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  1. I have for sale my Ten2. Great amp with 2 channels plus effects. I’ve not used the amp much in the last couple of years so it’s time for it to find a new home. It has a few white marks on the casing, includes mooradian case. £850ono
  2. Try Eddie Seales brass and woodwind near King’s Lynn he may be able to help you out. I don’t have a number to hand.
  3. 2 channel double bass amp for sale due to lack of use. Comes with the Mooradian gig bag http://www.acousticimg.com/docs/Manual-combos sIII.pdf upgraded to a ten 2
  4. I have for sale my blonde Hungarian bass. Its recently had a new bridge with adjusters, neck reshape, finger board reshape, top and bottom nuts fitted. All work was done by Thomas and George Martin basses. Currently fitted with Evah Pirazzi’s and has a great growl on the lower strings. The Wilson pickup is included in the sale as is a polystyrene road case. Priced to sell. The more I play it, the less I want to sell it.
  5. I have the original stop tailpiece with the embossed W. It just limited string choice
  6. Hi, I've got for sale my Streamer LX5. I've had this bass from new, it has been gigged as that's what it's made for, I believe if you bought it new like this it would be called stressed. It has quite a few dings in the lacquer from belt buckles, and a nasty one where it fell out of a gig bag. All of them are shown in the images although the wood hasn't been damaged just the finish. Everything on this bass is original except the ball end tailpiece, which has been widened to take a B string that doesn't have a tapered ball. I do have the original brass fitting too. Usual wear to brass on the knobs. Beautiful bass to play, string spacings are quite small, great for smaller handed players. Reluctant sale but sometimes...... PM me if interested [attachment=160383:IMG_2605.jpg][attachment=160384:IMG_2602.jpg] [attachment=160385:IMG_2606.jpg][attachment=160389:IMG_2609.JPG] [attachment=160391:IMG_2610.jpg]
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