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  1. I Hate Tobacco Sunburst

    I hate TSB and also hate gold, except when they are together on a '57 P, when the sum is greater than its parts:
  2. Favourite Movie Music

    Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and many Tarantino films like Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill spring to mind. They are more like song compilations though, for some that are almost entirely composed of original music I can think of Blade Runner and Tron Legacy.
  3. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    @basshead56 I have a EHX B9 in my to-sell pile!
  4. What's your favourite Preamp/DI?

    Not tried one but it does indeed look great, especially if the OP is into the VT Bass. Latest version has a cab sim on board too!
  5. What's your favourite Preamp/DI?

    Identical except for the EQ. The fact the Two Notes drive channel is more that flavour is why I didn't think it was the best fit. Then again plenty insist their B7Ks are great for Motown, but then we're back to soup and forks again!
  6. What's your favourite Preamp/DI?

    One thing about the Aguilar - I only ever use it with the AGS on, effectively as an overdrive that sounds a bit like your SFT. With the AGS off, it's a very transparent preamp with no grit whatsoever. The other two will probably do a better job of 'cleanish sound with vintage colouring' if you're intending to use a separate overdrive pedal.
  7. What's your favourite Preamp/DI?

    Dunno if you're referring to me but I only mentioned the B7K not working well with my P. I liked the Le Bass with my BB's P pickup very much indeed!
  8. What's your favourite Preamp/DI?

    Whatever you go for, I would say you want something that can do a mild warm wooly/squishy/tubey overdrive with a decent EQ and no inherent baked in mid-scoop. I would definitely check the Mesa out, your won't see a ton of recommendations for it just because not that many people own one compared to some of the other units out there. But Bobby Vega makes it sound great here:
  9. What's your favourite Preamp/DI?

    I suppose I could make a Le Bass or dUg or Darkglass work for old school funk... I could also eat soup with a fork, but there are better options out there!
  10. Compression - what's all the fuss about?

    @Al Krow Change the drop-down category option under emojjis to 'default' and you will get some extra ones...
  11. I wouldn't focus on radius at all, that second video looks like a 70s Jazz and they had a 7.25" radius! From my own experience a curvy board is only a problem when it is also wide and the board edges are sharp. I didn't get on with the Classic 50s Precision neck for this reason as I found the board on the G side cutting into my finger when reaching for the low F note, but found the same radius on a slim necked Musicman Caprice to be uber comfortable.
  12. What's your favourite Preamp/DI?

    I have a Le Bass, but it's not well suited for old school funk / RnB IMHO. Channel A is too clean, channel B too grindy and aggressive. I was never a Darkglass fan either until I tried my Yamaha BB with both pickups on into a B7K mixed with heavy guitars, then it all clicked into place. Made it fit into the mix like a key into a lock. But it sounds crap with a P bass, especially one with flats, so probably the last pedal I would consider here!
  13. Neck: Allparts or Mighty Mite?

    I always thought Mighty Mite were cheaper, Allparts more expensive but generally worth the extra. Never played either mind, but that's what I'd gathered over years of forum lurking.
  14. Best ABY?

    Aha! This one then! http://www.radialeng.com/r2011/bigshotio.php
  15. Best ABY?

    Are you using it to go to two amps? If so, apparently a transformer isolated output is the way to go to prevent ground loops, which only some of the more expensive pedals have, like the Radial Twin City. But I've not seen one with level controls other then the one you posted. A Boss LS-2 may be able to be put into action as well depending on how you're planning to use it.