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  1. I like the look of Reverend basses and there are loads of different pick up options. However, I picked one up in a store once, a couple of years ago and it felt really light, too light in fact, like it was a toy, not a bass. It had a glossy black finish that looked fine but it was a fingerprint magnet. I would be keen to try one again but they don't seem to be in stock anywhere over here at the moment.
  2. Is this the answer for every PJ? Or are there drawbacks? Like more noise?
  3. The Elite is way over budget but the Deluxe is affordable, if not widely available. I'm guessing the new 'Player Plus' might also fit the bill, as they have an 18v preamp. And, coincidentally, we do Zombie, it's our warm up song.
  4. I have a Yamaha BB434. The P pup sounds great and the J pup is good for altering the tone of the P pup but its a bit weak on its own. Is there such a thing as a PJ which has a J pup that can be used on its own without the P or perhaps with the P dialled in a bit and sound like my Jazz bass does? What I'm after is a PJ that can be both P bass and jazz bass in one. Anyone have such a bass?
  5. I use mine at home. My practice sessions last up to about 45 minutes and it gets warm and the fan makes a noise but it has never cut out. I have only used it for one band rehearsal and it would have been on for 3 hours; no problems encountered. Yours must be dodgy.
  6. Impressive horns those. I bet they'll even make a Warwick bass feel inadequate.
  7. Whenever I see a Bongo, toilet seats come to mind. I could never buy one.
  8. I'm not a pick player and only use them when I have to. We are doing 'Would' by Alice in Chains and the bass part has to be done with a pick and there is a bit of strumming in it too so I have just got a few different thinner Dunlop triangle picks. As well as the Tortex and Ultex I also got 'Flex' 73mm and 88mm picks. So far for strumming, I'm liking the Flex 73mm picks.
  9. How do you find the Makbass octaver? Is it an OC2 clone?
  10. More experimentation. With the input at 9pm the amp never gets too loud to play at home. There is very little increase from about notch 6 or 7 up to max on the output knob. There is an increase but its not great. So I suppose with this amp I will be adjusting the input knob to suit the room/venue as opposed to getting the needle to just stay out of clipping.
  11. After reading these last few posts I've just tried mine out at home. Mine is certainly more usable than @[email protected]'s. The volume is very dependent on the input knob. With the input knob at 12 o'clock, through a single Barefaced one10 I could play at home with the gain knob at the 8th or 9th notch and the volume didn't really increase much unless I turned the input knob up past 1 or 2 o'clock. This would be slightly too loud if my neighbours were in perhaps With the input knob at about 3pm I could play at home without disturbing neighbours with the master volume on the 2nd notch. By the time it gets to the third notch I would get banging on the wall from the other half of my semi-detached.
  12. They haven't come down in price anywhere else either, it's this one German retailer who must be trying to clear up warehouse space. Quite a few people on here have ordered heads from them and they are still showing as being in stock.
  13. Have a look at this video from Low End Lobster, a shoot out between 2 humbucker short scales:
  14. I would have a look at the deals currently available on Ashdown kit from this German retailer: https://www.musik-produktiv.com/gb/bass-guitar-amplifiers/ashdown/ Some of the kit is half price, like the RM 800 EVO II head I bought from them a couple of weeks ago.
  15. Not a good time to be offloading Ashdown heads, with the prices Musik Produktiv are selling theirs for.
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