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  1. As I’m going to see The Professionals tomorrow night I’ve been listening to them a fair bit recently.
  2. I got a set at the start of this year as my current band is extremely loud. They take everything down to a sort of “fairly loud Sat morning CD” type volume, and I can clearly hear every instrument. I can even determine the pitch of my vocals without using a mic. I was a bit worried at the moulding/fitting session as it was uncomfortable and slightly painful but no issues with using the actual plugs themselves.
  3. That would be my suggestion too, great modular set-up.
  4. Fender already made them, the US Standard Precisions from 2013-16, no matter what other basses I try these are the best for me so that’s what my sig bass would be.
  5. Players are great but I found the neck to be quite slim feeling, so if the feel of the Classic 50s neck was a factor then the Player might not fit quite so well.
  6. Mark bought a Fender Deluxe Precision from me. Great comms throughout, we met at the obligatory motorway service station for the handover. Excellent transaction, recommended.
  7. Aside from what I thought was a chunkier than usual neck pretty much nothing, it’s a good Precision but fairly similar to out of the box US Standards.
  8. Agree, I think the less than totally full on sound of Eddies Strat really worked with Lemmy bass sound, def the classic line up.
  9. Just bought a stunning US Precision from Jamie, from my fave 2013-16 range. Great comms throughout and a great bass. Collected it and we had a brief chat however my Mum was in the car so had to rush off rather than leave her sitting there. Good transaction, recommended.
  10. I think Ashdown, in the interest of sales would probably pay me to do the opposite 🤣
  11. Always loved the bassline to Stay Clean, and the solo, awesome.
  12. I know my basses are made in the US, the rest I’ve no idea and not really bothered, pretty much like Chris all I’m concerned about is does it sound good and can I afford it, plus is it reliable.
  13. When I needed that really new twang these are what I used, and could get 2 to 3 months of weekly gigging before needing to change them.
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