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  1. While the demand for fixed line infrastructure is found to be independent of the demand for mobile infrastructure, the demand for mobile infrastructure depends on fix-line infrastructural demand. Similarly, mobile investments depend on fixed line investments but fixed line investments are found to be independent. While fixed line infrastructure is installed at a point in time without a competitive infrastructure being already in place, mobile supply and also mobile demand depend on the fixed line market situation. These findings support the idea of asymmetric substitutability effects between competitive infrastructures in European telecommunication markets. Or at least I thought this to be true, how do you feel about it?
  2. In my ‘umble opinion it simply doesn’t get any better, he’s top of the shop as far as I’m concerned.
  3. Thanks @Zoe_BillySheehan for pointing me in the direction of The Tooth Mother, excellent album, nicely mind-bending playing from Mick Karn as per.
  4. I’m going to a tutor once week, doing a lot of transcription and scales.
  5. Exactly the same here although I’m getting tuition now, finally, after forty years.
  6. I read an interview with Mick Karn, I think from around the time of Tin Drum, where he explained he didn’t have any musical training, I think he said “I don’t know a C from an E”. The rest of Japan would rehearse up an idea into a song but MK would sometimes just see the title of the song from the lyrics and let that inspire his bass line, then he’d take that bass line to the rehearsal and invariably it was so good the band would rework the entire song around his line. Yer’ proper one off Mr Karn.
  7. I haven’t heard this ^ so good. Mick Karn, oh my lord...
  8. There were several ‘stacks’ at the SW Bass Bash all adding to the general cacophony.
  9. Agreed. I’m continually asking such questions and get really helpful answers.
  10. Morning, welcome. Serpent Venom, excellent.🤘
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