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  1. Tech21 prototype dUg pre-amp pedal.

    We have a product page! http://www.tech21nyc.com/products/sansamp/dug_dp3x.html
  2. Best drive pedal for The Real Me sound?

    Had a go earlier playing the My Generation solo with a Thunderbird, the VT Bass sounded pretty good. The Joyo American Sound was a bit more buzzy and darker, not quite as close but still very good for the price. I’d like to give the Leeds a bash though!
  3. Cab help... too loud?

    Also be aware that if you swapped it for a 4ohm Two10, you would have less speaker area but since the impedance is halved, the amp would be delivering more watts to the cab with the volume control at the same position, so swings and roundabouts! There is a 12ohm version of the cab though and the latest ones are 4/12 switchable.
  4. Cab help... too loud?

    Yes you will be quieter playing into an equivalent cab with less speaker area. But different cabs have different sensitivity values so you can't say the same for sure when looking at different brands. Did you say that amp had clicks on the volume control so you can't take it below 1? If so that's a stupid design and I'd be looking at a new amp. Trying to reduce your volume by switching cabs is the wrong path.
  5. Best drive pedal for The Real Me sound?

    It's not as bright/clangy as the VT or Leeds but still has plenty of low end and tube like grunt. Can't go wrong for £25 anyway! https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B01A89FPMU
  6. Best drive pedal for The Real Me sound?

    Listen to the end of this to get an idea:
  7. Best drive pedal for The Real Me sound?

    His tone is most likely just an overdriven tube amp, so I'd try one of the Tech21 character series or one of the many cheap clones about these days. I can get close with my VT Bass or my dirt cheap Joyo American Sound (I've seen other branded versions of this going for £25 new).
  8. How do i power a Le Bass Two Notes with a Cioks DC5

    Not always the case. Depends on the power supply design I suppose, but some will shutdown when your pedals are drawing too much power. It’s likely that the Le Bass needs less than quoted in the manual, and the DC5 puts out more than quoted in the manual since both vendors factor in a safety margin, and somewhere in the middle the pedal is getting all the juice it needs whilst the power supply just starts to sweat a little bit!
  9. How do i power a Le Bass Two Notes with a Cioks DC5

    I just powered mine straight from a single 12V 300mA socket, worked without an issue. BTW I’ll be having a Le Bass up for sale very soon if you’re after one!
  10. Stand Advice Please

    My basses sit in a rack except for the T-Bird which is more stable in the Hercules stand. Recommended!
  11. Go for it if you want to learn it. It's lower on my priority list though than learning to recognise intervals and chords by ear and figuring out which scales and shapes are best to apply over them. My aim is to be a better musician in a jam situation where there is no sheet music around though! You don't have to learn how to read sheet music to make significant progress as a player - Pino can't read music and he's one of the most in demand session players on the planet!
  12. Bass Overdrive / Distortion

    The latest B3K version has the tone control added btw. But the best LPF is the free one you get from not having tweeters! I'd probably say the HGBM was too warm and muffled if you were trying to make the T-Bird sound brighter and bring out the string clank and overtones (which is what the VT, Agro and B3K are great for). Tell you what, I'll do a few clips with my Epi Classic Pro T-Bird for you before I put it up for sale!
  13. Bass Overdrive / Distortion

    I suppose if your playing a T-Bird, those pickups are really fat with the emphasis on the lows, so you would want something that really brought out the upper mid growl without sounding fizzy? I like the VT Bass or Agro the most with my T-Bird, both pedals can be dialled back to a reasonably flat clean sound so can be as subtle as you like. What have you tried so far?
  14. Yamaha TRBX600 series NEW

    Most people gravitated towards the 500 series over the 300 due to it's nicer finish, active/passive switching, a 'grown up' EQ rather than 'Fisher Price My First Active Bass' preset system, and the belief that the higher price reflected a higher quality bass. However when I gave the 300 series a bash I instantly thought it was the better sounding instrument and those presets were pretty handy too!
  15. EQD Westwood transparent overdrive

    Bear in mind that all the demos done by the second guy basically sound the same as he is going into a distorted Line6 SVT model for recording! Does sound good though, but I'll never forget the B7K demo he did where the first 5 seconds had an awesome overdrive tone... then he turned the pedal on!