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  1. TKenrick

    Free Bass Transcriptions

    @[email protected] thanks so much for the kind words, really means a lot!
  2. TKenrick

    Free Bass Transcriptions

    I've collected an embarrassing amount of instructional material over the years; some books are brilliant, others somewhat mediocre, but there's one in particular that I think is by far the worst...
  3. TKenrick

    Free Bass Transcriptions

    Joe Dart playing lots of notes in a short amount of time:
  4. TKenrick

    Free Bass Transcriptions

    More first dance fodder from wedding season: Aerosmith - 'I Don't Want To Miss a Thing'
  5. TKenrick


    FWIW I don't think it's necessarily a purely British thing, I have a similar experience with Talkbass, YouTube and my website - people are always very quick to point out when something is wrong, but more reluctant to give praise.
  6. TKenrick

    Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

    Great choice of tune, this was on my list so you've saved me the trouble. Cheers!
  7. TKenrick

    Free Bass Transcriptions

    Lost count of the number of times I've played this as a first dance... Note-for-note transcription HERE: Al Green 'Let's Stay Together' bass transcription PDF
  8. TKenrick

    Taking My Playing To The Next Level

    At the risk of being nauseatingly self-promoting, I wrote a few articles about how to practise; finding a teacher, time management and staying motivated, because I struggle with all of those things and often find myself stuck in a rut and frustrated that my playing isn't where it should be after 18 years... I'd give a big +1 to Chris' suggestion of getting lessons, it's good to have somebody else to hold you accountable for your playing and practice. Skype has really opened things up so you can get a lesson with pretty much anyone you want. Links are here: • Find a teacher • Tracking your practice/time management • Removing obstacles to practising • Making new habits stick
  9. TKenrick

    After a little assistance

    Is it the Rockschool one? If so, someone has done a play along that might be useful:
  10. TKenrick

    Free Bass Transcriptions

    This came up on a gig last week and was surprisingly fun to play, although that might be down to gratuitous octave pedal usage... Bruno Mars - 'Runaway Baby' Bass Transcription PDF
  11. TKenrick

    Feedback Happy Jack

    Jack bought a pedaltrain nano from me. Great to deal with from start to finish, swift comms and prompt payment. Cheers!
  12. TKenrick

    DOD FX25 Envelope filter

    A little look at DOD's original squelchy green box, both on its own and in conjunction with octave pedal and distortion:
  13. But wait, aren't they supposed to have a new record out really soon? 🤣 Sorry, couldn't resist. Definitively one of my favourite bands but damn, they really drag their heels between albums.
  14. TKenrick

    Basschat could share your photos on Instagram

    Feel free to use anything from https://instagram.com/tommykrizzle, plenty of bass stuff (and the occasional cat, for variety...)
  15. TKenrick

    Free Bass Transcriptions

    Want to get into transcription? Here's half an hour of me talking about why I do what I do and how I do it: New chart just added for Queen's 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love': Crazy Little Thing Called Love bass transcription PDF