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  1. John Paul Jones playing some great, Motown-tinged lines on Led Zep's debut from 1969: Led Zeppelin - 'Good Times, Bad Times' bass transcription PDF
  2. Ikea MICKE desk (full spec here) dark brown, a few nicks in the finish but good condition overall. Built-in cable tidy makes this an ideal choice for a small home studio - I used to keep a 1x12 underneath as well. Prefer collection from TW11 but also willing to drive up to an hour to meet.
  3. Late to the party, but I finally got round to doing some more Joe Dart: Vulfpeck - 'Back Pocket' bass transcription PDF
  4. This was the winning entry of the site's subscribers' transcription request competition. Eight minutes of Bowie: David Bowie - 'Absolute Beginners' bass transcription PDF
  5. That's made my day. Welcome to the dark side!
  6. As someone who should be trained in writing dots but whose writing is illegible, my default is to write everything out using software. I also find it more practical for storage/editing than having piles of half-used manuscript paper everywhere. My personal preference is Sibelius, but the new membership options are expensive; I've heard good things about Musescore, which I believe is free, and Finale Notepad (if you're running Windows) should be worth a look too. I haven't got experience with either, so others might be able to give more of an insight.
  7. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to do individual transcription requests (not even for money...), but if you're on the email list for the website then I do request competitions a few times each year - the next one starts this weekend.
  8. Back with a power ballad featuring some very silly bass fills: Commodores - 'Easy' bass transcription PDF Everything should be back up and running now - let me know if any links don't work @outtaseezun @Chewie
  9. It's not you at all, as mentioned in my previous post the site is currently out of action after a cyber attack...
  10. The site is still out of action after a cyber attack last week, but here's a bit of gospel bass to get your digits around: Kirk Franklin - Brighter Day.pdf
  11. The whole site being down is an unplanned headache - it appears I got hacked sometime in the last week... Working on having things up and running ASAP!
  12. I took down the Me'shell transcriptions as I felt I could do them better... I'm in the process of editing them, they'll be back on the site soon.
  13. Ha, cheers Stew! (your cheque is in the post 😉) I actually did a dedicated video on the MXR pedal if people want to hear it in more detail. A very versatile pedal and this is a good price!
  14. Having tried this on a Mustang, it appears that even on a short scale bass I can't get my wrist straight when playing 1fpf on frets 1-4 without doing some extremely dodgy things with my thumb. It appears that not everyone is built the same way... For me it's not just a matter of hand size - I have a pretty big hand span but still use 124 in order to have minimal tension in the hand and remove harsh angles from the wrist where possible.
  15. In my experience, people are very swift and forthcoming with negative feedback/complaints but much more reluctant to tell you when you're doing the right thing. If that's the first one you've done, then you're off to a strong start - absolutely spot on in terms of camera work/lighting/titles and annotations, very 'current' in terms of production values. The actual content is good, too, I can't fault the idea of getting people to focus on chord tones and think about what they're playing. The only criticism is that some people might want a more thorough breakdown of some of the voicings/licks/concepts used, but the whole point of the video might well be a broad overview of ideas rather than getting bogged down in specifics - those who are less fluent in theory might want to take things at a slower pace.
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