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  1. I ought to add a friend found an old 5.8 router in the back of a drawer. You do not need anything fancy to power the X18 externally.
  2. stewblack

    Kev's Feedback

    Bought a spiffy pedal from Kev. Arrived in good time well packed and exactly as described. 100% painless transaction, I happily recommend this most excellent Basschatter.
  3. That splendid little 6"er if yours I played with deserves a mention. Quite extraordinary. Packed a punch for such a small package.
  4. That's @FDC484950 I use musescore so will definitely look into that
  5. Thank you for the suggestions @bassman7755 all I have done so far is use an android app for a few days.
  6. Just started doing this. I am spectacularly bad at it.
  7. Yes indeed. I foolishly set up at a recent gig with my way more expensive Line 6 wireless. It dropped out several times in the first song so I swapped for the Lekato and it never missed a beat.
  8. I use the Behringer with an external router. It's ace.
  9. I should add you get to choose that level so you can dial out irritating extraneous noise. Need one for every guitarist ever.
  10. It stops the signal coming through below a certain level. So if you have a noisy hissy overdrive, for example, you can dial it down to where it stops the hiss but let's through the louder stuff, i.e. the notes you're playing. You can also use it to chop off the sound the instant it drops below full volume. Beloved by metal guitarists.
  11. So sorry, this should have been bought and paid for by me. I don't know what happened, but if it's still available I will take it.
  12. I have one. It's an absolutely beautiful instrument. At that price you cannot go wrong folks
  13. I have Lekato ones and they're absolutely flawless. Do like the look of the Harley Benton one too.
  14. Absolute diamond of a pedal. Not to be confused with previous Boss Synth pedals. This is the real deal.
  15. Hi Gary, thank you for getting back to me. I made a mistake, thought this did an octave up, sorry.
  16. Sorry I missed this! Yes all is stock except for the @KiOgontone pot switch which I just like.
  17. Fair enough, clearly I got lucky - or you didn't
  18. Absolutely not picking a fight but wondering what is wrong with the tuners? I've never had a problem with mine.
  19. Hello! Is this item available via the post office?
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