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  1. Sorry Sir, I’m a dab hand at Macramé if it helps?
  2. Brilliant. Technical proficiency is just damn sexy, I can barely get the top off a boiled egg without calling the RAC (Royal Albumen Club).
  3. No idea but something popped up somewhere, probably behind the potting shed or in the orangery.
  4. John Thomas? Edna Thomas’s boy? The luthier, harpsichord wrangler and world renowned expert in oyster cultivation? Last I heard he was doing six months in Wandsworth for embezzlement with menaces.
  5. Well. I have had further pm conversations with Jabba and I think we have settled on shape C. but with a top wood that matches the body. However, I cannot get D. out of my mind so I have asked him to make me a pair like D. as well, that way I can try both out. There is something about D. that really has a hook in me, it triggers all sorts of 70s styling memories and that, as we all know is a good thing. I just know that if I simply settle on C. then D. will claw at me in my dreams until I take up heroin and drive off a cliff.
  6. Three FREE lenses, as in FREE, giving them away, GRATIS, FREE. I will not post these, you are welcome to come here (Southend) to pick them up or we can meet somewhere within a reasonable distance or I'm happy to drive to you, again within a reasonable distance. All the lenses are working and have no issues or faults, naturally they are slightly worn as most vintage lenses are. Please feel free to ask any questions apart from... How much do you want for them? - They are FREE. Will you post? - No. Do you clean gutters or do plastering? - No. 1. Tokina RMC 25-50mm F4, Olympus OM mount. Front and rear lens caps, no case. 2. Prakticar 135mm 2.5, M42 mount. Front and rear lens caps, no case. 3. Helios 135mm f2.8, M42 mount. Front and rear lens caps, leather pouch.
  7. I believe I'm right in saying I discussed this with Jabba and it is possible but I specifically requested the aluminium lines to kind of match the fret markers.
  8. Exactly what I said to Jabba last night but having slept on it I think I share his concerns about how the square top will look on such an otherwise curvaceous body. I think I've settled on knob A. with an aluminium marker line like C. but no veneer line. But he more I look at D., again, the more I like it but I am really not sure about the square top. Gah, why does he have to do such an excellent job? Because they are all lovely it's difficult to decide!
  9. …and out of the blue this morning I awoke with what is, Shirley, one of the lowest points in the entire history of music running around my brain totally uninvited. That’s right, the Bowie/Jagger version of Dancing in the Street *shudder*. How did it get in there? Why can’t I erase it? I’m off out for a spin in the car with Reign In Blood on at high volume.
  10. Well I’ve messaged Jez yet again this morning about the choice of controls. I’ll be amazed if he’s still talking to me let alone working on the bass. I went from choice A. through choices… 7. Q. Ovaltine. A keep left sign. Borneo. ♾️. 🆙. Wantage …before essentially settling with A. again.
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