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  1. Sounds great, the riffage is very Acid King-esque too!
  2. Are you looking for an always-on tone enhancer or a boost pedal? If you're not dead set on a straight up clone of the Dod, a TC Spark Mini would make a fine clean boost, also there a few nano sized preamp pedals from One Control (I have a Sonic Silver Peg): https://www.one-control.com/pedal
  3. The PC2A is a bit of an unusual comp, and very expensive. I love how it makes my fretless sound though. The Diamond - I felt it just squeezed a lot of life out my sound and it plagued me with noise issues. Not a typical raised noise floor due to compression, but interference/grounding type buzzing. Weirdly it was fine on the floor but noisy when placed on the metal pedaltrain?! Tried a Keeley Bassist and just found it bland. Went to an RMI Basswitch Dual Band next. Loved what the dual band did, but it did change the tone quite drastically, needed isolated power due to a noisy internal 9v-18v converter, and in the end it died on me within 2 weeks so was returned. I got a Cali Compact Bass next, thought it was the bees knees. Missed the dual band but the HPF sidechain feature almost made up for it. Then got a TC Spectracomp. Assumed it would be cack as it cost £50 and Ovnilab refused to review it due to excessive noise issues and a bad customer service experience, but was curious because lots were raving about it. Holy moly! Best comp I've ever had, and sold the Cali. Dual band is the way to go, this has 3 bands, so even more so. Especially if you slap or play aggressively, you will benefit from having faster limiting on the top end and a slower milder compression on the lows. I considered getting a Hypergravity instead due to it being essentially the same pedal with more knobs. But I realised the thing I liked most was how the Spectracomp's stock preset was dialled in perfectly for me bar a slight volume boost that could be tweaked via the app, and there were tons of bass-specific presets that aren't available for the Hypergravity.
  4. I can power mine with the 300mA output of my Cioks DC5. Shouldn't work on paper, and it might explode one in flames day, but it works fine! The TrueTone OneSpot Pro range should fare even better, according to their support the individual labels are just there for show and you can put huge amounts through a single socket as long as you don't exceed the total for the entire brick.
  5. dannybuoy


    Check out the TC Spectracomp, not reviewed on Ovnilab but it’s one of the simplest and cheapest, yet sounds as good as or better than some of the top of the range units out there in my opinion.
  6. I thought the Basic was out way before the Arona, which has a different pickup configuration and body shape? Basics are great, love mine!
  7. I sold the Aguilar. Wasn’t a fan of the dual filter vowel sounds, and as a straight up filter it was good but as squelchy as some others. The Emma is still my #1 but I might have to try a Spectrum or new Proton still!
  8. Playing my fretless the other day, I realised that down by the first fret, it was really hard to barre with a forefinger and play every string at the right pitch. As my arm was stretched out quite far with my hand cupped towards me, the tip of my forefinger was pointing towards my head, so I had to rotate my hand to a slightly uncomfortable position to compensate. If this was a multi-scale bass, that would have required a very uncomfortable stretch get my finger in line with the first fret line! A shorter scale (or longer arms!) would have helped though. But if the 1st fret is a bit of a reach for you, then it's not comfortable to also have your forefinger pointing away from you and still be able to grip the bass, give it a try!
  9. It'd be quite interesting to feed it original material and see what basslines it comes up with. Might provide some ideas to use that you wouldn't have had by yourself.
  10. That range switch was on the v1 I had, since sold. It wasnt on the later version I bought, which was a v3, so I guess this is a v4+ ?! It was too clean and subtle sounding and didn't go deep enough for my tastes, but I see the new one has been completely redesigned according to the 1st vid!
  11. The 3Leaf Octabvre Mini also sounds just like the OC-2, but doesn't suffer from the same lack of volume that the original and Valeton have when soloing the suboctave.
  12. It does sound like the optocoupler could have failed based on the description. Not sure how easy they are to source but at least it looks like a relatively simple soldering job! I always wanted to mod mine to have an expression control but never quite built up the courage to hack into it!
  13. The best I've found (and I've tried most of them) are the Fwonkbeta and Discumbobulator, but I would check out the Source Audio Spectrum if shopping for a new filter!
  14. Also recommend Tech 21, but the DP3X. It does that nasal grind but also has a crossover to keep the lows clean and compressed. I have a Terror Bass too, and my best tip is to boost the mids and cut the bass on the eq. The flat sound is not all knobs at 12 like the markings suggest, it's more like bass and treble off and mids maxed when BassGearMag measured it. Bear in mind that is with the older version, not sure how similar the new one is!
  15. I meant like an internal Volto rather than a 9v battery clip. Kinda like the PJB Bighead that’s rechargeable via USB.
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