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  1. Not many I hope! I used to sign whatever name popped into my head. One woman in Iowa had Frank Muir autographed across her left boob, I don’t suppose there’s much demand for reruns of Call My Bluff in the Midwest.
  2. I’ve signed autographs on various parts of fans bodies on various tours, especially in the US. I did genuinely explain each time that I was the drum and/or bass tech but it never made any difference, my awkwardness soon evaporated.
  3. The very video that convinced me to get a Rob Allen, love the whole thing.
  4. + 1 for Crafter, Yamaha and particularly the Gretsch Jim Dandy Parlour, just so much fun and really easy to play.
  5. Offffft, that’s lovely... what is it?
  6. Some of the guitar sounds like very early Killing Joke, which is nice.
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