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  1. dannybuoy

    Pickguard? - Or NO Pickguard?

    Looks 14 times better with the pickguard ON.
  2. dannybuoy

    If you could only choose one overdrive pedal?

    You won't really lose much by trying one out. They're close but different and I'm not sure which I prefer! But the Mojomojo is on the board and the Blueberry in a cupboard if that helps!
  3. BB734A spotted in the wild on the new Smashing Pumpkins tour: https://twitter.com/CptBozoJabroni/status/1017641162998333441?s=09
  4. dannybuoy

    'Offensive' And 'Sexist' Guitar Pedal Effect

    The profanity filter strikes again!
  5. dannybuoy

    'Offensive' And 'Sexist' Guitar Pedal Effect

  6. dannybuoy

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Have you tried using the PitchRingMod (I think that's what it was called) for an OC-2 tone? Gets closer than the legacy Octaver does I think. But there are specific settings required that I can't recall but did post somewhere in the Helix thread!
  7. dannybuoy

    Darkglass multi-effect unit

    I don’t know, the a major part of why the DP-3X is such a hit is due to the fact it compresses the lows and distorts the top. I think Doug would want to compete with this particular unit and offer the same feature, that’s what I would do anyway!
  8. dannybuoy

    Darkglass multi-effect unit

    There are 3 new Microtubes X units on the way, specs are a mystery but they will be digital and hopefully include most of what’s on your list!
  9. dannybuoy

    Line 6 Helix.

    Crazy price differential. I understand the HX has exactly the same processors, just obviously less in terms of IO, screen and knobs? If so, sounds like they could have put the amp sims in that box for no extra cost but the marketing team said no!
  10. dannybuoy

    Line 6 Helix.

    Indeed, since you can put a crossover anywhere in your chain, send the lows to a compressor and the highs to a guitar amp, your can turn any guitar amp into a bass amp!
  11. dannybuoy

    Line 6 Helix.

    Many of you Helix folk tried the Zoom B3n? I'm pretty impressed with it on the amp/dirt front, it's leaps and bounds ahead of the B3/MS-60B/B1on. I have never been able to get a pleasing fingerstyle overdrive tone out of the SVT / B15 amp models in the Helix, BIAS, or the older Zoom units. I preferred to stick with the VT Bass. I can get some great dirty amp sounds out of the B3n however! Not sure which is the most realistic of course, having never played the real actual amps, but I do know which I prefer playing through. It also has a Sansamp BDDI model, and a pretty killer envelope filter in the form of the Z-Tron, which I prefer to anything other filter I've found on the modelling front. I also prefer the phasers in the Zoom, and the analog-esque octavers are about on par with each other. Helix of course wins in plenty of other areas though, flexible routing, analog delays, custom IRs, etc. But for the main FX I use (dirt, filter, phaser), I would be happier with the underdog B3n.
  12. dannybuoy

    NUX Pedals

    Can it emulate the oscillation and pitch bending of an analog delay (i.e. crank the feedback knob and mess with the time knob to get crazy sounds)? Not many digital delays can do it, although it's one of the things that the Helix gets absolutely bang on! The Zoom B3n doesn't even attempt it, the sound cuts off when you adjust the time knob.
  13. Just a heads up, I just picked up a B3n and downloaded the Guitar Lab software to install. Windows 10 Defender refused to run it and deleted it - I uploaded to Virustotal to scan it and looks like it could potentially be infected! I'll reach out to Zoom to see what they say...
  14. dannybuoy

    NPD: Flattley Bass Nirvana

    Don’t often see bass delays. Does the tone control let you filter the lows away from the repeats?
  15. dannybuoy

    If you could only choose one octave pedal

    I hear the Chord OC-50 is supposed to be a close OC-2 clone for £40ish. Never tried one though. There is also the Chowny Pitchcraft. Not a great deal of reviews around for either of them though unfortunately!