years that I’d really enjoyed I walked straightaway. The band did have 2 bassists so I wasn’t leaving them light on the low end and unable to carry on gigging.
  7. 1 - Best gig, undoubtably the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, in August. We released our 4th album that day to a pretty full room - about 2300 I’d say - and the reception we got was amazing. 2 - Worst gig, probably the Tegelen Skin Festival in The Netherlands, in April. Only because the singer had got ill on the tour and had pretty much lost his singing voice. We soldiered on and got a good reception but it shows how bad it was that I ended up doing lead vocals on a few bits. Some things, once heard cannot be unheard!
  8. I told my band in August that I’d be leaving due to health issues - did a thread about it a few weeks back - but that as it was for the good of the band I’d play any gigs I’d already committed to unless a replacement was found prior to that. I did also say however don’t book anything else. would have taken me up to May next year, however it looks like it’s going to be sorted sooner than that. Additionally I have told them that if a gig comes up that whoever is playing bass can’t do, and it’s a gig that the band can’t afford to turn down then by all means ask me if I can do it. It’s week in, week out gigging I can’t manage anymore, one-off gigs not a problem and will be happy to help out.
  9. I’ve done that on all the overseas gigs we’ve done for the last couple of years, and advised the others in the band to do the same, purely to get used to it for if/when it becomes a requirement.
  10. Sounding good Clarky, will have to keep my eyes open on your gig list
  11. Agree, it simply has to be CDO
  12. Nah, they’re great, and much nicer chaps than their intimidating image suggests.
  13. Whenever I see these posts I think of the other Last Resort band, one of my faves:
  14. As I’m going soon to be out of a band for the first time in years I’m going to look at other styles and genres.
  15. From what I’ve read the passive ones are quite highly thought of, no idea of value though.
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