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  1. Camtasia was my favourite to use from all the ones I tested, however that was mainly because I was looking to produce tutorial style videos with lots of screen recordings, which is its forte. It's pretty expensive though at £230, and it doesn't come with a great selection of assets (they get you to pay more for that on subscription) and it can't do outlines around text which I thought was a pretty basic omission! I didn't realise Premiere Elements was only £86.56, I didn't try that one out mainly because I'd excluded Premiere from my shortlist due to not wanting to pay for an astronomical subscription fee, and forgot that Elements existed!
  2. If you're not bothered about tap tempo (it's a massive PITA to get right using it live anyway, and depending on the song you might not need it), an analog delay has the added benefit of making cool spaceship noises - here's the cheapo TC posted earlier: I had an MXR Carbon Copy mounted sideways so I could roll the knobs with my foot and play it like an alien theremin!
  3. I tried a ton recently. Try OpenShot if you like the simple interface of Windows Movie Maker. KdenLive is a popular free one too. Out of the cheapest paid options, I quite liked Filmora. My laptop chugged when trying to play anything back in DaVinci Resolve whereas many of these simpler programs worked great.
  4. Sounds like a great choice for a Motown bass:
  5. Both! Depending on how you set the compressor. You can have it set up like a limiter, high ratio and threshold, and fast attack, to tame any unwanted boosts. Great for agressive envelope filters, but beware of using it as a crutch rather than just setting your pedal levels properly, you don't want an overly squashed tone because one of your pedals is too loud. The more subtle effect compression has is in shaping the attack of the note - because there is an adjustable time delay before the effect kicks in, it can accentuate the attack of the note and make it sound more punchy whilst simultaneously evening your overall volume out.
  6. I'd say the sunburst is a better fit for your retro bands, the matte black more at home with a rock / metal band, but get whatever floats your boat!
  7. And by sheer coincidence, this just popped up today: https://bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Fender_Precision_CIJ_3_TSB.html
  8. I know you were after a Darkglass pedal too, both the newer Zooms (B1Four or B3n) and HX Stomp have a great B7K model.
  9. The ones WD Music sell are pretty good, definitely not printed on as you can see the colour differences through the thickness of the material.
  10. I wouldn't say it's dark just by that video, we've no idea where the tone control was set or what he was playing through. The previous American Professional's pickup wasn't dark or muddy, and the blurb says the new one is even more articulate.
  11. The Behringer BDI21 is a very popular Sansamp BDDI clone that can be found new for just over £20. Very well regarded around these parts. Like the original though, it does have a mid scoop that may or may not be an issue. There's also the Joyo American Sound if you wanted a warmer more vintage tone with more mids, although it doesn't have a DI out.
  12. It depends how fussy you are about tone and control vs convenience! The Sansamp section sounds great. The chorus is rather good but only has one knob. I didn't like the compressor much and thought it added quite a bit of noise. The filter was usable but have heard much better. The octave/fuzz were pretty worthless! If going the separates route, the Sansamp in the Fly Rig is a lot close in tone to the VTDI than the BDDI. And if you're after a cheap compressor I can heartily recommend the TC Spectracomp, it has outlived some top tier heavy-hitter compressors from my pedal collection! Also the Zoom multi-fx units may be worth a look, they have decent Sansamp and Bass Muff models, and most of the other chorus/compressor/filter effects are better than the Fly Rig.
  13. From an email to Yamaha back in 2011 when I was considering new pickups for my BB415 rather than upgrading to a 1025X:
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