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  1. Well mostly by manifestation as an ethereal form and by engaging in robust and lengthy sessions of origami.
  2. Beautifully and succinctly put Sir. This should be page 1, paragraph 1 and line 1 of the one lined Bass Tone Bible.
  3. So, there’s usually a reticent quality of endeavour about my bass tone and at the same time, in cognitive and, indeed precognitive terms, it’s a very natural rhapsodic augmentation of my living environment. When someone playing complex passages, passages say, that attempt to convey the minutiae of human lives in all their manifold sensuous and intellectual complexity is asked to define the nuances of their tonal output, we can see for ourselves the branches and leaves of opprobrium working their noble way into the twilight of aural comprehension. Not only that, but the parts of the brain employed when playing or listening to the bass or making love are illuminated by the very act of discussing the inherent architecture of bass tone, or drawin a complex and over detailed diagram of love making. Long before such tonal schematics became de rigeur, the Albanian visionary and goat herd, Maximilian Coque, argued that the portrayal of bass, both behaviourally and proto-subjectively, in modern musical culture was actually a comprehensively valid field for theoretical psychoanalysis in a post-reductionist, albeit tonally abstract, environment. Recent advances in aural science allow us to put Croque’s theories to the test under laboratory conditions and it turns out that the old man was right on the money. Fancifully, I wonder how these whimsical speculations over bass tone might appear to the audio technicians of the future, and whether they could turn this endless rumination over what is, in essence, a very basic and fundamental sound in to a simple three dimensional structure composed of papier-mâché and dried macaroni? Food for thought. In the spirit of Croque and his theoretical ruminations I would describe my bass tone as lamb madras mopped up with the last chapati and then a walk home in the rain because I missed the last bus.
  4. Agreed. Although superb the AER gear is (for its size) very heavy.
  5. I recently moved to using a HX Stomp into a QSC K12.2. Complete revelation, would never go back to a trad rig.
  6. Invest in a QSC K10.2, check out the first post on this long but enlightening thread...
  7. Welcome @Starwarsnosbleed
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