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  1. Just bought a Mono M80 from Pete. Was advertised as almost new which I think was an understatement, if a bass had ever been put inside this I`d be surprised, it`s immaculate . Great comms throughout including advising me of parcel tracking number and when the item should arrive - which it did as advised. Deal in confidence.
  2. Hmm, I`ve had a couple of Epi Tbirds - in abt 2005 - and both massively neck-dived. Remove hand from neck = headstock hitting floor. It was just a balance issue, not weight, the necks felt no heavier than any other bass. If current ones don`t do this, well done to Epiphone for tackling this issue.
  3. I think that`s the main problem Ben, it`s unlikely amps will blow at regular gig volumes, but having drinks placed on them is an accident waiting to happen.
  4. Must admit if I`m ever selling an item that I`ve bought off of here, if the pics are better than I could produce, and providing that the item is still in the same condition, I`ll ask the original seller if they mind me using them. As I`ve not got a very good camera (on my Blackberry) it`s sometimes the easier way, but it`s polite to ask, and also to not use them if the originator refuses.
  5. Banish it from your mind Clarky....................
  6. [quote name='dougal' timestamp='1369782981' post='2092805'] I think this is probably the most common 'problem' with playing the bass. No-one really notices, until it's too late. At an extreme, I physically assaulted a guitarist when after playing a song with my volume rolled to 0, he [i]still[/i] claimed the bass was too loud. I'm still ashamed of my reaction to this day. [/quote] I think I would have just screamed "f8ckwit" at him for 30 minutes, but I can see where you were coming from.
  7. With both of my bands, I was mates with some of them before joining. Not close mates, but friendly enough to chat etc at gigs.
  8. If going for a backup I`d start at looking at Squier CV range. Amazing instruments, not for the money, just amazingly good full stop. Not had any of the basses mentioned, but did have a CV Precision and couldn`t believe how good it was.
  9. Tis indeed. Gareth seems to have a knack of selling great basses, and he`s a top guy to deal with as well.
  10. As above. Ideally, get two of the same 8ohm cabs, then use one for rehearsals, both for gigs. Or, if that`s too much, a 410 & a 210, the added height of a rig when adding a 210 makes a fair difference - I`ve had a couple of rigs in this formation. Keeping to same speaker size also means the chances of having to re-eq when adding/removing a cab are less.
  11. That`s quality - especially for Denmark St, which usually gets a pretty bad press.
  12. [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1369735225' post='2092028'] Sometimes I think people are too precious about using their own gear - especially for bass. While it's much easier for me to get the right sound out of my rig (I plug in, switch on and there it is) I haven't yet come across a rig when I've used one belonging either to the venue or one of the bands that we are sharing the bill with, that I can't get a usable sound out of. [/quote] I`m kind-of the same, however in one of my bands we have 2 basses, so whatever happens we end up using one of ours. If we do a gig where one of the bassists can`t make it no problems at all, and especially if going FOH - I just set all eqs on the borrowed amp at midday.
  13. Well if looking at small enough to be used in that manner, but also loud enough to be an on-stage monitor, you must be looking at 30 watts solid-state I would think - seeing as it will be facing you. So from there, what combos are there with an 8-inch speaker. A quick google-search for 1x8 bass combos gives the Ampeg BA108 as the highest powered 1x8, at 25 watts. It`s fairly loud - I have one, and for home use it doesn`t go above 2. Also has tilt-back ability.
  14. For anyone that loves Precisions, it has to be a regular P pickup, from there I`d look to add possibly a tap-able humbucker, at the bridge, so that the traditional P/J sound can be obtained, but also Stingray type tones.
  15. You`re really going to need a head or pedal that gives that classic "break-up" on the sound. Ampeg cabs/speakers also do this/add to this very well - just about one of the nicest speaker cabs I`ve had was the SVT210AV - but the Barefaced won`t do that, so it will be totally the head or pedal that you`ll be reliant upon. A very good head for doing the Ampeg sound is the TC Electronic Classic 450 - it has the Tubetone facility which really furs up the sound nicely.
  16. Here are mine, US 2011 and backup CIJ: [attachment=135601:001.jpg]
  17. The PF500 is a great sounding amp, really nice Ampeg tones. I used mine through a Compact/Midget set-up and it was great, but still quite a "clinical" sound due to the precise articulate tones of the BF cabs. None of the breakup associated with the traditional Ampeg tone. But, if up to this point you`ve liked the OTB, maybe adding in the Sansamp VT Pedal would be an answer. Use the OTB essentially as a power amp, get the Ampeg tone/breakup from the VT.
  18. [quote name='Legion' timestamp='1369639738' post='2091014'] I can help with this - I'll PM you the details (probably later when I get home from work). [/quote] Excellent. The producer of my band is very well connected within the industry (no idea if he knows SH/IM) so let me know if any other assistance is needed, I`ll see if he has any connections on this.
  19. Lozz196


    Here`s my two, a US 2011, with CIJ as backup: [attachment=135589:001.jpg]
  20. Nice on Ant, one of the best posts I`ve read on here for a long time. I really hope someone on here has a way of making this happen.
  21. I make sure my gear is always within sight at gigs. Way I see it, if there`s no opportunity for it to be stolen, it`s less likely to be. Forget all the hard-man stuff, people who nick guitars etc do it cos the gear is left unattended. Simply by being around it prevents this from happening.
  22. [quote name='EskimoBassist' timestamp='1369561922' post='2090382'] My vote would also be for the BB Preamp - very powerful 2 band eq too. [/quote] I use this effect-model on my Zoom B3 to give a slight drive and it is very nice.
  23. Burrito on here uses the OTB with one of the SP cabs, can`t remember which. Heard him with a band and, although going FOH, it was a great sound. However maybe the OBC410 would be a wiser shift - it`s rotten buying gear then not getting on with it and the shift from an 810 to an isobaric 212 will be considerable. Good quality castors, it`s only getting in/out of the car that will be a problem. Saying all that though, BF Super 12 - light, more than enough grunt for what you`ll need. Yes, a bit more expensive, but worth checking out.
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