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  1. A wonderful, straightforward transaction with John. From advert to feedback the whole thing was as smooth as a meerkat's helmet. Delighted to recommend this most excellent Basschatter
  2. You need a bigger board 😆
  3. Bought a pedal from @paul_5, and once again his service has been nothing short of wonderful. Prompt and courteous in his communication, neat and safe packaging and very speedy delivery. Happy to once again recommend this excellent Basschatter.
  4. It's a thing of beauty!
  5. Another happy transaction with this most excellent Basschatter. The courier temporarily mislaid the parcel, and he handled the situation in precisely the way that sets the Basschat standard. He informed me he was concerned about the delivery, opened a claim with the courier, offered me a refund - more than once - and kept me informed throughout until the happy resolution. I literally hadn't to lift a finger, other than to refuse the refund. It wasn't an enormous sum, but it was the principle which I believe applies to all transactions. Thank you Andy
  6. Excellent! It's quite a flexible little beast isn't it?
  7. Love your pedals. No choice for me I'm afraid.
  8. Man I'd love this. But with two tube heads already (and numerous other amps) I just can not justify it.
  9. Just bought a couple of overdrives. But having secured my first ever Pigtronix pedal recently I confess I'm interested in acquiring more of theirs. I shall try to resist.
  10. Sounds like a challenge! Edit: nearly got Chameleon. Not identical yet but close enough.
  11. Oh my golly gosh. Expression pedal. Amazing. Opens up so many possibilities.
  12. So you should be (shakes fist)
  13. I may see if I can raise the cash by shifting some of my pedal collection.
  14. Not had a problem with the Squier's input jack. Unfortunately Somerset to the Canaries is a bit too far even to help a fellow Basschatter
  15. Finally! A board worthy of my Behringer collection. The CS100 is a place holder for a pedal out on loan right now. I didn't want the plastic Behringer board,vso snapped this up the moment I saw it.
  16. I now want the SY200. A lot.
  17. I was in error. Comparing the SY-1, that prince among pedals, with it's more expensive and considerably more opaque, competition such as the C4. Apologies
  18. To my ears and hands the essential difference is this. The V4 is chunkier, a little heavier, the neck a little heftier and the output a little more robust. They have similar strings and action and swapping between the two, the Squire is a less substantial and more nimble instrument, with a less powerful pick up. However, none of these differences is hugely pronounced, and I am as happy playing one as I am the other. If we are geographically compatible I'd be delighted to let you have a play with both.
  19. It's interesting how some things are a pain to some and not others. To me, spending hours programming presets which then can't be altered to suit the room or band is the pain. Once the pedal is learned, changing on the fly isn't so difficult, and in fact quite fun.
  20. I have both! I shall attend to request forthwith
  21. Hi folks, my replacement pedal arrived today. It's a doozy! Volume, drive, and tone, and a three way selector switch. The switch changes the type of distortion which makes this an extremely versatile little stomp. Dirties the bass from just a little all the way up to full on destruction. Quite a substantial volume boost is available if that's your thing, or its excellent as an always on , just roughing up the edges of the bass. Highly recommended.
  22. I've never used it with an expression pedal. I shall investigate
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