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  1. I have to say I don’t no much about it apart from the performances but I do now!
  2. Put ‘tiny desk concert’ into the YouTube search and then spend about a month watching some great performances. I’ve found lots of new music via Tiny Desk as well as watching some faves, here’s my current fave, “Say what!”
  3. See, that would be amazing. As an ex (as if) train spotter I spent an inordinate amount of time with my head stuck in the annually published Combined Motive Power books. These books listed all Locomotives and electric/diesel multiple units in operation across the UK rail network. There is something about such taxonomic tomes, the layout, the systems of classification (don’t get me started on Dewey), just information presented in such a fashion gets me quite moist! But seriously, do it, I’d certainly love to work on such a project. Reference material *swoon*
  4. That’s a dangerous thought... excellent.
  5. Thanks SB, I thought it was a band!
  6. I Googled this and just got a paintball venue, who or what is Pantherairsoft?
  7. In all seriousness I was wondering that, if I could just add more... There are very few people I’d discuss my (potential) massive bottom with. Actually I’m in no doubt at all that the ACGs can easily create the sounds I’m after.
  8. Just the Stomp for me, mind you I’d love to try a Magnum, Jah Wobble was a huge inspiration for me.
  9. Alright I’m just looking for an excuse to get one of these (fat chance)...
  10. Well I have had the luxury of playing in a duo for many years so I’ve picked the basses I fancied and tailored my tone to each song. Also I’ve had the absolute luxury of not needing huge volume, what with no drummer and wanting clarity I’ve very, very happily used an FRFR speaker that’s been a glorious revelation... However, I am now in discussion with a guitarist I was in a band with over thirty years ago and have a drummer in waiting. The idea (so far) is to play kind of slow and heavy dub infused grooves with excruciatingly dissonant grating guitar cavorting over the top. Not sure my basses and rig are going to be right for such a sonic sludge bath, one can only try. I’m wondering if, in six months time I’ll have a Precision with flats, a Barefaced 6x10 (or similar) with an appropriate head. What would you use for such a project?
  11. Seriously, if it didn’t have Fender written on it...
  12. If you want to try my Rob Allen out you are more than welcome. I know it isn’t long enough or stringy enough! But it would give you a perfect sense of the build quality and how loud it is unamplified.
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