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  1. I know, I’ve found the post 2008 Mex Fenders that I’ve had, especially the Player to be more than enough for my needs, but for some reason I still have to have US Fenders. Totally irrational, especially for gigging, makes much more sense to gig with a £500 instrument than a much more costly one.
  2. Whatever is done will never be 100% right, but it’s a start, great that this is now being looked into.
  3. Yep, Vintage V4s are great, the Tony Butler Signature is an excellent bass.
  4. Agree, I never needed anything more than a Super12 with a 500 watt amp head.
  5. I used both Markbass and Aguilar for a while, then had a provided rig at a gig which was Ashdown. Decided to swap immediately, for the punk that I was doing the Ashdown just had so much more punch & depth to it. Worth checking out, their RM range is lightweight to carry but not in the sound department.
  6. Are there any bassists who’s time you like, and by that I mean on a local basis re live bands. Always a good place to start if you’ve heard something you like in a band context.
  7. That’s why I bought the EVO II and sold the EVO I, middle aged eyesight meant I couldn’t see what I was doing on the amp on either overly bright or overly dark stages. The weight saving of 2.5 odd KG didn’t hurt either.
  8. Basses in the past that couldn’t be put down - well I’d be looking for one of those again. If your current instrument isn’t generating that kind of feeling then maybe it’s just not the right type for you. Nothing wrong in that.
  9. I’m really glad I’m not in a band that is crying out for gigs at present, I think a good amount of time should be spent analysing the opening of non essential retail and pubs before freeing up gigs. Make sure it’s safe to move forwards before taking the first step so to speak.
  10. Was going to go on the exercise bike and lift dumbbells every day, use the opportunity to maintain fitness. Instead I ate half a pack of dark choc digestives every day leaving me with indigestion and half a stone to lose. They were nice biscuits tho.
  11. Sad that this is happening on such a well known brand.
  12. Same for me. The only decorations my basses get are genuine knocks from being on the road.
  13. I’d go for the SD Steve Harris that’s on here, it sounds very similar to the Fender Custom Shop 62s that I’ve used in my punk band since 2015. I have a JJ/Duff McKagan type sound and they’ve been excellent for that. The only real difference is the Steve Harris is a bit more powerful so breaks up a tad easier. That said from what I’ve read the EMG Geezer gets great comments so probably wouldn’t be a bad buy - and there’s one in here at present as well.
  14. Yep, I love my RM500 EVO2, it’s a great little amp with an amazing sound.
  15. That’s it, the bass itself on paper ticks many boxes, it’s only the badge that puts me off.
  16. I’ve had no problems with mine, on some very noisy stages.
  17. Certainly doesn’t help high street retailers to compete.
  18. Same for me for the last few years, though have recently been trying others, 45-100 Nickel Elixirs being one I particularly like.
  19. Steve Harris Precision, the current one. It ticks many boxes for me but just couldn’t have an instrument with another teams badge on it -and to be honest I wouldn’t want my own teams badge on an instrument either.
  20. It’s the only way to get out, that’s why I’m still here......
  21. I’m not sure, even if they were allowed, and if I was in a gigging band, that I’d be interested in playing a gig on 04 Jul, or Barmaggedon as it’s becoming known.
  22. On my Fender Precisions that have both options I’ve found that the string tension seems to be more when through the body. But I don’t know if that’s in general for all basses, or even for all Precisions, just my ones. And even then I’ve only tried it on 2 of them. It was with the same strings I should add, couldn’t be objective if a different set.
  23. Same here, and a good version that was too, well done Headsticks!
  24. Do you ply it with fine wines & Belgian chocolates, Stew?
  25. A mate of mines band do grunge covers, and aside from one song - think a Pearl Jam song - their criteria is that the singer has to be dead. Well it was never the happiest of genres I suppose.
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