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  1. We probably don’t need to continue posting ridiculous confederacy paraphernalia. I can’t see it on the Gallery socials anymore (although still on the website) so if we’re done, will close it out as a dead topic. Si
  2. Never had any issues with them tbh, have bought a bass from them and a number of string sets. I appreciate that others have had some issues, but I suspect that it’s far fewer than those who have had good experiences….but of course (and understandably) those with a bad experience are louder. Bo retailer is perfect, those that are perhaps more ‘consistent’ probably have the budget/resource to do so because they’re not a bass-specific retailer. Pros and cons huh Si
  3. Yeah I think if I was going to put out a physical release now, it would be vinyl with a download code. Si
  4. Still though, they’re not $1599 nice haha. Maybe if they drop them to $700 like they did for other Gibson stuff. Si
  5. Yeah it’s all about the Olive one for me too! Si
  6. Really, most DAW's will run on most computers, they themselves don't need a great deal of juice. Once you start building larger music projects in your DAW though, be it lots of midi or lots of audio....or both, that's where you need to consider the performance of your computer. If you want to record one bass/guitar track along to a backing track, a lower spec will be fine. If you're looking to actively learn about music production and envisage building larger and larger sessions as you get better, then aim for a better spec off the bat, budget permitting. Personally I'm a Mac/Logic user, but if I were going PC, my minimum spec would be i7, 16gb (with room to increase), 1TB SSD. So you're largely there, the i5 will be fine I think, and you might be able to plop an upgrade in at some point if you run out of juice (motherboard permitting). You will also want an audio interface of some description if you're looking to record bass/guitar. Most newer MIDI devices connect over USB, so: A) You won't necessarily need an audio interface with MIDI Din connectors. B) As has been mentioned, ensure that you have plenty of USB sockets on your motherboard choice. If you have to add a USB Hub to your setup, not all are created equal, research what works well for music production. For a PC DAW, I'd go Reaper or Cubase. Pro Tools on PC isn't great in my experience. Ableton Live & FL Studio are typically more for electronic/clip/sample based music generally. Logic is Mac only. Good luck Si // Focusrite
  7. Well, perhaps, but it depends how cyclical you want to be with definitions: “disapproving : a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. : a bigoted person” This initial definition kinda speaks to what you’re saying, although I think the word ‘unfairly’ is fairly key. Is it fair to suggest that someone who is intolerant of a pro-slavery position a ‘bigot’?Perhaps in some people’s eyes, but it might also be informed by the somewhat more defining addendum of: ”especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group)” Si
  8. As I mentioned before, there’s a fine line! Causing offense could simply be someone speaking truth to another who experiencing cognitive dissonance about a given subject, the could be ‘offended’ by the truth. Someone who is pro slavery and economic control of minority communities will be ‘offended’ by Rage Against The Machine. Someone who simply does not like swearing in music might be equally offended but for vastly different reasons. So with that said, I think it might be fair to say that being offensive is fine, being a bigot is not. Si
  9. Oh wow, equating sex with gender*…yeah we probably should leave it there. Si (*they’re very different things)
  10. That’s your right to think that, and mine to think that you’re disrespectful and purposefully skewing the conversation because of your animosity towards non-binary people. What you could have done was come in and state “I’m a woman, here’s my take on offense and misogynistic comedy/music/art”, but nope. Si
  11. Just curious, it’s often cis straight white men who have the “yeah I see nothing wrong with offending others, I think it’s funny” type ethos, as we have often never experienced any real discrimination. While it’s a spectrum, and comedy will often ride the fringes (white men don’t have exclusive rights to offending people obviously), it’s a fine line between being able to laugh at ones archetypal beliefs and situations and experiencing straight-up racism/sexism/xxxxism ‘because it’s funny’ and ‘you just don’t get it’. Si
  12. Just out of curiosity…..and I have no preconceived ideas as to what the answer will be…..who on this thread isn’t a cis straight white man? Si
  13. Serek getting their first copy there, second in from the left.....but with a yucky headstock! Hopefully there is some refinement and we get another quality UK luthier out of it! Si
  14. I'm actually in for basses this year! There's a chance I'll want to buy another amp (if the company releases it soon.....inside knowledge), but we'll see. I think I might also need to replace a broken envelope pedal, but that'll be within the rules. But yes....no basses for sure! Si
  15. Yeah that’s my go-do Bart setup, I’ve had it on 3 separate basses, one of which is my current Lakland 55-01. I love it. Modern and deep yet versatile. The HR/918 is just the Pre-wired harness that includes the NTMB pre. Si
  16. Bartolini Dual Coil soapbars and NTMB+F preamp. Done and done! Si
  17. (meant as the nicest possible jibe ☺️) Si
  18. Find one of the Squire P5’s, very well thought of and covers both your requirements. Boom Si
  19. If it’s sub 9lbs than that’s relatively rare for a Skyline I’d say. Basically someone should snap it up, put a tort scratchplate on it, and enjoy one of the best P basses for that kinda money. Si
  20. The Grace Jones remix album ‘Hurricane Dub’ is also excellent from a ‘getting into dub via pop music’ type angle. Si
  21. I think at that point, the only 'standard' colour was Sunburst. There's a point of contention as to whether Oly White was standard or 'Custom'....but yeah....it ain't white either haha Si
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