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  1. I just received this message from Debbie (Martin's sister) on fb.. Hi, Just letting you know the funeral arrangements for mb1 (Martin berry) his funeral will take place at the crematorium at Southern cemetery address is Barlow Moor Rd, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 7GZ It will be on Friday the 10th September at 2.30 and then on to Urmston Conservative club 29 Crofts Bank Rd, Urmston, Manchester M41 0TZ We are have a celebration of life rather then a religious gathering, there will be a book passed round for people to jot down a any memorable moments or ways in which he impacted your life so as a family we can see Martin through the eyes of others and learn a whole new part of his life. Those attending the wake are more then welcome to bring their bass/any music and share some music would love that. Xx
  2. Samsung NX10 Digital Camera. In good order, comes with 18-55mm lens, battery, charger and Hama case. No memory card
  3. Bought some bits from John. No hassle, all as it should be.
  4. I read his book and thought it awful. He was calling people hopeless losers (Den Stratton?). Pot/kettle etc
  5. Yeah, not his finest hour there
  6. The Maiden sound for me was Paul DiAnno. Always thought that Dickinson was a tool. This may be true, but DiAnno has hardly exemplified himself
  7. You can't beat the weft of old-school air dried
  8. I think he turned up and made a fist of it. Back in Black is a great album and there's not many who could carry it off. But, for me he sounds forced and almost signing in the wrong register. Bon was just a hurricane, best rock singer ever who can't be touched.. the real deal Stick on Riff Raff and it's all there
  9. You can go round and round with this. All I know is when I play my NS2 I just go 'oh, yes!' But, I totally get it about the Euro/NS2 thing. Although the Euro's are now very close to what I paid for my NS2... They're hardly what you could call budget
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