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  1. Bass Transcriptions

    Waterfalls was on my to-do list, thanks for saving me the trouble! Great tune and always good to have an excuse to use an envelope filter.
  2. Free Bass Transcriptions

    Updated/expanded chart for ABBA's 'Dancing Queen', now note-for-note: ABBA - 'Dancing Queen' 2018 update Here's a play-along:
  3. Hand Signals

    Working with multiple bands/singers who all do the same repertoire but in different keys often leads to me forgetting who does what in which key. Hand signals help to clarify this without lots of yelling across the stage, particularly when it's a tune that the bass starts and I can't rely on hearing things first.
  4. Free Bass Transcriptions

    I won't lie, this took a while, and I still can't quite get through all 7 minutes without sweating (or swearing) profusely. Anyway, here's my best attempt to notate everything that Justin Chancellor did on Tool's 'Vicarious: Tool - 'Vicarious' bass transcription
  5. Pedal sale. ALL SOLD Thanks

    Oh God, the whammy. Must resist. Must resist.
  6. Free Bass Transcriptions

    NERD ALERT - the latest video and blog post deal with the value of tracking your practice: Full article is HERE Updated/corrected transcriptions: • Lionel Richie - 'Dancing On The Ceiling' • The Beatles - 'Help' • David Gray - 'Babylon'
  7. Feedback for Pinball

    Bought an MXR octave from Ed, pleasure to deal with from start to finish, pedal arrived swiftly and was well packaged. Top lad.
  8. Free Bass Transcriptions

    New chart just added to the site: Queen - 'Killer Queen' bass transcription
  9. Free Bass Transcriptions

    New video on why we can all still benefit from lessons and how to find the right teacher: The full blog post is available HERE
  10. Free Bass Transcriptions

    New transcription of Andy Rourke's great part on 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now' - those double stops almost make listening to Morrissey bearable... The Smiths - 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now' bass transcription There's also a new series on how to practise the bass, beginning with some thoughts on posture (blog post is HERE)
  11. Free Bass Transcriptions

    Not the usual sort of thing that I post, but as it's January I've been thinking a lot about how to get the most out of practising and realised that there's not much point putting in the hours if you can't focus in the first place: There's a more detailed rundown of all the books, apps and strategies mentioned in the video HERE The site has had a facelift and been transferred to a new server, so things should be looking better and running more smoothly than before. New transcriptions on the way next week...
  12. Recommended reading

    Not explicitly about harmony, but a well-written book that isn't really a conventional 'study method' is 'Primacy of The Ear' by Ran Blake, quite different from most books on ear training (I wrote about it in more depth here).
  13. Free Bass Transcriptions

    Ran a little competition for subscribers last week and this was the winning transcription request. Great tune (from a cracking album) that has some interesting harmonic twists and turns: Sting - 'It's Probably Me' bass transcription
  14. Feedback for KingPrawn

    Sean bought an EUB from me, he was an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish - top man!
  15. Drop C tuning

    Having worked on a project where everyone was in drop-C apart from me, I'd say that the simplest option is to use the same tuning as everyone else - it might be a headache in the beginning, but in the long run you'll probably save some time and effort. Most guitar players who use drop tunings tend to write based parts based around the ease with which they can 'bounce' off the lowest open string - if you're playing lots of stuff in unison then it won't have the same sound or feel if you have to use a fretted low C all the time.