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  1. [quote name='Clarky72' timestamp='1359727618' post='1959468'] I'll be there on Saturday I reckon.... rather than earplugs I think i'll bring a pair of pliers for all the slappers. one snip and they're quiet... I just wish they'd have some more interesting and varied guests. We don't all want to be bored to tears by over techy musos all day long. It'd be so refreshing to have Paul Simonen, Duff McKagan, Nikki Sixx or Steve Harris there instead.. or even.... Lemmy! [/quote] They would all get a thumbs up from me!
  2. Good luck, as said, you`re also finding out if this is a band you want to be in. Nerves of steel, turning up with a bass you`ve just bought!
  3. Congrats Mark, great cab, think you`ll be very pleased there.
  4. in one of my bands the guitarist is like this. he never has the time to respond to texts as he`s so busy. Yet has enough time to update facebook on how many sausages he had for breakfast..............
  5. If a 410 is a must, then for the sound described I`d look at Ampeg. The PF410HLF is a very nice cab, and of course does that famous Ampeg sound very well. new they are within your budget. But, as others have said, 2nd hand on here would be wise - more cab for the same amount of money. I also agree re Barefaced, they are very good. do a search on here for Super 12, and see how highly thought of they are.
  6. Only got it through tiny pc speakers, but I would put: 1. US P Bass 2. A bit modern sounding, so would go with the Bitsa 3. leaves the Maya I will revisit this later on, through proper speakers though.
  7. I think that may be part of the problem. Once you get past 40 you tend to get rid of these thoughts. Most of my friends who are in their 40s and 50s wouldn`t worry what anyone else thinks, whereas the ones in their 20s and 30s do seem to care about other peoples impressions. So wait a few years and then buy it when you realise you just don`t care anymore
  8. I learned to play on a Kay EB-0 copy. Action must have been half an inch at least. Buzzed like an angry wasps nest too.
  9. Wild Side by Motley Crue. I think I can nail that bassline (said tongue-in-cheek).
  10. [quote name='Cosmo Valdemar' timestamp='1359558007' post='1956598'] I have 2 of the NEO 2x10s. Not a bad word to say about them. They are stackable in a few different arrangements too - I generally have them stacked upright, a vertical 4x10. They sound great with every amp I've used them with, and of course they work excellently with GK heads! [/quote] Yep, having heard one of those very cabs, I can certainly agree, they are very nice indeed.
  11. Or you`re Nikki Sixx? In fact there we are, Nikki reportedly "died" at least once, and he`s a dedicated T-Bird man, so get a T-bird and become immortal!
  12. Lozz196

    2X18 feedback

    Will bought a Precision pickup from me. Good comms, swift payment, and let me know when the item was delivered.
  13. You could try MSL Professional who are the distributors. they should be able to advise, 0207 118 0133 [url="http://www.mslprofessional.co.uk"]www.mslprofessional.co.uk[/url] Alternatively, Real Electronics (in Sheffield). Apparently Cat who works there is incredibly helpful, 0845 230 7737 [url="http://www.realelectronics.co.uk"]www.realelectronics.co.uk[/url]
  14. In answer to the OP, I think with things like this, if you don`t feel comfortable with a certain style bass, then don`t get one, because, as we all know, you`re largely invisible to the audience anyway. So don`t worry about what others think, if you have a blast playing a bass, buy it, play it, love it. Re Jacks comments about people saying naff/cool, the only comments I`ve ever had about my basses was when I had a Les Paul Bass - the amount of comments about how cool that one looked was unbelievable, especially compared to the zero comments I`ve had about all of the others. Of course - it looked like a guitar!
  15. Much of it is most definately in our fingers/plecs, and the way we play. I put on a new set of Nickel Roto Rounds on my 78 Precision yesterday, and just by hitting the string differently could get a motown type sound, or a Mike Dirnt type sound, or a Bruce Foxton type sound. Must admit, they all sounded like a Precision through an Ampeg, but since it was a Precision through an Ampeg, that rather pleased me.
  16. [s]Bump for added trade option[/s] - changed my mind, only sales now, thanks.
  17. That is a lovely bass. Just out of interest, as not looking to buy, are both pickups on all the time, or are the two controls volume/volume?
  18. I`ve no experience of ESP basses, but that just doesn`t look right to me.
  19. Hmmmm. The beauty of the PF500 was getting it to break up a bit, and even then I could only have it on 4 or 5 max for gigs. To me, getting a clean Ampeg tone is kind-of defeating the point.
  20. For home practice my fave is the Ampeg BA-108, but if you`re not an Ampeg fan, it would be a bad buy, as the tone is Ampeg through and through, and it doesn`t really do much else. Another little combo I liked was the Fender Rumble. And the Line6 HD15 gets a lot of recommendations on here, and having heard a few, I`m not surprsied.
  21. Had an HA4000 head, with 210 & 115XL cabs. Great rig, really versatile and powerful. Briefly had a Hydrive cab, but was too tight and punchy for me, but have to say it was very good at that sound, nothing wrong with the performance, just not suited to me.
  22. Quality gear, and Schroeders are great cabs.
  23. I`d added a post to Muzz`s topic about D`Addario Chromes, and that I was taking them off my bass and putting Rotosounds back on. Muzz contacted me and asked if I would like to do a swap for a set of Nickel Rotos that came with one of his basses, but that he no longer used. Unfortunatley I`d already sold the Chromes, but Muzz said he would still send me the Nickels anyway - a real gent. Thanks Muzz.
  24. These are quality basses. I had one in the late 80s and must have done between 500 - 1000 gigs with it, without backup, never any problems. Really versatile too, thanks to the actives which can also be switched off. If I were flush I would buy this, purely for nostalgia.
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