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  1. Cioks DC5 is great, but since its release it's had competition in the form of the Truetone CS6 and Strymon Ojai R30. Both premium options though, I'm sure there are some good low profile budget options about these days, just watch out as lots of the cheap ones don't have isolated outputs. This looks interesting though if you might be tempted by a USB rechargeable one: https://m.thomann.de/gb/mission_engineering_529_usb_pedal_power_supply.htm
  2. That was my first ever bass, I still have it!
  3. They get better. I have a fretless that came with them stock and thought they were too grabby at first but they're slick now.
  4. Budget option if the amp has an XLR out is a Behringer MA400. Great bit of kit, a simple XLR + aux input + headphone amp for not much dough. There are plenty of iOS interfaces like the iRig and Sonic Port, they’l also let you run amp sims and effects on the iDevice too. The cheap Zoom multis combine everything you would need including amps, fx, tuner, looper etc. The Bighead beats them all for clean pristine sound quality though, and is capable of driving higher impedance headphones that the iOS and Zoom devices struggle to push enough volume into.
  5. Nothing to see here folks!
  6. OJ sold, QuarterMaster on hold, Screaming Baby Magic Thunder Fuzz and Cave Passive are staying put, Moosapotamus off the market until I fix a dodgy wire!
  7. Heard good things about the compressor - multi band is the way to go if you have any brightness or aggression in your tone IMHO. It's digital too which is why is uses so much power. I bought the drive and sent it back after five minutes. Just bland fizz layered on top of clean... although when maxed out it made a pretty good sounding fuzz!
  8. They don’t have to be, but ones that do often have a filter so that the chorus effect isn’t applied to the lows. But there are guitar pedals that have this feature (e.g. Boss CE5) and ‘bass chorus’ pedals that don’t have it (Aguilar Chorusaurus)! EHX Bass Clone, Hartke Bass Chorus or TC Corona are good places to start.
  9. Windows 10 plays FLAC natively by the way now, so don't even need VLC!
  10. Did you ever try the trick of running the strap over the front of the bass? It totally solves the neckdive, if anything the neck goes up a bit when you let go! Neckfly?!
  11. I hear the profile is quite slim front to back... I've had a few 5ers I didn't get on with due to the nut width, with the fretboard digging into the base of my finger when fretting the lowest note.
  12. Here's a great example of the mellower side of these basses: I'm lusting after an NG2 or NG3 at the moment... I'd need to try one first though, fed up of buying basses blind and not getting on with them!
  13. One quick bump before I close this thread and re-list separetely for better visibility!
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