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  1. I've owned a couple of Marusczyk's, and they're ok, if you pimp it out with decent Hipsot hardware, then it'll be on the way. But I didn't really get the feeling from those basses that they're doing anything particularly special. Fender, yeah fine, their QC has gotten WAY better over the last 5 years or so. But I find their new basses just a little bit uninspiring, I couldn't tell you why. Sandberg, similar deal, clearly got a lot going for them, lots of love, but they have just never done anything for me really. Where I settled was Lakland, in my opinion, their Skylines are on-par with US Fender stuff, and if you have the budget to move into their US Custom stuff, the necks are wonderful as well as a full pallet of custom options. You said you've checked them before, but was that one of their active models? Worth bearing in mind that they do make straight P and J passive models too. Still a family-run company too. I think the only place I'd go after Lakland would be G&L, they seem to be very decent for the price, even if they are a mild deviation from the 'Fender' aesthetic. Si
  2. Fave 'heavy' band is The Dillinger Escape plan probably, but heaviest I go is probably something like John Frum: Si
  3. Oh no.....I had my Lakland DJ5 set up properly, and now I don't want to sell it!! 😅

    1. lowregisterhead


      Then don't. I just sold mine, and now I'm wondering if I should have! 😳

    2. TheGreek


      Sellers remorse - a cruel mistress.

      "Regrets...I've had a few..."

  4. If only it was their short-scale version These are lovely though Si
  5. Thanks but Warwicks aren't my bag Cheers Si
  6. No trades I'm afraid, unless you randomly have a Lakland Hollowbody short-scale (HB-30) hanging around. Cheers Si
  7. Great bass and a great seller! All the confidence! Si
  8. Sibob


    Price drops Si
  9. And to add to the Elrick love, here’s my NJS5 which effectively replaced the bass I sold to @Al Krow, because black: Effectively the same bass, but with ‘Jazz’ aesthetics and the switches on push/pull knobs. Si
  10. SOLD I bought this in January 2020, it came out on 1 gig with me, and then of course the end-times happened. So, basically new, mint condition, still has the box etc. While I'm looking to reduce my gear currently, I might be tempted by a Little Mark 2 in p/x. This is the GR Bass 'pure' amp. It's essentially their power amp, with a gain stage (so you can plug in your bass directly), but with no EQ, so great for those using preamps on their board or bass etc. More info here: https://www.grbass.com/portfolio/pure-amp-800/ SOLD We can talk about postage at your cost/risk, otherwise collection/meetup around Hemel Hempstead/High Wycombe areas. Cheers Si
  11. If you can find a set, I’d go for the Bartolini B-Axis P/J set. If not, I’d go Dimarzio Model P & J Si
  12. How do their satin finishes wear? I imagine they might be more susceptible to bumps and scrapes? Lovely collection! Si
  13. Mild deja-vu here, as I sold one of these, albeit different colour, a few years ago (to great regret as some of you might know haha), however I need to sell either my DJ5 or this, so while I'm not sure I want rid of this 55-01, the first one to go...the other stays. This is an excellent condition 2010 Lakland Skyline 55-01, "But that's only £49 cheaper than a new one" I hear you cry, well yes but this bass has upgraded pickups and electronics. It's been fitted with US Bartolini Dual Coils and Bartolini's 3 band, active/passive NTMB circuit, the same as in many high-end boutique basses. That's around £350 worth of upgraded electronics, not including fitting/setup etc. Lakland Skylines typically don’t come with a case, this will come with a simple gigbag/cover, or for an extra £50, a Fusion Urban gigbag in excellent condition. Weight comes in at approx 9.3lbs on my kitchen scales. Balances beautifully. It's currently strung with La Bella Gold White Nylon Tapewounds. Although I can switch these out for some La Bella RX 45-105 steels if preferred. The bass will almost certainly want a setup if we do that though. I'm pretty firm on the price due to the work done on the bass. No trades I'm afraid, unless you randomly have a Lakland Hollowbody short-scale (HB-30) hanging around. Would prefer safe collection/meetup in Hemel Hempstead or High Wycombe areas. Can discuss postage at your expense & risk (I would then recommend the added Fusion gigbag). Many thanks Si
  14. I wouldn't say it's a 'step up' as such, more of a side step (purely due to aesthetics), very similar necks, tones, weight etc Si
  15. I'm having a bit of a cull of my basses at the moment due to moving flat (and accepting that I don't 'NEEED' all I have), and within that I decided to set about essentially 'swapping' my Elrick Standard Evolution 5 for one of their NJS5 basses. The former was a wonderful bass, but I do definitely gravitate towards more 'trad' aesthetics. As such, my Evol 5 sold on here, and around the same time, the following arrived. It's a wonderfully stealthy looking NJS5 (New Jazz Standard 5). All Bartolini electronics (of course). Weighs in at about 9.2lbs, so a little heavier than my previous Elrick, but still fantastic for a 35" active Jazz 5: Lovely If you're after a 'super jazz', then these really should be on your radar!! Si
  16. If you have the means, just get a cheap shortscale and see if you have the same issues. If you do, perhaps it’s warm-up regime or perhaps it’s something else about playing position/general health. Si
  17. Probably quite a few I wager. For those despairing, go look up T-pain’s NPR concert. Just because someone uses a production tool for commercial purposes, doesn’t mean they needed it to get to that point. Si
  18. Relatively new to me, but I am mid-cull, and I have two other 5 strings. This will be withdrawn if my 55-01 sells first. Excellent condition Lakland Skyline DJ5, fitted with new La Bella RX Nickels. Weight is 9.2lbs Bass is totally stock and comes with a simple gig bag/cover. Or I can add a Fusion Urban bag (pretty heavy duty) for another £50. Happy to take more photos if needed. No trades unless you happen to have a Lakland Hollowbody shortscale (HB-30) you want to part-ex. Would prefer safe collection/meetup in Hemel Hempstead or High Wycombe areas. Can discuss postage at your expense & risk (I would then recommend the added Fusion gigbag). Cheers Si
  19. Bas bought my Elrick 5 string last night, very easy transaction, lovely guy, easy meet-up/payment etc. Thanks very much Si
  20. I think they’re relatively new aren’t they?! Not sure I’ve seen anyone on here post about buying one. Andrew is north London I think, and might have one you could try if you’re local?! Si
  21. I liked the tension of the LTF's, as I'm a big fan of the flexibility of La Bella tapewounds (which are probably mildly less tension than LTF's), but LTF's didn't feel right to me under my fingers, the guages were too thin for me, just felt a bit nothing'y. I'm a huge fan of the 760FL or FS flats, best flats on the market IMO, if you're ok with the tension (which are comparable to Chromes in my experience) Roto's I found to be waayyyyy too tight for me, eugh. Si
  22. I imagine he doubled his money (maybe a little less after paying Joe...whatever the deal is). But that's business, no less shallow than any other bass brand building a bass and then selling it at profit to fans of that brand. Si
  23. Wonderfully 'loved' OC-2 GLWTS Si
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