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  1. Yes, I put up a thread on Friday about my use of these - I’d sold them but luckily managed to buy them back - and paired them with my RM500 EVO II. In short was knocked out by just how good they sounded. Ok I’ve had the cones upgraded to Eminence Betas so not an objective view of the stock cabs but I’m just so glad I bought them back.
  2. Add to that an empty wallet after the silly season 🎅🏻
  3. Snowflake speakers with their sensitivities, can’t they just man up?
  4. A mate of mine has one of those Harley Benton 1x12s and he really rates it. And he’s very finicky with gear, if it’s not right he gets rid pdq.
  5. And mined on Top of The Pops by John Peel.
  6. Well for higher power handling the Barefaced Super Midget is a cab that I was very impressed with when I heard our very own @Twigman use his at a bash, the amount - and quality- of sound coming from it was amazing. I found myself looking for the 810 that must have been hiding behind it!
  7. Agree, I’ve a VM77 in black and it’s - for me - the nicest Jazz I’ve ever played, and to substantiate this I’ve owned US Standards & Deluxes to name a couple but the VM for me is the best.
  8. I`ve found that when I`ve heard Markbass amps through Barefaced cabs that they pair very well, so as Markbass were on the list may be worth looking into. Imo it`s always worth having a cab that can hold its own for a small venue where there`s no FOH and pretty much any Barefaced will be able to do that as at that point you only need to match the drummers volume anyway, no need for stacks in those size venues.
  9. I’m not sure how the gain is configured on their Para Driver but similarly it can be set so that there’s no noticeable distortion, unless really digging in that is, but if playing less hard the sound still has greater depth and harmonics.
  10. And if anyone needs a fair chunk of money for whatever reason selling one of these on - even if it’s painful to do so - is a good way of raising said funds. Re these basses though, now I’ve played more than a couple of Precisions I think a few on here might be aware of that, and hands down the Pino that I played was the best Precision I’ve ever played, it just felt so comfortable and sounded great as well. That said I’m not sure I think they’re worth nearly three times as much as a US Standard, but that’s my opinion not fact.
  11. Absolutely loved it. I have the RM500 EVO II with two of the RM210 cabs that I got Ashdown to swap the speakers to Eminence Betas to increase power handling (for when I had an ABM1000). Anyway, this eve was the first time I’ve used them all together. We played at The Brook in Southampton, fairly decent sized venue/stage, but amp/cabs only needed for on-stage sound as everything goes FOH. I don’t like bass in monitors so started off with the amp on same levels I use at rehearsal thinking I might need to turn up once all was going and I was amazed, the sound was so big and full, with a real presence. It was angled towards centre of stage so if I drifted too far away the sound changed a bit, but on a 30ft wide/15ft deep stage I’d pretty much expect that from most set-ups. I went back to the RMs as I just can’t manage my ABMs anymore (gonna be up for sale on here soon) and considering this is supposedly a budget range the performance was far better than I’d hoped for. Sure I’ve had more expensive cones put in but even then it’s not exactly broken the bank. To say I’m chuffed would be an understatement.
  12. I’ve not got one but have tried one out at Ashdown HQ and was very impressed. If I hadn’t already owned the ABM600 I’d have bought a HOD.
  13. Looks great, nice job Mark
  14. Nice one, saw MM on Sat and he/his band were awesome.
  15. Plenty are sold on EBay in perfect condition that have been in lofts for years.........
  16. Just remembered my Vintage Tony Butler Sig Precision, amazing bass, incredibly good quality and as near in feel and sound to my US Standards as I can get - and for a fraction of the price. It’s ideal as a cheap backup to take to gigs but safe in the knowledge that the backup actually delivers.
  17. I like the aged natural finish, not new maybe but nice all the same. Wouldn’t cough nearly 2k for one of these tho.
  18. Take a look at (unfortunately the now deceased) Scott Weiland, I think Mr Bonnet had more than a slight influence on his look at times.
  19. Re Electric Eel, never seen a drummer play with 2 sticks in each hand before, wtf? Agree, great night of great music from 2 great bands.
  20. I was pretty much the same Steve, til I bought a Vintage Tony Butler Signature Precision as a backup to my US Standard Precision, at that point I realised I’d struck lucky and the eternal search for a cheapie was over.
  21. Congrats on both points, new endorsement and new amp.
  22. The US Standards of 2012-16 have the chunkiest necks on Precisions that I’ve encountered (which I love btw) but other than that @bassbiscuits is pretty much spot on I’d reckon.
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