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  1. Motorhead - The chase is better than the catch


  2. I just installed some of these today on my Mexican Fender P Bass. I've never opened up the electronics on any of my basses/guitars in my 15 years of playing so was a bit apprehensive about changing pickups. It was so simple though! Everything on the EMG GZR set is provided and slots in nice and easy; I found this video very useful to show how to do it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbn5VCmPW50. The only thing I had to 'do' to my existing electronics was cut the ground cable that went from the bridge to the input jack, so that I could clip it in with the other ground cable that is provided with the EMGs. I wouldn't say the difference in sound between the stock PU and the EMGs was a major one; but it definitely makes a difference and was a worthwhile upgrade in my opinion. the GZR provides a better low end/low mids for rock and metal - which is what I play, and what I felt my stock PU lacked.
  3. Bloody love this piece by Billy Sheehan, couldn't find tabs for it anywhere so I sat down and tried to figure it all out! Hope you like it
  4. Here's what Ampeg say about this cab: 400 Watts RMS 4 Ohms Freq response 50Hz - 18kHz (H x W x D) 25.75” x 22.75” x 17.5” Ampeg B410H Series 4x10 Bass Cabinets are quality two-way speaker cabinets suitable for all venue sizes. The cabinets feature heavy duty recessed handles, removable casters, and are built of void free baltic birch plywood. The jackplate features two 1/4” jacks wired in parallel, allowing easy daisy chaining from one speaker to another. Each of the jacks may be used as an input or a through connection. The three position HF Horn switch allows for: Full high frequency output (0 setting) High frequencies reduced by 6dB (-6 setting) Horn shutoff (off setting) I'm selling as I have upgraded to a different cab to better accommodate my head. The cab has a few surface scratches (see images), but please feel free to test it out before purchasing. The cab has 4 swivel casters for ease of transport, and has two fold-away handles for 1-2 people to carry. Collection from SW16.
  5. Hello there BassChat! 29 year old metal/rock bass player from South London just joined. I've been playing ~14-15 years now. Since being in London I was lucky enough to play with classic metal band Avenford and embark on a brief tour in Europe back in 2016. Later I played with SOAR, a hard rock/metal band based in South London. I'm currently in the process of forming a thrash metal/prog metal band in London with a guitarist - so if you know any clean metal vocalists or drummers looking for a project let me know! Check my YouTube channel for some rock and metal covers and to see what I'm all about www.youtube.com/user/eelongtolo I love geeking out on gear, and finding the best ways to record bass so I thought I'd join the forum
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