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  1. I may well look into getting Netflix just for this.
  2. I joined a band with a good reputation locally and similarly had a lot of songs to master. I knew most of the songs in general, few bits I wasn’t clear on, but knew I had to up my game with that band. Up until then I never used to practice bass at home, just playing what would do in whatever bands I was in, from then on I practised pretty much most days. And I’ve never looked back, so seize the opportunity and make the most of it, they chose you based on the abilities they’ve seen/heard, you’re up to it.
  3. Not clued up enough on JVs to determine if legit or not, but if ok it`s a good price https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-Squire-Precision-Bass-JV-Series/323700441178?hash=item4b5e0cc05a:g:iuUAAOSw9YdcawOZ:rk:2:pf:0
  4. Lozz196

    The Dirt

    Wowzers, didn’t know about this, cheers for the heads up
  5. Lozz196

    Cab tone questions

    Well when I played through an Aguilar SL cab at the London Bass Guitar Show I was pretty underwhelmed, I thought that the tone was fairly lightweight to match its actual weight. Ashdown cabs to me are quite low-biased so give a weightier sound imo, which I think will be more where you’re after.
  6. Lozz196

    Punky style bassist required

    Hi Harv, I’m in Knock Off, done a good few gigs with yourselves (and hopefully more to come).
  7. Lozz196

    How was your gig last night?

    Hi Joe, was a great gig, really enjoyed it. I currently use a 2015 US Standar, with the Custom Shop pickups. Plus my trusty Tech21 Para Driver for eq/drive of course.
  8. Lozz196

    Best value strings?

    Yes they'll be fine, I use them on my Fender Precisions.
  9. Lozz196

    anyone else had this e mail?

    Dear Born Yesterday I’ve worked with Guns N Roses/Kady Ga Ga etc, never heard your band but offering you a European tour. From A Scheister
  10. Lozz196

    Vintage V4 Reissued "Tony Butler - alike"

    Quality basses these, not quality for the money, just quality. Whoever buys this is going to be very fortunate.
  11. Looks like a nice bass but agree, bit costly, especially as all that will more than likely happen here is swapping the $ for £ with no change of numbers.
  12. Lozz196

    Punky style bassist required

    Am wondering If I know you @MrMenace, given both your ID name and music type.
  13. Lozz196

    Best value strings?

    Just ordered 7 sets of Warwick Red Label Steels - £62 inc delivery. They seem to have gone up a bit on Amazon but Gear4Music had them at a good price so bought myself pretty much a years worth. Which is nice.
  14. Lozz196

    How was your gig last night?

    Last nights gig was great, we played at The Dome in Tufnell Park on the last night of The Old Firm Casuals UK Tour. Also on the bill were Rats Nest and Grade 2. Probably full - 500 capacity - for most of the night, all of the bands got great reaction from the crowd, this wasn`t a "too cool for school I only watch the main band" night. Now some parts of punk, like street-punk/Oi get clobbered a bit by those who see the shaved heads and DMs and start thinking of right-wing leanings. Well Lars, the singer from Old Firm Casuals put this rightly in its place saying his band were anti Nazi/anti fascist and no-one in their right mind followed that sort of cr*p. Probably received one of the biggest cheers of the night, this from a room full of skinheads - go figure, you labellers! There were some very messy sights in there by the end of the night but absolutely no bother, everyone had been drinking singing beer, and left the fighting beer behind the bar. Great night, I feel privileged to have played with OFCs again as they`re one of my fave bands.
  15. I’ve found that Markbass cabs seem to have a high-end roll-off, so swapping to the Bergs may well bring these in, so in effect making the tone broader.