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  1. I decided to go with the 3 mm roundover.it looks a bit bigger than the pic from geddy lees book but im happy with it.this is my first attempt at building so theres plenty of mistakes but its getting there.
  2. Thanks for your reply.that looks like a similar radius to the tele i had.i think 3mm might be the way to go.
  3. Cheers.i doubted the spec on the plan so that lead to my question.i had a telecaster bass in the late 70s and seem to remember a tight radius.think ill start with a 3mm and take it from there.this is my first attempt at a build so every step raises fresh questions.
  4. Looks like no one knows the answer to my question.i think illjust try a 4mm roundover first and see what it looks like.cheers
  5. Im building a 51 p bass from plans that specify a 6mm radius on the body.is that correct as from memory i think its smaller.any answers?
  6. I know very little about tks gear but i do know that dealing with one man or very small gear builders especially overseas ones is an extremely risky undertaking.in my case my speakers arrived damaged and neither courier or constructor would accept liability leaving me to repair them myself.caveat emptor
  7. could it be lots of players giving up after months or years trying to find a band.im certainly not far from this position
  8. Sounds fabulous through this stack that is also for sale.(not the fender though).only selling due to new bass on the way
  9. Ibanez srf 700.light use only and in excellent condition.pick up only.price now reduced to £400 ono. Be quick or jt goes in part ex against my new bass
  10. I know the feeling well.ive been looking for a band for months.it does make you consider jacking in and selling your gear.ill give it a bit longer but not much.
  11. Price reducedto just £500 for the 2 handbox cabs.the full rigwith the third cab and trace elliot ah250 head now £900..the cabs are un gigged and soundgreat
  12. Could be interested in a trade for basses.maybe cij 51 p or lakland duck dunn or what have you got
  13. Got my jazz in 1976.£290 minus 10%discount for cash.wish they did that now.a point of interest to me is that themaple neck basses appear to be more expensive.if im correct that it would be brazilian rosewood on the rosewood necks would they be now more valuable.
  14. Im never keen on gibson bass tone but patrick djiivas of p.f.m.played a ripper on chocolate kings and its superb
  15. Try alan dingwall guitars on facebook.he recently rewound the neck pickup on my 75 jazz and its excellent.his attention to detail is superb
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