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  1. What year is the bass and does come with a case. V Tempting
  2. Surplus pedals and board available for Trade or Sale. Starting with a Aclam Guitars S2 Pedal Board, complete with pedal fasteners and riser kit. - £135 Klon KTR Overdrive pedal - £250 (bought new this year from Joe's Pedals prefer Tube Screamer/OCD) MXR Phase 45 - £50 BAE Audio Hot Fuzz. - £125 Ideally would prefer to trade for small valve combo amp or Strymon effects Fender Champ Tweed Fender Pro Junior Strymon Volante Strymon Zuma Multi Output Power Supply
  3. Finally made some real progress with my board and barring any unforeseen dramas (wife finding out how much I have spent for one) I hope to have the board completed in the next few days. I will be selling/trading some of the excess pedals; Klon KTR, BAE Fuzz & Treble Boost along with unused patch leads and cable kits.
  4. A case of two steps forward and six back. Maybe have it cracked over the weekend. There are some redundant pedals and boards that I will put up for trade/sale shortly
  5. I've got the power and audio harness sorted. Now to fit a pint in a half pint pot.
  6. I'm rebuilding my pedal board and I need the following parts. 2 x Audio Harness In - Jack Out (Pancake Jack). Recessed IEC Power Inlet (3 Prong) IEC Pig Tail - To connect to Pedal Power I previously got these from West Coast Pedal Boards, shipping and import duty was painful. Anyone know of a Maplins equivalent or UK based supplier.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Did this (my original bass) sell. If not I would be interested in reacquiring it.
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