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  1. Price is very good IMHO - parts usually won't cost much if it's something replaceable like a pot/jack/capacitor. Modern compact pedals are such a pain to disassemble/reassemble, I'd charge more if it were me!
  2. Doesn't the III have an internal control for the attack time? The 3X does, which I only discovered after selling mine! It was too slow for my liking, which was a contributing factor for me moving it on.
  3. Yeah, just a regular jack cable out of the unit into a DI box would work. If your active monitor has a thru output, you might be able to even send that to the desk instead.
  4. Yes, sounds like you'd end up with a weird signal for sure doing that. I'd use a regular TS jack straight to the desk, or via a DI box if you really want a balanced signal. Then if you want the signal without speaker sim going to your amp, you'd need to split that TRS into two mono outputs.
  5. Tech21 have had a lot of my money lately, so I'm out. Only thing that would tempt me for now would be a dUg Deluxe model with presets, adjustable crossover frequencies and an fx loop for the high channel!
  6. It is a bargain for a professionally reliced instrument!
  7. It depends on the design of the blend control, which could vary between different amps and pedals. Blend controls on pedals are not usually 100% wet + 100% dry with the blend knob half way. But that doesn't matter of the pedal has a volume control. Blend controls on basses for pickup selection are usually set up so that centre position is 100% of each. Amps, I'm not so sure as I've never had one with a blendable loop, but I bet not all manufacturers design them to work exactly the same. It'd be easy to tell by adjusting the blend knob with nothing in the loop (or a muted tuner pedal if it needs something plugged in) - does that affect the volume? Anyway, I'd put a distortion pedal in front of the amp and forget the loop!
  8. Basically it'll let you switch between like 128 presets with a separate controller. Depending on their implementation, they may even have all the individual knobs controllable by MIDI values too.
  9. I get it now, it sounds to me from reading the manual that Buzz/Punch/Crunch is simply a 3 band EQ before the clipping stage, and Low and High a 2 band EQ afterwards. So you can lower the Buzz to reduce the low end going in for a tighter drive sound, then boost it back up again afterwards to compensate. I like the sound of that, it achieves a similar thing to the character control of the VT Bass, which is a pre-drive mid control. I like to crank that up rather high to affect the breakup then rebalance with the blend and EQ.
  10. Product page is up: http://www.tech21nyc.com/products/sansamp/psa-2/
  11. @Wolverinebass multiband you say? I’ll have to check out the manual then! Lack of a blend or crossover etc had made me less interested in this.
  12. Certainly more pedalboard friendly than the original. Although you could always put velcro on top of one of these and use it instead of a Pedaltrain:
  13. KFC Bargain Bucket works as well!
  14. Tech21 SH1, the new Steve Harris signature? I have one and it has. A very mid-focussed clanky tone.
  15. Yes, the core of that tone is hands, strings, and pickups. But if you have a bass with old strings, darker sounding pickups, etc, you can kick it into that ballpark with certain preamps. EQ to boost the high mids, and drive to fake the missing harmonic content. The Tech21 stuff is the best I've found for making a dull bass growl. The new Darkglass Harmonic Booster might be worth a look too. It's a clean preamp from them this time.
  16. VTDI or SH1 - both have a clean blend, and on the dirt side, a switchable treble boost and midrange control that are placed before the clipping section. So even if you have the gain set low so it's not obviously overdriven, you have some mild clipping of the mids and treble giving you some extra harmonics, or in other words, growl!
  17. Tech21 supplies my growl.
  18. If you want a bridge from a 1025 or 735, you been contact Yamaha direct to order spare parts, but they won't be cheap.
  19. The Joe Dart signature bass is basically a passive Stingray/Sterling. I also very much like my Sandberg Basic in passive mode. Especially with flatwounds!
  20. The cheaper H2 comes with the mic attachment btw, when the H2n came out they made it a chargeable extra!
  21. According to Steve, it sounds like Steve.
  22. I've no idea! Couldn't care less about that. But I suppose it must do, it has his name on it after all!
  23. Very short review: It's very good. Closest to the VTDI from the existing lineup, but with a darker speaker sim, tighter lows, more low mids, and a lower frequency on the treble EQ. Very flexible control of the mids and very punchy. Sounds more like a real amp than the other pedals.
  24. I spent a day or two messing with Helix Native but couldn't conjure up anything remotely close to my Tonehammer or VTDI. Hence why I never bought one! I could however get pretty close to the DP-3X by combining a crossover, compressor and the newly added BDDI sim!
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