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  1. No, someone on Talkbass found it lurking in an secured folder on Orange’s website! The square wave is simply the dirty channel. Volume, treble, mid, bass, and gain. The sine represents the clean channel. Volume, treble, bass, and compression.
  2. dannybuoy

    Preamp DI

    Also if going FRFR, you'll want something with a LPF or speaker sim, I think an M80 would sound a bit fizzy direct? You might have to compromise somewhere if you want it all in one unit. Fender Downtown - has all the FX you want, but I've not heard what the drive sounds like going direct. Tech21 Bass Fly Rig - great amp sim based on the VT Bass, the boost can be configured before the Sansamp section so can act like a 2nd level of dirt, and the comp is switchable, but noisy and not that great. Tech21 DP-3X - Comp is always on and the sound is a bit marmite (although I love it!) Zoom B3n - all the FX you want and then some, a good choice of bass amp models. Yes it's a multi FX with all the fiddly menus and whatnot, but it has 3 big stomps each with 4 knobs, so you get a good amount of hands-on control. I'd still opt to go separates on a custom sized mini board - pair a preamp DI with a Spectracomp, but that's just me!
  3. The blend, I would guess. I also would guess that clean and dirty are XLR outputs. Not based on anything other than common sense, and the assumption that the guys at Orange are blessed with enough of it!
  4. Two parallel channels with compression on the clean side by the looks of things...
  5. Personally I’d want the amps, to use them as distortion effects. Being able to split with a crossover means you can use all the guitar amps that you might have previously ignored!
  6. Yup, I heard they'd run out of dough.
  7. €59.90 for that adapter: https://beatbars.com/en/expression-to-midi.html The iRig Blueboard will do it too, and wirelessly, but it's MacOS / iOS only, so you're out of luck if using Windows.
  8. A lot of places devalue the parcel to like $15 so you won't get charged anything anyway. I've bought a lot of pedals from the US and most stores do this as they realise it's good for business!
  9. I had a VM Precision that I sold and upgraded to a US Standard, then instantly regretted it. The Squier sounded better! After buying many basses blind online that I haven't gelled with, I'm a firm believer that the best way is to just get to a shop and try as many as you can!
  10. The Yamaha BB range is well worth a look. Last time I spent a couple of days going round bass shops to try and find a bass I liked better with no set budget, I couldn't!
  11. A quick Google for MIDI expression pedals turned this up:
  12. P Bass vs Jazz Bass though, it's not a fair fight! It's too early to make comparisons at this stage, we need some demos that compare both side by side.
  13. Most of the built in cab models are for classic tweeterless cabs, so they might indeed sound overly dark if you're used to a tweetered cab. Options would be, find a new IR of a brighter cab, whack up the treble of the modelled amp, or use a LPF and EQ to create a curve that suits you instead of a full cab sim.
  14. I wouldn’t buy it purely based on the fact Tech21 had a cunning plan to include a ‘Geezer’ preset (amongst other famous bassists) in the manual. It has no affiliation with Geezer and there are other pedals out there that could probably out-Geezer this one! The VTDI and YYZ are both great for a bit of Geezerage though, as is the Aguilar Agro!
  15. That must be a mistake - the dUg is only £249!
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