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  1. Spent today putting together a smaller board (with so much more). Once the Ojai expansion cable arrives will be good to go with an effects board half the size and weight of my old board. Out with the Old In with the New Still to add Earth Quaker Devices Life and Strymon Iridium
  2. Completed my board, a few good pedals are waiting in the wings ready to go onto either this board or most likely a second board. There are few pedals and lots of spare patch leads that will be available shortly. I am looking for a few 9v power leads - two into one, around 30cm long. Any pointers on a supplier or anyone making them. And the best for bass, is my custom JAM multi pedal - really pleased with this and would recommend to all.
  3. Broadcaster? or Blackguard? Either way would like to see pictures
  4. Andy bought my 76 P Bass. Very straight forward deal, payment made very promptly. Helped me by arranging a cost effective courier. A real gent throughout. Cheers Matey
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Books arrived - Perfectly packed. Now the lock down doesn't seem so tedious. Cheers Matey
  7. I covered fives previously, if it has 5 strings then isn't that just a broken lead guitar
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