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  1. TKenrick

    Free Bass Transcriptions

    Guy 'cocaine' Pratt using an octave pedal to great effect on Madonna's 'Like A Prayer': Madonna - 'Like A Prayer' bass transcription PDF
  2. TKenrick

    MXR Bass Octave Deluxe

    What could have been a decent pedal demo was scuppered by my inability to say 'girth knob' without giggling; if you want sensible gear demos there's always Ed Friedland... Seriously, though, this is a nice alternative to the Boss OC-2.
  3. TKenrick

    Free Bass Transcriptions

    A bit of Bowie for the weekend: David Bowie - 'Let's Dance' bass transcription PDF
  4. TKenrick

    Free Bass Transcriptions

    A little look at some of Stevie Wonder's best pentatonic lines: 5 Wonder-ful Pentatonic Unisons And some YouTube channel developments, along with thoughts on why TAB is the devil:
  5. TKenrick

    Free Bass Transcriptions

    A hair-rock classic that's a lot of fun to play, particularly the silly fill that doubles the snare drum: Bon Jovi - 'You Give Love a Bad Name' bass transcription PDF
  6. TKenrick

    Feedback for Lardy

    Jon bought an octave pedal from me, I believe it was his first BC marketplace purchase. What can I say? Excellent comms, prompt payment and a totally hassle-free transaction from start to finish. Top bloke! @Lardy
  7. TKenrick

    Free Bass Transcriptions

    I'd somehow managed to avoid playing this song until this weekend, so here's a chart: Bruno Mars - '24K Magic' Bass Transcription pdf
  8. TKenrick

    EBS Octabass, Way Huge Pork Loin

    MXR now sold.
  9. TKenrick

    Top players and learning insight

    I did a transcription of this a few months ago and was blown away by how easy he makes it sound; the line moves all over the neck but he makes it sound totally seamless. Anthony Jackson's contribution to Chaka Khan's 'Move Me No Mountain' had a huge effect on me, as did Jamerson's line on 'What's Going On'.
  10. TKenrick

    EBS Octabass, Way Huge Pork Loin

    PM's replied to
  11. TKenrick

    Free Bass Transcriptions

    Juan Alderete being relatively restrained on fretless: The Mars Volta - 'The Widow' bass transcription pdf
  12. TKenrick

    DB hire help needed!

    @Dad3353 Thank you so much, that's a huge help!
  13. TKenrick

    DB hire help needed!

    I have a gig in Paris at the end of April and the client has offered to pay for instrument hire to save me risking mine on the Eurostar and fighting my way through the Metro with it. The gig is unplugged pop stuff, so the requirements of the bass are fairly minimal. Does anyone have any advice on the following: 1. Any recommended DB hire places in Paris 2. Anywhere in the UK that might hire a Chadwick folding bass (or similar) OR anyone that would be prepared to hire theirs out for a decent fee.
  14. TKenrick

    Best way to learn slap? And double thumb?

    Two words: Anthony Vitti. (click on the playlist and start from lesson #1, it should keep you busy for a while!)
  15. TKenrick

    Free Bass Transcriptions

    Allen McGrier is one of my favourite lesser-known players; here he is thumbing his way through Teena Marie's 'Square Biz': Teena Marie - 'Square Biz' bass transcription pdf