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  1. Aguilar TH500 plus Aguilar carry bag

    I wouldn't call this amp aggressive - in fact it's my top choice for P-Bass & flats Motown/blues type stuff!
  2. Bad shoulder - > light bass option

    13lbs is pretty darn heavy. Most folk with shoulder issues around here often seek a bass under 9lbs. My heaviest bass is 10.7lbs and that can be uncomfortable at times. Any particular pickup configuration you favour? I've been eyeing up the Gibson EB basses myself, they are renowned for being consistently light in the region of 7lbs for a 4 string and 8 lbs for a 5-string. There is a new 2018 range inbound with some new colours, so the 2017 range and the differently styled 2013/2014 ranges are discounted everywhere. A good tip is to see if any basses you fancy are stocked by Sweetwater (in the US) or Bass Direct (UK)- as both list the weights of the basses in their ads, e.g: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/BAEB17NSBC
  3. Eden Glowplug

    Your Google-Fu is weak, young grasshopper: http://www.bass-pedals.com/eden-glowplug-bass-tube-warmer-review/ Looks like a decent pedal but I don't think they sold well due to the oversized enclosure and 15V power requirement. Both of those are instant turn offs for me as I like to use a common power supply and virtually none of them offer 15V outputs, and I like to keep the pedals as small as possible! But listening to those clips again, it sounds really good if you want a more vintage/mellow overdrive and don't mind the aforementioned drawbacks. A bit of a steal for under £100!
  4. If you could only choose one octave pedal

    The Octabass also tends to one of the cheapest options on the used market, and the older ones are potentially more reliable too, at least in my unfortunate experience of the studio edition!
  5. G&L L2500 Tribute

    Through a clean amp I think the G&L has the edge; certainly a lot more versatile. But when running through my various dirt pedals I do prefer the BB, and since I always have one on, it's the BB all the way for me! There will be a black/maple one listed in the classifieds soon if you want to try one out!
  6. If you could only choose one octave pedal

    I've not tried the old Octabass but the new one is great. More natural sounding than the Octabvre Mini, tracking is equally good for me if not better. In the low mode it's really deep and blends very well with the clean signal. Only downside is the footswitch started playing up a week after I've got it, I've got to send it back! I've had severely bad luck with new pedals lately, an RMI Basswitch dual band compressor died within a week, a Dunlop mini bass wah that had some kind of mechanical failure on between the pot and treadle, and now this!
  7. Light drive pedal for more aggressive tone

    You should try a buffer before the BDPG - I thought the one I had sounded terrible with a passive bass going straight in for some reason, but awesome with another drive pedal or even just a clean buffer in front!
  8. Valve Preamp and DI

    I would go for one of the DHA tube pedals. Cheaper and better sounding than the EBS in my opinion.
  9. Missing posts and broken images after migration

    Oh dear. Lots of political threads to clean up then!
  10. Missing posts and broken images after migration

    Found an old post of mine with a YouTube link, edited and saved and it turned the URL text back to a working link. Didn’t embed the video though like the old site, is that not supported anymore?
  11. PM's

    All my PMs get forwarded to my email address, and pretty sure it did that by default, so you should still have a copy unless you’re the type to keep your inbox clean and tidy (not me, over 30000 unread mails in mine)!
  12. PM's

    Surely it must change something? Perhaps it puts special escape characters around the tags or something? Anyway, it must keep track of which posts have been fixed somewhere, and if it’s not the DB....?!
  13. PM's

    Same goes for converting the IMG tags from the old format so that they still show up. We massively appreciate the hard work that’s been put in, but if there were obstacles that couldn’t be overcome, I’m sure there would’ve been people able to help if the community was asked. I’ve had to stare at database tables to reverse engineer and migrate stuff before... it’s not my area of expertise though so wouldn’t be the most efficient at it!
  14. Missing posts and broken images after migration

    In that case it should be possible to fix all those broken posts! Far better to try and automate a fix rather than expect people to update individual posts? There’s a wealth of content on here that is now a lot harder to view. Same goes for migrating PMs from the old database. If there’s nobody on the team with the know how perhaps there’s a member out there willing to help? I might be able to get it done but I’d struggle as I don’t work with SQL regularly!
  15. Missing posts and broken images after migration

    So it appears that linking to external images with IMG tags is no longer supported whatsoever and the only option is to upload them? Seems strange that such a feature would no longer be available.