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  1. Now then., I’m driving and I’m a man of leisure. Apart from next Tuesday and Wednesday I am free seven days a week so between you work out a day we can all make, because my answer to all suggestions will be ‘I’m free!’.
  2. Christ I hadn’t thought of that, despite the messages, not big enough!
  3. Sorry, I think you were the 5th to express interest if I’m right?
  4. I think I make that a full house... @hiram.k.hackenbacker @CamdenRob @Wolverinebass @fleabag ...this means three in the back though and @FinnDave on the subs bench in case anyone drops out, agreed?
  5. That’s two seats gone, if you are serious that is?
  6. not yet, still got two seats free. Not that I think I’ll get them all filled but will give a day or two more.
  7. This is a local thread for local people, we’ll have no trouble here.
  8. I hope the dude who runs the place isn’t reading this! You could but I could drive you to the door!
  9. Weekends? You could give me you wallet for safekeeping for the duration of our perusal.
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