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  1. I was talking about in relation to the HD500X - an older cheaper model that allowed parallel chains of amps/fx. This Pod Go may have the better FX models, from the Helix but the whole draw of the Helix line for me personally is the ability to create signal splits and crossovers. But if their target market is guitarists who mostly don't care about that stuff, I can see why they opted for a simplified interface.
  2. Sounds like a downgrade for more money then!
  3. Sounds to me like you might not be able to do that on the Pod Go, one single chain only? I've not confirmed this though.
  4. Tim doesn't just do covers though, here's one of their originals: I do find the gurns rather off-putting though, although I play like that too when nobody's watching! 😄
  5. @Cuzzie dug the dUg pedal so much he runs it into the dUg amp for double the dUgness! Do you have the amp set for a relatively mild/flat setting when doing that? I would have thought that boosting into something bright and clangy with something bright and clangy would have sounded well bright and clangy.
  6. The carbon look is a little dated IMHO, but otherwise, if this allows for Helix-like signal chain splits with crossovers, even the guitar version would be great for bass! Although looking at that demo alone, it seems unlikely - more of a simple interface like the new POD Go.
  7. It's got an internal jumper to mix the channels like the rackmount version. Like, the rackmount version, it should have been a button instead!
  8. iPhones can use Bluetooth to talk to MIDI devices. I used to have the Positive Grid footswitch that did this. But that doesn't necessarily mean an app can make an iPhone present itself as a Bluetooth MIDI device to another PC/Mac/iPhone. It might be possible, but I'd be surprised.
  9. Bluetooth is a hardware limitation, nowt to do with the Windows version. Many desktop PCs don't have it unless you buy a USB Bluetooth adapter. So if your MIDI keyboard doesn't have a pitch bend wheel, unless you are wedded to it, I'd chop it in for one that does rather than try and add an additional MIDI device to the mix. No idea what app you bought for your iPhone, but check it was designed to use with a PC and read the instructions. I very much doubt it would connect via Bluetooth, phones generally only support a limited range of Bluetooth devices such as mice/keyboards/audio devices. There are remote mouse apps for phones for example that have to connect over WiFi via a special app installed on the PC, because an app can't force the device to change the way ilthe device is programmed to make use of Bluetooth.
  10. Tech 21 giveth and Tech 21 taketh away! We gained two DIs, the mid-shift knob, and several inches of real estate, but lost the bypass switch and the ability to blend both channels to a single output! The YYZ pedal is a better option for most people.
  11. Perhaps it’s like the rotary switch on the Jack Casady Bass? Or something similar to the Cave Passive Pedals circuits... I have one of their overdrive pedals, no battery required!
  12. The Alpha Omega is a fine choice. You might miss the EQ if you go for the Omicron, I know I did! You don’t need a high gain monster when stacking, as even a very mild overdrive that sounds subtle by itself will make a big difference when pushed into the B7K.
  13. Yes you can adjust it in the individual apps, as by default it's set to a 'safe' rather then playable value!
  14. Great idea, althrough of course very expensive to implement! The reason I don't like presets on many pedals is that I can't see the current knob positions if I need to make an adjustment. On-screen dials like the Zoom B3n or rotary LEDs like on the TC RH750 are a more cost effective solution, but admittedly not as cool!
  15. This has 2 pickups but otherwise ticks the boxes: https://www.reverendguitars.com/basses/basshouser-fatfish-32
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