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  1. Hey Joe! Any advice on walking concepts for tunes in 3/4 time? I already have your (excellent) walking bass book.
  2. It's cropped up on a bunch of gigs recently and I've had to confess to not knowing it. As I've said before, everyone has principles until their mortgage is due...
  3. I'm in the process of getting the store page updated to show a few page previews, it should be up in a day or two. EDIT: Sod it, I'll attach some here rather than waiting for my website guy to do it
  4. An absolute guilty pleasure of mine, with some very silly fills towards the end: Toto - 'Africa' bass transcription PDF
  5. Not at the moment, only doing a PDF version to start with (this may change if there's enough demand for paperbacks)
  6. A bit more Bowie - 'China Girl' transcribed in full: David Bowie - China Girl Bass Transcription PDF There are tons of bass books out there that tell you what to practise, but very few that detail how to go about it in the best way, so I wrote one... Better Bass Practice eBook
  7. Sleep. Well, that's my guess, at least. I find that I can practise something as much as I like on a given day with only marginal improvement, but if I get a decent night's sleep and come back to it then it's somehow just there, much as you described. Something to do with the brain consolidating information and strengthening neural pathways blah blah blah...
  8. I'm keen to point out that in spite of transcribing a lot of music over the last 10 or so years I'm by no means quick at it - most of the charts that I put up take a few hours of solid work, others much more. One trick that I use when I have a lot of charts to write in a short space of time is to spend my 'first pass' of the song listening to structure only. If you know where the pulse is, then you can create a neat little list of how many bars each section is, which might look like this: Intro 4 V1 8 Chorus 8 V2 10 Solo 16 V3 (breakdown) 8 + 4 Chorus 8 + 8 This gives you a head start when putting things into notation software, and gives you a bird's-eye view of the 'geography' of the song, which can be helpful when it comes to memorising it for a gig. Rhythm is one of the most frustrating aspects of transcription, but all I can say is that over time you'll begin to build up a library of 'patterns' in your brain and instinctively know how to write out what you hear. I'm also a firm believer that better reading = better writing, so keep up the Louis Bellson torture... FWIW, 'I Feel The Earth Move' is a tough one to write out because of all the syncopation, so fair play for not making life easy for yourself!
  9. New videos/articles focusing on the much-hated topic of music theory: How much theory do you need to know? Bass Player's Book Club #3: Harmony & Theory
  10. From memory, the mid boost portion of the demo was done at the higher frequency (800Hz, I think...) and I probably would've gone for the full 10dB of boost.
  11. John Paul Jones playing some great, Motown-tinged lines on Led Zep's debut from 1969: Led Zeppelin - 'Good Times, Bad Times' bass transcription PDF
  12. Ikea MICKE desk (full spec here) dark brown, a few nicks in the finish but good condition overall. Built-in cable tidy makes this an ideal choice for a small home studio - I used to keep a 1x12 underneath as well. Prefer collection from TW11 but also willing to drive up to an hour to meet.
  13. Late to the party, but I finally got round to doing some more Joe Dart: Vulfpeck - 'Back Pocket' bass transcription PDF
  14. This was the winning entry of the site's subscribers' transcription request competition. Eight minutes of Bowie: David Bowie - 'Absolute Beginners' bass transcription PDF
  15. That's made my day. Welcome to the dark side!
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