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  1. If you want a delay that can make crazy theremin spaceship noises, you need that Carbon Copy! I play mine with my foot riding the delay knob like a 2nd instrument.
  2. That would nail it, esp if you can adjust the curves so that the volume fades in very quickly so you get to actually hear the lower part of the sweep. Would be neater than rigging up a Morley wah and Morley expression blender together with gaffa tape!
  3. Yeah you'll be fine, assumed you were in the UK!
  4. Careful before you plug that in, if it's a 110V US version you'll need a step down transformer.
  5. That expression pedal won’t do much for you, it’ll only work with certain pedals that have an expression pedal socket.
  6. If you route the strap on a Thunderbird over the front of the lower wing, it stays bolt upright. You could even hang your coat on the end and you wouldn’t get any neck dive!
  7. Maybe not if using a Freaker and the volume is shut off when the pedal is in the heel position. The loop could be always on. But in reality you would probably have a bit noise still bleeding through.
  8. I don't know of the Demon would be too big to fit on the G-Lab. Regarding the Freaker, for it to work well it would need to 100% shut off the signal at the heel end (I'm not sure if a tiny bit still comes through), and then to use something like a Boss LS-2 to split and mix 2 parallel chains, chain A being your regular bass and B having the wah+distortion.
  9. Lots of amps have one built in anyway, but it’s not easy to discover which ones. I recall a thread on Talkbass with Agedhorse, a designer of Genz Benz amps talking along the lines that all their amps had such a filter but they never marketed the fact.
  10. Looks like that particular wah already has switchless activation: https://www.morleyproducts.com/2020-power-fuzz-wah/ Switchless Wah activation, simply step on to activate and step off to bypass. Checked out a demo though and it looks like the fuzz was not activated in the same way though and always on when engaged.
  11. V2 has a switch where you can disable the volume drop at the heel end, resulting in a low pitched rumble instead. They make a mini version too. I had the V1 many years ago! A Whammy is another option, totally different effect but on the divebomb setting it can go from a low pitched rattle up to a piercing scream, it’s a lot of fun!
  12. Another option, not cheap or easy to find, but throwing it out there. The Wilson Freaker wah drops the volume right off when back at the heel. Run that with a distortion in a parallel chain and you can just step on it to do your thing. Sounds great on bass, I’m thinking of buying one again!
  13. Ok, a G-Lab true bypass wah pad is a pressure sensitive FX loop... Stick a wah on top of the platform but also a distortion through that loop and Bob's your uncle. Or a Source Audio Manta, Spectrum or C4, or EHX Enigma can be set up as a one-press envelope filter with built in distortion.
  14. A blender will just let you cross-fade between wet and dry... But if you just put a distortion or something in there I'm not convinced you'll find what you're looking for. A wah pedal into or after a distortion/fuzz pedal though... Check 37 seconds in here: (And cheeky plug, I have a Hotone Bass Press in the classifieds that'll do the job admirably!)
  15. Not a serious suggestion above, just fitting in with the theme! What about a wah pedal? That’s the only thing I can think of that could come anywhere close to what you’re describing.
  16. Maybe, but nothing wrong with that! I’d just bang a Spectracomp in front of the Ultra and call it a day!
  17. It is mine, and I've owned a ton including the Meatball and Mutron!
  18. I had one but sold it! Great pedal, should've kept it in retrospect. Would still like to try a Red Ripper though just out of curiosity. The TWA DynaMorph / MiniMorph are meant to be similar too, also some of the Source Audio distortions can pull off a similar sound.
  19. Sold a pedal to Paul, instant payment and smooth transaction!
  20. Maybe people are using those trays as cheap pedalboards?!
  21. So you got yourself a YYZ then @Al Krow? A few tips: - Tight switch is always in for me. It cuts the lows going into the dirt section. The clean side is EQ’d to be dark and bassy, which more than makes up for this. - EQ knobs affects the dirt side only. So don’t be afraid to back off the bass here either and bring the lows back via the blend. - Mid control is before the dirt, bass and treble after. So boosting mids gives more distortion, and it acts a bit like the character knob on the VT but at a lower frequency.
  22. The issue with the Peg for me was lack of gain control and difficulty reigning in the master volume. Other than that it sounds amazing. The switch flips your gain between clean and dirty. With my P bass the dirty setting was spot on, but it was too overdriven with hotter basses. I would have liked an in between setting, or better still a knob! When the gain is boosted you need to keep the master just a hair above minimum for unity gain and it’s very touchy to get it in the right spot.
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