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  1. Hi there.the fretboard is ziricote.very brittle to work and also a very oily wood but stunning to look at
  2. Update on my 51p bass builds.starting out as a complete beginner i learnt about router tearout,salvaging mistakes,delaminating fretboards,sanding then sanding again,again,again.temperature related splits on poplar.the list could go on forever.but im almost done with these.gonna do a guitar next
  3. Price reduction.£800.00 will take this away.cheers
  4. Next up in my unwanted retirement sale is this rig.Trace Elliot Ah250 and 2x 2x10 Handbox Black Emperor cabs.The cabs may be the only ones in the uk.One cab was slightly damaged on delivery but was repaired by a first class joiner.The amp was serviced and fitted with a brand new(rare as hens teeth)fascia.A new plywood sleeve for the amp was made and finished to match.Another cab was also made and finished to match.All cabs loaded with eminence 200w speakers.Comes with fitted covers and custom lynx cables.Hasnt been gigged.collection only due to previous courier experience.Full rig £900.minus bottom cab £700.cheers
  5. Its unwanted retirement.its down to a dead music scene .hopefully someone else will get to play it live as its a great bass.
  6. Unwanted musical retirement means i have to reduce my collection of gear.First up is my Dingwall Combustion.i bought this from bass direct about 3 years ago.It has the Darkglass preamp fitted(same as ng model) and the original is included.It comes with the top quality Levys gig bag and 2 new sets of strings The bass has been signed by Sheldon Dingwall and Nolly Getgood.I dont really want to ship the bass as i have poor experience with lots of the couriers. Other items of gear will follow this one.cheers Further to some questions. The weight of this bass is approx 8.5 pounds as measured on kitchen scales The pickups are the original ones from new. A few more photos Ill be in the Dorset area for a couple of weeks from 4th september in anyones interested in this bass.cheers
  7. As a 5 string banjo player and lifetime bass player its great to play bluegrass with a double bass player but if the great Earl Scruggs was happy to play with an electric bass player albeit his son that would be good enough for me.
  8. Ive just had a dat to digital transfer done by ShawSounds.Great quality and price with fast turnaround.Well worth a look if anyones looking for transctiption service.
  9. Regarding the presto lathe.it is owned and operated by the Lathe Revival Company in the northeast.my bluegrass trio recorded "ill fly away" into a single mic while the operator brushed the cuttings away with a paintbrush.You start with a blank disc with no grooves.At around 2.5 minutes the lathe develops a whistling noise so you are limited as to the length of the song.its an experience i would highly recommend if you get the chance.the resulting record really has the 78rpm 30s sound but without the scratches developed over the years.im sure they have a site where you can hear their recordings done at various festivals and events.cheers.
  10. As someone has kept his turntable and vinyl collection i still prefer it over cd though i do also have a cd collection.each has its own merits.i was lucky enough to record a 78rpm record direct onto a 1938 presto recording lathe.it sounded like it was recorded in the 30s though it was done in 2015.it really suited the carter family song we did.horses for courses to me
  11. Thanks plunger moderno,i think you are far more knowledgeable about pickups than i am.i used a local pickup winder to build an accurate single coil and loom on the first bass i built.that one has flats fitted and sounds great.this one will have the same pickup but with a stellartone tonestyler and rounds.thanks for your interest
  12. I like the idea of a pair of single coils placed together and switchable between series/parallel or individually.my dingwall is wired this way.but even though im an electrician by trade im going to leave that idea for another build.this time im going to fit a tonestyler and concentrate on the finish.
  13. Chambering removed just under 2 pounds before maple top was fitted.
  14. Cheers.this my first attempt at chambering a body.i think the fun may start when i glue the top on.the chambers removed 1pound and 13 ounces from the body .
  15. This ones gone on a diet
  16. Cheers.its a ziricote fretboard.also im going to chamber the body and fit a maple top.
  17. Well this is the second instrument im building.going ok but still making mistakes.little bit of tear out on the top horn but ill round it off a bit more and shape the lower horn to match.im a fan of kevin ferners instruments so with this one im thinking of adding a pickup at the bridge position.possibly an mm type.also considering a tonestyler.any thoughts?
  18. Re Essential Tension.ive never tried a real zither.the zither in my basschat name refers to old english banjos that were commonly called zither banjos.cheers
  19. Bass,5string banjo and mandolin.the banjo has a surprisingly long neck but the mandolin takes the award for stretching fingers.try a fully fretted g.haha
  20. zitherman


    Hey thanks for the interest in my build.the body is poplar which doesnt have a particularly nice grain pattern and also greenish stripes of heartwood.maple neck with a flamed maple fretboard which i bought pre slotted.i may well buy a slotting jig if i make more.tuners are hipshot licensed,retrovibe bridge.The pickup and loom are by a local to me maker called Alan Dingwall.i have his pickups in my tele as well.hes well worth checking out on facebook.cheers
  21. zitherman


    I put flats on it and going for an old school type sound through my bassman.got a dingwall to scratch my metal itch haha
  22. zitherman


    This my first attempt at building any sort of instrument.made plenty of mistakes but it plays and intonates fine.just waiting for warmer weather to paint it.second build underway
  23. I considered adding a powered cabinet to my mbp 110 before i got my bassman rig.the 110 is a great little amp both for practice and small bar gigs.with regard to adding a 115 to your 212 it seems that mixing speaker sizes is a no no these days.on browsing bass directs site it would appear eich are quite happy to build a 12 and 10 into the same cabinet.like many others i successfully ran a 115 and 410 for years.go for it i would say
  24. I decided to go with the 3 mm roundover.it looks a bit bigger than the pic from geddy lees book but im happy with it.this is my first attempt at building so theres plenty of mistakes but its getting there.
  25. Thanks for your reply.that looks like a similar radius to the tele i had.i think 3mm might be the way to go.
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