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  1. Again showing it’s versatility. I’m getting severely tempted by this.....
  2. Don’t forget they managed to fit George Michael and menstrual cycle into another of their songs.
  3. Good points Chris, and many apply to me as well, should have simply bought a Precision rather than trying to get that sound from other basses, and def should have practiced harder rather than being content to do ‘enough’.
  4. Nice one, it’s good to know of the companies who look after their customers, and even better when we find it’s a British one as it makes returning gear to be checked etc so much easier,.
  5. Although I’ve tinkered with guitar over the years I’m a bassist so would have done things pretty much the same I think in respect of musical instruments.
  6. Nice one Pawel, has a bit of a Sixx AM feel about it - which is a def plus btw.
  7. We’re almost the same, I’m teetotal, the singer gets legless on 3 pints so goes on stage with his first, and the drummer drives to every gig so only has one after the gig. Punk rock at its finest!
  8. My thoughts too, it looks a bit like a dog-log on the front doorstep to me.
  9. Take a listen to The Macc Lads, lyrical genius imo but after that any song sounds meaningful.
  10. I used to use TIs with a trebly/gnarly/driven sound. Ultimately I preferred steel rounds with that same sound but the TIs did sound good like that.
  11. It is showing some pretty good versatility between those 2 clips.
  12. Unless you’re a super loud band it’s unlikely to be a problem, I’ve used my RM500 with loads of different cabs, 4ohm, 8ohm, never been an issue, never needed more power (and we’re an Oi/punk band so not quiet). As above you’ll probably get 300 or so watts at 8ohms but with the Super Compact being a very good, efficient cab I’d doubt you’ll need the amp anywhere near full volume.
  13. Not yet but that is the plan since I got the RM cabs back, just not had a gig where I’ve needed the whole rig.
  14. The DBS amps were great, I had the 400 watt head and it was excellent, very powerful/loud and had the H-Word in truckloads. Versatile too with plenty of eq shaping. Although a different inherent sound my Ashdown ABM600 is very similar in the depth of sound/power and flexibility. As such I wouldn’t buy one seeing as I have similar already but I’d recommend them, very good amps indeed and in answer to the Class D question, well its horses for courses, pub gigs and it’s not really a question but get into bigger venues/stages and that’s where the answer reveals itself.
  15. Yes, this series aren’t quite as “chunky” on the necks as the 2012-16s.
  16. Seems a lot more reasonable, still not cheap but the quality of Tech 21 is well known, and quality doesn’t often come cheap.
  17. Big time, and paired with either of those cabs a rig that will sound great and have bags of power/volume.
  18. Interesting as Bass Guitar Mag features this and says product street price to be $289. Maybe they’re gonna be flown here First Class?
  19. Does a more dried out neck mean less need to adjust the truss rod in spring/autumn? As it seems to be atmospheric changes which I assume affect the necks due to moisture?
  20. Really hoping to get along, and everything looking like I’ll be able to as well. Which is nice.
  21. This for me, or the B15 if space a factor, as a Precision player it can only be Ampeg.
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