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    Lowering the tone since '72
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  1. Best Soapbar Pickups?

    So the Yammy has a mix of Alnico V at the neck and Ceramic at the bridge. Maybe I need to try and match that in order to replicate the tone? Pickups Neck: Split Blade (Alnico V), Bridge: Single Blade (Ceramic)
  2. Best Soapbar Pickups?

    That's interesting. I was looking at the Nordstrand Big Split and Big Single as the possible ones to use, but you think the Fat Stack instead of the Big Split? https://nordstrandaudio.com/collections/4-string-soapbar-bass-pickups/products/big-split-4
  3. Best Soapbar Pickups?

    I’m building a new bass, Warmoth jazz parts and I want 2 soapbars. What I’m longing for is something that sounds as great as my Yamaha BB1024X in a jazz body. I love the punchy, full, bassy and zingy sound of my BB. As I’m using a Warmoth body it has to conform to EMG 35 or Bartloini BC size routing, so I have the choice of those two or Aguilar, Norstrand or Delano soapbars. Anyone have any experience across these and opinions? Big sounding PJ punch from 2 soapbars...
  4. Aria SB700 - Searching for my old one.

    Oh go on then.... Sadly its not a batwing, but its a lovely '81 model.
  5. What have you got? DM me if you want to move yours on... Ideally looking for Tiger Eye finish, or this stunning one below...
  6. Aria SB700 - Searching for my old one.

    I have found a replacement now... thanks all
  7. Wanna move yours on? Black Elites only please. PM me. Thanks! (Not a Cliff Burton homage, just an Aria fan)
  8. Aria SB1000 JT

    Don't do it... I'll never sell mine. You'll be hard pushed to ever find one of these again!!
  9. New Duff Mckagen bass? - Rig Rundown

    Duff recently posted an updated prototype on his IG feed.
  10. Anyone own this 1980 Aria SB700? Sold it, trying to find it.... :(


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Clarky72


      trying both... :)

    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      Ah, sellers remorse....
      Best of luck with your search :)


    4. james


      Fancy a SB-R80?

  11. Aria SB700 - Searching for my old one.

    It would be lovely to get my old one back purely because it was in such pristine condition, and with the original case too. If I couldn't find it again then another would suffice. You're wise not selling yours, I knew it was wrong as soon as Ben walked out the door with it.... I might give Cool & Classic a call and see if they have contact details for the buyer, its worth a shot.
  12. Mods - if this isn't allowed here, please say. I used to own a 1980 Aria SB700, sold it to Cosmo on here (regretted almost immediately), and then he sold it to Cool & Classic Guitars. They sold it on, and there the thread ran dry. Did you buy it? Its in the pic below. If you did, I'd love to get it back if you ever feel like selling it. Do you know the person that bought it? Any help tracing would be amazing...
  13. SOLD Wal MK I 1985 English Olive Ash facings

    Absolutely stunning...
  14. They are great. I have a feeling it might be a sale that I later regret!!