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  1. The Schallers arrived and I have put them ion a couple of basses. I'll keep the rubber washer things on three of my basses as they are red and I have a red leather strap for them. The three basses using the blue and black straps now have the Schallers fitted. So half and half; I'll see how I get on.
  2. I'm going to see Pearl Jam and the Pixies in Hyde Park on the 8th July. Next gig would be 'The Silent Era' in Camden Town on the 23rd July
  3. Sorry to read about your experience at Peach Guitars @dclaassen I visited peach guitars before the pandemic, to try a limited edition Fender. I was unimpressed with the bass and didn't buy it but I was impressed by their service and felt bad I had taken up their time for no reward. Since the Pandemic that have either been closed to the public or now, it appears, pre-arranged appointments only. Shame really because its a very large shop with a pretty decent selection of basses on the wall.
  4. You may have got the blame that night but if the whole pub went then that means they have an RCD as the main switch on their fuseboard. Asking for trouble! RCDs are sensitive, consequently it is not advised to have one as the main switch of the board of somewhere like a pub or a house, there should be at least 2 RCDs, or, preferably, an individual RCD for each circuit (called RCBOs).
  5. Electrician here... RCDs are very useful @Dad3353's explanantion was on the money. However, check to see if the circuit you are using already has an RCD built in to the fuseboard/consumer unit. Two RCDs in the same circuit can cause nuisance tripping so only use the plug in RCDs when there is no pre existing RCD or RCBO (google that) at the fuseboard The plug in socket testers are useful. I use them as a guide to inform me whether anything is wrong. Left and middle light glowing green and the 3rd/right hand light off means all is hunky dory (probably). Anything else and the circuit needs to be investigated.
  6. Thanks for the tips everyone. I have ordered a couple of sets of chrome Schallers from Strings Direct (they didn't have Dunlops in chrome, or I would have got one of each).
  7. I use those polo mint shaped bits of silicon/rubber to keep my straps on but the strap buttons on my latest bass are a bit too small and the silicon rings fall off too easily. So I thought I would invest in some proper strap locks. Ebay has the usual selection of no name Chinese stuff but the established shops seem to mainly stock Schaller and Dunlop strap locks. Does anyone have particular preferences for strap locks? And why? I don't really care about the price and I would rather spend a bit more to ensure my bass isn't going to drop to the floor all of a sudden, mid-song.
  8. I've bought two basses from them in the last 4 years. The price is always up for negotiation. But someone would have already bought it
  9. My local shop has one: http://www.thesoundgarden.co.uk/product.php?productid=20757&cat=21&page=1 Its been in their rack for a few years, your taste in bass colours is not shared by the good people of Barnet.
  10. I'm a little envious reading about all of your better halves being cool with you buying new basses. Mrs BillyBass won't let me buy another one until I've slimmed down a little...which means exercise and eating less food, so I've got a problem. Still, I have bought three basses this year and only two have gone out.
  11. 500 years ago, in Spain, people like you were burnt at the stake.
  12. Hold on a minute, OP. You are complaining about Fender headstocks but you own a G&L? One of these, er, beauties? I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I own a G&L, great bass with an eyesore at the end of the neck. I personally believe the Fender Telecaster has the most beautiful headstock ever created. But I'm a bassist so I don't have one.
  13. I think a lot of this is subjective. I watch a YouTube clip of a bass video and the demo guy slags it off and so do loads of people in comments underneath, and I think...sounded ok to me, is there something wrong with my ears?
  14. I got my 5 string from Andertons, it was their demo model so I'm sure someone had a good look at it before it was put up on the rack. It was fine and I've had no issues with it. The 4 string I ordered online from PMT. The first one I got had a faulty pre amp; it made a potentially cone damaging screech when the mids were pushed to about 50%. It also had a wonky volume pot and no centre détente on the bass. I sent it back and PMT sent out another, which was fine, no defects whatsoever. So, the quality control issues Mr 'Low end Lobster' flagged up in his videos have not gone away, but you can always send it back if you get a dodgy one. In my opinion, it's worth the risk. A German bloke gets a great Geddy Lee tone out of his 4 string PJ on Youtube:
  15. I was of two minds about the 4 string; metallic blue or metallic lime green!? I went for blue but the green does look really nice. Even the darker metallic green of the 5 string goes really well with the roasted maple neck and gold hardware. They are just lovely looking basses. I'm not going anywhere and neither are the basses, so my invitation is an open one, just pm me if you want to come over.
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