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  1. Thanks to all the usual suspects for organising another excellent Bass Bash. I managed not to attend the talk, nor participate in the raffle and I managed to give @Jabba_the_gut double homework, which appealed to my officious nature and infect @obbm with the Rob Allen virus. Thanks @BreadBin for saving my back. All in all a splendid day.
  2. I’m the cl(a55) swot. Good to see you Sir!
  3. He’s not joking, my fault again, RA is making me a partner.
  4. I believe (don’t quote me) it’s 10am. I’m already in the car park and it certainly hasn’t started yet! 😊
  5. I just bought a new rack for my basses so I now have three Hercules GS414B AGS Plus Guitar Stands for the raffle, if prizes are scant you might want to split them into three separate prizes! Ha ha 😂
  6. If you are referring to the photograph that includes my pert little tush then bollards.
  7. See, now, all you can eat isn’t good for me because I trough it in until I am incapable. @scrumpymike did recommend a good curry house last time but unfortunately just post curry. Having said that I was still, shall we say curry-boun at the last SWBash which rendered me unable to fully enjoy the Scrumpettes feast, maybe a glass of water with a slice of lemon the night before and then I can eat my own weight at the Bash.
  8. I’ll be appearing on next season’s Grand Designs documenting the ups and downs of my bass case refurb from specialist instrument container to modern utilitarian living space.
  9. One minute I was playing through our set list and the next I was packing everything up... and it’s only Friday! Hold on, cue mantra... “It’s on Sunday, not Saturday, it’s on Sunday not...”
  10. Thanks @cetera, you beat me too it, apologies everyone *slinks back to Stomp tweaking*
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