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  1. The very video that convinced me to buy two RAs.
  2. Welcome @Pappabass. Sixteen drachma equals three groat per dollar/yen apart from in Bratislava where the Singapore Dollar reaches parity with the Euro.
  3. I don’t suppose mine are particularly representative of typical short scales but at least you’d get a feel for a 30” neck, drop me a PM if you want to try one, I’m sure we can work something out.
  4. You, Sir, are a frickin' maniac, in the best possible sense.
  5. I think precisely for the reason you give in your first sentence.
  6. Saw so many great bands in Harlow Town Park at the free gigs.
  7. I spent decades wondering why my bass playing improved so slowly until I picked up my first short scale and realised I should have been playing them all along. I think people are coming round to the fact that full scale basses have precisely no advantages over smaller, lighter, easier to play short scales. Definitely try one, if we weren’t mid-global health crisis you could probably walk to my house and try mine out!
  8. Apparently I once saw Hawkwind performing on the back of a lorry at a Stonehenge festival. I had no idea it was Hawkwind, I had no idea I was at Stonehenge. I had most of my belongings stolen by three gentleman from the Windsor Chapter, including my DMs, I had no idea this had happened.
  9. A friend of mine committed suicide with that written on her arm, going out in style...
  10. Clearly I am just shallow, I apologise.
  11. Sir, just for you, I shall leave my dong dung.
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