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  1. How did I miss this?! First dibs if it all goes to pot?
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. I have a pf350 as a spare for my svt classic, it's not bad for the money and weight difference. Just about loud enough for hard rock and does a passable impression through a sansamp. Just misses the bounce and growl of the classic head but it's saved my arse a few times!
  4. Had a great first lesson with jake this week. Great guy and some valuable insights. After being self taught for 16 yrs we pinpointed exactly what I wanted to achieve within about half an hour and he consolidated a few bits and pieces on technique that had been floating round my head for far too long in various states! Already seeing the benefits and much to practice/think about before next session!
  5. Hi everyone, having a bit of spring cleaning on the pedal board as new band is more straight up rock so I have a few juicy bits for sale as no longer using them: Zvex Wooly mammoth - 2005 model with the classic hand painted design. Great gated fuzz sound and pretty rare and exclusive pedal in general. A couple of knicks on the edges but the painted design and lettering are perfect. £140 posted. MXR 10 band EQ - immaculate condition, I never put this on the board so still has the little rubber feet attached. Great for adding a different tonal shape mid song or as a boost during solos. Comes with original Dunlop 18v power supply. £75 posted. Boss ls-2 - tiny knick on the foot switch other than that as new condition. Very useful and versatile pedal. Again, Velcro already attached. Sold. Boss bf-2 - again, really good condition and great sounding pedal for bass. Orange label and shock horror...no Velcro on this one! Sold. Wren & cuff Phat Phuk B - great little od / boost pedal saved me a couple of times as a preamp too. Also has the best paint finish ever, fact. Immaculate condition and comes with original box and velcro attached. Will be sorry to see it go alas... Sold Mark Bass super synth - you can get some awesome modern synth sounds out of this thing, always turns heads at gigs! Pristine condition and has Velcro attached to underside already. Comes with usb cable for plugging into a laptop to tweak some of the settings and original power supply. Traded. Dunlop crybaby bass wah - good condition and great fun to combine with other effects. Comes with Velcro already attached. Sold. Ernie ball volume pedal jr eb6180 - as new condition, for passive guitar or bass including Velcro on underside. Not much more to say on that one! Sold. Boss ceb-3 - as new condition with Velcro on underside. Say what you like about boss pedals, it's a great sounding chorus pedal! Has a pink label if that means anything. Sold. Pedaltrain 2 - as I'm basically going back to tuner - comp - dirt as my signal chain, this is a little too big for my needs now. Will trade for a junior maybe? Excellent condition with soft carry case, no rips or tears. Sold. All items located in yateley hants if you would prefer to collect. PayPal preferred payment method. Thanks for looking and please check my feedback thread located below. Cheers,
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Yeah I had a micro pog. Used a daisy chained 9v diago power station with it for 2 years with no problems whatsoever.
  8. LS-2 came today so finished off the board so that I can use my tone sucking 105Q! May add a filter and comp but that'll be it. George L's are awesome, got them direct from georgel.co.uk, way cheaper than anywhere else I saw, time consuming to make up but worth the effort... [attachment=105306:IMG_0646.JPG]
  9. Bought a woolly mammoth off Ivan, great guy to deal with. Even sent it special delivery which was a bonus, didn't expect that!
  10. Bought the same one as kiOgon did a couple of weeks ago for a MIA, all the screw holes line up good but I had to fettle the holes for the pots by about 1.5mm to get it to fit perfectly. I was of the same opinion though, try the cheap one first, it's only a bit of plastic at the end of the day.
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