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  1. I’ve decided to move my 5-string Precision on, and accept once & for all that I’m a 4-string Precision player, and that that doesn’t make me inferior. The fiver is a great bass but it’s just not “me”, even though I enjoy playing it I rarely use the low B, and if I do it’s only for a D which I can get with the Hipshot Extender on my fours.
  2. I really like Stings new whistling song, just puts me in a happier mood when I hear it.
  3. I’ve had three sig basses, Fender Dee Dee, Mike Dirnt & Duff McKagan. All were very good, well made, played well and sounded as they should have, easy to coax the famed tones from them. But ultimately I preferred the regular US Fender Standard Precisions. I wouldn’t slate someone for using a sig model in a band that didn’t do any of the sig-persons material, I’d just think they’d chosen the best instrument for themselves.
  4. Same for me, the one I played was a great bass.
  5. Don’t think so, but Connie Bloom of Hanoi Rocks played left handed guitars right handed so it has been done.
  6. Worth checking out the Vintage basses, although way less than budget stated they are very good instruments.
  7. Nicco bought a Fender Jazz from me. As above a nice and easy transaction, coupled with after we had done the deal I realised he was advertising an SKB Bass Case, so it was both a sale and purchase at the same time.
  8. As they used to say on The Banana Splits: “Dear Drooper”
  9. Yep. I had one come with a bass I bought and have to agree with the name, they are comfortable. As are the Mono GS1 “Betty” straps.
  10. Sadly - or luckily - none in existence that I’m aware of. Not sure camera lenses were that robust back then 🤣
  11. I’ve just been to a mates birthday party and was chatting to one of the other guests who took up guitar last year. Probably in his 40s.
  12. It’s a very good tip, I found this out by accident some years back after getting a truly great on stage sound at soundcheck, solid lows, the right amount of bite on top end. Went out front to check vocals levels and all I heard was boomy mush.
  13. Think we’ve all been in a band with that guitarist……
  14. If it wasn’t that I know that’s not me I would have sworn it was, looked exactly like that around ‘86
  15. Same with me, part & parcel of it but they were def my least favoured aspects of my last band.
  16. The only songs I never really liked much when I was in covers bands were songs that the audience seemed to love so I kept quiet as 1 or 2 songs from 40 odd didn’t seem too bad.
  17. At £2.42 it would be a bargain, not so sure about £242, bit steep????
  18. I had one of those. Lived in a 2nd floor flat (no lift) and had a car with a boot rather than hatchback. Luckily I was mid 30s, would never be able to do that now. Was worth the struggle for the sound though, great cabs.
  19. I found that getting a middy, slightly “scratchy” sound on stage equated to a really good fit in the mix sound out front. Not by being clever mind, was a complete fluke.
  20. Think this thread is gonna be full of Ashdown love.
  21. Set a similar patch just with the volume level on the compressor higher?
  22. I resisted as long as possible Karl, but it was inevitable I would fold 😀
  23. Why not give Ashdown a call and ask their opinion on changing one of the 210s to a 115 from the same range? That might be a solution and getting advice from the manufacturer would be preferable as I’m sure they’d advise if the two wouldn’t work together.
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