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  1. Music Man's s new clothes.

    All you need now is a Pentangle tribute band to play it in! Joking aside, I like it. The rest of the guitar is kept relatively understated, so I think it makes a good focal point - it could have been very easy to overdo it and end up with some kind of Celtic Bootsy, so nicely done on keeping it tasteful.
  2. ACG's new profile

    Christ alive, that's a lovely-looking instrument.
  3. Billy Sheehan.

    I feel like the drummer might be the weakest link of the three. He's almost playing as if it's a rock number in 6/8. Sheehan's playing is impressive, but the overplaying in the wrong places, combined with the drumming, just makes it feel like the whole thing's desperately trying to race past the beat. I rather like what the guitarist is doing, mind.
  4. Improving Analogue Octaver tracking

    It's either that or you bite the bullet and invest in an 8-string...though your left hand's tendons may hate you for it.
  5. Spawny gets..lucky fifth wheels in music

    I'm not sure I want to see Ringo's sex tape...
  6. Buzz on high volume

    Unfortunately I dont know he best answer to that - afraid I've never had to fiddle with the insides of a semi-hollow before. Anyone else on here have any ideas?
  7. Audience lack of respect for bands

    It's definitely a strong possibility, and I know I've been in that position more than once myself! But then in the settings where I've played, it's typically been in a pub where people haven't paid anything to see the band, or one of those six-bands-in-four-hours nights on the Camden toilet circuit, where most of the crowd are there for the better-known headline act anyway. What I find harder to relate to is those gigs where people have paid money in advance to go and see a particular artist, who they (presumably) already know and like...maybe I'm just being my usual, tight-fisted self but if I've forked out for the ticket I like to get my money's worth!
  8. Audience lack of respect for bands

    Yeah, I've had this a few times. First case was as early as 2001/2 - my sister and I went to see Mercury Rev and agreed it was a great show but the audience was an absolute pain in the proverbial. There was a bloke a few rows ahead of us who just put his feet up on the chairs in front and spent the night texting people. I guess this was still the era before cameras were so ubiquitous on phones, and approximately 50% of audiences felt compelled to film the entire gig on the damned things, so at that point the little backlight on a monochrome phone screen was still quite distracting! Ian Siegal was probably the first person I saw who challenged an audience. I think it was the Charlotte St Blues club, somewhere they had a sort of VIP area up on a balcony. It just seemed to be stuffed with people intent on talking over the band. "Sorry if the music's a bit loud for you, back there," he sniped in between songs, "you know, you come to a live music event, you expect a bit of peace and quiet, naturally..."
  9. Buzz on high volume

    A few thoughts spring to mind: 1. Duff/no shielding - how easy are the controls to access? If you can get inside easily this can be fixed relatively easy. 2. Loose earth wire - typically in contact with the bridge, but can work loose. 3. Do you have separate tone controls for each pickup, or one master? I've had a capacitor fail on a P bass before, which led to a rather prominent buzz. Could be this problem if you've only got the one tone control...or both could have failed, but that's less likely!
  10. Spawny gets..lucky fifth wheels in music

    One might even say they recorded some of them with[out] a little help from their friends... I'll get my coat.
  11. Spawny gets..lucky fifth wheels in music

    Stacia? (Or "Lady Stacia" in some of the liner notes) The tale I've heard is that she approached Messrs Brock and Turner about joining the band, and just said "I dance." So at her first gig, both the band and audience were equally astonished when she took all her clothes off. I remain very glad that Bez didn't go that far with the Mondays...
  12. Auditions in Hell

    I nearly chewed a finger off reading that one - what a missed opportunity! Perhaps the balance of available musicians was different back then, but drummers who can play with groove and taste seem to be like hen's teeth these days. Maybe I've just had to play with one too many drummers who aspired to play "just like Bonham," by which they essentially meant "going at the kit like a p***ed-off blacksmith," but I've come to find few things more satisfying than locking in with a genuinely good one.
  13. Who Uses a Metronome on Stage?

    I can see that being quite effective as a stage prop! (Which album would she have been touring then?) I can see that working for certain styles of music, but I can only imagine it would have a horrible effect on more "old-school" rock or blues groups...that said, I've definitely worked with a few drummers in those genres who would have benefitted from a bit more practice with a click! (Or from paying more attention to their bass player...)
  14. Does anyone just use a bass & amp?

    I think you might have answered your own question there - I'm sure it'll generate a separate thread in and of itself, but the sight of a clip-on tuner visibly poking out of your guitar's headstock during a song seems to be about as polarising as having a music stand on-stage!
  15. Two basses one amp

    Not from the pedal, no. I tend to use the volume on the guitars for that!