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  1. zitherman


    Price reducedto just £500 for the 2 handbox cabs.the full rigwith the third cab and trace elliot ah250 head now £900..the cabs are un gigged and soundgreat
  2. zitherman


    Could be interested in a trade for basses.maybe cij 51 p or lakland duck dunn or what have you got
  3. zitherman

    Fender Pricelists 1968-2010

    Got my jazz in 1976.£290 minus 10%discount for cash.wish they did that now.a point of interest to me is that themaple neck basses appear to be more expensive.if im correct that it would be brazilian rosewood on the rosewood necks would they be now more valuable.
  4. zitherman

    Top 20 rock bass sounds...

    Im never keen on gibson bass tone but patrick djiivas of p.f.m.played a ripper on chocolate kings and its superb
  5. zitherman

    Jazz Bass pickups

    Try alan dingwall guitars on facebook.he recently rewound the neck pickup on my 75 jazz and its excellent.his attention to detail is superb
  6. zitherman


    The damage to the cab was on the outer layer of the plywood and was professionally repaired but we decided against refinishing it as it was on the bottom where the castor was.the other casters were removed and the holes filled. Ive reduced the price to £1000.
  7. zitherman


    Thanks nigel.this rig is only for sale due to my purchase of a great fender rig from bcer bumnote.might consider trades for studio quality preamps and compressors.eg warm audio tonebeast or wa2a.cheers
  8. zitherman


    Im in sunderland but am willing travel uo to 50 miles.cheers
  9. zitherman


    The full rig (minus my bass) has a trace elliot ah250 head.fitted with a brand new fascia from british audio service and a new amp sleeve made from white birch ply and stained to match the cabs.the unbranded cab was made to be similar to the others and also contains 2×200w eminence speakers but no horn.roqsolid covers with the amp and cab also. £1100 ono for the full rig
  10. zitherman


    Up for sale are my handbox 2x10 cabs.these cabs are ungigged and used for three rehearsals only.as far as im aware these are the only ones in the uk.one cabinet was fitted with castors when i got them from handbox and was unfortunately slightly damaged when i unpacked it.the cabinet was repaired and ive tried to show the two areas as best as i can in the photos.these cabs are fitted with eminence 200w 8 ohm speakers and an adjustable horn.i think they were originally designed to go with the red fighter amp and wired at 4 ohms.these are wired at 16 ohms giving 8 ohms when connected together.they come with the handbox fitted covers.the this ad is for the pair of handbox cabs only but the full rig is for sale if anyone is interested (not my beloved 75 jazz tho).they are for collection only and i will not ship them under any circumstances.previous experiencewith couriers is the reason
  11. zitherman

    fender 100t

    Just bought fender 100t and 410 neo cab from fellow bcer bumnote.exactly as described and a great man to deal with.only had a small amount of time to play so far but think ive made right decision to go all tube.my ungigged handbox 2x10 cabs will probably go up for sale on sunday if anyones interested.
  12. zitherman

    fender 100t

    Im in touch with him and having interesting conversation.still looking as we are at opposite ends of uk.thanks anyway
  13. zitherman

    fender 100t

    dont know if this is the right place but just wondering if anyone has a fender 100t they would like to sell.cheers.or maybe a super bassman 300
  14. zitherman

    New Amp GAS, but which one ?

    Im also still undecided about which amp to buy.giving serious consideration to fender bassman amps.probably the 100t but no one seems to comment about them.
  15. zitherman

    mature bass player available

    Thanks for you reply elvistiger but I'm in northeast England.lomdons a bit far for me.cheers.Z.