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  1. dannybuoy

    Headphone amps

    The mono channels have a pan control, so leave it dead center at it will fill both left and right from a single mono input.
  2. dannybuoy

    Geddy Lee pedal

    The tight button chops off some of the lows going into the drive circuit. Why might you want that? Because particularly with high output basses with a lot of low end, those low frequencies make the overdrive sound overly fuzzy/bloated. This way you can tighten up the distortion, and you still have a full range deep channel and an EQ you can use to compensate.
  3. dannybuoy

    Geddy Lee pedal

    It's basically two Sansamps in parallel @dave_bass5, one has the gain and EQ pre set, the other adjustable via the controls, then the deep/drive control adjusts the blend between them. So it should be just as, if not more versatile as a BDDI or VT Bass, and they are no one-trick ponies. Looking forward to trying one, I could never persuade myself to get the preamp, but don't need much persuading to get the pedal!
  4. dannybuoy

    Compact practice amp advice

    These Yamaha models get great reviews and have modelling on board for guitar and bass: https://uk.yamaha.com/en/products/musical_instruments/guitars_basses/amps_accessories/thr/index.html
  5. dannybuoy

    Zoom B1 Four

    This popped up on Zoom's site during the Namm show a week or so ago. It'll be better than the B1on for certain effects, it should contain the Darkglass models from the B3n for one, also I think the amp models on the B3n are a step up from the previous generation, I couldn't get a decent overdriven SVT from the B3/B1on.
  6. dannybuoy

    Headphone amps

    It sounded like you have an active bass already which would be fine, but just be aware that most mixing desks do not have a high impedance input suitable for plugging a passive bass straight in. For that you'd want something designed with bass/guitar in mind, such as the Bighead.
  7. dannybuoy

    Headphone amps

    I'd avoid the Amplug, the standalone units have more of an amp sim quality to them rather than clean and transparent, I assume the headphones would be the same? The EHX headphone amp does not have an aux in btw, which you'll need if you want to play along with anything. Bluetooth isn't worth looking into as the processing delay renders it unplayable. However it's rare but some units can accept an aux input over Bluetooth, which is handy for playing a backing track via your laptop or mobile etc. If you have a DI box or a preamp with an XLR out, the Behringer MA400 is a good choice.
  8. dannybuoy

    Geddy Lee pedal

    @tonyxtiger I’m in!
  9. dannybuoy

    The Yamaha BB thread (from X34/5 launch)

    @Al Krow Did you try the middle pickup position out? It's the only setting I use! Stock strings are D'Adarrio nickels by the way, I'm a fan of them and bought the same sets as replacements since I had it.
  10. dannybuoy

    P bass grind - tips on achieving this

    Try a Tech21 VT Bass or Sansamp BDDI. Also fresh strings, perhaps steel over nickel.
  11. dannybuoy

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

    Never tested them but I imagine the slope of the Thumpinator is much steeper.
  12. dannybuoy

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

    You’ve also got HPF and LPF blocks so you can use one of those in conjunction with a crossover to create a DuG style ‘chasm’ in the midrange!
  13. dannybuoy

    New Darkglass A/O amp

    I would say Duality into B3K, with B3K always on and add the Duality for some utterly over the top filth. I like what the B3K / B7K does as a tone shaper at the end of a chain after other fuzzes. So the answer is obviously to try both!
  14. dannybuoy

    New Darkglass A/O amp

    All of them should get it.
  15. dannybuoy

    New Darkglass A/O amp

    BTW, the forthcoming Helix update will contain a BDDI V2 model. I have high hopes for this seeing as their B7K model is pretty much indistinguishable from the real thing (I did some A/B tests with the M900 amp and I'm rather picky!). Also since you can do parallel chains, crossovers and compression, you just might be able to replicate the DuG, Geddy, BDDI, B7K and X7 all in one tiny box with presets and tons of other effects. That's what I'm hoping anyway!