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The Latest Pedal Board - Is Going To Be Big


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The latest board I am putting together is going to be huge - I mean huge.    The drive section alone has 4 large enclosure pedals


The board will be home to:

  • Peterson Tuner
  • Love Bomb     -     R2R GE Fuzzface       -      R2R Supa Mkll Fuzz     -     EHX Russian Big Muff
  • A/DA Flanger     -     EXH Russian Small Stone     -     Neo Ventilator ll     -     Haz Labs Mutron lll+
  • Shin-Ei Vibe2     -     T-Rex Binson Echorec     -     Boss DM101 Delay Machine     -     Game Changer Light Pedal Reverb

This lot is powered either via mains or Gigrig Gen14.   Taking care of loops is a Earthquaker Swiss Things and Gigrig Loopy2.   

There will also be a smaller board containing Beat Buddy, Midi Maestro and Aeros Loop Studio.   All Stereo.

A walnut tree be sacrificed for the greater good.      






Screenshot 3.png

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Posted (edited)
14 hours ago, lidl e said:

Those are inches?


Mate, that wouldnt fit into my car.


Yep inches!!!  I did say it was big.    The dimensions are for the actual pedal space not the actual overall length (adds a couple of inches to the length of the board)

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A few dramas and crisis halted the board now back on track.   Mocked the board up in chipboard to see what and how the pedals go where.   The board is actually larger than the initial plan.  Hopefully the board will be finished in the next week or so


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Oh wow that’s awesome. I can appreciate how big the Love Bomb is now next to the TINY big muff!! Have you got the Electric Mistress resting on something to get it slanted towards you? 

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On 10/07/2024 at 11:25, dave_bass5 said:

I don't know why a lot of you guys don't just take up playing keyboards 😂

They’d be easier to get about huh 😂



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Finished the board.    Happy with the layout, a few minor tweaks will need to be made.    Will have to use a mixture of EBS flat and George L's patch cables.   Power will be a mix of Strymon and GigRig.   





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