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  1. I've had one of these since 2009 and it's still going strong - great sounding amp and I still prefer it to the sound of my TH500. Trying to justify owning a second one...
  2. A personal favourite, with some surprisingly intricate playing from Colin Greenwood: Radiohead - 'Paranoid Android' bass transcription PDF Confessions of a terrible student (warning: contains mild jazz references) full article/lesson here
  3. Absolutely agreed - I was making several assumptions, based on the fact that the OP mentioned using TAB to learn songs and therefore would be learning from recordings prior to rehearsals or gigs rather than learning music 'on the fly', which is a very different scenario. I also agree with this (and don’t think I implied anything to the contrary in my earlier post). Being able to read doesn’t automatically make you a ‘good’ player, just as being limited to using TAB doesn’t necessarily mean that your playing will be lacking.
  4. These are the burdens of being a bass player; I doubt that there are many players who don't struggle with quickly and accurately isolating busy bass parts. If standard notation is a problem - for whatever reason - and you really want to improve as a musician then kick the TAB habit for good and focus on playing by ear. As someone who spends most of their time reading and writing music, I'd say that being able to hear things is exponentially more valuable than being able to read. Developing good ears is a long and gruelling pursuit, but the benefits are huge.
  5. EBS sold, only the Pork Loin remains!
  6. Odd-time playing that isn't prog rock or technical metal (or Take Five): 3 of Sting's Greatest Odd-Time Grooves
  7. John bought my EBS octabass pedal and was an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Top lad!
  8. Guy 'cocaine' Pratt using an octave pedal to great effect on Madonna's 'Like A Prayer': Madonna - 'Like A Prayer' bass transcription PDF
  9. What could have been a decent pedal demo was scuppered by my inability to say 'girth knob' without giggling; if you want sensible gear demos there's always Ed Friedland... Seriously, though, this is a nice alternative to the Boss OC-2.
  10. A bit of Bowie for the weekend: David Bowie - 'Let's Dance' bass transcription PDF
  11. A little look at some of Stevie Wonder's best pentatonic lines: 5 Wonder-ful Pentatonic Unisons And some YouTube channel developments, along with thoughts on why TAB is the devil:
  12. A hair-rock classic that's a lot of fun to play, particularly the silly fill that doubles the snare drum: Bon Jovi - 'You Give Love a Bad Name' bass transcription PDF
  13. Jon bought an octave pedal from me, I believe it was his first BC marketplace purchase. What can I say? Excellent comms, prompt payment and a totally hassle-free transaction from start to finish. Top bloke! @Lardy
  14. I'd somehow managed to avoid playing this song until this weekend, so here's a chart: Bruno Mars - '24K Magic' Bass Transcription pdf
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