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  1. No plans on that front, although never say never Lol Si
  2. So last week saw a bit of an unplanned flurry of bass purchases, well....two Firstly a 70'a MIJ Camel Journey Bass from @MoJo. Very cool, trans-white/blonde finish, maple rock machine. DiMarzio Model P (which I've always liked). Effectively just another Precision for my arsenal: Secondly, on Saturday I picked up Lakland Skyline DJ5 from The Gallery. I wanted another 5 string, and regretted selling my Lakland 55-01 a year or so ago. So with my Elrick covering the active 5 string duties, and remembering that I loved the Skyline DJ4 when I had it briefly a couple of years ago, plumped for this. Colour is Pearl White, which is actually another little tip-of-the-hat to my first ever bass, an Encore Precision, also in Pearl White: And that's me done for at least 6 months........I think Si
  3. I had a set of White Gold Tapes on my Lakland 55-01 when I had it, absolutely loved them! Really loved the tension actually, didn’t sound brilliant acoustically (like that matters), but live/recorded tone was brilliant. Si
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  5. Ok....after shifting some stuff around that I’ve wanted to sell (and buy of course), I’m in for the next 6 months haha. Basically I’ve said that I won’t buy any basses or amps until AT LEAST April 2021. I’ve no intention of buying pedals, but might buy a DIY kit. Wish me luck lol Si
  6. Camel Journey Precision & Lakland DJ5 in the house, busy week lol. Promise I’m done for at least 6 months now 😆

    1. hiram.k.hackenbacker
    2. Happy Jack

      Happy Jack

      Presumably there's a second camel carrying the battery-powered combo for the Precision?


  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Thanks, but I’m not really taking on anything other than personal projects at the mo 😊 Si
  9. Excited, new neck arriving today for project bass. Need to decide on replacement pickup (Precision) and tuners (I think Hipshot Ultralites....Lollipops of course)

    1. Marc S

      Marc S

      Ooooh tell us more @Sibob tell us more, tell us more ;) 

  10. Poop, would have been way more fun as a momentary thing. Oh well Si
  11. Is the sub-only footswitch latching or momentary? Si
  12. Sibob

    DIY Effects

    Brilliant, thanks for your help. Yeah I’m fine rewiring the 3PDT in whatever config (there’s a few variations it seems), it was just making sure I had the PCB going to the right places ☺️. Cheers Si
  13. Sibob

    DIY Effects

    Thanks for the nudge in the right direction, from tracing the PCB, I think I’ve discerned the following: Grey (input?) -> 22nf -> 10k - 470k etc White (ground?)-> 10uf cap -> 22k res & IC Black (output?)-> vol pot middle lug -> other lugs going to IC & diodes etc The input cap value threw me a bit as it’s a different value to that schem (10nf), this cap is a 2A223J, so pretty sure it’s 22nf Any further thoughts @paul_5 ? Cheers Si
  14. Sibob

    DIY Effects

    Hi all, Bit of help from you clever ones please. Using the below photo, could you help my tiny mind determine what the pin-out is of the white ‘junction box’ on this DOD 250? Green is power (I’m not that silly....possibly). Black probably ground. But am not sure which is In/Out with regards to the white/grey wires. Never been great at ‘reading’ 3PDT switches! Going to rewire the whole thing. Thanks 😊 Si
  15. We certainly do try, where possible, to keep our older units as up-to-date as possible. Sometimes that's not possible past the standard 2 years of our product discontinuation policy (such as Saffire's, largely because Firewire is widely not supported anymore), but with our Scarlett generations (being USB), this is slightly easier. Glad you've found some new love for your 18i20 All the best Si // Focusrite
  16. This really doesn't sound like normal behaviour for a 4i4, certainly it's not something I've heard of before. If it is still under the 3 year warranty, I would contact the retailer you purchased from and have that swapped out. For context, the nature of the various LED colours is simply because they are RGB LED's. By default they adhere to the Green/Amber/Red setup for signal (with red obviously be clipping), but it is possible to change these from within Focusrite Control, either for aesthetic purposes, or (as we designed it) for accessibility purposes (colour blindness etc). Glad that you're getting on well with the Clarett, while the Scarlett's are excellent, the Clarett's are somewhat of a step-up when it comes to the audio-spec and some features. Many thanks Si // Focusrite
  17. Yeah would be interested to see how it sounds on recording for sure! Si
  18. The Trickfish Minnow is great, versatile with not a bad tone to be had! Si
  19. Sibob


    How do you find the LB-100? Si
  20. My Serek Midwestern is easily the best shortscale I’ve ever played, B90 pickup (with dummy coil), absolutely love it. Can be heard on this track: https://open.spotify.com/track/3PUTP5fy1snxO9giraiosl?si=E5yBVr_MQ3WM3m7_cOuQaQ Si
  21. I doubt there’ll be a lot of space, maybe a little Aguilar Pre perhaps, but would be tight. I think it will sound fine, it’s more about the B I think. I work and hang out in High Wycombe, so could be doable at some point. Definitely let me know your thoughts when it arrives though! Cheers Si
  22. Thomann have them with a 30 day money back guarantee 😊 Si
  23. Serek's Sacramento fits the bill: https://www.serekbasses.com/basses/sacramento/ Although again, there seems to be a fine-line between hand-built and 'custom shop' in my mind. In that if something is hand-built, they're probably going to be able to accommodate a certain custom spec for you. In this case, simply asking Jake Serek for a Sacramento with a single pickup. Cheers Si
  24. So just to be clear, you want something hand-built.....but not custom shop? 😜 Si
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