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  1. Gary Kemp & Guy Pratt chatting with JJ Burnell on episode 52 of the Rockonteurs podcast, excellent.
  2. Oh! In that case you have got my size, sorry! Put me down for a 3XL and how do I pay?
  3. Oh bloody hell, just as well I suppose, last time I ate my own weight in roast potatoes…
  4. Unfortunately. I will not be attending but have a great time.
  5. True. My one moment of doubt was when I heard a thin reedy sound coming from what sounded like the papier-mâché horn of an ancient gramophone, but then I realised it was @Stub Mandrel's rig...
  6. Just because it reminds me of being dragged to a party by two punk/rude girl crossover ladies in my youth. Ended up in a big old house in Walthamstow that was absolutely rammed with huge skinheads. Now, with my skinhead-popular neon pink mohican, I assumed I was in line for a kicking, however, they turned out to be massively friendly and hugely into music, I should have known by the smell of the place, not glue but weed. Being smashed out of my bonce and dancing to Jamming in a room entirely packed with grinning skinheads is one of my fondest memories from back then. One of the women I was with put on Rock Lobster and I thought the vibe would come crashing down but no, another great memory is the same room totally getting down to the B52s too! Great night, happy times.
  7. I was just thinking, whilst perusing the glorious variety of music on this most excellent of threads, that whenever I listen to a reggae track these days there is an element to my enjoyment missing and, after a few months of it niggling at the back of my brain during each listen I’ve suddenly realised what it is, I’m not smushed out of my gourd. Odd it should take that long to realise.
  8. Aerodynes get a bad press I think, loved mine, played like a dream and, as you say, really light. Definitely the best fender I ever had.
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