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  1. EliasMooseblaster

    Completely fresh start.

    That might be a bit too quiet...
  2. EliasMooseblaster

    Hell Is Other People (who know you play in a band)

    Perhaps start telling them you play drums instead.
  3. EliasMooseblaster

    Short scales up to around £1000 - what's out there?

    Would a grand get you a Gibson? Most of their SG-style basses have historically been 30" scale, though it's fair to say they're a bit of an acquired taste!
  4. EliasMooseblaster

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    At least the basslines they play are consistent with the rest of the band - which is to say, tedious beyond belief!
  5. EliasMooseblaster

    Tony Franklin Bass

    Absolute dream of a bass. All three pickup combinations serve their own role just nicely, and the tone control gives you an amazingly wide range of sounds. Wonderfully comfortable neck, and the ebony fingerboard is a thing of beauty. Not that I've tried a huge range, but without doubt it's the best passive fretless I've ever got my hands round.
  6. EliasMooseblaster

    Another for Happy Jack

    Blackmore's Night looking to veer off in a new direction...?
  7. EliasMooseblaster

    What do you play at sound check?

    Ah, in that case there's another bassist who's been using the same party trick - CW didn't come into existence until nearer 2011!
  8. EliasMooseblaster

    What do you play at sound check?

    Got to be a strong possibility! Did you ever share a bill with a female-fronted group called Cherry White?
  9. There's a huge Guitar Guitar in Epsom; I seem to remember they carry a wide range of the "usual suspects" - Fender & Squier, Gibson & Epiphone, assorted Stingrays and a few pointier models. Guitar Village, as mentioned above, often has some more esoteric stock (aren't they Farnham rather than Epsom?). It's a shame Kingston lost Hands Music a couple of years ago. Never the biggest range, but they had some nice-looking G&Ls and a few more unusual models last time I went in.
  10. EliasMooseblaster

    Am i finally out of touch? ..are you?

    I couldn't agree more - and the great advantage that we have today is that we can skip past the "drivel" to the stuff we actually want to hear. The contents of the current UK Top 40 stopped bothering me as soon as realised that I could easily tune into radio stations and playlists which are pushing more interesting and challenging new music. There's really no excuse these days!
  11. EliasMooseblaster

    What do you play at sound check?

    In the Hall of the Mountain King, by Edvard Grieg. It just became a bit of a running joke when the band was still doing the Camden Toilet Circuit, and I'd like to think a few soundmen appreciated something a bit different from the slapathon that they tended to get from the other bands.
  12. EliasMooseblaster

    Am i finally out of touch? ..are you?

    I tip my hat to your subtle pun, sir!
  13. EliasMooseblaster

    Why do Pros use a P Bass...

    I've found this is the secret with a 'bird - never run both pickups on full! The neck soloed sounds great, and you can get a slightly brighter, more piano-like sound if you bring up the bridge to a slightly lower volume. With both on 10, you end up with a big hole where the mids are supposed to be, but backing off the bridge off about 8 or so creates a fuller and richer tone which can be quite lovely and doesn't disappear in the mix. (I've also found that you can get a passable Flea-esque twang by doing the reverse - neck on 8, bridge on 10 - but I have much less use for that tone personally.)
  14. EliasMooseblaster

    Why do Pros use a P Bass...

    This is it in a nutshell, surely? The choice is often down to the employer as much as the musician in question - I know when I've gone along to a session with musicians or recording engineers I don't know, I'll take a Precision copy "to be on the safe side." Nobody (so far) has objected to the fact that one P copy has no brand, or that the other has "Schecter" stamped on the headstock. I've fortunately never received comments in the vein of "you should play a proper bass, like a Fender", but it seems many of us on this forum have had that experience.
  15. Selling this perfectly serviceable little uke as I just don't play it. I've only picked it up a handful of times in the years I've had it; on the plus size this means it is in pretty much in mint condition, still living in the box it shipped in. It's a Makala, who I believe are to Kala as Squier are to Fender. Body looks like mahogany, and I would hazard a guess that the fingerboard is rosewood. I work in London and live in Surrey, so happy to meet anyone in that general area to collect. Alternatively I can pad the bubble-wrap the box to buggery and ship it for a few quid on top of the listed price. Any other questions, do just fire away. .