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  1. I read his book and thought it awful. He was calling people hopeless losers (Den Stratton?). Pot/kettle etc
  2. Yeah, not his finest hour there
  3. The Maiden sound for me was Paul DiAnno. Always thought that Dickinson was a tool. This may be true, but DiAnno has hardly exemplified himself
  4. £40 a Tee Shirt?!... That's some tangy cheese!
  5. You can't beat the weft of old-school air dried
  6. I think he turned up and made a fist of it. Back in Black is a great album and there's not many who could carry it off. But, for me he sounds forced and almost signing in the wrong register. Bon was just a hurricane, best rock singer ever who can't be touched.. the real deal Stick on Riff Raff and it's all there
  7. You can go round and round with this. All I know is when I play my NS2 I just go 'oh, yes!' But, I totally get it about the Euro/NS2 thing. Although the Euro's are now very close to what I paid for my NS2... They're hardly what you could call budget
  8. My NS5 Forte came with an upgrade OBP3 (as opposed to 2). I wasn't too enamoured with it and changed it for an SNC 18V clone. Wasn't blown away, put the OBP3 back in and love it! I dunno... I can be a bit of a pillock at times.. it was 2 visits to the Gallery!
  9. It's the best I can do. There's a lot of variation on the theme. I forgot to say that the Pups are usually EMG, but over the years they've used DiMarzio, Aguilar and Bartolini. There's also an 18V Haz Labs, they've used EMG pre-amps, Aguilar and Darkglass (maybe some others?) The first Euros were Euro's without the LX and they have solid maple wings. The neck blanks get sent from the US, so the Euro's LX are pretty much the same as a US NS2 (different bridge and pre amp). You can tell the difference on the neck volute and fretboard/body interface. Whether it's all worth the difference in price is the eternal question. My early Euro has pretty much the same body shape as my later NS2, but the latest Euro's have evolved a distinctive upper horn
  10. NS2 4 string 3 piece maple laminate neck through with solid maple wings. Haz Labs 9V pre amp. PJ pup config NS4 As above but with humbuckers (I think) and maybe called NS4 Kramer were making the NS2 and Stuart set up SSD NS5-XL As above, but 5 string 35" scale. Euro LX as NS2, but maple/alder wings and Tone Pump
  11. Good loud. Motorhead in 1980 at Newcastle City Hall on the recording for NSTH Bad Loud. Motorhead at Brixton Academy 2005. Some anniversary gig (30 year?). Lemmy's bass had lost all semblance of melody and was just a treble attack. Had a few guests tho.. Fast Eddie and Brian May for Overkill, so not all bad Plain Loud. Swans at Newcastle Riverside. Can't remember the date, but the PA was huge.. Girls outside crying it was so loud
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