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  1. So upsettingly, the original pickup in my ‘71 Precision has given up the ghost and, it seems, will require a repair/rewind. I know next to nothing about pickups, so wanted to garner some opinions on who might be the best person/company in the UK who could take it on, hopefully retaining the ‘vintage’ness’ of the pickup haha. Thoughts? Si
  2. Isn’t it a direct copy of the Fender Roscoe Beck bass? Lol Si
  3. Awesome! I think if I get another (I have a Shell Pink MVP), it will be the Shoreline Gold P! Si
  4. Good price, but that’s par for the course with far-eastern made instruments nowadays. Not sure you’re getting much more than what you’d get from Sire or the like. Si
  5. I've owned a Bass Collection, and while they're good for the money, the MV's are a significant step-up. Fit and finish, hardware, neck spec and finish etc. I think I've got an Ashdown Arc bass coming to me for a test/trial in the next couple of weeks, so I'll comment on that at some point too. Si
  6. I mean, bear in mind he’s wearing a costume for the humour of it haha. Other gigs on he tour he looks quite different I believe. Si
  7. He seemingly had liver disease from excessive drinking, but was able to receive a liver transplant. Yeah, I watched/listened to it all today and throughly enjoyed it, the whole band sounded great, even without John Otto on drums. Si
  8. It's stated as a factory in South Korea, I don't know for sure, but I've read some people think it's the Cort factory. Hasn't been confirmed though. Si
  9. Ryan will always sound the way he has, because he's the one in charge. I imagine there was little to no 'tone' compromise in the change-over, because he's in charge of that. I imagine the change was largely down to people and relationships. On a similar note, another Nu-Metal stable switching away from Warwick seems to be Sam Rivers from Limp Bizkit, and quite frankly, they're a band that has at the least retained how good they were, if not gotten better: Si
  10. For what it's worth, and incase it didn't come across previously, I think the MVP's are excellent basses! If I didn't have the Moollon I would be buying another MVP in Gold........and I probably wouldn't rule out another in any case now haha. Si
  11. I would politely offer that it's not the "clueless amateurs" making the band look unprofessional by facilitating such large gaps between songs. That is to say, it is indeed him who is being a clueless amateur, regardless of his supposed knowledge of other guitarists tones, no-one in the audience cares. Happy for you to say that it came from me Si
  12. I’m sure BD would be able to order in a Sunburst pretty quickly, although you could perhaps even go direct to Modern Vintage?! I’m part of the Moollon group on Facebook, Andi (who runs Moollon’s admin) is extremely responsive and candid/honest about the wait times, but that 3 year queue is a tough one haha Si
  13. It’s worth noting that nitro finishes are still gloss, and while they do wear a LOT quicker and easier than poly finishes, we’re still talking about years of use. You’d want to be gigging/playing the Moollon for a good 5 years before it really started to wear. It’s not a quick fix, simply how it was for old Fenders. Mine is still a gloss finish, and as above, will take a few years to wear down to a satin feel. If you don’t want a gloss neck, or to wait for it to wear down, you’ll either want a pre-reliced neck, or one with a satin finish like the MVP. The MVP neck is wonderful, again very 60’s, flat and wide and feels beautifully played-in due to the roasted satin finish (the roasting process removes moisture, similar to what you’d expect from an old neck). Sound wise it’s difficult to say, both pickups are modeled off early 60’s Precisions, but I’ve not gigged a pre-CBS. Suffice to say that both basses sound excellent, warm and thumpy and ‘vintage’ to my ears. Si
  14. They look like they might be Limelight equivalents? Not a pretty headstock decal is all....if they fixed that.... Si
  15. Absolutely, although as lovely as they look/are, double the price of a Moollon, let alone an MVP. Si
  16. So yes! Moollon P-Classic vs Modern Vintage P62. Ultimately, of course, very similar in spec. Ie 1.75” width nuts and relatively flat necks, classic 1962, which both basses are based off. The Moollon has a nitro finish all over, as was standard of the day. As such, the neck is effectively gloss, but will wear quickly. The MVP has a poly finish body and a satin finish neck. As such, while the Moollon will play in nicely, the MVP already feels wonderfully played in and ‘vintage’ (also helped by the torrified/roasted maple). Its difficult to compare their sound directly as I have steel flats on the Moollon and black tapewounds on the MVP, but they both sound fantastic! If you’re trying to decide between the two, then the MVP is an EXCELLENT alternative to the Moollon, without the 3 year build wait. I would suggest either just buying an MVP, or ordering a Moollon....and buying an MVP for the wait time haha. Happy to answer any questions as you need. Si
  17. Although in the meantime, here they are alongside my ‘71 Precision, MVP in the middle, Moollon on the right: Si
  18. I do indeed have a Moollon P-Classic IV and an MVP-62. I’m just off to a gig, so will write out some proper thoughts later 🙂 Si
  19. Sibob


    Chris recently bought my Squier Mustang bass, super easy deal, lovely guy! Cheers bud Si
  20. Right, having been solidly 'out' of this thing that I started a while ago.....once I've sold my Lakland 55-02, and purchased a 55-01.......I'm done and will be starting another of my self-imposed '6 months or longer' abstinence stretches. Wish me luck haha. Si
  21. Hi all, This is my 2006 Korean built Skyline 55-02 Deluxe (LH-3 pickups/Preamp). This came to me as part of a part-ex, and though it’s very nice (re-ignited my love for sunburst), it’s a bit too heavy for me at 10.3lbs. It actually balances really well, but most of my gigs are 2+ hours. Body is in great condition, no chips or marks, but some swirling as you’d expect on a bass of this age. Neck is in good condition, a couple of indentations, but nothing that inhibits playing of course, nothing through the finish etc. It comes with a Fender Hardcaxe which is solid, but has some damage to one edge and general gig wear. The damage is taped up so I don’t know the extent (it came to me like this), but fine enough case. All patches work well. £875 Would prefer collection/meet-up from Amersham/Wycombe areas, but we can discuss shipping at your cost and liability. Try me on part-ex’s, but largely cash wanted, although particularly interested in a Skyline 55-01 with a rosewood board sub 9.5lbs. Cheers Si
  22. Wonder if this is my old one (from maybe 18 years ago). Can’t be too many of these in the UK and I had one fretted and one fretless (same finish). Anyway, GLWTS Si
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