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  1. I don't I'm afraid. What I do know is I have a buzzy Euro
  2. A good one would be a Euro LX against an NS2, not that either’s cheap like!
  3. Well, IMO the gambit of this thread is about paying money to see a band that may not be that band anymore and that this notion is based on whether the line up that had the hit(s) is still intact. However, I don't doubt that you have had a productive time, however bands with a prolific output and a live following that has not converted to commercial success might be a separate topic.
  4. Well, a quick google shows me Balaam and the Angel have nudged the charts 8 times with 1 album and 7 singles. OK, festivals have always had unknown/little known bands, but usually on the back of something better known. And especially local / specialist music ones.
  5. Well, that sounds like a ploy to try and make me look untutored while you cover up the the validity of your statement. So yes, really I have to ask because If your going to say it, then back it up with some fact. NMA and Tangerine Dream are no strangers to the charts.
  6. I think the topic is about bands that have at least nudged the charts a little (as in the value of seeing them live or if they can be classed as genuine), otherwise I'm going to start mentioning all the drummists and guitards during my 6th form band days!
  7. Joint 7th biggest selling single (along with Poison Heart) for an international band with a 22 year stint, hardly minor! And as Joey says, he saved the band.
  8. Ritchie Ramone is easily the most talented drummer the Ramones ever had and wrote one of their biggest hits, although thanks to Johnny you’d never know. Ritchie has done quite a bit of original material with IMO a few decent singles. He’s not advertising himself as The Ramones and I think it would be odd if he didn’t knock out a few oldies live. He should get CJ in, but I think his missus is the bass player.
  9. I'm 52 and currently doing the same thing in Kuala Lumpur. The problem with any of this, is that we want our heroes to keep going, but alas the band is made up of a number of people who when in unison are great, but individually can be knob-'eds. For balance, I appreciate what you are saying about Townsend's age, but Moon's drumming was so unique, that (IMHO) it was never going to be possible to find a replacement that as a unit they could carry on to new and better ground. I must admit that the choice of Kenny Jones was odd as he is so dull, but on the face of it I bet they just wanted some peace.
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