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  1. Purchased today... And with it's fretless twin...
  2. Damn, I was often down your way before the lockdown started, you could have had a go! I'll see what I can do. It sounds the same essentially but a little more clanky thanks to the frets and the strings are much newer than those on the fretless.
  3. I feel as I've come full circle. When I started out on BC in Nov 2014 I had acoustic basses exclusively and it's been a bit of a whirlwind trying, buying and selling lots of solid bodied electric basses looking for one that stuck. I should have learned my lesson in May 2018 when I purchased a fretless Rob Allen Mouse from @WishIcouldplay, I loved this bass totally. So, this morning I headed, oddly enough, back to see @WishIcouldplay in order to buy his fretted Rob Allen Mouse which is now in the rack at Chez Blank, both the ACGs are on their way to new owners which leaves me with a brand spanking new Ibanez SRH500 which I only bought because I'd given up on a fretted Mouse ever becoming available, it'll be up for sale soon. So is this set up, fretted and fretless Mice, Hx Stomp and a QSC K12,2 the final GAS killer? I suppose we shall see...
  4. Listening to The Cardiacs on an episode of Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone, where have this band been all my life, loving it...
  5. It’s details like this that make @Andyjr1515’s builds absolute class.
  6. I've just reduced it, if you're still thinking...
  7. Now reduced to £1000, need to get this sold as I have seen a bass I want to buy.
  8. Now reduced to £1000, need to get this sold as I have seen a bass I want to buy.
  9. I was at the opening night of that DM tour at Crocs in Rayleigh January 3rd 1981, christ.
  10. ACG/East Uni – Pre 4K Active/passive 3 band EQ.
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