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  1. I've been using a Zoom B3 for a while now and there's no doubt that it does what it says on the tin and offers huge variety of options, but I've never been totally convinced about the quality of its effects. They all seem a bit hard and crunchy somehow with very little in the way of subtlety. So, what alternatives are there that perhaps major of effect quality rather than effect quantity (and no I don't really fancy a pedal board populated by loads of individual stomp boxes). Suggestions please.... Ta Phil
  2. I'm pressed for space so the current CDM121H has got to go. I rarely need its pretty massive ability to go loud either so it's time to go more compact. All you need to know really is that the combo is around five years old, it's in good nick and has always been perfectly reliable. It's done a fair few gigs but not a vast number. It sounds great too and definitely has that characteristic and slightly old school warmth that Markbass seem so good at. Only snag is I don't have anything to ship it in so this is a pick-up only job - although who doesn't love a day trip to Brighton? Only trade I might be interested in is a compact bass head (probably going the Barefaced route for a cab). The Markbass product page is here: http://markbass.it/product-detail/cmd-121h/, and here's some suitably dodgy pictures of the actual thing. Those who read my fretless Wal piece in Sound On Sound will recognise the rug. Thank you and good afternoon.
  3. Wouldn't have been mine in the store as I've had it since new. Sounds like you saw a similar fretless with wenge body facings though and they're pretty unusual as Pete Stevens always argued that walnut suited fretless better. He used to advise against wenge for fretless, but I did it anyway 'cause I so loved the look. Didn't regret it for a moment. P
  4. Naked self promotion I know, but I just did this... https://www.soundonsound.com/people/why-love-fretless-bass Phil
  5. I had the Lake Placid Blue version for a bit. It was lovely. Can't really think why I sold it. You can hear it on this: https://open.spotify.com/track/4lWTJo2iTvgh8cSEv3tgGe?si=8WuFBnd6SGW9BHPTaT2ZKg P
  6. Didn't Rob Green of Status fame have something to do with the Lodestone basses? Would be worth asking him anyway: [email protected] P
  7. Seems to me that one was originally fretted. Original fretless would I think have had an ebony 'board and no dots. What do you think @TrevorR? Really lovely bass either way.
  8. Not been aware of Mattisson before. Really nice looking basses.
  9. Good colours too! Wonder what the EU price is going to be?
  10. Not sure either of my kidney's is worth £1500. It was the bass on Joan Armatrading's "Willow" that first got me interested in fretless. I guess there's a good chance it was this very instrument.
  11. Anybody else notice that uber session player Dave Markee is selling his rather unusual (and rather lovely) pre-EB fretlessStingray? https://ebay.us/qqIxmi His session CV reads: Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa, Joan Armatrading, The Who, Henry Mancini, and Bing Crosby, and he was in Eric Clapton’s band from September 1979 to 1982. If only I had £1500 to spend on a random bass. P
  12. philw


    There's really no doubt about this....If I won the lottery, and this bass were still for sale, it would be my very first lottery funded purchase.
  13. Bought my NS Design CR4 from Barry at the old Wapping store. Still using it very regularly. So sad that Barry had to close The Bass Centre as a on-street retail outlet. It's was a genuine Mecca for bass players. Always full of lovey and fascinating instruments. P
  14. My old fretless Status Electro (that I actually rather miss) had a similarly flat neck profile. I really liked it. P
  15. Wow! That's some of the most beautiful and skilled lutherie I've seen for a while. A Rob Allen style bass (fretless, no lines!) made in the same style would be amazing. P
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