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  1. This looks like it was made from the left-overs of Brian May's mantelpiece.
  2. Ah, worms/can. It's hard to say as I have them in very different basses. My TP is in a maple winged Euro, the SNC in a swamp ash winged USA forte 5. To try to sum up... TP SNC Hope this helps
  3. I picked up some gen on Tones Pumps from SNC who posts on Talk Bass. He also makes clone Haz's which I have one. Essentially the Tone Pump does cut as well as boost, Michalik says this on his website too... Bass: +14dB/-4dB @55Hz, Treble: +14dB/-12dB @6,5kHz. Long story short to set the TP flat you have the bass at 9 o'clock and the treble at Midday. I did post a thread about it somewhere, but I can't seem to find it on search... maybe got lost when the site transitioned Also, I have my TP's set for T/T/V/P which is much more friendly (for me) than V/V/T/T
  4. I had DC's ordered with my Forte 5. When it came it had TW's, which on the coil-tap, split whatever sounded weedy. Sent it back and had the DC's put in... Bostin'!
  5. I can hear it in Bucks. If it carries on, I'm calling the police!
  6. *Pushes the idiots out of the way and steps to the front* The white wheel is the awesome dial. With it turned all the way anti-clockwise you start at awesome. Turning it a notch clockwise increases the awesomeness. Simples
  7. WOW! I think the Ric looks fantastic, congratulations on your purchase Sir! Sounds great in the vid above too. So now it's on a list of things that a) I've never seen in the flesh, b) I've not handled and c) I've not heard in real life, but I still want. Nice Tee Shirt too. I went to Donnington in '86 to see them (and Motorhead and Ozzy). Went down on the back of Pa Brown's Suzuki GS850 from Hexham and in fine style we got into the arena just as Bad News finished. It was a great night, we scored some dope and slept by the bike with our sleeping bags on the floor, no tent. Next morning I got to ride the GS home as Pa was still stoned. Happy days indeed.
  8. I like these two tracks, but seem to be underrated or forgotten?

  9. Uncle Jim Tortex are the bomb. Nylon!? Are you ill or something? I remember the pre -tortex days of snapping and slippy picks. Somethings do change for the better
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