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  1. Do you think so? I think it looks like an appendix
  2. Well, that may be, but I'm off to Crete and 'aving it large
  3. Brilliant. Well done me, it would seem. Who donated that?
  4. Eh, this is news to me! WHat did I win? Where is it going?
  5. Billy Apple


    Sold Charlie a pedal. All as it should be in true Basschat style. Given the Billy Apple seal of approval
  6. Bass of the Bash (AFAIC) Cake of the Bash
  7. I thought you were there, but it turned out to be Darren Redick
  8. Just to say thanks to Nik and Colin for the organisation and hard work (and anyone else who helped out!)
  9. Any Hampshire Bashers able to drop a pedal in Gosport for a member here?
  10. I hate that utter utter c**t who wasn't expecting that. The f**k-wit seemed to go through life completely unprepared, in an utterly pathetic and useless state and I shouldn't wonder would be equally useless with power tools and any semblance of DIY. Give me 'I feel the urge, the growing need to f**k this sinful corpse' any day of the week.
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