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  1. Same happened to me I asked a mate for his genuine opinion of my band… Me: So, what did you think? Mate: Honestly? Me: Yeah, honestly. Mate: I'll answer the question. You want answers? Me: I think I'm entitled to them. Mate: You want answers?! Me: I want the truth! Mate: You can't handle the truth!
  2. Although we’ve already ‘chatted’, welcome.
  3. …and the worst squirrels have no nuts. That’s the world sorted in two ridiculous generalisations, anyone fancy a pint?
  4. Oh yes, sorry, back on topic. Eleventy five.
  5. There was a hollow body jazz on here a while back, I loved the look of it. I know, but I’ll be down to three Jabba basses soon so I’ll only have the SS ACG left to shift.
  6. I am going to try and get Jabba to build me a solid body based on that bass. Only if cake is a suitable trade.
  7. I love, love, love this bass. I may need to get details so I can commission one, from, er, someone.
  8. I’m surprised the toilet isn’t in bits!
  9. I think the original adverts for the Combo 300 read ‘Comes with extra lead.’
  10. Give him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he was 56 an hour ago and is having a good run.
  11. Ah, see, I’m a back socket man, have been ever since I did National Service.
  12. I tired of the interesting sockets on the back of my Peavey, it was like braille pornography, all the best bits were worn out.
  13. I’ve had better relationships with some amps than with some previous girlfriends, none of them had such a variety of interesting sockets round the back.
  14. Me too, it was these or a green Carlsbro back in the punk days.
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