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  1. This has happened to me a couple of times and it was pedals with socketed transistors working their way loose during transit. Worth opening it up just to check!
  2. Never tried the Carl Martin, but don’t waste your money on the Eden. I’ve tried a lot and it’s amongst the most useless!
  3. I don’t know how these things work in reality, but I expect a lot of these YouTubers get plenty of profit purely from the platform so all it would cost Ashdown is the price of the pedal. Bunging a load of cash along with the pedal for a review would end up with more biased reviews, or at least the perception of that amongst viewers if they ever found out! They should hopefully clearly state if the video was sponsored by X if they have been paid to make a demo.
  4. The Zoom units aren't great for this, the octave up effect has a noticeable delay and just didn't sound convincing. I got much better results running a Mooer Tender Octaver (EHX POG clone) into a Joyo American Sound (Fender guitar amp sim). Mike Kerr runs a POG into a bunch of Fender guitar amps, so it works quite well! You may be able to pick up a used Boss LS-2, TC Sub'n'Up Mini and Joyo American Sound for just over £100 all in.
  5. So come on, which one of you bought this then?! 😁 https://bid.omegaauctions.co.uk/auction/lot/lot-142---yamaha-bb1200s-bass-guitar/?lot=14495
  6. Nice, never seen that model. Looks a lot like the Classic 50s MIM I had once, which was one of the best sounding P bass I've ever had. The neck was too wide and the fingerboard edges too sharp though, which resulted in an uncomfortable neck unless you have big hands.
  7. If you want a delay that can make crazy theremin spaceship noises, you need that Carbon Copy! I play mine with my foot riding the delay knob like a 2nd instrument.
  8. That would nail it, esp if you can adjust the curves so that the volume fades in very quickly so you get to actually hear the lower part of the sweep. Would be neater than rigging up a Morley wah and Morley expression blender together with gaffa tape!
  9. Yeah you'll be fine, assumed you were in the UK!
  10. Careful before you plug that in, if it's a 110V US version you'll need a step down transformer.
  11. That expression pedal won’t do much for you, it’ll only work with certain pedals that have an expression pedal socket.
  12. If you route the strap on a Thunderbird over the front of the lower wing, it stays bolt upright. You could even hang your coat on the end and you wouldn’t get any neck dive!
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