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  1. They'll be the Faker-Makers then? I heard one of them put a Fender style head-stock on one. He was a Faker-Maker-Shaker, Making Faker-Fakers. Eye thang yooo...
  2. Please keep trade offers to PM 😋
  3. I wish I had a Spambot. I'd get it to make spam and Heinz sandwich spread sarnies (on white bread) all day long
  4. .... Sigh... I've just got too much house stuff needing money spent
  5. Lozz just bought a pedal from me. Probably one of the nicest guy's on Basschat. Highly recommended.
  6. Still, easier than working with Andrew Eldrich
  7. I've only seen the Strangles once and JJ was playing a stick bass. Bah! I have to be grumpy/refuse to accept change, but they were over when HC left.
  8. I'd send 'er back before the Spector
  9. Tom bought some patch leads from me. All as it should be. Recommended.
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