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  1. And there we have bridge-lift explained in a nutshell. Thread/
  2. After reading the Rose Morris article, you'd think they'd make more of all those Rickenbackers they sold to Hitler.
  3. It takes me by surprise now just how massive REM were and how now it's like they never existed. I trailed off after Green, but do like Up.
  4. That's a canny logic for not wanting to support the site. I'm alright Jack... Push the boat off!
  5. I'd say not. I came in at All The Worlds a Stage, 2112 and Hemispheres. I remember the chat in Middle School and the beaching in the music press when they used synths on Permanent Waves. By then I was a solid punk/Motorhead fan and I abandoned Rush as a bunch of poofters and a lost cause. I'm getting back to them from a different standpoint. Permanent Waves was the transition, but with Moving Pictures I think they found it all. A bit like the Ace of Spades, it was just a different step. Yes, they've made good albums since, but nothing quite like it in that space and time.
  6. Moving Pictures. /thread
  7. How did Tarzan die? Picking cherries
  8. Agree. I nick handfuls of earplugs from work for riding. Although the lid helps too. Just the bog-standard yellow 30db ones, but they are fine. Have ended up with an ear infection from them though.
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