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  1. I've ordered mine with the wireless pedal they produce for it. I'll let you know.
  2. I don't know. Can't remember where I bought it so I can't look it up I'm afraid
  3. I would keep the second knobs (from the left) at 12 o clock. Then pick a sound to play with with the far right knob (the Farage as I call it). Now work through the Variations knob until you find something you might be able to work with. Then start playing with the tone / rate controls to explore all the possibilities of that sound (also mixing it with your clean tone).
  4. I can use a wired connection. I'm just curious as to what is going on. The neighbours are a possibility but with the old receiver I never had a problem.
  5. Hi, part of my silent practice rig is a simple Bluetooth receiver. I plug this into a headphone amp to send backing tracks from my phone wirelessly. I've had these before and until I put the last one through a hot wash it worked perfectly. This one however says 'connected' the moment it's turned on even though it isn't. Aha! I thought - it's connecting to something else, but the only other device in the room is a tablet, and the Bluetooth is turned off on that. The only way I can connect is by unpairing and pairing the phone and the receiver each time. This isn't particularly galling, but I wonder what's happening and whether there's anything I can do. Android phone, generic cheap Bluetooth receiver. Any ideas?
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Hi Sly, it was discussed here, I'm sure someone said they had one
  8. Yep. Gigged mine to great effect. Wonderful piece of kit. Never tried a gnome though
  9. That film Talking Heads made. Stop Making Sense. That as a real gig with me playing those amazing songs and running on the spot with the whole band and me not needing oxygen to do it. Well, this is a fantasy right?
  10. I know what you mean. I break things by looking at them. But charging it could be done at home, carefully, maybe?
  11. If you say it works that's good enough for me. Let me know nearer the time and we'll sort it
  12. I use the RM often, it's very tidy, and with an extension cab it does all I could wish. But I love gear 😀 Glastonbury is very close to me, let me know if that's a possibility.
  13. I believe you can lock the thread yourself now. Although I don't know how!
  14. Yes his was one of the videos that got me interested.
  15. I have a problem. I admit it. I want to sell some, I really do. I just can't
  16. Afternoon Bandeoke in Trowbridge. Three more bookings out of it.
  17. Action is entirely a matter of personal taste so I can't comment but I never have a problem with the out of box set up on a Harley B. Never touched a nut slot on them either. Never had a machine head problem. The action on this one was a tad high for me, trussrod tweaked and away I went.
  18. Can't speak to it's longevity - it looks solid - but it makes set up/pack down a doddle
  19. Ah, ok, sadly that's a couple of hours for me. Always wanted to have a go through one of these but with petrol at the insane price it is now, I may have to pass. If a gig comes up that way and you haven't sold it yet I'll get in touch
  20. Arrived on Friday afternoon, gigged later that evening. Not much to say, I am no longer surprised at the utter quality of Thomann's house brand. A really comfortable bass to play, light as a feather, great sound, stayed in tune - kind of ticks all the boxes
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