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  1. I’ve used a Hiscox case every time we’ve flown for gigs and it’s been fine.
  2. I would say a second Supercompact but given that it looks likely @Merton is putting up his first Supercompact for sale I have to admit to being very curious on this.
  3. Well given that I’ve just bought a Stingray this week I’m hoping that my GAS is now subsiding and that I’ll be able to make 2020 without buying any gear aside from strings.
  4. They do look great with a black scratch plate. Great bass btw.
  5. Not playing anything other than 4 strings I couldn’t comment from personal experience but the mention of “I do use it - the low B - but reckon I could do without” makes me think that it has to be worth a go. And it’s a nice instrument to have to play at home even if not in a band setting. And you’ll always be able to move it on if you find you can’t get on with it.
  6. Well that went well, bought myself a Stingray bass yesterday. Still, it’s not 2020 yet.......
  7. A ridiculous one that had no point 😖
  8. Once in a Lifetime, by Talking Heads, thinks it’s only two notes, repeated through the whole song.
  9. Given that I’m leaving my band I’ll be in the position of offloading a lot of gear. Am currently trying to justify to myself that having 3 Precisions when not in a band is acceptable. So if anything my GAS for 2020 is finding a reason to keep stuff I don’t need, rather than buying more stuff I don’t need.
  10. TIs take a while to get used to with their tension being a fair bit less than most other strings. It’s something I’m going to encounter again as am going to have flats on one of my Precisions. From recall I adjusted fairly easily, especially considering I used them for my current band and my playing style for that is quite hard hitting. Won’t affect it this time though as they’ll be on the bass I’m going to use for learning genres/songs other than punk.
  11. 100 Club gigs are great, hope you had a blast Col.
  12. Add in the hands as well, a very important factor imo. And do agree the OP doesn’t need two basses..... He needs three!
  13. Spot on Chris, that first song is the song where people/audiences generally formulate their opinions on the band, makes no sense to not hit them with a good ‘un.
  14. Panic Re-evaluate Then panic again.
  15. I don’t necessarily have a settling in song, but do have a fave to play which is 3rd in the set. As much as I love the two before it I’m glad when they’re out of the way and we’re onto song no 3 - This Ain’t No Love Song for anyone interested btw.
  16. Excellent topic, a real feelgood air about it.
  17. If I understand that correctly Bill - please bear with me as not too good on this stuff - if a valve amp has 16ohm & 8ohm selector then it’s ok to use a 4ohm cab and then just choose the 8ohm setting? Am asking as our guitarist has a Marshall with the above selector switch but often there are only 4ohm cabs available.
  18. Probably be Holidays in The Sun by The Sex Pistols. Great song, and a chance to sing the cracking backing vocals.
  19. I did hit someone who was spitting at us in the face straight on with the headstock of my bass many years ago. Back in my early 20s I had the energy, strength, anger and ability to do that sort of stuff (as in lift a bass guitar higher than waist height). Nowadays I’d probably criticise their curtains or something equally severe.
  20. Agree, it’s how we were designed as an animal.
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