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  1. fender precision bass usa 2008 In good condition, no dents or nicks on the back of the neck, some buckle rash on the back as per Pic 2. Pickup has been changed to a Tonerider, which is very similar in sound to the Fender Custom Shop 62 & KiOgon loom added. Comes in Fender hard case with case candy and original scratchplate.
  2. fender precision bass usa 2006. In good condition, 2 minor knocks on the back of the neck, Pic 3 is between 5th & 6th fret, Pic 4 is at 8th fret. This model has the S1 switching, enabled a more Jazz bass tone to be selected. Comes in a Gator hard case with case candy & original scratchplate.
  3. 2 bands: Rock covers band, no gigging, rehearse every other week. Originals psychobilly/punk band, 10/12 gigs a year, and only generally rehearse once before a gig. We are going to be working on a new album so will probably be rehearsing a bit more often for writing it. Having been in a band that rehearsed & gigged every week I really appreciate both of my bands as it’s much more like a hobby/enjoyment now. Whilst I did enjoy the last band it was almost like a part time job.
  4. Difficult, are the US ones better, definitely. Is the price difference proportional to how much better, probably not. But used they’re anywhere from £900 - £1200 depending on series & condition. That makes them a goer imo, and if you’re not keen you can then move it on for the same money shelled out. I’d def take the plunge (I have to say that, I have a good few, though will be putting 2 up soon).
  5. Not exactly, I really like the styles of both my bands (rock covers & psychobilly/punk originals) but my fave music is straight up punk/Oi.
  6. Fretwork would have been difficult with those paws….
  7. I have, both to a mate for a recording session that I wasn’t go to be at, and to a headliner who sadly knackered his bass in at the gig, it fell over with the lead plugged in and damaged the jack socket. In the circumstances of the OP the answer would be no, don’t know the guy, don’t know the facilities at the gig, don’t know the other bands, too many variables where damage/theft could take place.
  8. I loved my LMT, the tube control didn’t sound gainy or driven, more like an “aliveness” that once turned down/off you really noticed wasn’t there.
  9. The ABM210 is a nice cab, sounds great. Stick it on its end you have a vertical 210 which will be better for dispersion.
  10. What type of music, and will the smaller cab be just handling stage volume or having to cover the whole venue? That said, I think a Barefaced 2x12 cab would be a great solution, plenty of power handling, not too low down so only your ankles hear it, great dispersion and lightweight/portable. I’d go for one of their 2x12 cabs rather than 1x12 purely as imo it can do so much more, tho many gigging a single Barefaced 1x12 cab seem plenty happy enough.
  11. I`d forgotten that I did this review. I must admit I did like my Tonehammers, and given how loud they are I never experience any "running out of steam" issues with them. Great little amps.
  12. My last band had a website which linked to our merchandise, of which we used to sell a lot. From what I understand bookings etc were all done via Facebook, but that website was invaluable for the merch aspect.
  13. I just checked out my league table so to speak, I joined approx 12 years ago and I’m up to 17,762 posts. Wowzers, I need a life!
  14. Def a good day at the office. Also from what I understand she wanted Elvis to sing it but as was customary for Elvis/Colonel Parker they wanted 50% of the publishing which she said no to.
  15. That`s a good call, and what I used to do in rehearsal rooms, adjust the main bass eq to suit the room.
  16. All of my gigs since 2014 have been through FOH, and in every case I`ve DI`d from a preamp pedal so what`s on stage isn`t necessarily what the audience were hearing. I did this so that the sound the audience heard was consistent. With all of the variety of amps/cabs/combos etc that I`ve used the two set-ups that made me happiest were Ampeg SVTs and Ashdown ABMs set flat with my preamp pedal going through them. I had quite a trebly/twangy/gainy sound so the combination of that through a - shall we say hefty amp - made me enjoy the gigs much more. We were never particularly loud on stage either so it`s not like this was just because of the volume.
  17. It’s probably never made any difference to my playing but I know that I enjoy the gig more if I’ve got an amp delivering a hefty on stage sound.
  18. Good call, and any advice from Dave Green is always on the money
  19. I think they`re great, wasn`t aware that they`re viewed as naff/uncool. but then as I probably am as well I`m in good company.
  20. There aren’t any specific bands that I dislike, but I intensely dislike rap, hip-hop and music like that. One of the younglings at work likes drill & grime & who knows what else, all I know is whatever he’s played I can’t stand.
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