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  1. I think there are a few which are almost there - I have a Hotone B-Station, for example, which gives you a preamp, 3-band EQ, simple (one-knob) compressor and DI out, but alas no tuner (though it does also have a half-decent and blendable drive circuit).
  2. Update: this has now gone to a good home. If somebody could lock and/or move to the 'completed' subforum, that'd be grand.
  3. There's a different tone, isn't there? And I know there are lots of other factors that will affect your tone in different ways, but I've found that shorter scale basses sound different from the longer scale counterparts - I'm sure a lot of people will attest that their medium scale lengths are important factors in the Warwick "growl" and Rick "clank." I read an interview with Alex Callier years ago, where he explained that he'd moved to short-scale basses because he liked the old-fashioned click-and-thump he got when playing them with a pick. No mention of easier playability, as I recall, and I think he's a pretty tall feller.
  4. Reading that, I think I learnt more about the seller's life history than I did about the bass itself! Still, you've got to love the little details in the "Item Specifics" section: "Features: With Pickup." How generous of him!
  5. I think my wallet just ran and hid from me...
  6. Spent many a year lusting after one, but sadly never got the chance to try. (I was a Laney devotee for quite a few years when I was still using solid state combos.) Quite apart from my own favourable prejudices, I heard great things about the Nexus heads - it seems a shame that they never thought to try and knock out a smaller version with a wattage more practical for smaller venues (hence my transition to valves via the Little Bastard 30). They are alleged to be absolute beasts, though...and bloody heavy.
  7. I must have been lucky - I think they might have played for as long as 40 minutes when I saw them!
  8. Interesting! I'd always heard that he sold his first one because the electronics were ropey, but I hadn't heard about wobbly necks being an issue! Am I right in thinking he was still playing Alembics up until around the late '80s?
  9. You are quite correct: I'd completely forgotten about the OriginAL! Certainly looks the business...though it does indeed cost almost as much as I paid for my LB30 in the first place.
  10. A preamp-DI which sounds like I've plugged into an Ashdown Little Bastard (or "CTM-30", as they call them these days). I feel like we have quite enough amp sim pedals designed to replicate SVTs and other "classic" valve amps, but if Joyo can do convincing Fender, Marshall and Mesa sims for guitarists on a budget, presumably somebody could capture a few more contemporary bass amp designs without breaking the bank?
  11. Let me go one better and give you a linky: https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_pa_100_power_attenuator.htm Looking at the listing again, I see it's an attenuator first and foremost, which can double up as a full dummy load. Still, it provides the line out to go to your interface/DAW, and I see the reviews are generally positive!
  12. I've a guitarist friend who swears by those - uses them at home to record his own valve amps, and gets some superb recorded tones. In my typically more cheapskate fashion, I have been eyeing up Thomann's Harley Benton knock-off...
  13. Aha, that makes sense - thank you for clarifying!
  14. I see from the complicated timeline that his father took over bass duties in the band. I've a strong suspicion that the owner of the combo is just trying his luck after daddy gave him a flea in his ear about not looking after his gear properly!
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