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  1. Quality common sense there Sir, as always, so cheers. I think it is, however, confirming my penchant for basses no longer that 32” in scale. I will be rotating them regularly in order to make up my mind.
  2. The Gretsch is lovely but I found it quite heavy for a short scale.
  3. I'd be all over Benchchat like a... erm... rug, thrown, hmm, over a bench, like.
  4. Excuse this ramble, it’s as much for me as anything else, thought jotting. I dropped off the ACG Recurve SS in Warwick for a setup in early February, I was emailed to say it was done and that I could pick it up on 29th Feb. I took the opportunity to drop off the ACG Harlot when I picked the Recurve up and by the time the Harlot was ready for pickup, yes, we were in lockdown. I’ve been writing and recording quite intensely lately, flipping files of new bass lines over to the singer/guitarist I work with and I have really started to gel with the short scale Recurve. I was unsure at first, I bought it because it was an ACG and because it was short scale but I really didn’t gel with it at first but after this intense period of working with it I have found myself improving as a player and writing stuff I would have thought beyond me just a few months ago. Now naturally this is to do with having acres of time to fill with practicing and writing (I’m putting in roughly a normal 9-5 working day) but after the initial ups and down with it I’ve really come to dig that bass, there’s something very ‘workhorse’ about it, the simple design, the plain woods, I often bang on about basses being tools of work first and aesthetic items second, Alan tends to make basses that are sublime in both ways but there is just something very humble and honest about the SS Recurve, very much my bass of the moment and hopefully the end of my fretted short scale bass search. So yesterday I finally managed to get back up to Warwick and in a socially distanced exchange via a porch I picked up the Harlot. I got it home and after so long with just the little Recurve I’m a bit freaked out by the Harlot. I mean it is a ‘freak out’ bass anyway because it looks so incredible but it just felt so alien. I mean, finally, it’s correctly setup and playing great but I just wasn’t getting on with it, perhaps I really am just a short scale man? I will persevere with it and see how it goes.
  5. Oh what a giveaway, did you hear that..?
  6. Yeah, you don't want to let the rabble in though, shirley?
  7. The agreement threads are fine, albeit, as you say, dull. It's the I thing this way and I'm right threads that need the sign.
  8. True, thus the demand for this signage will be huge.
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