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  1. Agree with the above. I’ve tried these several times in a variety of shops and the ‘out of the box’ quality varies. Get a good one and, for the money, it’s a great bit of kit. Generally I found them a little heavy with a touch of neck dive but I really struggled not to buy one, lovely basses.
  2. Hopefully they will play something from the first three or four albums and not poppy sh1t3 all night!
  3. Frank Blank

    Which Helix?

    My usual offer to anyone who wants to try out a Stomp then you are welcome to try mine. I chose, and am sticking with, the Stomp simply because I play a range of acoustic basses and need various tones for different basses and songs, the amp and cab sims are particularly useful with my Rob Allen Mouse, I can get some lovely double bass sounding tones. I play through a QSC K.12.2 so the Stomp gives me a multitude of EQ shaping possibilities but all without deviating that much from the natural sound of the basses themselves. I often play in small venues and folk clubs and can often just use the Stomp as my entire rig. Seriously the Stomp and the QSC have completely revolutionised my outlook on playing and writing with the bass. Pukka.
  4. A few things on but particularly looking forward to some reggae... The Abyssinians in Brighton Sun 31 May 2020 ...as I haven’t seen Steel Pulse since June 17th 1978 thought I best catch up with them... Steel Pulse, Brighton Concord 2, May 20th 2020 ...just noticed Squarepusher is playing at the Concord 2 on the 14th May 2020 so albeit very far from reggae that’s in the bag too.
  5. ...and they appear to be playing in London in Feb!
  6. I used a Fishman Platinum Pro which was superb for my acoustic basses, although needing to change settings per guitar and song made known twiddling a nightmare so I ended up with a HX Stomp so no shave a range of preamps, effects, amps, cabs, modulators... the list/variables are endless.
  7. I’ve not really listened (apart from once live) to any of his output after PiL, silly of me probably.
  8. Seriously I’m pretty dumb sometimes. I play sitting down but the weight (especially of the Godin) is uncomfortable and the new bass (the ACG Harlot) is not as heavy but it is thinner and uncomfortable too, not only that but the ACG, in combination with my lovely belly, sits oddly. “Wear a strap!” Exclaims my musical partner. I considered this but discounted it because I didn’t think people did. Now I’m forgetting that my musical partner knows far more about this stuff than me so I started looking into it online and it appears that most seated players do use a strap, for a plethora of reasons. So, a couple of queries, anyone got any experiences/thoughts on seated playing with a strap? Any recommendations for a good strap bearing in mind that I have a very wide strap when I’m standing playing but although I would like to retain a wide section of strap over the shoulder I think it needs to be slender where it connects with the bass at the front for a sitting strap.
  9. Exactly, but with those odd almost mechanical repeated patterns that somehow simultaneously sound so rich and organic. My favourite album, my favourite bass player. In my humble opinion (and yours too by the sound of it) what marks a bass player out as great is serving the song, in Wobble’s case he manages to be the glue, the base on which everything sits yet still he lines stand out because they are such peculiar note choices. The governor.
  10. Excellent, it’s so disheartening sending stuff back.
  11. How odd! It was difficult to choose from the album (my favourite of all time) but Poptones... I just love that bassline so much, definitely formative and hugely influential on my playing.
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