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  1. Clarky72

    1993 Fender Jazz Bass Special

    Ah yes, its just a pick holder. Peels right off if not needed.
  2. Clarky72

    Jazz Bass - Fender & Warmoth build

    10" fretboard radius Thickness at 1st fret = .790" (20mm) Thickness at 12th fret = .920" (23mm)
  3. Clarky72

    Jazz Bass - Fender & Warmoth build

    Really just after a sale, but try me. What were you thinking?
  4. Clarky72

    1993 Fender Jazz Bass Special

    Now you mention it I might have swapped the stock out for Fender 62 P's.... I really can't remember to be honest!
  5. Clarky72

    1993 Fender Jazz Bass Special

    Ooops, just remembered, the knobs aren't original. They've been changed to black metal tele types like Duff's bass. I have the original Fender F knobs at home somewhere though.
  6. Clarky72

    New ACG build (FINISHED!!!)

    Si, that is bloody beautiful mate....
  7. Clarky72

    Jazz Bass - Fender & Warmoth build

    Black pickguard and pickup covers also available. Mix and match fun for days...
  8. Jazz Bass - Fender Custom Shop pickups, all hardware is original Fender parts, Warmoth body, Fender Licenced Warmoth jazz neck with reinforcing carbon rods. Plays like butter. Serial number on the neck plate is 5318008. Any 80's kids with calculators will get it.... 😜
  9. 1993 Fender Jazz Bass Special for sale. MIJ. Great condition for a 25 year old bass. There are some scratches and wear which I have tried to show in the pics. The most noticeable are the headstock and the edge of the body near the knobs. A much better bass than the Duff McKagan signature models, slimmer J neck rather the P, and better pickups. All original aside the knobs, and the Black Death sticker, which is just vinyl and will peel off without leaving any mark or residue (if you're not a diehard GNR fan)
  10. Clarky72

    Musicman Stingray 4H 1997 Black - SOLD

  11. Clarky72

    Musicman Stingray 4H 1997 Black - SOLD

    My mistake, I've just found out its actually a 1997. I'm editing the main post now...
  12. I'm selling my Musicman Stingray 4H as I have GAS and need to free up some cash. I've had this beast for years now and can't even remember how long it's been. If you're looking you know the score, great bass, tone for days, legendary bit of kit. Fitted with a Hipshot D-Tuner. I think I have the original tuner somewhere too. There's no real marks at all, just a tiny bit of buckle rash on the back, but nothing through the paintwork. Comes with a tweed hardcase as shown. Buy it before I realise this is a stupid idea and cancel the ad... (for an extra £50 I'll throw in the Nordstrand MM pickup I've never got around to using in it too.) No trades unless you have: Peavey Cirrus 4 USA TigerEye Dingwall NG2
  13. Clarky72

    Black basses

    Excuse the non-black neck wood colour getting in the way of much blackness... The black gloss fingerboard is just divine!!
  14. Clarky72

    Black basses

  15. Clarky72

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    I'm going to swap out the silver knobs for some more subtle Sadowsky ones. They're just a bit bling right now...