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  1. I was there in December and the room we had was spotless. I can't remember the room number but it was one of the larger ones, requested by a keyboard player we were auditioning as it had a keyboard that didn't face the wall.
  2. Have you been there recently? They have had a makeover and its spotless. This is my regular rehearsal studio. Its true, there are SVTs and 810 fridges, and Marshall and Blackstar 412s for the guitarists, just what you need in a 4 metre by 4 metre room. It has parking and is right next to Holloway Rd tubes station, so very convenient.
  3. So the bass is the perfect instrument for you. The drummer and I refer to ourselves as 'the 2 ugly blokes at the back' I'm like you, the least experienced but, as has been written above by several posters, I make sure I know the songs. Our guitarist is handsome, has over 20 years experience and has a Wikipedia page about him...but he relies on his experience and sometimes tries to wing it instead of putting the time in to learn songs before rehearsals. I've often taken days off work to make sure I have nailed songs before rehearsals (being self employed I am able to do that) I will admit this is partly due to awareness of my lack of experience.
  4. Yes, fingers crossed. Your post seems upbeat so I assume you are happy with how its progressing; which is marvellous news.
  5. Reading through this thread I have even more appreciation for our drummer. He makes the odd mistake in rehearsal when he hasn’t learnt the song well but apart from that he is great. He doesn’t use a metronome at rehearsals but I sometimes see him counting. For some songs with syncopated bass lines that I haven’t put into muscle memory I just keep an eye on his hands and feet.
  6. You pull out the plastic battery cover and poke your finger in. There is a button to press, directly under where it should be had they included it as a button pin the top, next to the mute button. It's straightforward. Really, I've not heard of this. I got this about a month before Christmas as Bax Music were doing a deal on them. The deal seems to be over now, unfortunately. I find using this with the 'Tight'; button engaged really improves the sound through my MarkBass amp, which I'm realising is a bit too dark.
  7. Thanks for this. I watched the first 4 episodes tonight after work and I'll continue after work tomorrow. My missus is a muslim, though she is quite anti-hijab.
  8. I'd love this, it looks gorgeous. Sadly though, for me it is way too expensive...£1850 plus the divorce costs when she sees it coming through the door!
  9. As someone who owns the 500W version of the MarkBass amp you have, I'd be intrigued to read your thoughts on the three heads and a comparison. Thanks in advance!
  10. That is something you don't normally see, three blokes and a bird, but the bird is on drums!
  11. That would be one of the bands that @mcnach from this parish plays in.
  12. Led Zeppelin: In My Time of Dying "my dying dying dying....cough Thats got to be the one hasn't it!" I think its Bonham that says 'Thats got to be the one hasn't it"
  13. This takes me back. I followed Adam and the Antz around the country, when they were still playing stuff like 'Plastic Surgery' and 'Beat my Guest'. Andy Warren was a bit of a hero to us. I saw the Monochrome Set a couple of times too, quite good they were.
  14. Coincidentally, I spent the first lockdown, in Barnet, going through the SBL diatonic harmony course, learning the modes etc. And I see you put your knowledge to good use in the YouTube clip. Very well done!
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