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  1. What kind of music are you playing? I agree the DP-3X is the nuts, but only for a certain type of sound. If you want deep fat lows, a grindy aggressive top, and a chasm in the middle to let the other instruments and vocals slot in, it’s amazing. With a heavy rock band you’d be very happy indeed. But if you were playing old school funk, blues, Motown etc, where you just want to sit mainly around the low mids (no super deep lows, no metallic upper grind), with a bit of tubey breakup, it would be totally the wrong tool for the job. I’d put my Aguilar Tonehammer to work there instead. Having spent years faffing with preamp DIs, I’d be happy to keep just these two. But they sound nothing alike. Chalk and cheese!
  2. I’ve had both versions of the Orbit - the new one is better as a fuzz since it has a blend, but unfortunately it doesn’t have the switch that makes it do those laser noises!
  3. Sounds to me like your first impression is you prefer the cheaper bass but understandably want to give the P34 chance to grow on you more? Don’t feel like you have to force yourself to prefer the pro model to justify the purchase. Have you tried the 1024/2024/1025/2025 models at all?
  4. Tried the Diabolik? Best thing for me by far, over the Oxide, Mastotron, Brown Dog and a few others I’ve tried. Also a big fan of the Prunes & Custard, which has a similar sound to the Red Ripper.
  5. I got some great sounds using a Mooer Tender Octave (POG clone) going into a Bass Whammy (for +5th or divebombs etc), into a Joyo American Sound (Fender amp sim), to a TC Mimiq (stereo doubler). I was only messing about at home going into headphones, but the Joyo did a great job at faking the distorted guitar amp and the Mimiq takes it to another level giving a stereo spread, makes it sound huge (although prob unnecessary if you actually have multiple amps on stage)! If you really want to mess with people's heads, add a guitar player that plays basslines through an octave down pedal, Seven Nation Army style.
  6. I can see them from that link: https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Sandberg-Bass-Strings-4-Set-040-100-/art-BAS0004133-000 https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Sandberg-Bass-Strings-4-Set-045-105-045-065-085-105-/art-BAS0004134-000 https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Sandberg-Bass-Strings-5-Set-040-128-/art-BAS0004135-000
  7. My point was you can save yourself a few quid by just using the software version if you're only messing with it in your home studio.
  8. The HX Editor is just an editor for a Helix device. If you sell your Stomp, that software will be useless. Helix Native is an entire Helix running inside your PC for £79 (with discount, £315 normally!).
  9. If you're just using the Stomp in your home studio, take advantage of the fact that Stomp owners get a big discount on Helix Native and install that on your DAW before you sell it!
  10. I like Pyramid Gold, Chromes and TIs myself, wasn’t a fan of the La Bellas. Good comparison here!
  11. Glad to see him playing these MM style basses again, they sit in the mix perfectly for this style of music!
  12. This will sort it without having to go to a fully isolated power supply: https://www.amazon.co.uk/JOYO-ZGP-Guitar-Effect-Supply/dp/B07CS6T95Z Or sell it and get a TC Polytune, they have no such issues.
  13. Well he is looking for a new right hand man! (or woman)
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