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  1. NHM

    First Band what amp set up (purchase made)

    I've got a Rumble 500 and it's a great sound, lightweight, lots of poke and fits in my boot (BMW320 - small boot).
  2. NHM

    How was your gig last night?

    We (The Quiet Americans) played at the 'Dukes of Hazzard' event at the Black Griffin in Canterbury last Saturday. The event was themed imaginatively with two A5 colour pictures of an American car, two bales of hay and a couple of US flags. Having said that it is a great venue, lovely (wild) crowd, and all went as it should.
  3. I though his explanation of layering chords, making chords that utilise natural harmonics, and how you can move harmony towards cadences whilst creating melody was really well explained. I haven't been to a music conservatoire where I expect this is all second nature, but to someone brought up on figuring out for myself, I learned more from him than I've done for a ling time. Trouble is, I now know I'm a worse bass player that I thought I was yesterday.
  4. some basses just seem to be duff, so trade it in. I've had various with 'dead spots'- two 'P' basses have been the worst so I don't know if this design is particularly susceptible. What it has taught me is not to try a bass without properly trying it out. Most other problems are fixable, but deadspots aren't. You can'yt play a bass with deadspots musically - it will drive you mad in time. I've gone down the graphite neck route and don't wake at night any more suffering from 'deadspot angst'.
  5. NHM

    GHS Precision Flats

    I'm sure you'll enjoy the GHS, they are great strings. Possibly a little more tension than the Fenders?
  6. NHM

    GHS Precision Flats

    I've got Precision Flats on my Musicmaster and they sound great (Curtis Novak pup fitted). My band plays country/Motown.. But not sure if they are any better than Fender flats and I like the green winding colour so perhaps I prefer the fenders? .
  7. NHM

    Warwick Red stainless strings

    I thought they were as good if not better than the Warwick Blacks. Having bought some blacks to 'improve' the sound ('cos they cost more), the reds went back on!
  8. NHM

    Learning notation

    The Rockbass exam series is good as it has a play=along CD and you can pitch your reading ability against a standard. Also the Hal Leonard 'Big Band Play-along' series is fun, again sheet music with a play-along CD.
  9. NHM

    Rumble 500 V3 Combo - Revisited

    Just brought a v3 500 combo this week - and it is fab! But did some recording this afternoon with the DI, and the Master Level changes the DI out. This seems a bit weird = what's the logic to this? I tried coming out for the effects loop, but the Master Level controls this too...
  10. 'Putting the fun into fundamentals'

  11. NHM

    Carbon reinforced necks

    I've got a Spector EuroLX4 (a carbon-reinforced neck), and the sound reminds me of King Wenceslas - deep and crisp and even. What's not to like?
  12. NHM

    How was your gig last night?

    ... will pack vest next time.
  13. NHM

    How was your gig last night?

    Unique double - got sunburn and froze to death at the same time playing at a BBQ in Canterbury yesterday.
  14. NHM

    setting pre-amp gain

    Thanks everyone for your comments. So, following my original question, to summarize: It is better to have your input gain as high as possible and keep your output gain as low as possible (rather than the other way round). This is particularly true for a valve pre-amp where you might be looking to spank the valve for some breakup. To monitor headroom it would be ideal if all amps had a clipping light post input gain and also a clipping light post eq / contour controls. 2 or 3 light meters would be better than single clipping lights to help monitor levels while playing. Your ears are a good final checking device, but not everyone has great hearing and normally you're monitoring in a very noisy environment - so some technical support would help. Any amp manufacturers / techies out there to comment?
  15. NHM

    setting pre-amp gain

    that's really clear, thanks very much Douglas (now my friend!).