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  1. Pedals in order: Wah - Univibe - Fuzz - Compression - Fuzz - Treble Boost - Distortion - Overdrive - Phaser - Chorus - Vibrato - Harmonic Tremolo - Delay - Delay With option to insert pedals before and after modulation. Looking forward to incorporating this into my small board.
  2. The pedals are set out very intuitively (top row is bass/delay) and bottom row is guitar. All in all a few hours familiarising and it is much less daunting than it at first looks.
  3. Not quite every pedal, lead time was around 10 months from my initial request.
  4. Yes it is all hand painted. True Bypass yes it is however there is no necessity for it to be - the buffers can be switched off via an onboard toggle switch
  5. The heart of my pedal board. Top row bass and delay bottom row guitar,
  6. Went to Toms house to collect the Blackstar Amp. Tom is a absolute gent, a real pleasure to deal with. Exceptional deal. Will deal with Tom anytime and recommend all do the same. Looking forward to the cuppa when you sell me the J200..... The Taylor 12 string was nice as was the..... and the...... 5 Stars all round. Cheers Tom
  7. Schmidt Array SA750 complete with adjustable stand. I have fitted some adhesive clips for cable routing (can be removed if required) The second power inlet has been misplaced (If I can find it I will include it but may be lost). Odd mark here and there, though nothing to get in a tizzy about. Factory blurb and specs: SA750 Specifications: 750mm wide x 350 mm deep (29,5" x 13,7") Pedalboard with unique Two-Deck Design, this lifts up second pedal row for comfortable reach without touching the bottom row upper deck can be lifted up and shows off space for power supplies, buffers and additional pedals you wouldn't necessary need to see or touch while playing SA750 with two continous decks SA750W with optional Wah Cut Out for standard size WahWah, Expression- or Volumepedal cable slots on each deck to hide wiring for clean, neat and professional looking pedalboard IEC Power outlet on the back and adapter on the inside all Schmidt Array Pedalboards come with industrial grade Velcro, LED Flexlights with rechargeable USB Powerpack, certificate with serial number, Lifetime Warranty available color options: black, orange, natural or any RAL code colour optional Connector Box is an intelligent Pedalboard Interface that dects if you are using your amps FX-Loop or not. If not in use the signal is automatically routed through all your effects in series to your amplifiers input. Mono or Stereo use. optional Aluminium Lid offers maximum protection with minimal additional weight. No additional Flightcase needed. Engineered to fit perfectly without struggling like with ordinary road cases outside dimensions: 780 x 375 x 138 mm (30,7 x 14,8 x 5,4 inch), weight: 6,6kg (14lb)
  8. Collection preferred - though delivery/meet up may be an option Up for grabs are 2 pedal boards. Both boards are complete with adjustable stands First board is the smallest board: Approx 450mm wide. Made using MDF and complete with Schmidt array connector box (or Rockboard all in 1 patchbay). Perfect medium sized board, with room under top deck for power and additional pedals - £250 Second board - Large board similar to first board but 750mm wide. MDF and complete with Rockboard all in 1 Patchbay. Nice BIG board with plenty of room under top deck for power and additional pedals. £300
  9. Yes a typo. It is actually short scale - 30".
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