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  1. Check out the TC Spark then! I’m favouring it over the Mojomojo lately.
  2. Agreed, 90% of pedals don't come with power supplies, and if they did I would have a lot of junk power supplies accumulating.
  3. The SM7B is really good at preventing plosives up close also, since the capsule is buried deep down within, which prevents you getting too close to it.
  4. Get nice and close for the proximity effect for starters. I can highly recommend the DBX 286S for an all in one preamp, compressor, de-esser and ‘enhancer’ (it has low and high controls that sound a bit similar to BBE processing, I have no idea what they’re really doing but they sound good!).
  5. The Diabolik is basically a smaller version of this with fewer controls. Best synths/gated fuzz I’ve tried, would love to try a B:Assmaster too!
  6. Don't use a passive splitter, try a Boss LS-2. If your gain levels are decent through each chain but you have low volume when summing them together, then one (or any odd number!) of effects are inverting phase.
  7. My brother’s into amateur boxing, I tried to convince him to have Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick!
  8. It’s still a bassline in my not-so-humble opinion even though it’s played on a guitar through an octave down. A bassline doesn’t need to be played on a bass, it could be anything in the lower register, even a piano. Yes it’s the main hook... But still a bassline! 🤥🥊
  9. They’re singing the chorus!
  10. In what way? All Tech21 pedals have a pretty good clean buffer in my experience, but any buffered non-true-bypass pedal will have the effect of brightening your tone slightly with a passive bass as it counters the signal loss you would otherwise get. One issue I remember having though is that the bypass signal distorted a bit when the gain was cranked, which was. a bit weird but didn’t affect ‘normal’ settings.
  11. The Diabolik sounds better to me without a buffer in front of it, but I’d expect putting the OC-2 after would upset the tracking a bit. Not always the case with fuzz/drive though, so worth trying if you haven’t already!
  12. These are great, you get a hard case and a mic clip included in the price too.
  13. Yes, you can adjust the crossover points on the amp so that you can have the distortion and/or clean channel full range if you want to.
  14. Maybe with the X7 / X Ultra, but then again they haven't baked that into an amp yet! The DP3X or Dug amp definitely seems the best option for that tone though unless you want to get creative with crossovers/compressors/amps in a Helix or similar.
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