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  1. EliasMooseblaster

    An interesting.. I'm going to get a bunch of fives at this rate!

    I happened to notice a few very nice-looking Schecter and Sandberg fretted fives on the FS section. I can speak very highly of both companies' four-string basses, but I've not tried any of their fives. Not that I'd be an expert either way...I will not become a five-string owner until Wednesday afternoon.
  2. ^ now there's a good point: technically I bought two guitars last year, as I also managed to track down the specific model of acoustic guitar that Mrs Mooseblaster used to own before we met. It made for quite a challenging hunt, but also gave me the satisfaction of searching around to buy a guitar, even if it wasn't for me in the end. I'm looking forward to the day that Mini Mooseblaster is old enough to take an interest in learning bass, so I can take him shopping for a Chowny short-scale...
  3. EliasMooseblaster

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    Almost enough for a wall of Wal?
  4. EliasMooseblaster

    TC, Mooer, Valeton - End game for high-price pedals?

    Well, it arrived last week, and I'm delighted with it. As far as my ear can judge, it does exactly what I expect a Tubescreamer to do. The difference between the 9 and the 808 is subtle but audible, and for less than £30 I couldn't be happier. That said... ...and of course, it is just another cheap clone of a circuit that's been around for somewhere in the region of 40 years. It's been copied and modded to buggery, so the existence of a cheap Chinese clone is hardly surprising. (Even the switch between the two modes isn't an innovation, as JHS have fully outdone them with the Byobu, which offers 9 different TS variants in one pedal!) It does what I want, but it does nothing new, much like my other economy-donkey pedals. If I were a serious effects enthusiast, I'd still be looking to the boutique makers for new ways to preen, squash and bend my sound.
  5. EliasMooseblaster

    2018 Gibson Thunderbird

    Exactly...it's simply designed to encourage you to pose like a rockstar!
  6. EliasMooseblaster

    Humble instruments that 'make the song'

    He's a funny one, is Bonzo: I can see why people like him, and I can admire his playing from a technical point of view. Just something about his feel which seems a bit leaden (ledden?) to me. But then I have always preferred the jazz-trained drummers like Baker, Mitchell, Densmore, etc., so perhaps I prefer Paice's more relaxed feel. (Incidentally, are there any Grand Magus fans on here? Their current drummer - or whichever one played on The Hunt - sounds almost exactly like Paice...at least when he's not doing the double-kick stuff.)
  7. EliasMooseblaster

    Humble instruments that 'make the song'

    I do feel like Paice gets massively underrated as a drummer. I suppose, just as Zeppelin overshadowed Purple as a whole in terms of popularity, so Bonham overshadowed Paice - which seems as a shame, as Bonham's playing doesn't really do it for me, but Paice's playing always seemed to be on the money.
  8. Yeah, whatever I said a few weeks ago about "being good this year"...I might have to retract that fairly soon.
  9. You can atone for your sins by posting some pictures when it arrives!
  10. EliasMooseblaster

    What do audiences really want from the bass player?

    I guess for the "pub band" situation, the key is make the bass solo part of the entertainment. My Generation is a great example of how to do it, where the bass solos are snappy, two-bar breaks which work as a call-and-response between the bass and the rest of the band. If you changed that out for a full 32-bar break for the bass player to go through his/her whole book of chops, then you'd lose that pace and the queue for the bar would probably grow quite quickly. (So at least the landlord would be happy...)
  11. EliasMooseblaster

    Shuker 5 string fretless FS/FT - now £850

    Good morning. Is this handsome specimen still for sale?
  12. EliasMooseblaster

    Musical inventions

    It's a contraction of an old instruction that Geordie bandleaders used to give to their rhythm guitarists.
  13. EliasMooseblaster

    Heavy gauge strings

    The string tension is likely to be ridiculous if you bring those four strings up a whole fourth from their intended pitch...I would have some concerns about the safety of the neck!
  14. EliasMooseblaster

    Musical inventions

    A cab with a built-in motor and wheels on the back, so I could lie it down and ride it to gigs, using the amp as a backrest and the bass guitar as a punt to steer it.