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  1. really good stuff, recommended listening
  2. some gigs I play through a Keeley Bassist - on other occasions just direct to the amp. It's how I feel on the day as to what sound I want. I like it 'on' but I like It 'off' just as much if not more, as 'off' is more versatile. It's the only pedal I use, the rest have been ditched as redundant; I'm tempted to move it on but I haven't quite got there yet. The Keeley does the job very well and adds a very musical/complementary sound if that's what you want.
  3. just now I showed the breaking news pic to our drummer who immediately replied 'fake news'!
  4. yup, the pick up on mine fits the same as Ikay's. No foam. all held by the pickguard. When I replaced the original pickguard which was broken around the jack socket, I added a couple of extra screws around the socket - heresy I know, but it gives the pickguard better support and doesn't look out of place.
  5. I hadn't realised the shape changed with later models. Mine's a '71. you live and learn...
  6. here's the link: https://www.wdmusic.co.uk/pickguards-c62/fender-basses-c111/musicmaster-bass-c149
  7. I bought a new pickguard for my MM a few years ago - I think it was from WD, and not too pricey. If you want me to check when I get home....
  8. First rule of interviewing, eliminate candidates who aren't appointable. So rather than compare A with B, ask the question of each 'is s/he good enough to join the band?' This will then leave you with two, one or no candidates, so you can move on to the next stage of the process.
  9. are you willing / able to change key to get the best out of their range?
  10. saw a thing on Anderton's about a strat with scalloped fretboard - we need them to bring out a P like that. Perhaps they will next week?
  11. nice bass, but I was thinking of something with much higher frets, like on the sitar, so the strings are never on the board and the pitch is therefore variable depending on how hard you press down....
  12. a Yamaha? which model is it?
  13. v good. has anyone built a bass with a fretboard way below the frets, so you can bend a note by pressing down?
  14. Seems odd an old couple selling their son's bass. It's usually the other way round. I didn't see the programme, so it might have been explained. I wonder if they considered giving it to a local young bass player to help get him/her up the ladder, Today it's all about what stuff is worth and getting a quick buck. A quick grand whilst getting turned over on telly wouldn't buy me the same pleasure as helping out a youngster.
  15. The neck on my '71 MM looks like Ikay's (above), just a tad darker.
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