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  1. If you’re looking at Multi FX, the Zoom B3n has very good models of the Darkglass B7K and Sansamp BDDI, both industry standards when it comes to metal bass tones. Can’t go wrong there! On the amp front, it doesn’t matter a great deal if it’s just going to be for home use without a drummer, especially if you’re going to be getting a lot of tone shaping from external FX. Ashdown/Fender/TC/Orange/Ampeg/etc would all fit the bill. If you have any music shops nearby I’d get down there and see what floats your boat.
  2. dannybuoy

    Boss LS-2 Mixing clean and effected signals

    I can help there. Bought one from here months ago and have never plugged it in! PM if interested.
  3. dannybuoy

    Boss LS-2 Mixing clean and effected signals

    That’s right.
  4. dannybuoy

    Boss LS-2 Mixing clean and effected signals

    Bass into the input, pedal into loop A or B, pedal set to A+B mix mode. The unused loop turns into a clean unaffected channel as if you had plugged a patch cable between the send and return. There’s also a Mosquite blender in the classifieds. One loop and a simple blend knob, less to worry about and the handy addition of a phase switch (without one, some pedals will cancel the signal out when mixed with clean with an LS-2).
  5. Two important questions to get out of the way. Is it just for home use or does it need to be loud enough to play with a drummer? Do you need it to have on board effects or overdrive?
  6. dannybuoy

    The Yamaha BB thread (from X34/5 launch)

    Used P34 anyone? http://bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Yamaha_BBP_34_Blue.html
  7. dannybuoy

    Two Notes Le Bass

    Had to reread that, thought you were saying the Le Bass could fit in a trouser pocket so was wondering if your name was MC Hammer. No way I’m wearing two sets of headphones thanks. I pump mine into a PJB Bighead for aux in duties, I don’t mind so much as every other headphone amp I’ve used is either hissy and/or doesn’t have enough volume or clean headroom. My B3n has an aux in, but I don’t use it as it sounds so much better via the PJB!
  8. dannybuoy

    Darkglass Duality

    Depends what you want. The Duality has a very unique and interesting texture, it reacts differently depending how you play and sounds very ‘organic’. The EHX Green Russian is a bit more drab by comparison, but it’s a brute! It has more of a mid scoop so it’s difficult to hear it as a fuzz effect in a busy mix, but there’s no denying when it’s turned on, it adds so much low end and sustain that it just lifts everything up, so I treat it as more of a boost pedal. If I stomp on it, people don’t hear I’m using fuzz per se, but that extra low end sucks the air out of the room and all they hear is that the whole overall sound just got a lot heavier.
  9. dannybuoy

    Two Notes Le Bass

    This. It’s pretty flat sounding with the EQ knobs off, so it’s only scooped if you make it so!
  10. dannybuoy

    Greta Van Fleet - Birmingham O2

    There’s a big difference, a tribute band don’t write their own songs. Although one could argue neither did Led Zeppelin!
  11. dannybuoy

    Greta Van Fleet - Birmingham O2

    That's fine if you're happy only listening to albums that currently exist and aren't interested in hearing something new. Have any of those tribute bands put out an album's worth of original material?
  12. dannybuoy

    Greta Van Fleet - Birmingham O2

    There’s not many decent new bands in this genre around and the old rockers are mostly out to pasture these days, so I’ll take what I can get! Check out Ape Machine too.
  13. dannybuoy

    More Joe Dart. . . and some other guys

    Looks like an Ampeg B100R / B200R next to him, I don’t think he uses pedals, the amp is probably just cranked to 11! But pretty much any amp that can get overdriven will be able to get there, particularly Ampeg/Fender/Ashdown/Orange. Or a pedal like a TC Mojomojo or Bearfoot Blueberry!
  14. dannybuoy

    Greta Van Fleet - Birmingham O2

    Considering they're all like 20 years old, they have a (hopefully) long and bright future. As long as they don't disappear up their own chocolate starfish like Billy Corgan and Alex Turner!
  15. dannybuoy

    Greta Van Fleet - Birmingham O2

    Give their album an audition before making any judgements if all you’ve seen is that video, it’s on Spotify. Opening track: