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  1. Sounds a lot more organised than any I've attended! Chord sheets are a great idea. I'd also start a Facebook page and encourage any musicians to nominate songs they'd like to play (e.g. posting a YouTube video), that way you could end up with a bunch of strangers agreeing to learn them before the night and playing some lesser known tracks that otherwise wouldn't have a chance.
  2. A steep low HPF should have no affect on tone, just remove the sub sonics that your amp and speakers waste power trying to reproduce, so you can squeeze more actual audible volume out of your rig without blowing it up.
  3. Haussel perhaps? Saw a 4 string J set for sale that had pole pieces almost up to the edge of the case.
  4. Their lacquer is different to most basses though, I saw a video review of a 4003 stating that the chemicals they use are strictly controlled, so they had a choice to change their instruments, change where they're built, or just build fewer of them, and they opted for the latter. Whether that means the finish is higher quality, or just more environmentally unfriendly and/or carcinogenic is anyone's guess!
  5. I'd like to hear it, probably sounds closer to a Jazz than a typical Ric with those pickup positions.
  6. Super hot pickups aren't always the way to go IMHO. A lot of the aggression you seek might be lost because overwound pickups have less top end, and a lot of overdrives/distortions sound too bloated/farty when fed too much low end. Look out for an Entwistle PBX or PBXN, the latter being discontinued, but with rather hot neodymium magnets, both very cheap! Or there's the Duncan SPB-3, their site says they're Alnico 5, but I was always under the impression they were ceramic? If you haven't got the bass yet I'd consider looking for a Yamaha BB414 or 424. Hot ceramic P pickup as standard, and an even hotter J pickup that sounds like a rock monster when paired together!
  7. I've seen Om a couple of times too, the second of which they had just gone from a duo to a trio, the addition being Robert Lowe. I'd seen him play previously in a solo capacity supporting Explosions In The Sky, but I was racking my brain that night trying to remember where I'd seen him before! Judging by the thumbrest right by the neck, those pickup covers don't get in the way of his playing!
  8. Awesome, surprised it's not green though! Is that going to be a production model? Impressive yogi beard too.
  9. Fender also have a limited edition lightweight ash 7lb Jazz at the moment too btw!
  10. You're not alone, I would have been very tempted to get one of those black stain fanned fret models if they'd have come with Nord's instead. Doesn't make sense to fit such 'polite' pickups to a bass that would appeal to the metal fraternity!
  11. And it's white and gold! Aren't these 16mm string spacing at the bridge rather than 18mm on modern 5 string BBs? That would probably be a deal breaker for me, OK for pick playing, but I prefer a bit more space otherwise.
  12. Indeed they are. Most jam nights don't play jams though, they play songs!
  13. This is why you should stick to passive basses Al. If I'm not happy with my preamp I just use a different pedal and don't have to concern myself with what will fit inside my bass!
  14. How come? It's already an active bass so should have a decent sized cavity and battery compartment, and John's pres are pretty tiny. Unless the existing one is a tight fit and totally different shape of course.
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