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  1. No, but the best since Extremities, Dirt and Various Repressed Emotions.
  2. There have been two albums since 2010s Absolute Dissent. MMXII (2012) and Pylon (2015).
  3. Having (apparently) attended a Burning Man festival in the mid-nineties I can categorically state that I remember very, very little about it apart from fleeting images that made me rather concerned that I had fallen out of the sky into either a Mad Max film or a scene from The Wicker Man.
  4. This describes perfectly well over 90% of my very favourite music.
  5. Attendees / Gear list 1. MacDaddy - Custom Shukers / Rob Allen Mouse / Peavey Vypyr VIP III 2. Binky Bass - Binky 10 string, USA Conklin 8 string, ACG 9 string, 3 x ACG 6 strings, Reiver 7 string (geeeetar), GR Bass Dual 1400 & GR Bass AT410+, Helix LT, Pinegrove straps, Richter straps etc. 3. Cetera - Spector (USA NS2 & NS2X, Euro Classic, Euro LX (w/Haz),Euro 'Rachel Bolan', Pulse II ) Wal Mk1 'Geddy Lee', Fender FSR PJ with East pre, Hamer Impact, Pedulla Buzz 4 fretless and maybe Jackson TBird, GK400RB, GK Legacy 800 & Tech21 VT500 Heads, Genz Benz Neox212 cab. 4. Frank Blank - Jabba short scale fretted, ACG SS Recurve, Ibanez SRC6, QSC K12.2, HX Stomp.
  6. I didn't know she was on the line up, just happened across the set on iPlayer, best thing so far by a mile.
  7. Ah, I didn't realise... Róisín Murphy ✅
  8. I almost bought one of these a few years back, I was amazed at the quality and the sound for the price, it was a little to heavy for me (surprisingly) but all in all cracking basses.
  9. Sleaford Mods ✅ Idles ✅ Billy No Mates ✅ ...the rest of Glastonbury can do one.
  10. I must refrain from swearing but that is f****** amazing.
  11. Excellent! Scott Firth, very loud bass but usually clear as well, he's a great player and the marvellous Lu Edmonds on guitar, very interesting fellow.
  12. I would feel exactly the same, in your situation I would have left too, but not quietly.
  13. I think it's the member of staff you get to deal with rather than the shop as a whole. When I use PMT in Southend I always ring first and see if a particular chap is in and talk to him first because he's extremely knowledgeable, helpful and, above all, friendly and polite. I've had good service at Peach but I've only been there twice. Also, if you walk into a shop and people and get cr4p service complain about it! I've received bad service in a few music stores and I've asked to see the manager and asked them why their staff are being rude and belligerent when I'm trying to give their business money. Occasionally the manager arrives and it's clear they are the Head Tw4t of many undertw4ts and then you are simply left with the satisfaction of some florid swearing and finger gestures as you leave. I think they get into this I'm the big I am mindset because they are (possibly) decent musicians in a shop full of goodies, it's easy to snap them out of it with a few choice words. I agree about withdrawing custom but let them know why.
  14. Yup. There hasn't been at any I've attended but I'm a relative newb, 2018 was my first (I think). I think I saw one guitar, once. Some. We specialise in those.
  15. Well, you turn up whenever you like, after 10am usually. Bring whatever bass equipment you like, pay your £10, find a place to set your gear up and then show other people your gear and check out other attendees gear. You can spend all day chatting about bass with other people as enthusiastic about bass as you are! I remember going to my first with one small amp and one bass and I was foolish enough to set up next to @cetera who has a gazillion beautiful basses and yet he, and everyone else, made me very welcome to the point that I now try to attend all the Bashes wherever they are. Believe me, it's the best tenner you'll ever spend!
  16. Sod it, shall we make it a full house?
  17. ...and, as usual, I must reciprocate...
  18. Late night depressing rant now redacted so it doesn't put a downer on the thread 🙃
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