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  1. I used to have one of those. Lovely basses with a rich and warm tone to die for. Good luck with the sale. P
  2. Love the ad, and love the bass. Just occasionally I wonder what two basses I'd buy (one fretted, one fretless) though Basschat if I were to sell my Wal (not ever going to happen). Your lovely Sandberg would currently cover the fretless element of that thought experiment. Very good luck with the sale. P
  3. My Wal is lined 'cause I naively ordered it that way back in '83, but at least I had the sense to specify rosewood lines in an ebony fingerboard so they're only visible if you look hard. Anyway, I soon discovered that, for me anyway, lines compete with chocolate teapots in the usefulness stakes. When I look it's at the side dots (don't get me started on dots positioned between the "frets"! What utter madness is that?). And, well, I sometimes wonder what kind of looks an orchestral string player would get from their colleagues if they turned up with, say a lined violin? Happy New Year P
  4. Me too. This come to just over €2k...
  5. That's a lovely looking bass. The sound hole on the side won't make much difference in terms of what the audience hear. There's broadly two elements to the acoustic radiation of any acoustic guitar. First, the bass mostly comes out of the sound hole, but as low frequencies are radiated omni-directionally ('cause the wavelength is so long - around 9 metres at 40Hz), it doesn't really make any difference where the sound hole is positioned. The second element is the mid and high frequencies and they mostly come from resonance of the "top" panel - which is why the wood type, thickness and bracing technique are so important - and the top faces the audience so radiates towards them. Having said all that, your lovely looking acoustic bass still, like all acoustic basses (except full size double basses), probably won't be loud enough to compete with the interminable dirge of pretty much any six string acoustic guitar. Just had a quick look at the APC website (https://apc-instruments.com) - an interesting outfit that I had no idea even existed. P
  6. Oh blimey I've always fancied one of those. If I had spare dosh swilling around you'd be hearing from me. GLWTS
  7. 1500 drum edits in one song is way, way too many in my book. Sounds to me like you were fixing the wrong problem.
  8. Wow! Not something you see every day of the week,
  9. Soundcloud link added. The fretless on this is my converted BEX4 (wondering why on earth I ever sold it).
  10. Just on the off-chance that anybody in or around Brighton needs a cardboard box in which to ship a bass, I've just had a new bass delivered so I have a box going begging. PM me if you want it. Phil
  11. I've had two over the years. The fretless converted orange one was particularly awesome. Really great and cool looking basses.
  12. I can vouch for this fabulous instrument (and everybody involved) too. It's an amazing thing and Joe Veillette is an heroic human being in all respects. Own this bass and you own a little bit of Joe too. I'd have it back in a shot if I could.
  13. If I won the lottery tomorrow and decided to splash out on a bass to celebrate, this would be the one. It's stunning. GLWS! Phil
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