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  1. You keep repeating yourself. You’re speaking for yourself. What’s your point?
  2. None of us can speak for others. But many recordings beauty lies on the moment. You only have to look at star wars to see what happens when things are revisited. Mind you, I've always thought everything I've ever committed to tape could have the bass a bit louder
  3. Why would you want to remaster? Surely the joy is how it was captured at the time?
  4. You wonder that these early recordings might just disintegrate anyway? Bad things happen to good things. I'm more concerned that Universal didn't just fess-up. But of course they wouldn't if there was a penny in it for them. Anyway, we can record them all again with the latest X Factor winners. And play them 'live' from the new ice-rink on top of the Notre Dame. Be great for the kiddies.
  5. My opinion differs to that of George, in that I think they should be smashed and burned.
  6. There's pretty much two punk basses. P Bass and RIc, and out of all those played you'd have to pick the bones out of what was real and a fake. My memory is they started with a Ric and finished with a P. No Gibbo's apart from Gaye Advert
  7. The other main one was Wendy Richards. We used to watch her from the tills in Selfridges while she peered over the top of her dark glasses to see who was looking. The best was Joan Collins. Selfridges was her local and she was in all the time. No shades, no make up, nowt. And no one gave her a second look. She used to come into the book department and talk to Brian who had been a child actor with her and then worked most of the fly's in the West End. One day she did a book signing and she came through the store on a chariot pulled by oiled Chippendale's while wearing a jewelled turban. Everyone knew She was in that day and it stopped traffic! She still spoke to Brian. IMHO Ms Collins really understood the game.
  8. He was trying to look like someone who wanted to be noticed while looking like he didn’t want to be noticed. None of it mattered as I pushed him out of the way to get to the sautéed potatoes. I’m lucky as I’ve been around a bit and not too startstruck. Mind you, I met that Marsha Hunt once in the Manchester Travelodge and she just sat there while I filled her plate.
  9. I think the Darts theory has it. To prove the point I met Eric Bristow at breakfast in the City West Hotel, Dublin.
  10. I'm going to sit right down the front. Mr Hall, Mr Hall! I've got a pair of Dungarees just like yours, they're great are'n't they?!
  11. I meant in a way for light comic relief.
  12. We'll never know... Not on Basschat anyway
  13. No, Harley is not a good comparison. Despite the basic configuration of the engine not changing (erm apart from the V Rod and the Street Rod), Harley have done loads of stuff, but they do it in a way that to the casual observer you’d not notice. if Harley were running Rickenbacket they’d have solved the bridge, but it would be able to palm mute, look the same and sound exactly the same. With no additional issues like the Hipshot. they'd also be making a Far East version and making more money on Tee shirt sales than anything else
  14. I thought the point with JH was that he’s changed nothing. He’d have put a square steering wheel on a car and tell everyone to go f**k themselves for 30 years
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