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  1. The Musicmaster is a great bass to play and it sounds as good as anything I've heard (a bit subjective, I know). I've made a couple of essential (and reversable) upgrades - the pickup is a Curtis Novak, and locking compensated saddles - otherwise pure Californian '71.
  2. Here's my #1 Fender rig: Bassman 500, Rumble 2x10, Rumble 1x15, Musicmaster, tuner and HPF out of shot:
  3. two gigs a month is ideal for me. I'm more interested in the difficulty of travel / parking / get in as I find most pubs (where we do pretty much all our work) are much of a muchness. That said, our gig last Sunday was at one of the loveliest pubs in Kent with the worst travel & parking I've encountered.
  4. That's bad news. Hope you get it all back undamaged and the scumbags who did it are caught. I will keep an eye open down this neck of the woods.
  5. looking at the specs for this unit, I wouldn't rely on it for a two-setter down the pub, when the quoted battery life is only '2-3 hours'.
  6. I bought a Marshall 50w head and 4x12 from a bloke in a pub in Willenhall (the Brown Jug at Lane Head, if you know the area) in about 1973/4, he claimed he was Noddy Holder's roadie and they had been given a load of new stuff by management so the old gear was being sold off. I never checked out if the story was true, but it was decent and well worn gear and the story suited me to believe it. My first amp & cab, it lasted me a fair few years before I foresaw back-knack.
  7. what strings are you using? It could be a simple as changing to a different set.
  8. that's great, thanks for posting this.
  9. I've one of these basses too. It is great to play and probably worth spending on if the sounds available improve as a result. The stock pickup options are humbucker/single as far as I know, but there isn't a massive sound difference when you're strings are flats. I'd be interested to know if there are easy mods that can improve the sounds available, to upgrade this from a great bass to a 'first choice of the rack' for gigs.
  10. Is there a difference from an insurance perspective on whether you are driving to a paid gig or unpaid - e.g. an 'open mic'?
  11. Oh I thought this thread was going to be about Nadine Dorries
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. going back to the gig bag question, I've got a Gretsch Junior Jet bag which is a very good quality bag. It fits my Musicmonster, LPJT doublecut and, perhaps not surprisingly, my GJJ.
  14. well worth a listen. She's so imaginative, creating distinctive bass lines that add so much to the songs whilst remaining a team player.
  15. On a slightly different point I played at an outdoor urban festival a few weekends ago, a council/community event, where the FOH sound was well balanced and appropriately loud except there was virtually no 'low end' in the mix. I wondered whether the sound company had been told by the client to minimise the likelihood of annoying neighbours by filtering out any sounds that might carry any distance.
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